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  1. 17rd mag with the Springer Precision basepad, and the grams kit, reliable 23rd magazines in my Legion. Havent had an issue, except that when the round shows 17, its actually 18. The gram follower, changes the location of the "windows" in the mag
  2. pretty crazy evolution on this project. nicely done staying with it
  3. Love the Delta Point Pro from Leupold without spending a ton of money. Some other great options lately from Sig, but they can get pretty expensive
  4. Im usually the first or second as well. Same situation as you, as a higher mid pack guy. I always remind myself to grip the gun hard enough, and multiple mental walk throughs has helped increase my first stage jitters
  5. IF the stage designer wanted you to start in a different ready condition, it must be clearly stated in the WSB 8.1.3 Courses of fire may require ready conditions which are different to those stated above. In such cases, the required ready condition must be clearly stated in the written stage briefing. When a firearm Ready Condition requires a firearm be prepared with a n empty chamber (or cylinder), the slide/bolt of the firearm must be fully forward (or the cylin der must be fully closed) and the hammer or striker must be fully down or fully forward, as the case may be, unless otherwise specified in the stage briefing.
  6. USPSA rules for a single action pistol, loaded, are hammer back, safety on USPSA rules for an unloaded start, are hammer down, safety off I've never seen a stage where you start in condition 3 (mag inserted, no round in chamber)
  7. Cross eye dominant. Right handed, left eye dominant. I have trained myself to shoot right eye'd. Felt more comfortable, and I started that training as soon as I started shooting. Had a good instructor who helped that day. Been 10+ years, and am 100% glad I switched eyes. Right handed, shoot pistol right, and rifle right. Makes transitions easier when carrying a primary/secondary weapon, makes weapon manipulation easier since I'm using my strong hand/side. All around, I'm more comfortable and happy.
  8. RMR is where I get all my rifle bullets from for plinking. Bergers for competition, and Blues for pistol stuff
  9. Ammobot on a 1050 with pocket probe. Just processed 21k pcs of 45acp. Only had 952pcs of SPP. Pretty surprising actually. Last 20k run of brass I processed, almost 4k of SPP. Just depends on where you get it, when, and from who.
  10. no need for pistol rounds, unless you are shooting bullseye competition, and want to verify the ammo is as precise as possible. More often then not, ammo is more precise then you anyways. I only clean primer pockets on my precision rifle ammo
  11. Leave it blank if you have verified they are all sized. Loading full processed brass makes life so much easier. Not just on you, but also the machine as well
  12. If you can stock/save, Blue Bullets or Gallant or any of the other coated bullets usually run big sales on Black Friday.
  13. trays are cheapest buying already sorted is nice ultimate sorter for home use and allows you to make some money back selling whatever you dont want buy 2 ultimate sorters on the tray system roll sorter (start at $4500) bowl sorter (start at $12k)
  14. Not sure what powder you are using, but Titegroup eats up the plastic something fierce. .05gn improvement is nice for anything, ill take the smaller ES/SDs and move on. Busting balls on 1SG, I'm a chief in the Navy
  15. sizing during the processing run, makes loading much easier. I decap, swage, sort (judge die from Mojo Precision) to remove the stepped brass, and size during processing. Makes loading very problem free.
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