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  1. Is there a bit of a shortage or is just high demand? Was looking for a backup but don't seem to find them anywhere. Maybe my google fu is just weak.
  2. Thanks for the tip on Carolina. As I've been looking, and slowly increasing my budget, even the higher priced ones are extremely hard to find. Just saw an Iraqi contractor bring back WASR 10 going for $1500. Prices are getting a bit high, I think, still I'm tempted. Searching continues. Of course, I could go with an Arsenal AK47 SLR107-51 KRINKOV for $2K, but not really what I started off looking for. If I wanted an SBR, looks perfect. Maybe the SAM7SF-84 might be the one, like David says above.The Galil isn't quite what I'm looking for. Any thoughts?
  3. Looking for a Zastava ZPAP M70. If anyone has a line on one feel free to message me.
  4. Found an Arsenal SLR 107FR. Checking it out along with a WASR10
  5. Thanks all. I’m checking everywhere... might be able to get a Zastava ZPAP M70
  6. Thanks for the tip. Been watching and reading a lot but that’s one I wasn’t aware of.
  7. One category I’ve never known much about is AK47s. Thinking of picking up one because things might change soon and looking for a good recommendation. Just general range/fun/home defense use. Not for competition. Would like under $1000 but could go to $1500 if I had to. I realize this is a really open question. Any help is appreciated!
  8. I know this touches upon the political, but let's keep it to a civil discussion on which groups you're aware of, experienced with, and knowledgeable of that are working to protect our rights. If you have anything negative to say about an organization - just don't say it - they'll be obvious by their absence. I'll start: Here in Ohio, Buckeye Firearms Association has had a long history of standing up for our rights, supporting us, and fighting in legal cases, so I support them (amongst others.) I've supported them for years and attended some of their teaching
  9. FWIW, if there needs to be a small monthly or per item fee I would certainly understand and pay and use it. I'm glad to see that our security was an issue owners were concerned about. Too often, that's the last concern on anyone's mind.
  10. Sorry - just noticed I never followed up - and, no, it wasn't post #50. Went with the LOK's and love them. Palm swell bogies are always a good one to go with for me.
  11. Ever try it before this order?
  12. Was going to try but price is now at $600 for a case of 1000. To reload would have to spend another $100 on their gear. Getting close to going rates around here for a case of brass. Would love to try this and see if I like it - I don't want to drop $600 and find out it's not for me - but I'm not aware of any place to even order a box with NAS3 cases these days. If anyone does, give me a holler. Or any other comments. Thanks.
  13. lfine


    I'm waiting for the Plaid version.
  14. Saw some L-Tech 124gr FMJ locally for sale at a good price which makes me wonder about it. The technology seems good and the reviews I've seen for the HPs seemed very good but not much info out there on these FMJ. $500 for a case of 1000, lighter (for shipping), but reloading needs special dies. Disregarding reloading aspects (which is hard to do these days) anyone have any info? Would be nice to use if everything were perfect in my Shadow 2s but would like to hear if anyone has any real-world experience with NAS3s and with this brand especially. Thanks.
  15. lfine


    All I can say is that if anyone opts to buy a TS2 and is looking for a buyer for their old TSO, send me a message!
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