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Found 16 results

  1. I do not have much experience with STI 2011 type guns. I am looking to possibly convert a 9mm HexTac to an open blaster. It has a rail and would need a new barrel w/comp and frame drilled/tapped for a red dot mount. What else would it need to be safe for 9mm major?
  2. I shoot a 9mm STI Trubor in Open... The firing pin spring is starting to wear on the sides... I'd like to get another FP spring, but I don't want to use a super long, super heavy Wolff spring. I use Wolff variable rate recoil springs, so I have lots of the firing pin springs that come with their recoil springs... I don't understand why anyone would want an "extra power" firing pin spring? Doesn't that just make it harder for the hammer to push the firing pin into the primer? More resistance from the spring? Plus, they are super long. What's a good firing pin spring for an STI Open gun?
  3. Just got a picture of my finished build from Glenn Rasch with Lone Star Innovations. I had him build the gun with a 38 SC barrel and a 9 mm barrel so that I could choose to shoot 9 mm minor for practice. Should have the gun in my hands by early next week depending on Hurricane Harvey's impact on Houston
  4. I'm an experienced shooter that has many guns and I have been shooting a long time. I've never had any issues with guns breaking. I've had thumb safeties break and that's about it. So I had an Open Gun custom built to my specifications. This is not about trashing the builder and I do not want to name any names. If you figure it out please don't ask or list the name of the builder. My new open gun that is 6 months old with 15k rounds now has a cracked slide. Its an STI frame and slide. 9mm major. Major load of 124 grain JHP 6.7 WAC 1.145. How often does this happen? The gunsmith is fitting a new slide, barrel and comp. I'm paying for the parts and the labor is under warranty. How does this sound to you guys? Is this warranty typical for the industry? I've heard about many cracked Limited and Open slides. What's the deal? Seems like it's happening a lot.
  5. Hey guys, first time posting so sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot. i'm wanting to build a open glock 17 in 9mm major. i was wondering how long you can load in a lonewolf barrel without reaming. thanks for any help.
  6. Just curious and dont have a real answer. Can you run a comp with a bushing barrel? I have a marauder I was thinking of putting a comp on. Looking at my options.
  7. Insight please: I have seen the C-more mounted sideways, which may be a happy compromise, but it would be nice to avoid all the bulk. Can the slide mounted optics hold up and are they slower?? Thanks.
  8. So I have always questioned the effectiveness and logic of running a comped Steel Challenge Open gun, especially when running light loads. As a test, I fit a bull barrel into my Phoenix Trinity 2011 open gun. The gun is now over 4 ounces lighter and the weight that was removed is from the end of the barrel (comp) so the gun swings much better now. I have a 9mm 1911 that I use as my Limited gun for SC. I run super light loads in the Limited gun so I used the same loads to test the new barrel in the Open gun. The 2011 now shoots super flat and super soft with the new barrel and might mouse fart limited loads. Here are the results in slo-mo
  9. Long story short recently my C-More pulled the screws out of my Cheely 90deg mount. I Called Cheely for a replacement but he makes them in batches and doesn't have any right now but will send one out when he does. I want to make it clear that I don't think Cheely sold me a bad product I just think this particular one failed not due to anything Cheely could control. My problem is the Area 1 match is at the end of June so I came up with a fix for the short maybe long term. I through bolted it but didn't want nuts on the other side so here is what I did First I milled an old indexable tool holder to a small bar Next I milled a slot in the back of my Cheely mount .050 inches deep and same width (.497) as my bar I drilled and tapped the bar for the new longer Cmore screws Then screwed the Cmore down to the mount using the bar as the nuts. I like the bar because it should help with any pitching of the red dot on the mount. It also props my gun up better for unloaded table starts. My bar is .300inches thick but this can be reduced and eventually will.
  10. Hello, I'm pretty new to open and USPSA. Started shooting Glock platform but after a couple months all I've been dealing with is different jam issues the last 5 weeks. Worked great for 4 weeks...maybe I just wore out parts? I sorta gave up and got a older used SVI and plan on shooting it in 9major. I usually average about 600-800 rounds a week, including matches. My question: What type of maintaining do I need to do? How often should springs and other parts be replaced? Magazine springs, how often should springs and followers be replaced? Striker pin, do they have a round count life? Etc...any insight will really help or only shoot it sparingly and train on the Glock? I would love to see this gun run without any issues...since my last 5 matches was fixing my gun at least 4 out of 5 stages. It seems only to work on qualifiers...?? Thank you...Newbie Open Shooter.
  11. I'm looking for a start recipe for Hodgdon LongShot aka LOUD Shot !!! for a 115gr or 125jhp 9mm Major bullet ... 4 port comp, no pop holes, 5.4" barrel, 5" open gun ...
  12. Hello BE, I have a Schuemann barrel in my 2011 Open gun. It is a 3 hole Hybricomp AET barrel with a titanium 5 port compensator on the end. I bought the gun used, so I am not too sure how many rounds have been through it. The previous owner informed me that the rifling can wear prematurely with faster powders like 3n37 or n340 (info provided by Wil from Schuemann and JL Hardy.. the gun was built by JL Hardy). I tore the gun down to spring level to make sure everything looked good before I shot it, and everything looked great, but the barrel looks like it has worn rifling. Can anyone with a Schuemann step in and provide a picture or two of what the rifling looks like in their barrel with barrel specs, including approximately how many rounds have been fired through it, and what type of loads were primarily shot with it? Also, I have been using Super Lube in my other 1911s, but with small amounts. How much would you experts recommend using in the open gun? I have been testing some loads, and have been having some issues with FTFs and FTEs. More lube (or grease?) or less? Thanks for all the help! -fish PS, this forum is awesome!
  13. So I have decided that I really want to start shooting Steel matches from time to time, both because they are cheaper than USPSA and hey, I can shoot a .22 which is always fun. I was down at my LGS today and was looking at a 22/45 Lite. They seem to be a nice gun, and I really like the idea of running that light short gun for the faster transitions, but then I got to thinking about recoil (even though there is hardly any with a .22) and maybe the steel gun would be better than the plastic? Do the .22 caliber compensators make a difference, the tac-sol design doesn't seem like it would keep the gun flat at all with holes all the way around. The other thing to think about is my dad has a MKII, so if I got the MKIII then we could share magazines. Lastly, I shoot a Glock 35 for USPSA, and the grip angle of the Mark series guns is closer to a Glock than the 22/45 1911 grip angle. Would it mess me up to go back and forth from such different grips? Sorry for so many questions, thanks in advance for all the help!
  14. My current open gun does not have a slide racker. I'm starting a new build this week - current "spec" includes a slide racker. Space wise, I don't need it because I'm going with the RTS2. There are 2 advantages that I see to having one: - no need to take your eyes off the sight when racking during a stage - slide racker props up the gun for easier table draw. Are there other functional reasons to have a slide racker? Disadvantages? My main concern is that I don't it to drag the attention of my eye when I get sight picture. Thoughts?
  15. Trying to get ideas for my custom serial number - what did you guys go with? ...how's that for a lazy Sunday post? Haha
  16. Here is the scenario. All open guns cost the same amount, regardless of builder, features, and caliber. Or, if you prefer, someone is going to buy you an Open gun, and you dont mind spending their money. So, price not being the determining factor, who do you order from? I know that price is definitely THE determining factor for me. I try to balance the cost with what I think that I need or prefer. However, If $$ was not the issue...... I tried to include most of the popular builders, sorry if I missed yours. Votes are not public, so your sponsor wont know.....
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