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  1. Thanks, i think it is old version, only saw one screw going to the rear iron sight plate, unless it is a new version and being sealed is why I didn't see any holes.
  2. Anyone know how to tell if a new legion is drilled for the rmr/sro footprint? Found one with Feb build date, but can't pull the plate off at LGS. Thanks!
  3. Rowdy i think still have the S2 rear i got from you if you need one, 7.5mm front
  4. Shooters Connection IDPA belt, super rigid and extremely well priced
  5. That is an incredibly nice setup! I'm sure you will love it!
  6. Richie

    Sp01 Shadow CO Mag

    I appreciate that. I'm going to try a couple of things this week, i'll let you know! Thanks for sure!
  7. Richie

    Sp01 Shadow CO Mag

    Yeap, just double checked, they are for the MG magazines. I may just order some from CZC and try them.
  8. Richie

    Sp01 Shadow CO Mag

    Thanks, i'll check the package and report back. Appreciate the idea.
  9. Richie

    Sp01 Shadow CO Mag

    Just wondering where to start looking, brand new nickel 17rd mag bodies, new TTI +4 basepads, New Grams springs/Followers. I can get 23 in the mags, 22 reloadable easily. The issue is no matter how many I load, I am getting nose-up misfeeds. Round is just pointing straight into the top of the chamber (1 or 2 per mag) a couple of times it was a nose up stovepipe, where it didn't even make the chamber. The shadow runs flawless with my regular mags. I also have one mag that still locks back, even with the grams follower/spring setup. 9mm running 147's @ 1.10 OAL. 10lbs recoil spring, 13 lbs mainspring. Thanks
  10. Richie

    IDPA Vest

    Try DCS-Advantage vest, that maybe what you are looking for. Great piece. Richie
  11. How easily do the Hennings come off for cleaning? Wondering if sliding the TTI's off will end up tweaking a mag spring etc. Just setup nickel 17rd mags with TTI basepads
  12. All of the above is correct, out of the frame, and a slave pin for sure!
  13. The awake feature quit working on mine and dot brightness started changing on its own, something is rattling inside the unit. Going to send it back next week. Probably only 1500 rds at the most on this one since new.
  14. Thanks! I've been searching around.
  15. Good ranges and USPSA, IDPA in the Cumming, Gainesville, or Lawrenceville area? Thanks!
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