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  1. Appreciate the point everyone was making about the laser/lights. We’re very used to SROs on our CZs. Was just curious if anyone recommended a different one based on this gun and this use. Thanks
  2. Stu, is the S2 a whole newly designed slide just for it? Or another modified to fit. It certainly has more detail in its edges. Weigh less than the TSO, too?
  3. Not looking for a match. I'll be traveling to the Outer Banks in the next few weeks and was wondering if there are any great shops or ranges I should check out near there. Thanks
  4. I 100% agree with everything above. Just wanted to add that if you have any questions both guys in charge are great to deal with and might have some advice for you. If you'd like some emails, message me. Hope to be at B4tNC as well.
  5. Thanks, I like FP-10 as well, and it worked well breaking it in but Breakfree is always a good one, too. I'll try and feed it a good diet, probably trying all 3 weights today but I always end up leaning toward 124s like so many do. Anyone ever experience any FTF from their ammo choice?
  6. Just received them today - that was quick - and measured them both. You can see the numbers below: original orange grips 1.25". LOK thin bogies 1.30". Pretty darn close - the difference between the two is about the thickness of a dime. Hope this can be of help to someone. Now to get a new mag release that matches better.
  7. Taking mine out and wanted to know 1)what factory ammo they found good success with and 2)What is the suggested lube in your opinion for the slide? Thanks
  8. Contacted them and they said "thin" is the right size so I ordered them and will report back...
  9. Just about to (finally) pick up my G17 gen 5 MOS that i want for Home use and want to make it as quick and simple to use as possible in case it's me or somone else in my house that ever had to use it. What optic would people recommend in this case. Again, not for competition. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, George. I should have thought of that. they're great to deal with. I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. Like my palm swell bogies elsewhere but for my TSO just want to keep the same thickness but get the most aggressive grips - would those be standard or thin? Thanks
  12. Don't forget sunscreen, water, and a towel - useful for a lot of things. And find out if there's anyplace to sit in between. One range i went to has tables and benches, another had nothing but dirt. Now I have a collapsible stool.
  13. I found mine very hard to remove the first time until I figured out correct orientation and where to move when. I think if you maneuver it for a bit nicely, it should come out. At least mine did. And it's still accurate as heck. But definitely tighter than before.
  14. But if you really, really wanted one, you could always have one made. Just have to pay the $. Anyone know anyone who has? And, like everyone else said, you're probably better off buying something made for that if that's what you wanted but what the heck, it's your $. Have fun.
  15. +1 for SGT and 45 on the Trijicons. SRO 5 is a nice optic. Just have to buy a nice $15 cover for it. And the Sig Romeo Pro is nice for less price. And don't forget the loctite - saw what happens once. BTW, how are the trigger from the factory? The same? (Don't mean to hijack the post so feel free to message me.)
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