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  1. Adamj

    Open Dot Configuration

    You guys make a good point about the different recoil characteristics of a shotgun when you turn it to use the offset dot. I had not considered that. Whether or not a dot is neccessary I can't speak to since I havent used one yet. I see top performers like Josh Froelich and Scott Greene using them, but there is much much more than an offset dot that separates my performance from theirs.
  2. To set the stage my main game is 3-Gun and I also shoot USPSA to improve my pistol skills. I am about to order an Atlas Chaos and need some magazine advice. I have the opportunity to purchase a custom 40 round magazine that I want to use in outlaw 3-Gun matches. My choice is either get 3 170mm mags from Atlas or sacrifice two of those for the custom mag. I have four 140 mm mags already. 1) Can I get by with one 170mm starting out in Open for both USPSA and 3-Gun? 2) Will saving a reload on a pistol array same me that much time? Also interested in any other opinion.
  3. Adamj

    Open Dot Configuration

    I picked up a 7.5 DPP for just that reason. I think it was one of your past comments that gave me the idea. It's great to hear that Mike recommends the same method. So you think that the offset mount might be too unstable to pull off 50 yard+ slug shots?
  4. I'm about to order a Dissident KL-12 and have a question about how people use two dots on their open shotgun. I was wondering about the practicality of using the primary dot for more common close birdshot targets and using the offset dot for slugs and the less common hard lean shot. Or should I use the same zero and holds for both?
  5. I contacted Weber and they said that they should have some available for the Chaos by the end of the year which should be around the time my Chaos is delivered.
  6. Adamj

    IDPA Revolver??

    Don't overlook a Smith and Wesson 19. I have one laying around that I want to tool up and use in IDPA.
  7. Adamj

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    When I load 38 short colt I also used 9mm dies with a 38 sizing die and they worked perfectly. All are Dillon dies in a 650.
  8. Adamj

    Shooting Glasses Faq

    I have been using the Oakley Tombstone Reaps with the Prizm lenses. I like the field of view and contrast that the lenses provide.
  9. Adamj

    Holsters for 8 3/8" S&W?

    I put my revolvers in a DAA Alpha X. It locked them in tight as a vault and it doesn't matter how long the barrel is.
  10. Adamj

    Burris Fast Fire 3 on a S&W 627

    I had a Vortex Venom on an Allchin mount that worked great. It was as close to bore as I could find and very solid.
  11. Adamj

    S&W 686 Conversion Grips

    Might not be exactly what you're looking for, but I really like the Hogue Big Butt grips. There are conversion versions of this style.
  12. Adamj

    Low Mass BCG

    I run the JP low mass and ultra low mass both with the silent capture spring. I wouldn't choose any other combination.
  13. When I first started learning to quad load I would practice for an hour or so every night. After a few days I would have significant pain in my wrists and fingers. I agree with someone above that over training can definitely cause issues.
  14. Adamj

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    Go with Vortex. The Razor 1-6 is of the premier 3-Gun scopes. That being said I agree with comments above that the Viper is the best value. I have both and I think that difference in quality is not justified by the difference in price. The Viper is so close to the Razor that for around $600 it's an obvious choice.
  15. Adamj

    Turn the illumination off?

    I turn my Razor 1-6's illumination on only at 1x for closer targets. I only shoot 3-Gun, but at distance I don't need the dot distracting my eyes for a precise shot.