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  1. welcome to the journey. I'm also in NOVA, let me know if you have any questions about getting started up here.
  2. when I was shooting lead, <=1.12 was optimal in my gun. running Lead TC 125gr. Never had an issue with plated or jacketed OAL
  3. my current setup has had zero issues with factory and reloaded ammo. light polishing Henning gen 4 firing pin factory recoil spring (12lb felt to light) 13lb PD hammer spring henning guide rod Xtreme firing pin spring light
  4. I had an FNSL 9mm for about a year. what i liked: great all around feel, larger than normal magazine opening, great ergo's, rough slide serrations, large mag release What I could not stand: unless you had the slim mag release there is a good chance you will hit the mag release inadvertently while manipulating the gun. trigger felt really heavy on initial pull then a slight crisp at the end, I never took the time to mess with it. Sevigny sights were great... I never tested for accuracy but I'm sure it shoots fine.
  5. I used a belt sander and wood carving knife to facet the edges. To hollow out the mag release area you can use a Dremel.
  6. just finished Area 8 with NO AMMO problems, also no extra shots on steel, which i consider a good indicator of consistency... had plenty of mental problems Also, the 147 RN remanufactured ammo had a PF of 135.2. Picture proof below for those that are skeptical
  7. I Ordered a handful of ammo from Freedom Munitions and was finally able to test it out. wanted to post some results with my XDm 5.25 9mm because I've found very few reviews on the 147gr 9mm remanufactured ammo. I ordered the following: - 147 9mm reman RN - 135 9mm reman HP - 147 9mm reman HP I set up the dot drill at 7 yards and 10 yards. Using the RN 147 gr 9mm remanufactured ammo I was able to keep all within the circles. I set the 1/2 size uspsa targets up at varying distances, including 22.5 yards (furthest at the indoor range, which has about 70% visibility at that distance due to the lack of lighting) and had great results. In total I shot 150 rounds with zero malfunctions. the attached picture is at 22.5 yards, all 5 shots fit in a business card, 3.5" group. Someone more proficient than I could likely keep within 2.5" to 3". I live-fire practice about 4 times a year and this is generally to set up new gear or dial in new ammo before a major match. By no means do I consider myself an accurate shooter. I'm very satisfied and will be using this ammo for local and major matches. Feel free to post any accuracy and chrono reports.
  8. rjennings10

    Grip Preference

    Do you know if they are thicker than the Double Alpha thick grips? I've never used the DAA, just CZ custom. I have small hands, but the grips fill perfectly.
  9. rjennings10

    Grip Preference

    I just purchased some Hogue checkered aluminum grips. They are thicker than most other aluminum grips and have aggressive texturing. I've enjoyed them thus far. My only complaint is, I wish they checkered the whole grip, not just the palm area.
  10. Who needs a coffee maker when FN has a flask that fits on the light rail?
  11. @KSwift Comparing the FNP and FNX to the rest of the competitive polymer frames is somewhat flawed. Since production division is generally split between polymer striker fire and all steel DA/SA, the FNP and FNX really didn't stand a chance (mainly due to preconceived opinions). Nor were they marketed to the competition field. FN only recently with the FNS has marketed the 5" model (and 4") to the competition world. From my experience with the FNS the mag-well, magazine release, and grip are much more suitable for the competition field than a few of the leading striker fired guns. Again, that's just my opinion. Though it's fun to buy every accessory out there to 'Enhance' our guns performance, do we really need all that extra crap. Also, I don't believe there is a thing as 'to late to the table' for competition guns. Generally you will find most people WANT the latest and greatest thing out there. Warren Tactical has sights for the FNS, what more do you need?
  12. Congrats. I've been on the lookout for several months as well. These guys fit your hand like a glove. Please report back on your thoughts. I'd love to pick one of these guys up for production. Any luck finding additional mags?
  13. What are your thoughts on the Sig p320? Anyone plan of purchasing one? I've never shot a p250, but they felt great in the hand. I'll be purchasing one as soon as they become available. Pro's: 4.7" barrel ergonomic Striker fired http://www.sigsauer.com/CatalogProductDetails/p320-full-size-nitron.aspx
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