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  1. lfine


    All I can say is that if anyone opts to buy a TS2 and is looking for a buyer for their old TSO, send me a message!
  2. lfine


    So new holster inserts needed?
  3. Thanks. Some great info. Still trying to find out from SA how many .45 were made but no response.
  4. Thanks, now to try and do some detective work on when and how many, etc.
  5. Anyone familiar with these .45s? Have a chance at one, LNIB, and just wondering if the hype about the fit and finish on these are really worth it. Any info would be appreciated. i've been able to find out some about the 9 and 40 but pretty much nothing about the 45, even numbers produced. Thanks for any help.
  6. Seems like my experience mirrors many of yours. In the past they were fine and buying accessories went fine for me. In the last few months, however, ordering ammo from them just doesn’t work. Delivery times get changed or extended by months when the same items are for sale for earlier delivery at higher cost, etc. Even when they indicate a great price and in-stock ammo I don’t even bother now. Please tell me if I’m wrong - I’d be happy to be corrected and told they’re delivering ammo when promised. And, yes, we all know we’re in the middle of a global pandemic...
  7. Anyone having a good experience buying ammo from them? I tried placing a few orders with them only to have a few days or weeks turn into a few months on products that went up in price since my ordering. Luckily I was bale to cancel and now I'm wary of even ordering anything that reads in stock. And no,this does not just seem to be a simple "global pandemic" issue. Hope I'm wrong and someone here will correct me. - And if this is inappropriate or in te wrong place, sorry, feel free to move or delete.
  8. So is it unusual for Tanfo to identify some of the earlier EA# Stock II as Stock 1 in their lookup guide? Anyone else see this with an EA #?
  9. Thanks for posting the references to that earlier thread I didn’t find. That was helpful. Also, just looked up one if the EA serials on the mag reference site - was from 2013 but said frame was Stock I. Odd? Or typical for those numbers when you look them up?
  10. Trying to keep track of some of the differences in Witness Stock IIs - I’ve had ones with just the M serial number in the frame’s right side and nothing above it on the slide. I’ve also seen some saying Stock II 9x19 on the slide and EA serial. Is that showing a change in importers and dates or something else? I believe the beavertail changed over time. If this is all somewhere else, my apologies, and just point me over there. Thanks
  11. Exactly - I don't remember that being the case in the past. Others list it at various prices but out of stock. Guess I might sell the one I don't use because people probably want or need them here.
  12. Maybe it's me but I remember that it was easy - and much cheaper - to get an SRO 2.5 a while ago. Now it seems like the 1.0 is around but 2.5s aren't. Did I miss something? Or is it just another victim of 2020?
  13. I've read so many good and bad comments about the varieties of 80% Glock lowers that I wanted to get some good opinions here. I've always wanted to try one and now is a good time for me. What brands are good, what to look out for, who had good results, which are trash, etc. and any other caveats would certainly be welcome. Thanks.
  14. I'm a fan of the old ones, the gen 1 and gen 2, the 34 gen 4, and almost all the gen5s myself. Still like my Gen 2 G17 for sentimental reasons and works great when I take it out fo the tupperware.
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