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  1. jpl

    1911 Open Steel Gun

    Thanks Chris, it's Sues. She wanted a single stack for steel and found the R.O. for $600 and I did all the rest. I have done 3 others like it. The OP could get by fairly inexpensively if he went this route. He would only need to buy the cone and comp and have a gunsmith put it together for him. He'd probably want a mount and a sight but he could do all of that well within his $1k budget.
  2. jpl

    1911 Open Steel Gun

    You might think about using the barrel that you have. Here's a couple of pics of a R.O. that I shortend the slide 1/2 inch, threaded the factory barrel .575 x 40, used an EGW conversion cone and a comp I made. The comp is similiar to Cheely's 2 port comp. This thing is super accurate, quick and blast to shoot!
  3. jpl

    Remington 1911 needs trigger work

    Nope. I have dozens of EE sets in service with no issues. One of my personal guns has upwards of 80k rounds on the original EE parts that I put in it. Still a safe 1.75 lb trigger.
  4. jpl

    Remington 1911 needs trigger work

    Cylinder and Slide look just like Extreme Engineering parts. Only difference appears to be price and the Brinell hardness test punch marks. Extreme makes parts for many private labeled name gunsmith parts. Fyi.
  5. jpl

    KKM lead time?

    About 6 weeks seems to be the norm now. Hopefully, after they build all of the island/hybrid barrels that Shooter's Connection has commissioned, their on hand stock will improve or intervals will get shorter. I have 4 barrels on order with them now and will order another tomorrow. It would be nice to get them within a couple of weeks!
  6. jpl

    Custom 2011 is doubling/tripling

    Too much overtravel can allow the pistol to go auto. Check it.
  7. jpl

    Unusual single stack Slide

    If you want the gun to feel heavy and slow that will do it for you. Personally I like it lighter and quicker. It's all a personal thing, what you like.
  8. jpl

    Shotgun Sporting Matches

    Skeet, 5 stand, Continental or wobble trap and International or Bunker if a club near you have any of these.
  9. jpl

    Reaming and Throating for 9mm Major

    Manson's 9mm reamer has an area in front of the chamber area that will cut the leade. It will chamber 1.170 oal without a problem.
  10. SV trigger in a STI frame is too long and the half cock notch will not engage. One of the ways to address this is to swage the rear of the bow forward to gain the clearance needed for a safe trigger. Another approach is to put the SV base on a STI bow.
  11. It's +.082 past the center of 0,000.
  12. jpl

    Sti Edge Thumb Safety Hurting Thumb

    Yes and no! It's odd that the frame is wider than the safety but it is normal for STI. The width of the grip safety does not match the frame and that corner/edge of the frame is what bites you. I use a lot of Ed Brown grip safeties and don't have that problem with them I tape the grip safety in the down position and blend the frame to match the grip safety, eliminating the sharp corner. -JPL
  13. jpl

    Sti Edge Thumb Safety Hurting Thumb

    STI's grip safeties don't fit their frames. The frame is wider than the safety, sticking out to the left. That is probably what is biting your thumb. You can file and sand it to blend the sharp edge.
  14. jpl

    cone and non cone compensators

    Only if you changed to a bull barrel, or installed a conversion cone on the barrel or switched to a threaded bushing barrel and a comp with a .575 x 40 thread. Otherwise you won't have a lock-up point at the front.
  15. jpl

    Open 9mm ejection problem

    The extractor is not hanging onto the empty case. Try more tension.