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  1. Absolutely worth the extra for the newest Rev 3. I've had 2-rev2s, and currently run (2) Rev 3s. No heat, faster, quieter. Worth every penny. Once you pick one up, head over to www.immortobot.com and get the sensors for it, and all the other goodies
  2. Hornady works, but there are definitely better options out there. I wouldnt paid a penny over $.25 per piece for Hornady though. $.35-$.40 per piece for once fired Prime (Norma) is a MUCH BETTER option if you can find it. I have a bunch of brass for 6.5 that needs a new home as well. I switched over to Prime brass as I've gotten better over the last 18 months
  3. LOVE my RRS screw style Arca adapter. Not sure who you are using, but worth a look
  4. Autotrickler/FX120i with entire Area419 upgrade kit. It's been absolutely amazing. PRS youtube channel did a 2 part series on tricklers. The FX120i with autotrickler is 99% as good as the prometheus at 25-35% of the cost. Cant beat that, and is much more consistent then the Chargemasters/Lymans/Hornady tricklers
  5. Getting ready to load up a bunch of SMK or TMK with TAC/4895, for NRA/CMP. Do you like the SMK/TMK better? I've heard the TMKs can be "finicky" while loading?
  6. www.phantomprecisiontactical.com is another amazing place to pick up bags. I run a few of his, also a gamechanger from Armageddon. Some pretty awesome stuff coming out the last 2-3 years
  7. bump... seems prices havent changed much in the last 8-10yrs. I run an indoor, 4 stage, match, once a month. We have to pay the indoor range for the use of 2 bays, classifier entry, and targets/pasters/staples/sticks/etc. $25 and $30 member/non-member.
  8. this looks interesting... may have to run this one at our indoor match
  9. prefer to stand and shoot for sure.
  10. love this classifier, definitely some places to make mistakes, but try to "burn it down" when u want to make A/M/GM
  11. Invaluable thread as I get ready to completely tear down my pair of Stock 2s.. thank you!!!
  12. CCI are definitely hardest.. cant find the article now, but someone scientifically measured amount of lbs required to light off each primer Federal Wins S&B CCI
  13. They dont.. very few even shoot 40 minor
  14. Large frame is all the same IIRC. You want metal or a harder plastic?
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