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  1. Glad to hear this good report, and congrats on your “new” pocket gun!
  2. I tried the 90 mount and didn’t like it as much as my offset vertical mount. I kept seeing the body of the Cmore during transitions. So I went right back to what feels comfortable.
  3. I guess I’m old school, but I still like the slide ride. Kinda feel like “if it ain’t broke...”
  4. Good advice. I move way too slow. Accuracy and splits are decent, I just draw too slow and move too slow. But I usually only run when I hear the ice cream truck.
  5. Heinie rear sight is yours!  Please send PayPal funds to byronsimpson@gmail.com

  6. Hi, Saw your item after it was sold. Could I ask who the manufacturer of those safety glasses? 

    Thanks, Gaine

    1. Byron Simpson

      Byron Simpson

      Glasses are Dolce Vita brand.  I don't think they make this model anymore

    2. kamikaze1a


      Thanks for the info. Couldn't find them with a search so it seems u r right. Looks pretty nice though. 

      Thanks again n good shooting! Gaine

  7. Chip McCormick Power mags have worked best for me. I have had spotty luck with Wilsons. Power mags have worked so well that I never tried Tripp's.
  8. If I decide to get back to shooting Limited, I am going with the EAA Limited. I just think they are a great value. I am willing to try it out and risk the lack of support.
  9. Pinnacle used to make them for about $25, but they are discontinued. http://www.pinnacle-guns.com/announcements.asp
  10. Totally true! White undercoat makes the orange topcoat much brighter. I then use clear fingernail polish as a "sealer". Works great!
  11. Is the old barrel pinned? Would that make a difference?
  12. +1 I really like these on my 625. I just wish they were cheaper and easier to find.
  13. 4.0gr WST with 230gr LRN works great and not too smoky. Makes major in a 5" 1911.
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