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  1. Thats correct. Its where he ground the magwell only.
  2. Really like my S2s but this looks great. Love the bushing. Now to choose between that and an A01-LD.
  3. - any advice on getting rid of persistent gunpowder residue on the dustcover area of a chromed stock ii? Cleaning a friends stock ii that was pretty dirty. After using Hoppes I got most off but a little is still persistently there. Don’t want to ruin the finish since it’s not mine. Let it just soak in Hoppes? Simple green? Something else? Thanks. (Now I get to teach him about maintenance)
  4. Thanks. Heard that but wasn’t sure, frankly.
  5. So what's the best technique to remove any that I see already?
  6. lfine

    AO1 LD Review

    46.5 oz for the Shadow 2 and 51.2 for the A01-LD, is that correct? The A01 looks like it would weigh more than that in comparison but am i right in assuming weight is gone from the grip are and rear of gun and more is in the slide/dustcover area? Hope to see an S2/AO1 side by side comparison soon.
  7. I may have surface rust starting in the magwell of one of my guns where it was ground to blend and feed better. What’s the best way to treat this and then keep it from coming back? Thanks.
  8. lfine

    AO1 LD Review

    Any more footage of it in action coming up anywhere? There's very little out there and i'd like to see some more before I might buy one. Also, Stu, any idea how close we are to getting it USPSA Production approved? Hit the 2000 mark, etc? Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting one.
  9. Thanks, ATLDave, for the concise thoughtful answer. I think you summed it up very well and I appreciate that.
  10. The Witness Match Extreme (or other combination of words depending on the site) are 6" barrel made in 9mm, 10mm, .40 and .45 from what I can find.
  11. I’m asking about the 6” models.
  12. lfine

    AO1 LD Review

    So how close are we to this being approved for USPSA Production?
  13. I don’t seem to hear much talk or see at matches much in the way of the Tanfo long slides like the Match Extreme Custom .40. Any reason for that I’m missing? Is it just cost?
  14. But not legal for USPSA production yet, correct?
  15. Was trying Sig 40 180 with my TSO and ran into the same problem with 2 out of 50. Looking for an alternative because I have to use factory. Syntech was OK, but probably finally order some of the Precision Delta, unless someone else here has a recommendation. Just hate to drop $75+ experimenting.
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