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  1. Thanks, I'll definitely do that.
  2. Here's one out of left field for this forum, anyway: Anyone in here have any experience with a Browning 10/71? Came across a nice example and it's kind of an intriguing pistol but can't find much at all about anyone actually using one. Just curious. Thanks.
  3. Made the mistake of buying on Amazon but it was supplied by Brownells which made the return really complicated. It's taking weeks to return. BTW, don't do that. But looking at the Venom and the Razor you're comparing $225 to $400. The Razor's really worth difference? Frankly I've only tried the $200 and unders and the $500,$600 higher end ones- never something in the middle, which is why I ask.
  4. I know the conversation here lends itself to much higher end optics but has anyone else tried the Sparc II? Was looking for a good but inexpensive optic and read good reviews but when I got mine I see some parts of the edge of the lens illuminated. In other words, as you move you see a circle sometimes and usually part of a circle. Returning it, needless to say. Just curious if others ran into this. Last time I needed something in this price range I picked up a Holosun 503GU - much better. Will either get the Holosun or may try a Venom or Fastfire. Just for a fun AR15 build.
  5. Thanks for the tips, guys. I especially like carrying my PPK like this while driving for long times. Pfiddy, thanks for the laugh and the caution. And if you're in Baghdad, stay safe.
  6. Just picked up my V-Bob and couldn't be happier. Thinking of getting a shoulder holster to treat it right. Any thought and/or recommendations? Thanks.
  7. lfine

    Armalite M153GN18

    Thanks for the input, gentlemen. Was thinking 18 to keep it a bit more all-purpose but think I'll go 13 for the fun of it. Can always build an 18 later. Now to find one at a good price!
  8. lfine

    Ever find out if the grip safety can still work?

  9. lfine

    Adding thumb rest to TS? Or go Tanfo?

    Live to get the TSO but its another $500 at least
  10. My wife is buying me a Christmas present and I’m looking at a CZ TS in 40. Love my Shadow 2 for production so I thought I’d get something different in the CZ line. For limited, I noticed that the Tanfo is predrilled for thumb rests. Looks like the CZ could only use a nitro fin or similar. I’m tempted by the Tanfo just for that at the same price. Any thoughts or opinions from those who have been there, done that? Anyone have their CZ drilled for this? A TSO is out of reach right now. Thanks
  11. lfine

    Armalite M153GN18

    Anyone have experience/thoughts/opinions on the 18"? Think I'd prefer to the 13 because of the ability to actually add something to the barrel if I wanted to, unlike the 13". Was thinking of making it a Christmas present to myself as a good AR for general use that could also be used for 3gun if I ever wanted. Thanks for any thoughts!
  12. lfine

    3 gun build help

    +1 to the JP. And if you contact them with questions they're really helpful.
  13. Missed my chance at the Valor and the Specialist contact has disappeared so the cheapest I’ve seen both the PM-9 snd theValor us $1200-1300 ish used. With a new PM-9 at $1400 I’m leaning that way. Cant see buying a used one to save $100.
  14. Have a great problem. Have a line on a used Valor at a good price and a used Specialist for just a little more. (Or a new PM-9 for a few hundred more than that. ) Love my Production Shadow2 but decided it was time for some 1911 education and possible SS. Any thoughts on those two - and now three? Realizing that we’re mixing 45 apples and 9 oranges.
  15. lfine

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    I used the stock hammer even though I ordered the Reach reduction kit and only used the trigger because after I stopped there I had a great DA. Polished, worked with my springs and I'm at a very low 3s for my DA and 2 for SA. And that's on a lyman.