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  1. Just curious-in what way is the P10C uncomfortable to shoot? Ergonomics? Trigger?
  2. Sorry. I didn't find it when I searched before. Thanks to those helping. I'll see if I can find one in stock somewhere. Or if someone is selling one.
  3. Just my .02$. I'd get a Vanek drop-in trigger kit - easy for a newbie, and great to deal with if any questions/issues. And then compete in 9mm limited at first so you don't have to worry about mag changes until you're ready to add that to the list of skills to learn.
  4. Put this on my Shadow 2 and really like it but see that it's not for the SP-01 Shadow. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/safeties/cz-tactical-sports-cz-ts-extended-ambi-safety-lhs.html Is there one that can be used or can this be modified, etc? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up once and for all.
  6. So just to be clear - using the slide stop/ thumb rest shown as a replacement slide stop on the CO gun is NOT legal in USPSA CO. Is that correct?
  7. And the P07 worked well as an optics host with that setup?
  8. Came across an unusual one for sale. CZP07 milled for a BFF with threaded barreland supressor sights but the rear sight in front of the optic. Cerakoted too. Looked really impractical with the rear sight up there at the near-midpoint if the slide. Why was anyone doing this? Sfter thought after the milling eliminated the sight?
  9. lfine

    CZ P10C OR cowitness

    Where has anyone seen the P10 optics for sale in the wild? I can't seem to find them. Would love to try a C. Thanks.
  10. Just like it says, no big diatribe, just list: 1. your present optic choice and dot size/triangle size etc. 2. at most, if any, one sentence why (this comes from a very selfish place. Can't seem to find this type of info in one place, consolidated, and I'm needing to get one new or used this week.) GO!
  11. So why go with this over the Elite Limited? Personally, i don't need the cerakote or drilled mount, but I do like the slide cuts. Other than that is there something I'm missing that would have me buy the Custom instead? Thanks. I'm getting ready to buy my .40
  12. So what's the difference and preference between the Tanfo elite limited and limited custom? I see slide cuts, cerakote, and predrilled for scope mount. Slide cuts are nice but cerakote and drilled aren't important to me. Am I missing something?
  13. Put out my WTB. Did find a few new online for $1600. No used ones anywhere it seems. Keeping an eye out, but might have to buy new to ever get one. At least its safe to say that resale is probably pretty good on them, just in case.
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