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  1. S&W issues I've seen or experienced. 686's had to have the firing pin nose bushing replaced as the hole was too large. Especially with 125 grain .357 ammo would allow the primer cup metal to flow back into the hole and lock up/make it draggy popping loose. Back to S&W to have the bushings replaced. This was an early issue with lots of them. Could still happen now and then on the new guns. 65. Officer came in saying he could not pull the trigger on his revolver to fire it. S&W didn't use different grades of SS in their SS pistols on parts that rubbed/ro
  2. Saw this thread yesterday morning, went to PD and Everglades and saw they had 180 grain FMJ, but no hollow points. When you see what you want, grab it quick, it won't last long.
  3. Forgot that one, watch it every time it's on.
  4. Sorry, I like the old movies made about comic book/news paper comics "heroes". Stuff like The Shadow, The Phantom, etc. I just like watching those.
  5. OP, you just reminded me I've got a jug of IMR4831?? in the shed. Since my AR .308 has an adjustable gas block on it I need to drag that out and do some reloading with that powder to start using it up (no good for the M1A or M1 Garand). OP, I have used W760 in my M1A (not a lot and years ago, but no damage to it from the few sets of test ammo I loaded with it. Slower powder will mean higher gas port pressures, but the ARs might be alright with that. An adjustable gas block or heavier buffer would help.
  6. I installed a CZC trigger in one of mine. On their website they recommended also installing their extra power sear spring. That helps insure the sear has more force pushing it upwards faster/harder (?) to catch that shallow full cock notch on the hammer. The shallower that notch (stock vs. aftermarket) the lighter/crisper that trigger pull can be. Seems like I've also seen/read where some people say going to a lower powered hammer spring doesn't do much for SA trigger pull. Lower the DA trigger pull? Sure. Just not the SA trigger pull. They've said you can actua
  7. A good aftermarket hammer from Cajun Gun Works or CZ Custom along with an adjustable sear from Cajun Gun Works. I have a couple with 3 lb. trigger pulls that are so crisp I've got to put the trigger pull ga. on them to prove to myself the trigger pull isn't less than the measured 3 lbs. The reason for the adjustable sear is to eliminate the process of getting the safety to work again with the new hammer. The good hammers from either vendor have a much smaller full cock notch so the original sear sits at a different angle and results in interference with the safety to s
  8. When I was doing more rifle shooting I remember one of the instructors talking about "the rifleman's dance." That referred to the sights/cross hairs of the scope moving on the target. It's going to move. You can't stop it from moving. What you can do is work on your technique/practice to make that "dance" tighter and tighter. The tighter the "dance" the easier it will be for you to put the bullet where you want it. Muscles, practice (dry firing), and improving your technique will get you there. The dot will always move, you just want to make the movement
  9. An Appleseed weekend, not a competition/match. Old guy shows up with two of grandsons, probably 12/13 years old. He's got a mini-14. He pulls two old British Enfields out of cases and hands to the boys along with boxes of ammo. The kids and grandpa listen to the opening instructions/etc. and it's time to start the instruction/shooting. The kids grab their rifles and ammo and hit their shooting mats/rugs. Right away one of them has issues trying to chamber a round. Just can't get the bolt to close. I go over, kneel down between the two boys and start try
  10. When I was having problems with that 1.0 some folks here mentioned that the Glock striker springs (don't remember if it was model dependent) were about 1 or 1.5 lbs. stronger than the M&P striker springs and fit just fine. It did (wasn't my issue) and I left it in there. No issues from it.
  11. Cajun Gun Works also sells lots of parts for CZs. And their shipping is way faster than either of the other two mentioned above. I've ordered from all three, but CGW can't be beat on ship times.
  12. Ordered some .45 230 grain coated bullets from BBI. Got them 4 days later. Never ordered from them before but everyone I usually order from was out of stock. Will order from them again, you bet.
  13. M1A4ME


    Bought a couple of the XDM 9's years ago. Disappointed by the accuracy of the 5.25" Competition pistol. Bought a 3.8" for carry and the little sucker outshot the big gun. Everyone who shot the 3.8" liked it better than the 5.25" pistol. Reliability? Never, ever had a failure with either one. Jacketed, plated, lead reloads. Store bought (very little of that.) Bullet weights from 115 to 147. Hollow points, round nosted, or truncated cone, they all ran great. Better than the my Glock. Better than my M&Ps Better than my Browning. Just started feeling not so c
  14. Don't know if it has WST info but Lyman prints/sells a big book of nothing but cast bullet loads. All kinds of bullets, all kinds of powder.
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