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  1. I only see SP01 Shadows on his site. Does he do optic cuts for SP01's and 75's with a firing pin block?
  2. Just a public service announcement if you were planning on having Primary Machine doing optic milling on your CZ. Primary Machine announced on Instagram that they are getting out of the optic milling game to focus on manufacturing their own products and doing oem manufacturing for other companies. April 15th is the last day to order an optic cut. This is a big blow to CZ red dot fans because Primary was probably the most popular optic milling company that did CZ75 based guns. At this point, I think the only remaining shops that will do optic work for the 75 series are CZ Custom, G
  3. Thanks. After some reading, it sounds like this is normal behavior for race hammers. Going back and watching the Apex install video, their safety also engages with the hammer down. Sounds like I'm good. I just have to remember not to engage the safety when the hammer is down.
  4. So I've noticed a strange thing with my SP01 running an Apex Sear/Hammer. Using just the stock parts, the safety only engages when the hammer is fully cocked. However, after putting in the Apex parts, the safety now engages when the hammer is down. Pulling the trigger in DA with the safety engaged will move the hammer back to half cock but then the safety stops the rest of the rearward movement. Have I damaged my safety in some way? I've always thought that the safety only engages when the hammer is cocked all the way back.
  5. Ya, I was honestly shocked about the low shipping prices from Estonia. Plus I got the parts in like 4 days which was faster than some CGW parts I bought at the same time. I was nervous about buying from Europe but I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if US shops are out of stock.
  6. No prob, I was in the same boat as you.
  7. IPSC Store in Estonia ships to the US. They probably have what you are looking for. I've bought from them before and they get a thumbs up from me. There seems to be a CZ parts shortage in the US at the moment but luckily there are some Euro suppliers. https://www.ipscstore.com/en/423-cz-shadow-2
  8. Try IPSC Store in Estonia. I've bought some parts from them. Shipping to the US via UPS was fast and surprisingly reasonable if you buy more than a few parts at once. It looks like they have some of the parts you are looking for. They're basically the CZ parts house for Eemann Tech so they also have a lot of aftermarket CZ parts. https://www.ipscstore.com/en/112-cz-75-sp-01
  9. I'm trying to determine the legality of this part for USPSA Carry Optics and IDPA Carry Optics.
  10. Does it hold the slide back on an empty mag?
  11. So I have a few questions regarding direct optic milling for CZ75's. I have an SP01 that I want to direct mount a Holosun 507K (the smaller one that doesn't use the RMR pattern). I know the 507K is narrow enough to be direct milled but I'm curious how these cuts affect the firing pin block channel. I'm planning to have the dovetail milled out but I don't want the cut to extend farther back than where the dovetail currently sits. Can you only machine down as far as the factory dovetail? How is the FPB affected by slightly shortening the plunger hole? I've seen some people say that t
  12. I think the price difference is mainly the lower manufacturing costs in Estonia where they are based. Plus don't the CGW Pro kits come with competition hammers and sears? That adds a lot to the cost. The Eemann kit just has a firing pin, disconnector and springs. I will add the the fit any finish on my CGW parts is a little nicer than the finish on my ET thumb rest. The ET part has a few rough spots in finish (not sure if its blued). I bought it for function though so I don't really care. I just rub on some gun oil every once an a while and it looks nice. Another upgra
  13. I have one of their slide stop thumb rests on my SP01 that I've been happy with. Functions as advertised and the quality seems good. Saved me from having to drill my frame for a thumb rest. I haven't really seen any negative reviews of their products but they primarily cater to Euro shooters so there isn't much out there. I think a few guys here are running their straight DA/SA trigger. I'd say their kit is probably a safe buy and you are seeing more of their parts discussed here so they are definitely growing.
  14. I'm having a hard time deciding. I have both an SP01 and a 75SA (frame only) that I'm considering putting a Bull Shadow slide on. Which frame style do you prefer for this slide style? If I put the Bull Shadow on the SP01, the SP01 slide will be moved to the 75SA frame. So I guess the question is, Bull Shadow SP01 and SP01/75SA Franken gun vs. 75SA Bull Shadow and stock SP01? Decisions, decisions. SP01 Bull Shadow 75SA Bull Shadow
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