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  1. mont1120

    9mm Load 124/147gr Titegroup

    Other then what they have on the website, no. You can try going to http://www.handloads.com/loaddata/default.asp and look up various charge there. I also recommend WSF for the 9MM. But, everyone has a favorite on here, and really, most of them are right on, it is just a matter of preference. I would stay with faster powders for 9MM since the lighter bullets work better with the faster burners.
  2. mont1120

    45 ACP Crimp OD?

    I can tell you what overcrimping does for ya, makes a nice huge hole in the target since the bullet is hitting it sideways...................
  3. mont1120

    9mm Load 124/147gr Titegroup

    For Blue Bullets, the 3.1 for the 147 and 3.8 for the 124's is about right in my CZ. I recently loaded up a bunch of the Gallant 135 grain rds, used 3.3 of TG, but the really nice factor about the Gallants is I found they will seat in almost any brand of case, (yes, even the dreaded CBC and Aquila villains) at a decent OAL. I'll stay with the Blues for match ammo, but will stick with the Gallant for the sole reason I can load even the most obscure 9MM brass I have on hand.
  4. mont1120

    Perforation Scoring

  5. mont1120

    CBC Brass - NEVER AGAIN!

    I take the CBC, Aquila, and S&B brass and load it with 115 gr or MG 124, RN bullets only. Most other bullet profiles just will not seat properly in these thick cased brass. Just this week I did try some 135 Grain Gallant bullets, and believe it or not, they did not crumble the case and create a bulge that would keep the finished round from fitting into a .40 chamber........... I just use them for practice rounds that can scatter to the four winds at the range for all I care.
  6. Is it legal to use the hard plastic cases the firearm was sold in as the "hard shell" case with the proper lock? I have 4-5 of them and don't want to buy cases I do not need.
  7. mont1120

    Surplus Berettas

    That figures, no need to recoup any of the tax dollars we all put in. I actually started my competitive shooting with a Beretta (Actually the Taurus clone at first) and I still really like the platform. It shot good, balanced well, and got me by in my first year of IDPA shooting. Gave my first one to my son so he could get into the sport. Oh well, I will keep looking in the used ads and get one there.
  8. mont1120

    Red dot Screw Size

    So I am at the range shooting the Bill Drill, and on the 3rd round, my dot come loose, and I mean loose. One of the screws that holds the dot to the CZC Custom Burris mount broke in two. I cannot seem to find the correct replacement screw locally. (No big surprise, picture the small Alaskan town in Northern Exposure). Can someone tell me the size and pitch of this screw so I can get a few, and a couple for backup. I can surely picture my self cleaning my CZ one late night in a decrepit motel room and send the parts flying.
  9. mont1120

    Carry Optics vs Open

    Last year I went from Limited 10 (I know, I know) to Carry Optics for two reasons. 1. LImited 10 is dead in my area, no one else shoots it. 2. My older eyes simply do not work well with iron sights anymore. Even though I intend to shoot the Desert Classic in SS, it will be purely for fun. 3. When the capacity change in mags went from 10 rounds to 140 mags, the fun was on. I am headed for super senior, and really enjoy the CO division. I always keep in mind when the results show up at a match, the spot I place in is completely irrelevant to anybody else who is not a senior in my division. I love the competition between my friends, but some shoot Open, some SS, and some Limited. There is really no formula to compare the divisions. Ii is just impossible to stack one division against the other to determine progress. I watch the PCC crowd, and shake my head. But to those who enjoy it, have at it. Changing to Open really does not improve us dinersoars, it does give us a different platform that is inherently more accurate, but does it make us better shooters? I would doubt it. We will only get slower, less able to acquire the dot, and find new body parts falling off at an alarming rate. To me, if you are enjoying the CO division, why spend the large amount of money to go Open? There is only one reason I would go Open. Daddy has a new gun, now that I can go with........
  10. mont1120

    Surplus Berettas

    Since the military is hell bent on moving over to the SIG platform, what happens to all of the Berettas sitting in the armorys? Does anyone know how these surplus firearms will be handled after the SIGs take over? I would like to buy a couple if the price is right, and the slide isn't as loose as some of the surplus .45 Colt 1911s we had assigned to our LE departments a few years back. (Some would even rattle.)
  11. mont1120

    9mm reloading problems

    I suspect its the bullet profile that is causing the issue. I have run into this several times, even from the same manufacturer who changed the coating. When you indicated certain types of brass fail more often and get the bulge, that is exactly what happened to me. The dies size everything equally, but the brass thickness is the problem I ran into. I admit the worst troubles I had were almost the opposite of yours, the Aquila cases, CBC, and S&B would almost always bulge. Try a different bullet and see if the problems persist or change. Then you will have a better idea of exactly where the problem is. I have ended up separating my brass and using different bullets for types of brass. One oddity I had happen was some 124 weight bullets had to be seated deeper then 147 because of profile differences. For my known failure brass I just went to 115 rounds with Autocomp or Longshot and blaze away.
  12. mont1120

    Springer Precision Guide Rod

    I was referring to a .40 caliber, I doubt you will shoot major in 9MM. If you do, well................. And a certain someone will have a bad discussion with you,,,,lol,,,lol.
  13. mont1120

    Perforation Scoring

    "on both the shooter and RO it seems. Competitors have a responsibility to know the rules of the game or where to find them. It isnt that hard. Also have a rule book in ur bag... Or some kinda electronic version in ur swipe swipe doo dad." This was just a local indoor match, very informal, and not USPSA. Certainly not a match to slow down the other shooters since it is indoors, in a cold building, with 20 plus shooters. I would have challenged this at a match for sure. I just wanted clarification of the rule I quoted. I was shooting around a barrel, but did not hit it or any obstruction.
  14. mont1120

    XD(m) 10mm extractor

    I have tried to buy just the extractor from Springfield, and they flat refuse to sell one. You have to send it back for service if you choose to do any work on it and find it does not operate correctly. That is my biggest gripe about Springfield, some replacement parts are nearly impossible to get. No extractors, no slides, and they can be real difficult to get in touch with. Good repair service though.
  15. mont1120

    Springer Precision Guide Rod

    Do NOT go too low with the spring weight, and fire full power loads. I managed to use an 11 lb spring only to chew up the guide rod end where it contacts the barrel lug. After contacting Springer it was relayed to me the slide will move too fast and tear the rod up. A fine time to tell me Lucille.