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  1. Thanks for the warnings about the dust. Didn’t know that. I’ll try and wait one more day for the RMA...probably...
  2. Just received some LOK grips for CZ TSO that don't fit by a bit. It's not the length, it's the extruded area underneath that seems misshaped by a bit. Waiting to hear back about return procedure but has this happened to anyone else? Is it easy enough to take the G10 somehow with a careful dremel or some other method or material you'd suggest? Hate to go through the hassle of waiting for an RMA now, returning, and eventually getting another pair two weeks from now if it's an easy fix.
  3. Thanks to Stu and the guys at CZC I had little problem making weight. Had them do the work and even with my extremely heavy DPP and its metal guard, regular Bogies (not extra thin), MecGar mag and CZC basepad, I was a little under 1/2 oz over so my choice was new grips or new guide rod. Got the CGW 75070 to try first. That did it. Weight is 44 7/8 oz or 1274 g. (44.939oz) I may still get the lighter grips and put my other guide rod back but it shows you just how easy it is to make 45 with their milling. Beautiful job by CZC. Thanks again, Stu.
  4. Any thoughts / experience on the new BSPS unicorn holsters?
  5. Holster preference/use questions Just got - but haven't ever used - Double Alpha magnetic holster and mounting block for my newer TSO (the newer safety and mag release design). I'm much more used to a traditional BOSS Bladetech DOH with my Shadow 2 and other previous production pieces. Any thoughts on one over the other from experience? I know I'll have to retrain myself for the Double Alpha. Thinking of getting a more traditional style for the TSO (with thumb rest) and see my main choices as Red Hill and the new (white only?) Unicorn ones from BSPS. Any others recommended from experience if I go that way?
  6. Agreed, gave up after the Neegan bit went on wayyyyy too long. Too bad. Producers thought people would never leave, I guess.
  7. Sorry if this is somewhere that I didn't find - I'm trying to find what the specs are on the factory sights that come with CZ models, specifically (in my case) the Shadow 2 and the (newest)TSO. Height and notch width, and height and width, for rear and front. Others may be interested in other models, of course. Thanks.
  8. For USPSA I like the 34. Others competing will have one so if you have any issues that’s nice to know. For GSSF, a 17 will give you more opportunities to compete, I believe. And it could double for bed stand duty.
  9. lfine

    Favorite Trigger

    Big vote here for Charlie Vanek’s. Not only great on my G34s - an Advanced Trigger on one and Advanced GM on another- but when I had questions Charlie was great to deal with. I’ll buy from him again and highly recommend dealing him and the variety of triggers he has available.
  10. And then talk to Charlie Vannek about that trigger...
  11. I'd like to officially announce that I'm available as a beta tester for this. Maybe HKim has some feedback? I'll try him and see. Unfortunately, these color triggers make the gun stand out a bit from the others so my wife notices its not just another black gun that's been in the collection.
  12. So...besides the AMG one, where are we these days as best one primarily for dry fire? From what I've been able to gather it seems to be the CED7000? Thanks, need to pick something up this week.
  13. +1 on good experience with DWs. Looking to pick up another Valor, as a matter of fact. (Not for competition, just because guns.)
  14. Seem to have gotten some oil/lube/something equivalent on the glass of the DPP at the range somehow. Can't seem to find the answer anywhere about suggested solutions or materials for cleaning the glass of the DPP. I assume it's standard lens cleaner and cloth but wanted to ask in case anyone knows. I can't seem to find a good answer to this anywhere. Sorry if it's been answered and I didn't find it. Thanks for the help.
  15. Thanks, I'll give the PD a try.
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