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  1. Depends on what gun you have and who you talk to. I have been told small pistol are fine by one maker, and then to only use small rifle by another. The safest bet would be to test some and see what happens.
  2. Does anyone else polish the outside of their mag tubes?
  3. I will have a limcat in 9mm for sale soon.
  4. This one started out as a limited gun. Atlas built an open slide for it. So Im sure you can have a slide/barrel of your chosing fit to your frame.
  5. Just go with the flow until you cant any longer. Buy what you can when you can. I am fortunate enough to have bought in bulk before this disaster happened.
  6. I run 147 blues out my little DVC steel. I dont use N320 however, I use powerpistol. I have not had leading issues at all using those bullets. Spray the comp with a little dillon case lube to help keep any potential leading down.
  7. My concern was the physical differences of the tubes tho.
  8. This is the difference between the 2 mags with a brand new MBX spring and follower.
  9. I did not get it from MBX. I bought it new from another memeber here. I have some brand new sping/follower sets that would need to be filed to work. Which tube is the newer design?
  10. So I got a new MBX 155 mag today. I noticed right away that the follower was slow to come to the top. After a quick look, I realized that the mag tube has a crease all the way to the top, as where my old one does not. I had to file the follower to work properly. Is this the new norm, or did I get a lemon? The follower had to be filed a good amount to clear the crease to work smoothly.
  11. I use 180grn Blues. Theu run clean and are accurate.
  12. I only use small rifle primers. I use them for 9 major, and minor, along with 40 major and minor. No issues, and its easy to just keep 1 primer in your stash to load.
  13. I ran .355 147grn. They were accurate enough out to 30yds.
  14. Power Pistol works great, but its a little dirty. AutoComp and Win231 or HP38 are good choices.
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