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  1. I'm a fan of the old ones, the gen 1 and gen 2, the 34 gen 4, and almost all the gen5s myself. Still like my Gen 2 G17 for sentimental reasons and works great when I take it out fo the tupperware.
  2. I've come to believe that no house is complete without a Glock 17 and an old copy of "Frampton Comes Alive". (That's a bone for all the older members here.) Funny - no one said a 17L.
  3. For those asking - this isn't really to fill any particular need. I'm happy to say I've got a lot of those bases covered. It's more to see ideas for a fun gun or maybe just something out there now that's really, really good that everyone might like. I've also had quite a few and been a member for a number of years. i have to admit I haven't been able to handle every one out there but most of the basic ones - 26, 43, 17, 19, 34...and various gen 2s, 3s, 4s and a 5 here and there. So if someone opened up the glock showcase and said pick one, what would you get these days? Thanks
  4. Got plenty of fun pieces here (although only one old G17) and have my GSSF cert to use. Disregarding the rest of my collection and any one particular use, what would you use it on? I've got to put my order in soon. Thanks for some god ideas in advance!
  5. Picked my 9mm Trojan up - looked like it never saw the light of day. Came with everything seen (one STI mag and an extra that was a Kimber) and the old red manual that was untouched. Nothing, however, with a date, but it looks like we've narrowed that down in this thread. Maybe I can look up the serial sometime. Just got back from the range after using it for the first time and was very happy with it and amazed at how little recoil I felt. Then I used my Kimber Custom II (alloy) .45 for a bit and went back to my (heavier) 9mm Trojan. Now it was like shooting a .22. (Not exactly
  6. Found one review/mention from 2010 and another from 2011 with the large rollmark, but a 2014 with the small so it looks like TheSandman probably nailed it at around 2012 from my google fu. Don't see anything yet about any changes, though.
  7. Looks like this one near me is a bit older than the owner thought/said, although it looks mint. Anything else change with them - for better or worse?
  8. Came across a Trojan 9mm for sale and have seen some others around. Some have a large “Trojan” centered on the slide and some smaller one closer to the rear. Can anyone tell me when they made the change from one to another? Any differences other than that? Thanks.
  9. I know I'm practicing less because of ammo cost and wondering what the future will bring, that's for sure. I can imagine that even with participation in matches staying up, it's the case foe many. (That and a renewed interest in reloading.)
  10. Trying to remember/track down when they changed the “Stock II” on the slide from script to block and what other changes went with that. Sorry if it’s here somewhere but I couldn’t find it. Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
  11. Do you Still have the Sig X5 for sale?

  12. Sent via PayPal friends and family. Let me know what else you need at this point

    1. lfine


      Will mail out tonight if I make it home in time. Otherwise Monday  because of the holiday. Thanks. 

  13. I understand. I would like to be first on the list if the trigger is available, please.

  14. Good afternoon Mark,

    I am interested in the adjustable Keres trigger for $50 shipped. Let me know how you wish to proceed.



  15. Just got my 1" riser and I'll let you know how it works.
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