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  1. You will need the back of the comp or the front of the slide cut at an approx. 1 deg. angle. You don't want the slide to ever touch the comp when cycling. I set up my builds with about .005 clearance. The hood will wear over time and the extra clearance lets you go longer before having to reset the loose comp (from the slide hitting it) and reset the clearance. The 1 deg. has nothing to do with the bushing but everything to do with the lockup angle when the barrel is in battery.
  2. From your pictures it appears to me that your frame has been cut through what would have been the vertical impact surface all the way to the mag well. If that's the case you'll have to start with a new frame and go from there.
  3. jwhittin, it's not the barrel. It's the frame lug at the front of the trigger guard. But thanks for the reply!
  4. I have a customer with a custom STI pistol, not a factory gun, that has broken the front lug off, I think due to an improperly fit Cheely grip. Does anyone know of or can recommend a shop that can correctly repair the frame? Thanks for your help!
  5. SAS serial numbers were for Shirley Ann Skinner, wife of Dave Skinner, when they owned STI. Probably late '90's to early 2000's.
  6. The first STI slide I bought was in 1995 and it had the map of Texas on it. They may have gone back to it with all of the changes they have made in the last 9 months or so.
  7. Yup, too heavy a spring for the load.
  8. So when it does run, how far are the empties flying?
  9. If the gun broke the link pin in the barrel, it is not fit correctly. Have somebody that knows what they're doing check it.
  10. Take it out and use a center punch to raise some material on the bottom of the sight base. (Dimple the sight, not the slide!) Re-install it with some red loctite.
  11. The way the ejector is cut is hitting the case too low and kicking the case up. You want to hit the case as high as possible to get it to come out flat. The extractor hook may have a radius cut on it which will make the case flip up. Super is easy to make run clean. Your gunsmith should know how to do that.
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