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Found 19 results

  1. Just started shooting Open with an RTS2 red dot sight... My sight mount doesn't have a shield in front of the sight and some oil gets splashed on the lens... What's the best way to clean it? I've tried normal eye glasses cleaner and it doesn't do much... I don't want to hurt the protective coating on the lens, but I want to get the oil off...
  2. Finalizing my first CO set up and had an interesting thought. When I RO, I recall plenty of folks turning on the dot at Make Ready, but I don’t recall anyone turning it off at ICHDH. Do you just leave it on or head to the safe area after stowing you’re mags? I realize the fancy ones have auto on/ off but I’m going on the cheap to try the division.
  3. Hi guys, I am wondering what is the most reliable red dot for an open gun?
  4. Finally received the SJC mount for my Glock 34 and C more red dot. Will try to explain the process with photos. This is what I started with. This is the hardware that came with the mount. Notice the flanges. Once you drill the holes these go from inside the receiver to the outside. I drilled a pilot hole once I determined the location. The used the recommended 19/64 point bit to enlarge the hole. Did this from both sides. Not one continued hole.
  5. I am thinking of putting my Vortex Venom on my Glock 34 Gen 4 but not sure if what I want to do makes sense in terms of preserving the stock gun. My preferred option was to buy a stripped MOS slide, so I could maintain my factory pistol, but the asking prices are insane, almost as much as a pistol. Even the non-MOS G34 slides have crazy prices. So, I am now thinking of having my factory slide milled for my Venom. I did this for my G17 but was able to buy an aftermarket slide for the red dot, preserving my original slide. The issue is, if I have the slide milled, I will lose the rear dovetail so the slide could no longer have iron sights. I could have a new dovetail milled in front of the optic, but to me that looks stupid having the sight 2 inches farther forward from the back of the slide. I don't plan on ever selling my pistol, but you never know. Is milling the slide and losing the dovetail a dumb thing to do? I guess I could always hope that in the future slide prices will come down to reality or reasonably priced aftermarket G34 slides will be for sale. Anyone with an opinion please chime in, especially if you did something similar or thought about it. Thanks
  6. Hey guys! I just wanted to get your opinion on this new Sig Sauer Romeo5 XDR Compact Red Sight 2 I found on Bereli. Its on sale for 149.99 and figured I couldn't pass it up. But I'm not so sure about it and would love a second (and third and forth...) opinion. Is it worth it? is it a good price? Good quality? Are there better options out there? Please let me know. Thanks in advance SigSauerRedDot.webp
  7. Hey Guys, So I've been trying to locate a gunsmith who can/will mill out my Grand Power X-cal or K100 slide for a Shield RMS. (Carry Optics) I know there are Eliason style mounts out there (for x-cal) that I have found from reading others posts: http://www.customguns.co.uk/shop-page/4580285375/grand-power-k22-xtrim-minisight-mount/9700063 http://www.egwguns.com/pistol-scope-mounts/optima/jp-mount-for-colt-gold-cup/ But that isn't really the route that I'd like to go. Milling would get the dot lower and would be a more secure mount than the above options. I contacted the company who did the Gold K100 job 2 years ago and was turned down because he said the slide is just not ideal for a red dot. I understand the geometry/lack of material to work on etc so I get that. However after seeing that it's been done successfully, I don't see why it cant be done again. They are such awesome shooters I think it would make them even more fun. So if anyone knows any gunsmiths who are able or willing to do this job please let me know. I'm sure other people are just as interested and I would really appreciate a referral to a professional!
  8. Dear all, An SRO is extremely expensive in Europe but I want one. However, we have to pre-order without having a chance to look trough it. Would you recommend the 2,5 MOA or the 5 MOA for IPSC????? Advice appreciated!
  9. Trijicon has just announced the new SRO. Same footprint as the RMR, with much larger glass and top loading battery. Euro Optics has it listed at $490 - Link MidwayUSA has it listed at an MSRP of $749 but is selling it at $600 - Link YouTube Video
  10. What is the best sight in distance for carry optics? I've found that about 15 - 17 yards is good for most but then you get the occasional upper scoring area only targets that are farther away and all seems off. I don't have enough time on the gun to really know it well so is it better to sight in at long distance and know that closer up it will be high or just take an average with mid yardage alignment.
  11. I'm just starting out playing around with a red-dot sight on my Glock 34 MOS. I installed a Leupold Delta Point Pro and thought I had it zeroed pretty well. Then I removed it and put the MOS plate back on to shoot a Production match. Today I put the red dot back on and I found the sight way out of alignment. Is this normal? This was a real bummer, as I was hoping to be able to take it on and off without having to zero every time.
  12. I have some questions for any of you Tanfoglio experts out there. I am currently in the process of converting my small frame 9x19 Tanfo one of the Israeli imported 'Mossad" version. I am getting my frame drilled and threaded for a mount. One question is what mount do you all recommended? I bought a ipscalex mount to try but the right sided screw holes will interfere with my serial number, rather than pay to have the serial number moved I am just going to go with another mount. I am assuming I could use a CZ mount since the holes have not been yet done on my pistol. Can anyone confirm this? From reading thru the forums it seems the Cheely mount is highly recommended. So I am considering this mount in the CZ/Czech mate version. I also assume that a 2011 mount would not be the best fit height wise, but I am not certain on this either. If anyone who has played with different mounts has the answers any help would be much appreciated. Secondly if anyone knows where to source a small frame 9x19 6 inch barrel please let me know, or PM me if you have one. Thanks all for your help, I will be sure to post pictures once the project is complete. Pretty sure I am going PVD coated on the finish so it might be a bling, bling Tanfo.
  13. I know a lot of guys try shooting open for no other reason than their eyes are getting old and a red dot is easier to shoot than iron sights. However, if somebody has any problem with an astigmatism, I would expect the red dot to blur enough that precision shooting is impossible. Since I see very little discussion of this on the forum, I wonder if somehow this is a non-issue for you guys. Blasting at short range would probably be easy, even with a blurred dot, but any shots at distance have got to be a real challenge. Am I wrong? Are there ways for guys with an astigmatism to get around the blurry dot problem on open pistols?
  14. JP just posted a link to a new version of their JPoint (http://jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPOINTCD) I give that for informational purposes only. Since my vision works very well with small dots inside circles like my EOtech, I was interested immediately. I've been holding off on a new sight for my Open/Unlimited pistol because the Burris FastFires are too tall for the suppressor sights on the M&P. If this were to work with my eyes/visual system like my EOtech, I'd be much more confident and be faster with my pistol. And my offset rifle red dot, truth be told. :-) Has anyone actually seen this new JPoint in person on any platform at all? Perhaps as a bonus stage or other special sponsor event at a match? Thanks! [edited to add in the URL that I forgot to include before]
  15. I have recently become the owner of an awesome gun set up for 9 major. It runs greats but there is only one exception. Every 20 or so rounds, a spent case gets stuck between the slide and sight mount. It's almost like the sight doesn't allow enough space for a case to eject. I even see a common cut in the sight mount. I'm on the verge of buying a 90 degree or cutting off one side of the mount. Looking for any advice.
  16. Still trying how best to aim with the open gun. For those who have read BE's book, you know about the different shooting focal points. These all make perfect sense for guns with iron sights. Should this change when shooting open with a red dot? Take 'Type 3' focus for example, where the idea is to focus on your sight and not your target. When using a red dot, is it better to focus on your dot, or should you always focus on your target and the dot just "appear" on the target?
  17. I made it out to the range today and did some chronograph runs. For some reason the chronograph wasn't picking up every shot so I'll just post a summary. If anyone wants to see the specifics for any of the loads I'll gladly post it. All bullets were Blue Bullet 125g and all were loaded to 1.135 OAL. Accuracy test: They all hit the berm behind the chrono . I was just testing to see if they would make USPSA Production minor power factor. All rounds were shot using S&W M&P Pro 9mm with factory barrel. Red Dot (3.8g) Avg velocity: 1058 Std Dev: 8.2 Avg PF: 132 (I liked the feel of this load shooting a few rounds off hand after doing chronograph run) 800-X (4.5g) Avg velocity: 946 Std Dev: 25.2! Avg PF: 118 Not sure what was going on with this powder. Velocities ranged from 900 to 974. I guess my RCBS chargemaster did not dispense it very consistently. Bullseye (3.9g) Avg velocity: 1072 Std Dev: 11.8 Avg PF: 134 Titegroup (3.9g) Avg velocity: 1076 Std Dev: 18.2 Avg PF: 134
  18. Hey guys, Last week I installed a Burris Fastfire 3 on my glock 17. I used the dovetail mount for glocks that burris makes for the FF3. I read the instructions, and installed it exactly as directed, everything is centered, and on tight(I used loktite as reccomended). I went to sight it in this weekend and here's where my problem started. I started at 10 yards to sight in, then I planned on moving to 25yrds. But, that never happened because I coulnd't even get it on at 10 yards! I maxed out the elevation adjustment on it before I even got withen 8 inches on POI. Granted after a hundred rounds it never moved, the mount stayed tight, and neither the POI or the POA moved a bit... So, it's maxed out, and the POA is about 8 inches above POI. My question to you guys is. Do you know if I messed up something on the install? Or is this mount ment to only provide a zero way further then I was hoping? Thanks for looking, Charlie
  19. Fergus

    P226 Optics

    Decided to try out a red dot on my P226 as shooting indoors is a pain with iron sights. Lots of fun so far and the red dot hasn't given me any issues being mounted on the slide. We'll have to see how it works out long term.
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