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  1. I looked after posting and found a few EAA Witness listed as in stock. Will keep looking for a new Hunter. Time is on my side.
  2. I had Patriot Defense do one Tanfoglio and two CZ guns. They looked them over for issues while performing the work. With a Tanfoglio having PD check it out is a good thing. No concern for the Shadow and PCR, they have great quality control. I supplied the parts and labor was around 250.00 for all three if memory is intact. I could have done it. But felt better knowing a person was not doing their first trigger swap. I just do not like the shape of DA triggers. One of the CZ triggers was painful after 50 rounds or so. Very far forward and tightly curved.
  3. Both seem to be limited availability right now. But the Witness seem to be gone. Maybe I have not looked in the right places. Been wanting a Hunter. Wish I had grabbed one when available.
  4. I am about 25% on new models. First purchase was a Witness 22LR/9mm Combo. Do not laugh, saw at a gun show and had to have it. Honeymoon was brief. Tried to disassemble. Mag was stuck. Tried to remove and depress release. Took back to the LGS. Was told they are stiff. After 5 minutes counter guy said they would handle shipping back to EAA. Was told they polished the inside of grip at EAA. Assume they fixed the release. Been zero percent on parts orders from EAA. Ordered a 9mm slide for a Match Elite. Was in for a surprise when it showed up. Guide rod protruded a 1/4” past the end of the slide. Took a Herculean effort to remove. Even harder to reinstall. Pulled guide rod from 10mm slide and it fit perfectly. Reinstalled long guide rod. Took pictures of it sticking proud of slide. Pics of the two slides side by side. Pics of the two guide rods side by side. One was 1/4 inch longer. Sent pics and explanation of issue to EAA. And started calling. Finally got email response. Was told the long guide rod was from another brand of gun. Tanfoglio only made one length guide rod. My mistake mixing up the guide rods. Kept calling and finally got a lady. She gave phone to a man and he gruffly said to ship entire slide back. My nickel. Showed back up with the correct guide rod. Ordered a 9mm barrel for a Limited Pro years later. Six months later a 4 1/2” barrel showed up. Think for a Witness. Took pics and sent. Was told I needed a real gunsmith to fit to slide. Tried again and was told best solution was to sell barrel. And to order the correct barrel for Limited Pro. But none in stock. Tried to sell it to PD. They looked at it like it has leprosy. I think EAA and Tanfoglio are a match made in heaven.
  5. Glad they were able to fix this. What was ballpark cost without shipping? I was interested in a barrel, but all my Tanfoglio slides use standard barrels. No stock at PD. But except for the 22 conversion Witness the slides and barrel lockup are all tight. Thought the Limited Pro had a little barrel movement but was either very strong that day or confused. Still wanted them to fit a new barrel to the gun.
  6. Factory may be closed also. Items from Italy have been scarce.
  7. I have XXL hands. Decided to not purchase a 2 version of either Shadow or TS. Not convinced the new shape for a higher hold fits me. Did put a x10 barrel bushing from CGW in a Shadow SA. Shoots like a new gun. The bushing had been sitting unused for a couple years. Glad I got off the stump. Need to polish the trigger on the Shadow SA next.
  8. Made it down to PSC and ran through a 100 rounds for target practice. Could not wait for the rain to stop. Did seem to tighten up the spread. Very happy with the CGW 10X.
  9. I thought I wanted a threaded barrel 9mm. Did not know bushing has to come out to remove barrel. The factory bushing was corroded where the chrome had flaked off. Not sure why. Looked like the exposure was long term. Really glad it is out.
  10. A big thanks for the great tips. The lip to push against is very slim. It took several knocks with the short handled sledge to get it moving. Left some loose chrome plating in the slide The CGW 10X bushing fit perfect. Requires rotating and wiggling to install or remove. Any tighter would require fitting. Headed to range once the rain stops to see if I shoot better. Most my guns are better shooters than I am. Bushing had been laying around for several years. Wanted a TS 2. Talked myself into installing the bushing a in Shadow SA instead.
  11. Cannot upload a picture of the installation rig. Showing loading before a picture is selected.
  12. Whacked it out. You are right, an 11 mm socket worked. A 7/16 was a little too small. The chrome plating was missing on some of the bushing. May be why it was so tough to knock out. Used a 12” wobble extension and was up to the third hammer before it came free.
  13. PCR was first and only CZ I have removed a barrel bushing on. It came out easy. The Shadow bushing feels and looks flush. Will try some sockets to knock it loose.
  14. I used them when doing the PCR, many years ago. Could not locate them. Removed the pun very easily. As tight as the stock bushing fits the pin is for looks.
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