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  1. Maybe my PDP was a unicorn. It was a 3.5# pull from the box. Just long take up and reset. The DPT took it to over 4#. This was confirm by walther tech. Shorter, but heavier pull.
  2. Powder valley had 4# containers of Titegroup, so I’m not sure that’s accurate info.
  3. Standard Apex for PPQ. I tried the Walther DPT and it was actually WORSE than the stock trigger. Shorter for sure… but heavy! The Apex cut a few oz and shortened things up satisfactorily. I’m running the Walther RMR plate and the included RMR adapter plate that came with the 509. Not ideal… but it’s worked so far. Only around 2000 rounds on the setup. Would have gotten a C&H by now.. to remove a few screws from the equation, but have heard HORRIBLE things about the QC as of late.
  4. The springers won’t be 140mm with the 18rd mag. Those are made for the 15rd mags. Taylor Freelance is the ONLY game in town at the moment for the 18rd mags to be 140 compliant.
  5. Oh. And they usually ship next day. Can’t beat that.
  6. YES. Do it. Ive been shooting their 115RN in the PCC and the 127 conical in my Glock, PDP and Czechmate. Work great… and most importantly.. COOL looking. Code “JClarkShooting” will save you 5% if you wanna take them for a whirl.
  7. Correct. Saturday am Sunday pm Monday am PCC nationals wrapped around 5ish last year… awards and dinner easily went past 7:00
  8. If your MBX mag is falling out of the gun… there’s some problem with that lower. I’ve used them in a variety of lowers without issue. Transparent polymers and UV are not a good combination. Good luck with the ETS!
  9. I just tried this with an empty MBX mag. It seems it holds a little crooked in the frame and does rub the trigger bar. I can get mine to stick as well. I had not noticed this issue before while shooting. I tried it again with a dummy round in. Racked slide.. held trigger down.. inserted MBX with dummy round and slowly let the trigger forward. No more sticking. Alleviated the issue in mine. Are you having issues with live fire? Or just testing after install?
  10. That’s a bummer…. But always the risk when you lease. Suburban encroachment towards shooting ranges happens all the time… the property becomes too valuable to not sell and/or you start getting zoning harassment from your neighbors. Good luck.
  11. If you’ve been running this setup for years and haven’t changed mags springs.. that should be step 1.
  12. You don’t ever replace the magazine springs??
  13. I’m in a 5” barrel… and loaded a bit shorter than you… and don’t have the same powder. Using Shooters World ultimate pistol… which is very similar to WAC from what I’ve heard. YMMV 125TC 6.7gr Ultimate Pistol Fed205 small rifle primers 1.15” OAL 170 PF @ 1360 FPS avg.
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