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  1. My SS pistol is a Kimber Custom Competition II, and I had to get the barrel converted to a bushing style since bull barrels are not legal in SS. Tuned the extractor to stop awful stovepipe issues, but the gun runs flawless now. Your Kimber will do fine for you. I carry six mags plus the Barney mag in my back pocket. There is always that chance you grab a reload mag and it goes flying onto the COF filling up with sand and dirt........ I prefer the SS/L10 divisions, but as I get older, the targets seem further and further away. Shooting CO now, but mix it up with SS, and even go down to the SS Desert Classic in Mesa. Of course, Mother Luck got us this year, left MT in Feb to get away from the snow and cold and enjoy the sun in Mesa, and it snowed and was cold in Mesa. Took no winter clothing or gloves. Darn it gets cold in the desert.
  2. You are right, it is not a requirement to ship it in the same bag as the firearms, just a suggestion. That was relayed to me by a TSA agent as a way of simplifying the search of your luggage if they decide to check out your firearms. Some airports want to search the bags, others don't. I have had my bags put on a plane without so much as a shrug, and flying back faced about a 45 minute delay waiting on a TSA agent to inspect my bags, swab them, find powder residue. (no kidding, I just shot 400 rounds at a match), then he had to call for a supervisor to come search them again. Another oddity is they take the bags off the plane when you land to the corresponding airline baggage office and hold them until you go pick them up with ID, a good idea in my opinion. What is off is they place these giant tie wraps around your bag to stop you from getting to your firearms. Makes it kind of Captain Obvious that you are carrying guns.
  3. When I flew to the SS Desert Match in AZ, I shipped the ammo via UPS. They do allow drop off at the UPS counter. It must have the ORM-D label on it. FedEx will ship ammo, but you must schedule a pick up. Have no clue why, but I was turned away at the counter. The ammo must be boxed, either in original cartons or plastic boxes. I do not recommend the plastic boxes, UPS broke every damn one of mine and my friends. They toss this stuff around like a soccer ball. You can take loaded ammo on some airlines in checked baggage, it depends on the carrier. I would find out far in advance if they will take it. Some have an 11 pound limit. It should be shipped in the same bag as your clearly declared and marked firearm. It does not need to be in a locked box, but does need packaging. No loose rounds are allowed. And no ammo in the gun. Mags can be shipped in the same bag and do not need to be locked. UPS ships the ammo at the standard weight, you do not have to send it 2nd day delivery. If you shoot .45, you will realize the weight factor...............$$$$$$.
  4. I used to shoot L10 and SS until the eyes failed me and I moved to CO. The Blue Bullets you are getting in 230 work great, always fed well for me and you get a 5% discount when you mention BENOS in the discount tab. Add free shipping and its a deal. I also recommend MT Gold bullets, but they are pricey.or match due to heat, I went with After running out of Clays and almost going minor with WST at a major match I switched to Nitro100 from Accurate. Load to 3.4 grs and you will have the softest .45 load I have ever shot.
  5. Although I do not shoot major, (carry Optics) I have started to find JAG headstamps in the range brass I have gotten. I found it bulged incredibly bad loading 147 bullets, both MG and Blues. I finally tossed them into a box with the Aquila and CBC brass and load them with 115 pills and use them for practice only. The brass is just not right for reloading purposes.
  6. I am a lefty and shoot a Kimber in .45 when I shoot SS and L10. I tried reversing the safety, but found I was faster leaving the safety set up as a right handed pistol and using my middle finger on my left hand to eject the mags. I know it sounds weird but try a left hand safety and see if he can hit the release with the shooting right hand index or middle finger.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I am OK.
  8. Sooooooo, when the Obama power and primer shortage befell us, I went and bought a couple thousand CCI small rifle primers and put them away. After going through a bunch of WSR primers I grabbed a box of the CCI. Well, sure.enough they are magnum small rifle. Are these OK to use on moderate M4 3 gun loads? I do not want to smack the bolt around. Using Varget.and 55 gr. SP.
  9. I think your firing pin spring is light if you put in the lower weight recoil spring. Same thing happened to me and I had to take out the firing pin spring sent with the replacement spring, and put the original back in.
  10. mont1120

    CZ CO basepad

    Yes, the short extension, sorry for the confusion,,,looking at the order I also used the CZ spring and follower.
  11. mont1120

    CZ CO basepad

    The CZC basepads with the CZ tubes just passed the measurement fit gauge at the Inland Empire match. I am not sure what you mean by traditional?
  12. mont1120

    CZ CO basepad

    17 rnd Mecgar, TTI +4/5 18 rnd CZ, CZC +4/5 Have used original internals with no issues. 21 in the Mecgar, 22 in the CZ tubes. Much prefer the TTI basepads though.
  13. I installed the PRP in my OSP and it works great. My main optics gun is a CZ SP-01, and the XDm is my backup. As good as the PRP is, it wlil never be as good as the CZ. Plus the extra weight of the CZ keeps the dot in check. Having said that I have full confidence in the XDm, I did buy a Glock 34 originally, modified it with an Apex trigger, but sold it since the XDm was so much better.
  14. Nitro100, softest recoil I have found. Clays is good until you need to reach a 170 power factor, then it gets dicey. WST is temperture sensitive, the hotter the air temp, the slower the bullet goes, but for IDPA I do not think PF is that high, so WST is a good choice.
  15. Until last year I shot either SS or Limited 10 (I admit it), but since ye ol eyeballs are getting fuzzier by the hour, I moved to Carry Optics. I shot nothing but the .45 in both divisions, and really miss the L10 class. This year I went to Mesa in Feb and shot their SS Desert Classic match, which turned out to be a blast. What really sucked was flying from a frozen MT to enjoy a sunny warm three days in Mesa, where it SNOWED.......... In the frozen north we are seeing a mini comeback of the SS division, so out comes the Kimber to blaze away.
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