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  1. First met Roger around 1992, at the steel frustration match he and Phil Rosato put on. After that shot several IRC matches with him the the rest of the "Arizona Rocks" squad, Roger, Phil,Gene Marshall and his wife Karen, myself, Mike Chudomelka, Vic Pickett and a few I can't even remember now.....good times and a really fine gentleman Roger was.
  2. 61 shooters at our last match, 31 of which were shooting centerfire pistol, I was one of two revolver shooters, we are both "super senior",other old timer was ISR, my ancient eyes just can't pick up irons any longer. I kept the young guns hoppin', eked out 6th over all. https://i.imgur.com/zqnfl0d.mp4
  3. If I ever once, found myself starting to perform some manner of ritualistic or compulsive habit, I'd nip it in the bud fast. I loathe habits and rituals, and it pisses me off to see them manifested in other shooters. Can't say the number of times Ive wanted to scream at a guy on line to just make ready and shoot the damned stage. Some guys get set, and take 20 stabs with their hand to the gun, I dont know about everyone else, but Ive grabbed my pistol/revolver a million times, I know where it is. I handle it once, to load the cylinder, and place it in my holster, I don't need to keep feeling for it, or make sure my hand hits the butt just right 20 times. I could ramble endlessly, their are a ton of bad habits and rituals you can see at a match. Possibly the only habit I have, and I don't really consider it a bad habit, is if the stage allows shooters to get ready in any order as long as it is timely, I will always ask to shoot first. Nothing ritualistic or superstitious, I just like shooting clean paper or freshly painted steel targets.
  4. I shot it in 83&84, man, 37 years ago, time flies!
  5. Im left handed, and can't quite visualize how your right(weak hand) is holding the revolver between thumb/pinky finger? I do the left hand thumb cross over to hit cylinder latch, begin to transfer grip to righthand, not releasing contact with left hand until right hand has moved to side of revolver and right thumb pushes out cylinder with the middle finger of right hand supporting it on the left side. Right thumb goes all the way thru frame window, with revolver tilted up for gravity to help, it rests securely and balanced in the web of the hand and thumb joint. Pinky finger and ring finger hold thru trigger guard and index finger pushes ejector rod quickly to push out empties. As soon as cylinder is out and right hand thumb slips thru frame window my left drops and heads for the speed loaders on belt. After completing reload, left hand goes back to grip and right hand does all the work, moving thumb out of frame window, and supporting cylinder on right side and middle finger and ring finger pushing cylinder back into battery from the left side. revolver is all ready correctly and firmly gripped as right hand makes the slight adjustment to get correct support hand grip. As a left handed shooter, Ive never felt I was at a disadvantage, with any firearm, compared to right handed shooters, in fact, when I used to shoot a 1911 platform , I felt I had a bit of an edge over right handed shooters in so far as pistol manipulation. A right handed shooter had to twist and cant the grip to hit the magazine release with their thumb for a reload, then twist pistol back to get firing grip. My trigger finger hit the go button without changing any part of the grip and also easily dropped the slide release, all done without altering the firing grip with my left hand.
  6. Im left handed, so my righthand thumb goes thru the frame to support weight of revolver, and top strap/forcing cone area rest on the bottom big joint of my thumb. If it's a stage with two or more reloads and fast shooting, Ive indeed had what I'd call "soft burns" in that area.
  7. Sorry Steve, wrong Steve! Was addressing AzShooter, he is a Steve too.
  8. Hey Steve, we might have met, don't know? I too was an Arizona shooter at IRC back in the day. Was geared up to attend the first in 92, but wife had auto accident 3 days prior to me leaving, so I didn't attend that year, but made the trip in 93&94, which I see you attended too. I knew most all the Az shooters in that time frame but your name escapes my age fogged mind:)
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