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  1. Received the bag from Amazon ( $24.99 for the 38" - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004QOHJ7I/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). Here's a photo or two of my JP GMR-15 with factory stock extended all the way and C-More mounted. Looks like it would be too tight at first but zips up fine with that stock - not tight at all like this. If you're looking for bit more room, step up to the 42" for $1.00 more. You can also see the size of the pockets in comparison to the 33rnd sticks. Closes fine on those as well, but for larger sticks would need to make some adaptations. Hopefully this will illustrate the size for everyone for this case. Seems OK to me but it hasn't been out in the field. I guess if I were buying another I would opt for the larger one just in case.
  2. The wedge looks good. I'm waiting for mine from Amazon to arrive then I'll try to post a photo and let everybody know and see how it works out.
  3. My favorite for pistol is 124 but I was able to order some 130 to try in my new PCC. I noticed that 147 in my Shadow 2 opens up compared to the 124. When I get some, (5-10 days), I’ll give it a shot on the PCC and the CZs and see. Hoping it will be close to the 124 just in case I need to use it. (Can’t even order that right now, anyway.) BJB - what were you shooting that you saw bad groups with? Thanks
  4. Anyone have any direct experience in comparing the 130 PCC and the standard 124? I’m curious about advantages, if any, to the 130 for PCC and also how it behaves with a typical handgun. Is this just a marketing thing or a way to have more skus on the shelf? Thanks for shedding any light you can.
  5. So for those who read it - is it good for the beginner or the experienced more? Who should read this, or is there something else to read before this, etc., and where does it fit in the collection of Stoeger’s other books? Thanks. I’ll give it a read shortly, myself, and give my 2 cents when done.
  6. I'd be happy to go with a paid without ads and a non-paid with ads.
  7. He has a “C” limited build in .40 in stock for $4000. Looks beautiful.
  8. Thanks, all for so much help already - and apologies if this was discussed before. i looked and didn't find it. I guess my Google Kung Fu was weak.
  9. Just picked up my first PCC - a JP GMR-15. Any recommendations for a good case for bringing to a meet? I know what i need and have a good case for pistol competition but this type of competition is new to me so I'm looking for some advice. Thanks!
  10. Was lucky enough to pick up a new Cheely LDC .40 and getting it out to the range finally in the next few days. (Matt does a great job and is really responsive.) Any thoughts to share before I take it out? How have you enjoyed yours? This is a 5" FDC, I've picked up my .40 long and new mags, so looking forward to making holes in paper to start with! (My TSO will get jealous.)
  11. This was just a “fun” gun and my first non-P series Sig. Now that it’s not fun anymore I’ll just get rid of it and go back to Walther and CZ and Ruger and others from whom I’ve received excellent customer service. Too much competition out there to bother fighting - and spending more $ - to have them fix their mistake. But I’m just one “Legion” buying guy so they don’t care.
  12. Thought of that for a sec but I'm stupidly honest. So, next time I have a chance, I need to go the range and damage my optic a little bit more if I want to prove it to them. Wish someone from Sig read this forum. Hope all of you don't run into this. Make sure you speak to the people referred to above that helped. I left email and voicemail and message for Ryan Dome and he never returned either, however, so I wouldn't do that. Maybe if you can be connected directly to the above people you might get some help. Guess being part of the "Legion" just means a coin and a case.
  13. After I got hung up on when put on hold, I finally reached someone who said if I can send them photographic evidence they would swap out the barrel or I can send in the whole gun and they would test it and if they thought it was an issue in their opinion they would swap it and ship it back. Of course there’s no guarantee, he said. I would rather not ship the whole thing because when they ship it back I would have to be home to sign for it. (I’d have to take a day off.) So now I have to go back to the range, risk damaging my optic because I cleaned it already of course, take photos, email them in, and hope they approve the swap. CZ and many others never treated me like this so I’m probably getting rid of it even after my expensive TSA trigger work, taking a loss, and saying good bye to Sig. There are too many other good options out there and I don’t have the time for this. Probably post it for sale soon. Maybe the next owner will have more luck with Sig.
  14. FWIW, I emailed Ryan, and I called and left a voicemail for him and a message to be passed on to Bo as well and no one returned any message or call. Guess I'll just call every few days now and see if I get lucky with someone who'll help. Disappointing. I'll give it a few more times before giving up and selling it at a loss and get a Q5SF.
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