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  1. Nugget

    Are these ok to post?

    Those are epic!
  2. Nugget

    Shotgun for sale.

    How much?
  3. Nugget

    New to the CZ world

    You came to the right place. Anything by kneelingatlas will put you on the right path.
  4. Nugget


    The shadow 1 just feels more like an extension of my hand. I can’t get used to the 2.
  5. Nugget

    Burt Reynolds

    I loved the elevator shootout in sharkys machine! RIP.
  6. Nugget

    Shadow 2 grips

    https://lokgrips.com/gun-grips/custom-grips/lightweight-cz-75-palm-swell-g10/ these are the lightest grips I’ve found for palm swells.
  7. Nugget

    Laugo Arms Alien

    It’s the equivalent of a chiappa rhino in a pistol. Sweet idea!
  8. Nugget

    Enos members helping Enos Members

    Kurt’s the real deal.
  9. Nugget

    Zig racker on standard trubor

    I have a zigracker on my sti grandmaster which is basically a chromed trubor. I have a 90 degree mount so I had to get the extended zigracker.
  10. Nugget

    my name is sam

    Hey Sam buddy, what’s on yer mind.
  11. Nugget

    I like this thing

    Definitely one of my favorite things also.
  12. Nugget

    RTS2 insufficient elevation

    I am also having major issues with 2 rts2’s. The first one was difficult to zero and once I got it dialed in I began to run drills. All of the sudden I’m 1&1/2 feet low. I got it back up to 8 inches low and that’s the best it would get. So I had a second rts2 overnighted so I could make the weekend match. It zeroed fine but when I started running it hard it also dropped to a foot low and would not adjust back up. I have followed all the instructions from the manual and it rides on a cz slide. They are both going to go to the repair shop Monday. p.s. They were zeroed at 25 yards.
  13. It’s on the side of a hill
  14. Nugget

    People who do not wear deodorant on airplanes

    Or even worse. When someone just doesn’t bathe. Ughhh! Could you imagine living in the early days when a weekly bath was a luxury?
  15. Nugget

    April 2018 MOM recipient