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  1. Vit N320 is a great powder. I have used it in the past but moved to Clean Shot when N320 became too expensive for me.
  2. By far my favorite AR15 trigger is the Timney Calvin Elite. I heard it was failing in AR9s so like you I went for a similar feel since I couldn't use the same trigger in both. As close as I could get was the Hiperfire Eclipse. The break,travel, and reset force was close enough that I could run them equally well.
  3. Completely agree. I'm not surprised at all about the turnout. I hope to see many more matches with this setup in my area. With 3 gun on the decline I am already seeing increased interest in outlaw 2 gun matches locally. It'd be great for a match with a unified rule-set to become a regular thing.
  4. Also, interested you y'alls experience with the platform.
  5. As far as holsters go, like you, I had an incident with a pistol coming out. My rifle sling tripped the release on a DAA Alpha X holster and sent my Atlas Chaos tumbling through the gravel. I was perfectly happy with a race holster until that point. If you don't hit the release they're rock solid and totally fine for most matches especially bay style stages. If you like the ultra-physical it may or may not work for you. Sometimes it comes down to peace of mind more than whether or not it will work. @inertia is right a race holster will give you the most options especially with the
  6. I'll give you a list of changes I made after switching to open. Mostly I shoot far more aggressively. You have extra rounds and the Dissident can be run hard. Pull some triggers at a full sprint, enjoy it, and welcome to the one true division. Rifle - Multiple JPs Shotgun - KL12 NNS Pistol - Atlas Erebus -JP 45°offset mount for rifle dot -Atlas bipod (any quality one will work of course) -Arca Rail for bipod and bags( full retard open and not necessary) -Extra batteries in my bag -Reconfigure belt setup -Get the thumb actuated mag r
  7. Can't speak for everyone, but my GMR-15 struggled with small rifle primers. My pistols ran them just fine.
  8. I don't know of any 3 gun specific dry fire materials. The 3 Gun Show podcast has hours of interviews with high level guys who discuss their processes. I would do all the drills you do with your pistol with your long guns as well. Target transitions, loads, manipulations, enter/exit positions, and "draws". Main additions would be transitions between weapons and quad loading if you make the mistake of not shooting open. If you shoot longer distance practice efficiently getting into and out of supported rifle positions. You can really seperate yourself from the field on
  9. I was thinking variable mass bolt.
  10. It's what I use in my JP. They will clog up your comp faster than FMJ and plated bullets if that matters to you.
  11. I use almost every size of the TF extensions in my stock JP GMR-15. I usually download one though only to seat it in the gun easier. I can't say I've had any feeding issues though since installing the extensions.
  12. I have been using the Vortex Ranger 1800. It does everything I need it too.
  13. Looks like the budget version of Dissident's other PCC. http://dissidentarms.com/index.php/product/komp9-elite-competition-9mm-carbine-kr-9-dissident-arms-kusa/
  14. Right now I go between 18" and 14.5". I like the 14.5 with a dot for bay matches and the 18 with a 1-6 when I'm shooting beyond 300 yards. You can easily shoot at distance with a shorter barrel I just prefer the big boy for longer shots. It comes down to personal preference and knowing your DOPE. I suppose the heat sink could help if you go from a 30 round burner array(s) to finishing the stage with longer shots. I will say yes, the handguard is not nearly as warm with the heatsink on. I have no doubt it works. I just haven't felt I needed enough to justify the weight.
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