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  1. welcome to the journey. I'm also in NOVA, let me know if you have any questions about getting started up here.
  2. when I was shooting lead, <=1.12 was optimal in my gun. running Lead TC 125gr. Never had an issue with plated or jacketed OAL
  3. Is finally seeing improvement, but still can't decide on a production platform.

    1. bradthegunmaniac
    2. Kahai808


      I have ran through a lot of guns in production. From the Glock 34 to a Tanfoglio Stock 2 now I am running the CZ Shadow Target! FOR ME its the Shadow all the way. Trigger is so sweet on these. They feel real good in the hands. Develop a real good load and run with it. 147 BBI, 3.3gr N320, 1.110" OAL put you at 131ish PF!

  4. New table thanks to dad! All the brass I have collected from the local range in the past year. Check out my blog to see what my set-up used to look like, haha!
  5. This is my Spartan that I bought used from a friend that was getting out of single stack. Not the prettiest, but it shoots well. It has a Jim Joyce Mag-well, checkered front strap, not sure on the grips and magazine release button. I'm thinking about replacing the mainspring housing with an arched mainspring H. I will also prob use it in L-10 since It came with 8 ten round mags.
  6. Great guy to deal with.

  7. Great guy to deal with!

  8. Mind if I use one of those pictures as my desktop picture They are Beautiful. But why 2?
  9. I was kidding. unfortunately you can't tell sarcasm via messages. Trust me I would love to make some upgrades but I want to buy a T-limited 40 and use that in limited. Where's your pictures at!
  10. Hey guys. You know what's better then seeing Tanfoglio pistols? Tanfoglio pistols that have been customized. Lets see those pictures. I will start with my plain Tanfoglio limited 9mm. Not much to see, so make me jealous!!!
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