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  1. Venom Customs has a 40 1911 for sale
  2. What trigger did you use? Thanks
  3. Mine wouldn’t reliability feed hollow point with factory springs. It would with ISMI or Atlas gunworks springs.
  4. It’s what I used to print it. The dots are 2in each. I’m sure you can find it somewhere with the legal paper if that’s your preference.
  5. I would recommend you start with an OAL of 1.150.
  6. For IDPA if 9mm it’s ESP. 45 is CDP.
  7. From Shooters Connection description, From Saul on his belts. Regarding the width of the belt: As I told you before - this was not a mistake, and not something I plan to "fix" or change. the belt is PURPOSELY made 1.5mm wider than the CR dimension is. we do this, so that the holsters and pouches sit rock solid and do not rock around on the belt. Yes, I am aware that it makes fitting the gear onto the belt harder, but, I believe this is the better choice. You may have to struggle a little ONCE to fit your gear onto the belt, but after that, you have a better performing set up. I too have had one or two complaints, but no returns. ALL types of gear I am aware of can be fitted onto our belt! Without modification to the belt of gear. in fact, in my display I have one belt on which we mount a GR, CR speed, Hoppner and Scheman and Ghost holster and pouches. and ALL fit.
  8. the belt is PURPOSELY made 1.5mm wider
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