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  1. Another comp spotless with my method.
  2. Just got my 2nd one today. You are gonna love your gun.
  3. I have both GMR 13, and MPX SBR. It depends on your preference. MPX mags and reloading can be tricky, as GMR has standard glock mags. GMR has tons of options for aftermarket, as does the MPX, but as far as customization/tuneability, GMR wins all day. Both guns shoot amazing. MPX is more of a maintenance pig, as the GMR will run dirty. I have had to change a few extractor springs on MPX already, as I have done nothing besides shoot and clean the GMR. Just a few thoughts....
  4. I am definately going to move the shoulder rest and compare. Thats why I asked, because Im sure someone knew something I did not.
  5. I will lift up the shoulder rest and try just to see.
  6. Cobalt offers that adjustable stock on their stage iii team rifle. So that would mean the stage iii gun would jump more than the stage ii because of the shoulder pad placement?
  7. I use it in a well ventilated area. Rinse everything with fresh water after. Wear gloves.
  8. 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar and peroxide. Let it soak about an hr. Then I just use Qtips to clean it out. All of my comps are brand new looking.
  9. https://atlasgunworks.com/product/atlas-gunworks-erebus/#iLightbox[product-gallery]/0
  10. iIf he were to be willing to spend $3600 on a steel master, why not go new on one of those? It is sad to see STI sell out to the John Wick kids, but that particular gun may suit his needs. The next alternative it an Atlas for $6200. Def not worth it.
  11. It would be better than buying a used product from the same company, for just a little more at least you get new.
  12. For just a little more you can go brand new with one of these. You may be able to find a decently priced used one also. https://staccato2011.com/2020-product-lineup/staccato-xc/
  13. I love the DPP on mine. Good luck.
  14. Gotta keep the comp shiny!
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