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  1. I broke a decapping pin like that 3 or 4 years ago. Weird stuff happens. I had a 9MM case in a .40 case one time. First thing I though was a "berdan" primed .40 S&W case. Mangled up both of them at the top.
  2. M1A4ME


    I've had one for awhile. I just dry fire, SAO, with the P07 or CZ P01. Record the results in a spread sheet and at some point I'll play with the numbers and see it it's helping me get better.
  3. M1A4ME

    Which is your favorite CZ and why?

    Have you seen this, from CZ Custom? Put it in full screen to shrink it down so you can see everything and make it "cleaner."
  4. M1A4ME

    Which is your favorite CZ and why?

    Don't shoot competition, just EDC CZ's. I bought a P07 DUTY in .40 S&W for a project. Took it to the range and shot it. No way I'm messing up anything that shoots groups like that. Only mods to it are the optic cut for the DI RMR, the cut and installation in the slide for the BUIS and the taller front sight by Primary Machine, as well as replacing the factory trigger return spring and the firing pin block spring with the reduced power versions from CGW and a grip wrap/tape to keep it from moving around on those days when I sweat so bad it gets slick/slimy. I carry that pistol (12 round magazine in it and an extended P09 magazine for back up) anytime I get in the car/truck to go somewhere (shopping/eating/visiting relatives.) I bought an old Pre B CZ85 for a knock around gun and it was a bit long/big for IWB carry during the summer months (no issues with the outside the waist band/winter time carry). Ended up having to do more work to make it right than I expected and ended up with a really nice pistol. Loved those CZ85 controls. Got the urge to convert a CZ75 Compact to CZ85 controls so I bought one, bought the parts and did the measuring/figuring/drilling/fitting and now I carry a CZ85 Compact/clone for everyday around the house/garage/property. I've bought more CZ's since those but none of them fit the bill for EDC like those two. Recently I bought a P01 Omega and it's about to try and bump the CZ85 Compact/clone as my knock around pistol. My best (most accurate) range gun is the P09 9MM. It even beats out the Tactical Sport .40 for small groups. The only centerfire handgun I have that keeps up with the P09 9MM is my old S&W 586 with the 6" barrel.
  5. M1A4ME

    AR 9 nightmare

    I've got a couple 9MM AR's. Both mine run standard triggers from AR15 lower parts kits. No issues. And, from what I've seen, a blowback 9MM is now the dirtiest operating gun I own. They have displaced .22 rimfires for creating a blackish/gray coating of burnt powder residue even on the outside of the upper and lower receivers in the area of the ejection port and mag well, let alone what ends up on the bolt/bolt face, chamber. Dirtier than a DI .223, at least my two are.
  6. My P09 really "likes" the cheap Federal 115 grain FMJ ammo I get from Walmart for about $18 per 100 rounds. Seven shot, seven yards, rested while sighting in the (then) new RMR. The group in the lower right corner was aimed at the target company logo. The group high/left of the target was the previous 3 shots before another sight adjustment.
  7. Looks good. Several people have the earlier gun (steel P01 looking frame but stamped CZ75 Compact) and they say it has become their favorite pistol to shoot. Accurate, steel frame muzzles the recoil some.
  8. M1A4ME

    No grease?

    Got my first 1911 in 1978. Never greased it. Oil only. Have several other brands of semi auto pistols, same thing, oil only. No issues. The old GI 1911 manuals specified dropping the slide on an empty chamber as one of the function checks after you cleaned/lubed/reassembled the pistol. In the really old GI manuals they specify whale oil as the lubricant for the 1911. Not sure how whale oil stacks up to 3n1 oil or Mobil 1.
  9. This is one of the P01 looking pistols with the CZ75 Compact slide stamp. With some modifications. The upswept beavertail is easier to see in this picture (frame comes this way, just not as easy to see in the picture of the stock pistol). Mods are the CGW race hammer/adjustable sear, the safeties like those used in some of the full sized pistols, and the CZ straight SA trigger. It didn't need a CGW barrel bushing. Shoots good groups with the stock bushing/barrel. There's a thread (or three) on the CZ Forum about what parts to use (not mine, I used it as a guide for buying parts for this one though.)
  10. Does it have the P01 style frame? But have CZ 75 Compact on the slide? They made some like that. Or does it have the P01 style frame but say P01 on the slide? They made some like that, too. The ones that have CZ 75 Compact stamped on the slide do not have the grooves in the front/rear of the frame/grip. Can't say about the ones that are stamped P01 on the slide, but still have a steel frame. I didn't buy any of those. The first batch (stamped CZ75 Compact on the slide) was said to be a contract over run for a foreign military or police force with 50 imported into the US and sold. Later, it was said there were more than 50 and still later it was said that 2nd statement was false and there were really only 50 imported. The second batch (stamped P01 on the slide) doesn't have as much known/claimed known about it or stated about them on the internet. I bought two of the first type (CZ75 Compact on the slide) and they have, by far, the worst triggers of any CZ75 I've ever bought. Gritty, rough, draggy, stagy, etc., etc., etc. the hammer/sear contact areas look like it was done with a file. Just nasty. I installed a CGW race hammer and adjustable sear as well as a SAO trigger from CZ USA and it's one of best shooting CZ75 Compacts. Several others on the CZ Forum bought them and many make the statements that it has become their favorite Compact.
  11. M1A4ME

    Red vs Green Fiber Optic front sight

    I never had any use for fiber optics front sights. On pistols. My Ithaca M37 has had a FO front sight on it since I got it in 1969. My first pistol with a FO front sight is the XDM 5.25" 9MM. Big ol' orange FO front sight that hangs out there like a fuzzy soft ball. I hate it. All of us shoot the 3.8" XDM 9MM better (standard metal front sight) than the FO 5.25" gun. Then I got that used CZ Tactical Sport .40 (bought it from a member here) with a tiny little green FO front sight. What a change. I really like that front sight. I don't know if it's the color or the small diameter. But I can see it. I can focus on it. It doesn't "overfill" the rear sight notch. It makes it easier to shoot the pistol well vs. harder to shoot the pistol well. On the other hand, I have two RMR's CZ pistols. A dual illuminated amber dot on the P07 and a dual illuminate green dot on the P09. Under poor light conditions (me in low light and the target in bright light) the amber dot is way easier to use than the green dot. The green dot is all but invisible. I can find it, barely, if I spend long enough looking for it. The amber dot is right there under favorable or unfavorable conditions. So, use what works best for you. You won't know that by asking other people. You'll figure it out by trying different options out for yourself.
  12. M1A4ME

    .223 reloading/grouping

    What distance do you shoot? Most people have stated, over the years, that inside 300 yds. or so a flat based bullet will give just as good, if not better, groups than a boat tailed bullet. Might save yourself some money for more ammo/practice with the right bullet. Some rifles/barrels do very well with a load that other rifles don't shoot so well. Your barrel might shoot many loads well, or it might be one of those that you need to find "that special load" for. I've bought some of those heavy match bullets but haven't gotten around to using them yet. I load mostly 55 grain FMJBT for .223 and don't shoot past 100 yds. In the days I did shoot past 100 yds. I got the best groups from some 45 grain varmint bullets and IMR4198 (not in an AR15 rifle). These days I use more BLC2 for 55 grain FMJBT (Hornady) bullets in .223 and my AR15's than anything else. It meters very uniformly through my RCBS Uniflow powder measure. Same for H335, but I seldom use that powder. I won't say you'll get better/more consistent groups by segregating your brass by head stamp. But, I will say that when using my misc. brass (small amounts of various head stamps that I lump together in the same bucket and reload for plinking) I may get a very nice group followed by another group with a random outlier or two. When I was hunting with my .223 I sorted by head stamp. For range/plinking ammo I just dumped it all in the same bucket. Accuracy improvements usually require consistency in ammo and technique. Good luck.
  13. M1A4ME

    Out of Spec Win brass rims?

    Shell holder? I don't use a Dillon buy I've never had an issue with pistol brass (any caliber) in Lee/RCBS shell holders. I do have issues with PPU and a couple other foreign .223/5.56X45 brass in both Lee and RCBS shell holders. That brass is made different. Even this brass chambers/extracts/ejects 100% from my AR15's.
  14. No red dot on mine. Just irons. It's not as serious as yours. Just a cool (to me) looking carbine. If I had a scope on it I could shoot better groups as the front sight is out of focus for me. Did I mention I like the way it looks? Nothing fancy about the barrel. One turn in 10". Was a 16" barrel till I had it cut/threaded and the flash hider pinned/welded to keep the length legal. I may have to build another one with a flat top upper so I can put a low powered scope on it. Winchester white box is junk ammo in mine. I won't buy any more. I've tried only 115 grain bullets in mine. Win. WB fmj, Fed. fmj, my reloads (using Blue Dot powder) with Precision Delta and Zero Bullets 115 grain hollow points. Either one is good. My 9MM carbine
  15. M1A4ME

    Stipple or Talon grips?

    I have a P07 (usual EDC). I used to wonder why people were always modifying the surface of the grip. Mine was fine, no issues. Then, one day last summer when it was about as hot/humid as it ever gets around here I was at the range. My shirt was soaked as wet as if I'd been out in the rain. My glasses were fogging up so rapidly that I couldn't shoot 5 shots without taking them off to wipe them on a pants leg or a tissue (my wife carries lots of stuff around in her purse, you know). And that P07 was moving around in my wet, sweaty hand. Every couple of shots I was having to re-grip it. That had never happened before. It's a .40 S&W and I shoot some fast 135's in it. About as snappy as a snub nosed .357 with about the same amount of flash/bang. That's when I knew I had to change something. I ordered a set of the Talon wraps for it and they really made a difference. Follow the cleaning/installation instructions and they work. Another one of those things I didn't "believe" till it happened to me.