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  1. As a lefty, I use the Comp Tac with drop and offset.
  2. At the Western States Single Stack Classic, I would say .45 was used as much as the two other calibers. I shoot, now hold onto your daughters, a .45 and its a Kimber...........I can hear the catcalls now. Would not shoot any other caliber for SS. I also have an STI Eagle in .45 that I used in L10, but that division has a funeral pending. (Well, not quite yet becuase states with 10 round limits, or in OR which is going to be Limited 5, .45 would not be all that outdated). As far as reloads, 17 plus 17 equals 34, which almost always leads to 3 reloads on a long stage. As has been argued until there is no fur on the dead horse, I like .45 recoil better then .40. Also, I can actually see hits on targets with geezer eyes. The cost of 200 grain bullets compared to .40 bullets is a non factor. Look at what we spend for matches. Having said all of that, I would use a .45 in Limited only because I have one. The .40 is the way to go in free states.
  3. I have both a 4.5 and 5.25 XDm and use the Comp Tac kydex drop and offset holster. One holster holds both for lefties, and I have not had a gun pop out of the holster yet. It sits very well on my hip, this is taking into consideration I have a nice tire around my belly in the way. You get a kit with it to configure any belt size, and how it fits for you. Great stuff, Amazon even has em.....
  4. mont1120


    AOC approved, I hear that her and Bernie are starting a liberal shooting org to counter the NRA. It's called the American Socialist Society of Shooters, they will be known as ASS'S..............
  5. I can safely raise my hand on this item. Turns out most of my feeding issues were related to my reloads in my Kimber. Just because they worked well in another 1911 does not mean anything. There are times you need to pay close attention to the food that feeds the bear, otherwise things go really bad at the most inopportune time. My good friend bought the SIG Max, and I would get that model for sure. I shoot a Custom Kimber, and have a RO as a back up, but that SIG Max, well it is really nice. I think what frame feels the best in your hand is the pick. I certainly would not go super cheap. You will end up trading it or sinking a lot of extra money into it.
  6. I dabbled into making an Open XDm years back, but it was really just tinkering around, it was a .40 caliber 4.5. Anyway, you will definitely need the trigger parts, and for the Red Dot mount I used a Neumount style, which wraps completely around the frame, and is secured by the accessory rail. It is rock solid. You will need a special holster however, as the mount gets in the way of most holster setups. The CR Speed open style mount is the one that works with a little bit of the plastic removed. This would give you a really reliable and top notch shooting firearm. I dont shoot much steel, so my system gathers dust. I gave the threaded barrel to my son with the comp, he thinks it is pretty cool. For what you are wanting to do, it would be fun.
  7. Well, they are Gluck shooters, there is that.................
  8. Already found a new OSP far less cheaper then buying a used XDm 4.5 and having it cut.....
  9. Felt the recoil was really slapping his hand instead of the normal recoil impulse, plus he feels the axis height is disturbing.
  10. I got started in CO by installing a Springer Precision CO mount on the %.25 frame I had in .40. That was when the round count was limited to 10. I had decided to shoot minor .40, and I really liked it. When the rules changed to 140MM mags, it was time for the 9MM. I did go with CZ, and I think it is the best gun I have. Having said that, had the OSP been out with the XDm, thats what I would be shooting today. My friend just bought the SIG, and he hates it. He is also the one who bought the Gluck, so there that is............
  11. While I admit my main CO competition gun is a CZ, my back up was a G34 Glock. I just never could get used to the strange angle on the Glock, or the way the trigger felt. Even with an Apex aftermarket trigger kit install, it still made me shoot about as bad as can be possible. Out the door it went, and now I am awaiting an OSP 9mm XDm. Have a Vortex Venom and new trigger ready to go. I feel the XDm platform is so much better, for me at least. It may just send the CZ into a back up role. I shot a .40 XDm in 3 gun and Limited 10, and other then some crazy reload issues, shot it very well. Sorry Gluck, your time was short, perhaps your new owner shall let you see some sunshine........
  12. XDs and XDms shoot lead fine. My only warning is NEVER EVER shoot a combination of .40 cal PMC brass, with Unique and lead 180 grain bullets, I had case head separation 4 times that blew my XDm frame and cracked it. Same combo of components every time.
  13. Blue Bullet shooter here. I have found the HY-TEK coating to be sticky at times, and have had some makers of them send me a batch that were stuck together and badly coated. To me the Blue coating is more consistent. I won a box of the newer Gallant bullets last year, and the coating seems similar to the Blues, the difference is the coating is gold colored. Blue Bullets has never messed up an order, is a huge supporter of the USPSA program, and I never needed to send anything back. I cannot say that for some other HY-TEK companies.
  14. On my SP-01, I had CZC mill the slide, and bought the two plates I needed, one for the optic, and one to move back to production. All you need to do is unscrew the two plate screws, push out and extractor pin from the slide, and the change is complete. The fit is absolutely right on the money, there is no extra play between mounts.
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