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  1. so what's a good set for most common use, especially sight adjustments, that has hollow ground tips?
  2. I've decided to just never, ever, click on those ads on other arms selling sites or read them any further. I hope you'll join me.
  3. Personally I still go DPP 2.5 because its so proven but if you like to try the latest, greatest go SRO. Be aware, like others say, because its so new there are still a few issues people are working out. If there are good reports for the next three months or so, I'll be trying the SRO next. JMHO
  4. Want to make the Glock 17 $500 shipped to my FFL? And I can do paypal f&f to you as soon as sou say.


  5. Thought I liked the 150s until I tried some regular old Federal 124. Finding that i like more and more the quicker snap of the lower gr. than the squirt of the larger, softer. A lot of syntech seems out these days except for 130 PCC (130gr@1130 = 146.9, so that's safe), 124 training (124gr @1050 = 130.2, pretty low), and 150 Action (150gr@875=131.25, again, pretty low). From those numbers and what Stu says I'm ready to try the 130. (Please correct my numbers if they're wrong). Has anyone ever had their 150 chrono'd?
  6. Been trying the 150 with my S2 and was toying with trying a 124 - which seems to be impossible to find- and also came across their two lines now of "action pistol" in 124, 130, and 150 and their "training match" 124 and 147. Any comments on the others besides the 150s? That's all I've been able to get my hands on and would like to try a snappier round. Thanks (If this is in the wrong forum, apologies, please move)
  7. Looking at that pic, the slide ride size looks pretty good in comparison. How about the RTS2? Size-wise similar, but adrone you like the SRO that much more, eh? Even for $200-$250 more? Assuming money was an object, where would you land? Appreciate the real-world advice. just don't want to drop all that cash if it's only marginally better. Looking to put this on my Q5 SF.
  8. For your first match(es) I think the common advice is it's a great way to get introduced to the sport using a 9mm you already have. Not having to worry about reloading removes one more thing to try and figure out. But this is just if you're not interested in score. If you're trying to compete in limited you'll want to go .40. Please take a look at some of the links and other discussions about it that can do much better justice to the subject. There's plenty out there. Just remember it's supposed to be fun. And Happy 4th of July!
  9. Hopefully someone can give their experiences with the Q5 SF vs this in the near future since there what a lot of people will compare it to, hypothetically, especially with the price difference. I'm just jealous because I haven't had my hands on either yet.
  10. I'd install a Cajun floating trigger pin first and then carry a spare spring. If you do have to replace it, you'll have one handy and the pin will make it much easier. (Pack a punch to knock it out with just in case). And while you're at it throw an extra extractor and spring and slide stop in your bag as well. Some fiber for your sight and you should have 90% of the insurance you'll ever need, as far as I know. If I left anything out, (other than some basic tools, cleaning, lube, etc.) please correct me.
  11. I know this probably goes without saying but if you are going to try that, (and I would), order a new one first, have it on hand, and make sure it works, before grinding on one, just in case.
  12. I’m beginning to think Stoeger should start selling Dremels in the Pro Shop.
  13. Seems like since the SF came out, there’s no love left for the polymer. Starting to see lower and lower prices on the used market. Seems like a good way to start in CO or production and/or at least, possibly, a great house gun (with a light trigger). Thoughts? Came across a Match with 3 mags, additional Walther magwell and +2 basepads for under 6. I think we’ll see more of this. (Me? I’ll either grab it or put the cash towards something like a new metal gun like a Stock II just for fun.)
  14. Clever little test. Never heard of that one MM. Nice one. For some reason, when I first got into this I kept buying guns that all shot low left. As years went by, I seemed to stop doing that and just buying ones that weren’t as accurate as me. Working on that. OTOH, sometimes sights really do need adjustment. Your sight should have little adjustments that you adjust one click at a time until they’re where you want them. But it would be best to have an RO adjust this from a bench at the range you need. After that you’ll know the sights are OK and that it’s time to work on technique. I still am every practice, FWIW.
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