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  1. lfine

    Hi-Power in competition?

    Thanks. Already had the mag safety seem to disappear and trigger is good. Lack of beavertail doesn't seem to bother me (not a spur hammer). But agree on the sights and the extractor issue. Would definitely just be for occasional fun and not a regular thing. Don't believe in babying it but don't want to destroy it, either. Thanks for the advice. But maybe I'll try your mods to a used one if I pick one up just for that purpose. Guys at BHSpringSolution have some good stuff to play with, too.
  2. lfine

    NY trigger plus 3.5 disconnector - y or n?

    Yes, thanks. Ordered some parts to get it back to stock, then stock with 3.5. Used to be OK with that setup on a 34.
  3. lfine

    Hi-Power in competition?

    Maybe its time for a stock competition - pre-70's come as you are shoot straight stock competition as long as you make a power factor. You'd have P-1s/P-38s vs BHPs vs 1911s... Not the most sensible but would be a lot of fun to watch. Call it Battle of the Battle Guns I'll have to look into the disconnect idea. Sounds interesting. Thanks.
  4. Masaad and others have talked about how much they liked the DA feel of this combination. (Not really for competition, but general use and self-defense, i suppose.) Picked up a LEO turn in with a NY and tried it. Really didn't like it. or now just leaving NY in and then trying some factory spring disconnector and 3.5 combos soon. Is it just me or did others try this and have an opinion. And I realize this isn't a Glock forum but I'm sure others have tried this...I think...
  5. lfine

    Hi-Power in competition?

    I see the point about limited minor. Funny but I'm so used to putting the hammer down on my Shadow2 that I should have thought that through. Well, like I said, I didn't think I would set any records but it would be fun. And no, I'm not afraid of it getting some scratches and dents from use. God knows I have...
  6. I know this is a strange one but I have a 1970c BHP in great, original shape (not the best sights, but so what) that I love to use. Hate just seeing it sit there and mags hold 13 rounds. Anyone ever compete with one? I know I wouldn't be breaking any records but I think it would be fun and I have the mags. Just curious if anyone else has ever tried this. Thanks. Pretty photo to follow.
  7. lfine

    P320RX Full or Compact for co?

    I’ve tried both now - purchased a compact that I’m selling now and a full at the range - and come to the conclusion that I’ve been spoiled by my big heavy hammer fired guns like my Tanfo and my Shadow2. Next step for me is to try the hammer fired Sigs with optics before milling a CZ. I did find that the 3MOA Romeo was pretty good, though.
  8. lfine


    I found a big difference for me going from the Shadow to the 2. That's one I'll never sell. But that's me and for production. (But I love the Shadow, too. Great gun.) Really want to try the CO route but think I might try something less expensive than a custom CZ to start. Maybe an RX. Then, when I'm not satisfied with that because it's not a CZ I'll have to sell it and go custom. Or maybe CZ will have something out by then. Of course the Phantom route sounds interesting too. Hear that? That's the sound of money leaving my wallet...
  9. lfine

    P320RX Full or Compact for co?

    Thanks, makes sense. I never gave carrying it much thought looking at its size but its ok to carry in your opinion? Might not be a bad compromise then if I could carry and use it for CO for an occasional fun run. Guess it could work as a house gun as well, for that matter. (I run production on my Shadow 2 and love it - it would take a lot to get me away from that CZ.)
  10. lfine

    P320RX Full or Compact for co?

    Looking for some informed opinions on whether to go full-sized or compact if I pick one up for CO, primarily, and home. (Not for carrying). Seeing as the red dot negates the longer sight radius, I'm wondering why it seems like (to me) I see more full-size out there. Thanks for any help. This is new territory for me!
  11. lfine

    Know what sight this is?

    Actually I didn't do any of that. Someone selling it nearby online. Thanks for telling me what's going on with it, though.
  12. lfine

    Know what sight this is?

    Saw LGS selling old '87 CZ75. Had this as a rear sight. Any ideas what/whose this is?
  13. Picking one up in good shape at a good price. 1990s. Right now its been refinished to look blued. Doesn't really bother me. So I was thinking of 1. New sights - more Shadow-like 2. New springs, etc. for tuning 3. Maybe pro or defense package (I'd do) 4. Maybe just turn it into SAO. OK, your turn. You get this just for fun - What would you do?
  14. lfine

    New Reach Reduction kit for Shadows

    StandardError - are you saying that's the case with just the T5? Or with the entire RRK? Thanks.