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  1. FYI, I had a local gunsmith turn my Kimber with a bull barrel into a busing system by turning the barrel down, adding a busing, and adding a cut into the frame to secure the bushing. Works great, so if you really want a Bul, there is an option.
  2. We all joke about L10, but if the political landscape keeps shifting left, as evidenced in VA, we all will be shooting 10 round or less guns in USPSA. I used to shoot L10 Major and really liked it, but I moved on because of zero competition. Even as a C shooter in L10, the sport is about some level of competition, so I moved to CO, (having old peepers also contributed). Perhaps a resurgence in the REV and L10 divisions is not so far off. Now, if you ask what it would take for me to shoot REV today, new eyes and a bit of alcohol.........
  3. Just started getting into the Open game with a used SVI .38 Super and had a question on OAL and MBX magazines. The load is a MG 115 HP with 8.4 grains of Longshot which gets me around 165-168 PF. I had set the recommended OAL at 1.245 per SVI. The problem I am having is the .38 Super rounds (not Supercomp), are hanging up in the middle of a 170MM MBX tube. My 140 STI mag does not have any such problems. After talking with a very helpful MBX person, I found the internal measurements of an MBX vs. an STI is different with less room in the MBX front to back. It was relayed to me to shorten the rounds because the shorter measurement and the rimmed Super cases would possibly cause the stacking issue. With this in mind, I ended up with a 1.209 OAL to finally stop the noses of the rounds from sticking and rubbing in the tube. Is this something others on this forum are seeing? My PF did inch up to 170, but there was not pressure sign difference at all. I just want to be sure I am not asking for trouble. If I didn't have 2k pieces of .38 Super I would not worry much about it.I would just move to using Supercomp which I load further out. Having shot Carry Optics for the last 3 years, I thought I would give Open a shot (pun intended) as it seems CO is now the crowded field. If I had decent eyeballs I'd go back to, yes, you read this, the dreaded L10 division.........Mom always said I was a little bit different.
  4. LOL, I just noticed you are from Evansville....lived there for 26 years. Could never stand the humidity.
  5. I would say your OAL is way to long. My OSP runs from 1.10 to 1.18 (this applies to my own XDm only), and that depends heavily on the bullet type. Blue Blullets will run longer then Montana Golds for instance. The info you are referring too is an AVERAGE, not a Gospel. Some rounds can run longer, some are shorter. Sarge and motosapiens are correct, read up some more on the forums here. The plunk and spin test is the best test on whether or not a load will work. If the loaded round will not spin freely sitting in the chamber, and drop out with no pulling or hitting you are close. Keep lowering OAL until it does so. In addition, as you shorten OAL, the pressure also builds up, so watch for problems. I do not run max loads in my XDm since the OAL is shorter then the manual lists.
  6. Make sure your extractor is not bent away from the case rims. If that is OK I would say your brass is "Glocked" brass which is bulged at the bottom of the case. I use a Lee EGW resizing die which eliminates this bulge. Also, make sure your OAL is not too long for the XDm chamber. Take a loaded round and place it in the barrel and make sure it spins freely. I doubt this is causing the problem, but check it to be sure. Normally a too long round prevents the ammo from seating and allowing the slide to fully close.
  7. I am one of those who prefers the recoil of the .45 over the .40. And, it is a totally subjective since no two shooters share the same reaction to felt recoil. It seems the younger shooters prefer the .40. If you want to shoot minor, get a 9MM. Some matches favor the major, some the minor. I do know my next SS gun will be a 9MM, that extra pair of shot really does make a difference in make up rounds.
  8. My goal is to not feel another year older. This golden years stuff only means the medical community will be stealing what little gold you got to save....... Just last week I felt compelled to go back to my original division because of the huge flood the sport has seen to CO. I got into the CO group because no one was shooting it. Now it seems everybody is getting all lit up, and I am the sort to buck trends, (old hippy syndrome), and thought it was time to go back to the dead division, L10. Lol, my eyes are so bad, the realization they will not move from target to front sight like they used to was startling. I like the SS/L10 division, but I am not even senor style competitive. So back to optics I humbly go. Now, if my knee would stop telling me the weather is changing, and the arthritic wrists and finger joints would stop aching like my ex used a ball peen hammer on them, I will be set for 2020.
  9. Seems to be the new "go to" pistol up here in the Frozen NW.......I have seen it make serious inroads in the Production shooters world. I like the feel of them far better then a Glock, and for the price it seems to be something to be considered seriously. The trigger is no match grade version, but it has been reported the Freedomsmith makes a world of difference. Flr the cost it would be my choice if I ever shot Production seriously. Right now I am in CO with a CZ, but it is getting rather crowded. Just might be time to venture into a new Division...............
  10. Mine had the same problem, I had to change the striker spring.
  11. I preface this comment with the fact I used to shoot an XDm in L10, and continue to use a 5.25 in .40 for 3 gun. My first CO gun was an XDm, and my backup is an OSP XDm now in case the CZ goes down. If you look at this forum as a place to gauge firearm interest, the last comment was November 9th. Pretty bleak for a topic that is a mainline subject. Unfortunately, Springfield Armory has missed the boat in recent years. They provide great support for the USPSA matches with guns as prizes, but actually seeing one in use by many shooters is becoming increasingly rare. For awhile SA made inroads into the Production world, and does seem to have some use in the med range SS competitions. Usually shooters gut a SA before using it in SS. So I have to wonder, where is SA recently? Most gun makers understand that in order to keep afloat, change is required to capture new sales. The two new products released by SA were certainly nothing to get excited about. Another AR platform, and a revamped carry pistol does not set the world on fire. Walther even got a good new idea and jumped into the competition game. Hopefully the designers at SA have some new competition firearms coming out. I really enjoyed the old XDm platform, but it has run its lifetime. Glock came up with the Gen5 and sold a boatload. Maybe the engineers in the Czech Republic have something new up there sleeves. A new CO ready metal/hybrid pistol would be fun to see.
  12. mont1120

    SP-01 locking up

    I think the mag got stepped on and it was out of specs. I reset the lips, bought new springs, but it has been retired because I feel it is still not quite right in the way the body is shaped. With the new springs it seems to work OK, but a $30 mag is not worth jamming the gun up in a match. It is relegated to back up when the mags get so full of mud and crap I find I dont have time between stages to clean and reload mags properly. (A lot of times I am the RO also.)
  13. It seemed to me that after shooting 1911's for 30 years, the grip on the Glock was the issue. I would draw and always end up with the sights going high, then trying to adjust for the change, I ended up with shots going low. I just could not get used to the feel of the grip angle. One thing I will admit, if I had to carry everyday, or was in combat, I'd take the Glock. Seems like it fires no matter what, even in freezing cold, wet times when the rain is icing up everything. They are reliable 100%.
  14. Well, I'll probably incur the wrath of the Glock Gods, but I went the opposite way. I shot L10 with an STI, then felt the move to CO was a great idea. So I bought a Glock MOS 34 to get into it. The Glock platform just drives me crazy. I replaced the trigger, and even that did nothing for me. I was constantly shooting low. I tied an XDm, then bought a CZ SP-01, and have never looked back. What I learned from all the $$$$ spent, is that it is not the perfect gun you are seeking, but the gun that works for each individual. I got to shoot with the Glock team at Area 1 in Missoula, and they swept the field. G34's beat the open field even. So, it might take some fiddling to find the right "feel" to a platform, then after that its a bunch of ammo and practice. My back up gun is a CO fitted XDm which I shoot far better then a Glock. It would seem that if you are doing well with a certain platform, modify the platform to work with the division you want. Of course for some of us the fun is buying different guns, and then wondering what all the hoopla was about.
  15. I could not agree more. If everyone thought the last round of shortages was bad under Obama, hold my beer. The Supreme Court, supposedly leaning to the conservative side just allowed the green light to suing Remington Arms, the Federal government is embroiled in noting but insane partisan politics, and the next presidential election looks more and more like it will go anti gun. Insurance companies are dropping coverage's, credit card companies will not work with firearms related businesses, and trouble seems to be brewing everywhere you look. I am not going to get into a buying panic, (still have 8 lbs of 800X.....????) but I am picking up extra components as they come on sale. Be ready friends.
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