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  1. Do you Still have the Sig X5 for sale?

  2. Sent via PayPal friends and family. Let me know what else you need at this point

    1. lfine


      Will mail out tonight if I make it home in time. Otherwise Monday  because of the holiday. Thanks. 

  3. I understand. I would like to be first on the list if the trigger is available, please.

  4. Good afternoon Mark,

    I am interested in the adjustable Keres trigger for $50 shipped. Let me know how you wish to proceed.



  5. Just got my 1" riser and I'll let you know how it works.
  6. Thanks all. Tried to just hold higher but old habits die hard, I guess. I’ll take a look at elevating the Cmore , although I love how it’s dead-on right now, and the Magpul. I don’t think I’d do a very good DIY solution, myself, in comparison but a good idea, too. I’ll be sure to report back. Thanks.
  7. My JP has a standard Hogue Overmolded Carbine stock and I'd like a bit more room off the stock. Would anyone recommend a specific cheek riser for it - or just a new stock. I'm OK with the stock otherwise. Thanks.
  8. Been shooting Production (Shadow 2) but want to switch to Limited (TSO .40) this year. What's the best advice anyone thinks they should share? Thanks.
  9. Was looking to try out an Armorycraft dual-adjustable trigger for my X-Five Legion. AC is out of stock and I haven't found them anywhere else. Does anyone else know another source for buying them? My google kung fu may be failing me.
  10. Picking up a sling for my JP - not for use in competition - and was just wondering what everyone liked for mounting hardware and slings from experience. Thanks.
  11. Won’t be doing this myself, unfortunately. Where do you get the RC version?
  12. I have a 2011 without thumbrest mounting holes that would need to be drilled/tapped for this. Any recommendations for who/where would do a good job on a quality and expensive piece? The smith who built it doesn't do it. Thanks.
  13. But after seeing it used on “Travelers” as a futuristic high-tech sniper rifle, I had to have one. Also, I just wanted one and it was on sale so I just consider it a range toy and a fun intro to long guns besides a 10/22. The trick for me will be not buying so many accessories that it’s no longer inexpensive.
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