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  1. lfine

    Punisher on Netflix

    I've watched all the shows and the list and advice given in this article is dead-on: https://thetvtraveler.com/what-order-marvel-netflix-series/ Jessica Jones Season 2 came out after the writing of the article and I highly recommend it to end with.
  2. I'd like to learn and work on it to turn it into a good gun for competition. I have my Tanfo now but would like to learn bout CZs.
  3. So skip the B's and the Tactical. I'd be staying with DA/SA. Maybe a transitional 75 for the right price. Saw a very nice 1987 75 (Made in Czechoslovakia) but the sights can't easily be changed out. And the compacts? Seems like the Sp-01 is the best place to start?
  4. Would like to pick up one of these roughly $500 or so guns to modify and learn on and improve. What's the best starting point in your opinions? I know the pre-B won't have the firing pin block but are parts availability an issue? Plenty of 75Bs out there, less SP-01 where I live, but would the SP-01 be the best of those three? (I'm pretty sure people would say the tactical would not be as good, correct?) And I throw the Compact in there (non-decocker) just for curiosity - would be nice to have in addition to above, but is it easy to improve? Thanks for any advice. Looking to do this fairly soon.
  5. lfine

    CZ SP-01 upgrades myself or buy CZC gun?

    So how well can you tune up a 75B compared to the SP01? Was thinking of getting one to work on for fun. BTW, how hard is the Compact to Cajunize or equivalent? Thanks.
  6. I'll give it a try. I have the Dawson because it came with Ben Stoeger's kit. Thanks.
  7. And that won't harm the slide? The shearing off etc, not the mallet/hammer.
  8. Seeing as I don't care about saving the current sight, any best way to remove it?
  9. Picked up a used LimPro and tried to remove the sight but seems like the screw is probably stripped. The sight will move a small amount forward and back but not come out. Anyone have any tips? I have Dawson's ready to go in - and his allen wrench as well.
  10. lfine

    Missing Front sight set screw

    Seems like I might have the opposite problem. Used LimPro with a possible stripped screw. Just went to replace my front sight but can't seem to get that screw out. Sight will move back and forth a small amount but obviously something still in there that the allen wrench can't get a hold of. Any tips or advice?
  11. I have a Stock II I've listed in the classifieds, NIB, taking offers. Sticking with my Limited Pros for the season.
  12. Besides Brian Enos' book, can someone recommend a good book to start with as an introduction?
  13. Westworld tonight. Any one else here try to see what they're using? Do they bother to try and stay period accurate? (Maybe I pay too much attention to details. For example, in The Inhumans - terrible TV show - when they wanted to use strange-looking, advanced guns I noticed they used Taurus Curves.)
  14. You know, if Rick just held on to one round every time he runs after someone shooting, even Barney Fife style, when he finally catches up he'd have a much easier time.
  15. lfine

    Tuning for "auto forward" slide lock reloads

    Awesome stuff, Memphis, once again. And thanks for the f=ma. That brought me back.