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  1. What’s everyone using? Looking for something small-ish that fits nicely in a 5.11 backpack that I’m using as a range bag. Most are either too small for a comp’d open gun.. just gigantic. Pics and/or links appreciated!
  2. Right... the $1200 press is great... but the $2000 press does this... but you might want that... so get the $4000 press... but yeah... changing primer size is a PITA... so just get two of them. 2nd mortgage on the house and still searching for the perfect machine.
  3. It comes down to a matter of force I’d say. The forward priming stroke soaks up energy. That’s based on Dillon’s quoted numbers... and I’m inclined to believe them. Sounds like a live streamed race between a comparably equipped 750 and an 1100 is in order!
  4. Did you just take a bunch of Adderall? Its not purely a “cost of destroyed primers” equation. Time is also money and the 1100 will simply crank out more ammo than a similarly equipped 650/750. With two young kids to chase around the house, the 20% reduction in loading time is invaluable to me at this point in life. Even for “double” price. (Even though it’s really more like $700 more).
  5. Brilliant idea. Can you link me to the part needed to do this? I presume they sell it separately, so you can leave different tool heads setup..
  6. I don’t completely disagree with your position... a 750 meets most of my needs and the price difference would certainly allow the addition of a bullet feeder... but... ”limping” along without a bullet feeder for half a year doesn’t slow the process that much. My left hand will just be sitting there holding my dick while cranking on the press... so it’s honestly not that big of a deal for me. Swaging on the other hand... is a process that I’ve decided I want. Even for 9mm. Stopping production to remove a case with a crimped primer pocket that won’t seat
  7. Yeah. I’ve had just enough crimped pockets to get on my nerves with my once fired brass. The $800 difference between an XL750 and the RL1100 spread over a few years will easily be worth the saved irritation!
  8. Appreciate the feedback. Happy to hear that. Yeah. I know the wait will be significant... unless I luck out with a dealer having one on hand. No big deal. Definitely not selling my current setup until the 1100 is in house and running... and maybe not even then!
  9. Awkward to operate at all? Looks like you’re leaning over the finished bullet bin and under the case feeder. Strongly considering an RL1100 over a 750... but won’t have the funds for a bullet feeder - at least not initially. Thoughts?
  10. If it’s a Glock mag PCC... especially with a mag extension... keep’m short. 1.10” is about were you want to be ready most bullet profiles to ensure they pass smoothly into and out of the extension. 3.8gr is definitely gonna be a bit hot in most 16” pccs. Your call if you want to go lower and have same loaded bullets with different powder charges. I run a 135gr Blue with 3.5gr of Sport pistol in a G17 and a blowback PCC with decent results. 130ish PF on the Glock. About 145 on the PCC. I was okay with that recoil impulse.
  11. Happy to hear it worked out for you. Slamming a big stick is always a challenge on virtually any lower. Downloading to reduce the spring compression is ready the only reason one would use a 50rd mag for USPSA. Load it only to 40-45 for an unloaded start. I’m not too keen on grinding on the ramp. Will try a new lower first. Might swing back around to it later if the substitute lower has any issues. I’m pretty locked in on my MPX.. at least through Nationals. Will play around with a blowback gun (again) over the summer. Wanting to experiment a bit with various recoil systems
  12. We’re y’all able to get the Super Feed to work with the FM9 billet lower?? I had all sorts of issues. 1) LRBHO in the way. This was the easiest to solve. Heated the bolt catch, got the stacked set screws removed. Got the LRBHO out of there. 2) With LRBHO removed, I was able to get the upper/lower together (with out the bolt) 3) The ejector on the FM9 was sitting about 0.02” proud and would not let the upper/lower mate with the ESSB in place. Ground a bit off the ejector... got it together. 4) Mags wouldn’t seat! After doing all that work...
  13. True story. I once heard about a guy that shot his DPP clean off a Shadow 2.
  14. Annnnnnd still waiting. Apparently Taccom was out of their uppers... and their upper configurator didn’t show me it was OOS... so I’m back ordered. Hopefully it ships soon
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