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  1. My heart hurts for you. I still feel sorrow when I think of dogs that have been gone for years now. NOTHING will help bring back those smiles like a puppy. Better yet, make it two puppies.
  2. Good looking 19!
  3. It sounds like you gave Tank the only gift that really matters. To know he belonged and mattered. It’s never easy but it’s the final act of love to let him go in peace. You’ll see him again at the rainbow bridge.
  4. Nugget

    BE Blog

    Your dad sounds like an amazing man from an amazing time in our country.
  5. Awesome.....if you’re a pimp shooting in the revo division!
  6. I don’t believe they are real. Can I touch them?
  7. I have all 90 degree mounts. I don’t even see them. I snap my head to next target left and when my dot appears I release the shot.
  8. I don’t know, 29 rounds of 124 grain 9mm hollow points running at 1400 FPS with a red dot....I’d still have a glock on me
  9. 1000 rounds nowadays equates to over 700. Bucks. Not bad for a days work.
  10. Do you swipe the card or do strippers take the chip?
  11. The Three Amigos lust in the dust rustlers rhapsody up in smoke
  12. I remember when they played there first demos on the radio. Rock jumped light years. Godspeed Eddie Vanhalen.
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