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  1. I wish you comfort in your dark time. Life is short and precious. Live it fully.
  2. Nugget

    CZ Shadow 2

    All the cgw parts plus new grip.
  3. Merry Christmas everybody!
  4. I like the variety keurig offers and it’s always fresh. I need to try this Bustelo. Where is it sold?
  5. Nugget

    New to the CZ world

    You came to the right place. Anything by kneelingatlas will put you on the right path.
  6. Nugget


    The shadow 1 just feels more like an extension of my hand. I can’t get used to the 2.
  7. I loved the elevator shootout in sharkys machine! RIP.
  8. https://lokgrips.com/gun-grips/custom-grips/lightweight-cz-75-palm-swell-g10/ these are the lightest grips I’ve found for palm swells.
  9. It’s the equivalent of a chiappa rhino in a pistol. Sweet idea!
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