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  1. All of the above is correct, out of the frame, and a slave pin for sure!
  2. The awake feature quit working on mine and dot brightness started changing on its own, something is rattling inside the unit. Going to send it back next week. Probably only 1500 rds at the most on this one since new.
  3. Thanks! I've been searching around.
  4. Good ranges and USPSA, IDPA in the Cumming, Gainesville, or Lawrenceville area? Thanks!
  5. M3-.5 x 30 is the size crew you are probably needing.
  6. Thanks everyone! Not warped or cracked or anything, just frustrating!
  7. Wondering is anyone could suggest a smith to blend a scuff on the top of the beavertail grip safety, then re-hardchrome it? Thanks!
  8. Richie

    Welcome to A+

    The brass I've received from Todd previously has all been that clean and good brass!
  9. Richie

    SP01 magwell?

    The best I've found for IDPA is the CZ Custom IDPA magwell, you have to use the stock 18rd sp01 magazines with it, use their thin aluminum idpa magwell basepads, or cut the fatory basepad down. Great setup, next would be the CZUB Magwell, with the 17rd mec gar magazines and shockbottle basepads.
  10. Using a norton's universal cleaning stick is absolutely great for this and several things on a 1911/2011
  11. How does Carry Optics seem to be doing at most matches for attendance? Since it appears esp legal mag well etc would make for a very fun class... Anyone trying it much so far? Thanks!
  12. Great information! That is exactly what I was planning on doing. Thank you!
  13. Did you just have to drill the mag pouch for the tek-lok pattern? I was looking at these or just ordering the hybrid version and put the tek-lok on them. Thanks!
  14. Only a couple of mags, yes, top round only, on reload. Mags are downloaded to 10 for IDPA. Thanks, appreciate it!
  15. Pops straight up in chamber, vertical.
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