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  1. I shot it in 83&84, man, 37 years ago, time flies!
  2. Im left handed, and can't quite visualize how your right(weak hand) is holding the revolver between thumb/pinky finger? I do the left hand thumb cross over to hit cylinder latch, begin to transfer grip to righthand, not releasing contact with left hand until right hand has moved to side of revolver and right thumb pushes out cylinder with the middle finger of right hand supporting it on the left side. Right thumb goes all the way thru frame window, with revolver tilted up for gravity to help, it rests securely and balanced in the web of the hand and thumb joint. Pinky finger and ring finger
  3. Im left handed, so my righthand thumb goes thru the frame to support weight of revolver, and top strap/forcing cone area rest on the bottom big joint of my thumb. If it's a stage with two or more reloads and fast shooting, Ive indeed had what I'd call "soft burns" in that area.
  4. Sorry Steve, wrong Steve! Was addressing AzShooter, he is a Steve too.
  5. Hey Steve, we might have met, don't know? I too was an Arizona shooter at IRC back in the day. Was geared up to attend the first in 92, but wife had auto accident 3 days prior to me leaving, so I didn't attend that year, but made the trip in 93&94, which I see you attended too. I knew most all the Az shooters in that time frame but your name escapes my age fogged mind:)
  6. I'm a lefty too, although I don't see much difference in the real estate between sides of the revolver? Just lock that right hand thumb down over the grip hand thumb...problem solved? It's the same grip I used when I shot pistol. Was never fond of the grip du jour of dangling thumbs floating alongside the frame/slide of a pistol. Always wished I had six fingers on each hand instead of five....two more to wrap around the grip and hold the gun?
  7. I bet Brian would remember this too. There was a guy at the Steel Challenge, must have been 83 or 84, that had a huge laser/optic gizmo on his 1911. he drew and held at hip level and had special dark glasses that allowed him to see the "dot"...sonofabitch hit what he held on, but not very fast,but a precurssor of things to come.
  8. Great thread, lots of memories for sure. Here's a photo of a few of those mentioned here. Steel Challenge match, up in the canyon. I remember Mickey Fowler cautiously tossin' the keys to his porche to Rob, which brought a grin to his mug. Im an old Arizona shooter who remembers the good old days too.....notice, none of us had bellies then....what happened???/
  9. Bubber got it right; more parts that a swiss watch. Looks to be the perfect solution, to a nonexistent problem.Ive seen one very similar, but the under barrel was pointing backwards, probably a much better platform for anyone who really thinks that particular mechanism is the catz ass:)
  10. Thats why the "class" system is in effect at most matches, to distribute adequate prizes, in order of finish. This allows a good B,C or D shooter a crack at a firearm or other high dollar prize, without directly competing with the top dogs in the sport. I have long since past my prime in the shooting sports to be to agitated about this new raffle system, but when I was one of the top ten or so, who had a chance at taking a match, I would not have attended such an event. To the victor, go the spoils, thats what it is about.....or at least so I thought? If you want to shoot "for the fun
  11. Last time I shot the NM sectionals was back in "91"...of course I was shooting a Wilson Super Grade in .45 auto....before I saw the light and transitioned to the revolver:) If I recall right, I placed 16th overall, I remember I wasn't aware of it, and was quite surprised when they called my name to the line for the top 16 shoot offs.....great match, and lots of fun!
  12. Must be John, just threw me because I think this fellas name was J.C. Rodriguez?and yours was damned close. Oh well, thanks for the info. The spartan page for their club didnt give any directions, and i noticed they don't allow any race guns...sticking to IDPA type rules. I have a stock revolver I could pick up I suppose:) So you lived in Az then if you shot at Rio Salado, Im way down in southeastern Arizona. I used to shoot with a bunch of those guys from Phoenix and Casa Grande ect. Gene Marshall,Phil Rosato, Roger Davis,Vic pickett and a couple others Ive forgotten:) Im generally the lon
  13. In my opinion; Senor Rodriguez nailed it. I never "stage" my trigger, but perform the roll-bang method, and I think most of us are trying to articulate that concept, and it might be misconstrued as "staging"? John, I swear you name rings a bell with me, from a match long ago. I was at the IPSC sectional championship for New Mexico in 1991, and could swear we had a brief conversation in the bleachers during the last day top 16 shoot-offs? I can remember yacking with a guy, and he asked where I placed, which was 16th overall, and I didnt realize I had to get ready for the shoot offs:) Th
  14. Patric; aren't those little M16s swwet! After years of looking for one, and much less one that sported a 4" barrel, I finally snagged one in Tucson at a gun show two years ago. What a wonderfully fine revolver they are, and always exhibit superb fit and finish. They only cranked them out for two years, early 90s....91/92 I think? They command a hefty price tag, not uncommon to see an asking price of six bills on a pristine one. Good luck in your quest, you8 lookin' for a 4" or 6" barrel length?
  15. As Ive observed before.....where you place in the standings when the smoke clears, can be affected by many factors/errors, but where you place your finger on the trigger is probably NOT one of them:)
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