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  1. I use almost every size of the TF extensions in my stock JP GMR-15. I usually download one though only to seat it in the gun easier. I can't say I've had any feeding issues though since installing the extensions.
  2. I have been using the Vortex Ranger 1800. It does everything I need it too.
  3. Looks like the budget version of Dissident's other PCC. http://dissidentarms.com/index.php/product/komp9-elite-competition-9mm-carbine-kr-9-dissident-arms-kusa/
  4. Right now I go between 18" and 14.5". I like the 14.5 with a dot for bay matches and the 18 with a 1-6 when I'm shooting beyond 300 yards. You can easily shoot at distance with a shorter barrel I just prefer the big boy for longer shots. It comes down to personal preference and knowing your DOPE. I suppose the heat sink could help if you go from a 30 round burner array(s) to finishing the stage with longer shots. I will say yes, the handguard is not nearly as warm with the heatsink on. I have no doubt it works. I just haven't felt I needed enough to justify the weight.
  5. I started out with a full build and now I only buy JP uppers. I wanted to change the stock, trigger, and controls. I have two lowers built out how I like them and just swap 3 JP uppers between them. I think you're spot on with paying $600 for something you'll change anyway. I took my heat sink off. I don't need it for the style of 3 gun I normally shoot.
  6. I have this exact trigger in my GMR and it works perfectly. I love that trigger.
  7. Max Leograndis talks about technique on a few podcasts: Firearms Nation Froelich's Addicted Warrior Society Josh Froelich also has a good episode on Warrior Society. Also look up these two and other top PCC guys out on Instagram. They will post some decent training ideas.
  8. The good thing about the SCS is that you can change out the weights to multiple configurations allowing you to tune it for minimal dot movement. I have JP GMR-15 and with my handloads it is very flat. If you go that route definitely get the short stroked version.
  9. I think the JP Silent Captured Spring (SCS) should do the trick.
  10. I lay mine on the receiver. Personal preference.
  11. I bought a JP and all I've had to do is put ammo in it. It just works.
  12. I can't say enough things about the XLR AR stock. It's rock solid, almost infinitely adjustable, and balanced out my GMR-15 nicely. It's pricey, but for me it was totally worth it.
  13. JP has a QD sling mount that I have on my JP15 3 gun rifle. I also have an XLR stock on my GMR and JP15 that has qd mounts built in. I use a Viking Tactics sling for 3 gun.
  14. Sounds like you already know everything you need. My setup is three 17 round mags with +6ish taylor freelance extensions for classifiers. These extensions put the mags at about the same length as my 170mm mags. I put the mag pouches in the same position as my 3 gun/USPSA belts making mag manipulations consistent across platforms. You can't go wrong with one or two 33 rounders topped off with a Goliath. I use this for all other stages that don't require a reload.
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