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  1. I am in the same boat. I ran a Romeo 3 and now have a 510c. Both are a bit hard for me to track in certain light conditions. I just took the 2032 battery out of both of them and put in two 2016’s. Much brighter. Haven’t tested yet. If it doesn’t help I will probably try one of the new dots(SRO or Max).....
  2. Cz’s do have a short thought normally. Can easily be reamed. Why would you want to shot major through a 9mm TS? Just for fun? Cant be shot in any uspsa division other then open with major.....
  3. Reloading 9 major really isn’t all that complicated. Chrono loads to get to your preferred PF. I run all once fired brass and just watch for stepped cases in the powder station on my Dillon. Actually loading 9 major usually takes away the ability to double charge a round so 1 less thing that can go wrong. Normally in 9 major a double charge spills over and you have a mess! As for what to shoot, try asking around at your local match if guys will let you handle/shoot their guns. Most guys will love to talk about their guns and what they like about it and what they would change. In my open shooting I have owned a stock Trubor, a customized Trubor, freedom gunworks full custom, 2 Czechmates and now an Atlas Chaos. The Trubor and freedom guns shot ok, but really didn’t feel good in my hand. I then shot the czechmates for 3-4 years and liked them a lot. Had to send my big sticks to Grams to be tuned, but ran 100% after that. Then I handled an Atlas Chaos and love how it fits my hand with the PT evo grip with a large hands magwell. Can’t say enough about Atlas and their guns. Again biggest suggestion I can give is to handle as many different setups before you decide. CZ feels different then an sti with a plastic grip, feels different then a custom gun with an aluminum grip, feels different then a steel gripped gun, feels different with a large hands magwell...etc etc. you get the idea!
  4. kitestir

    Fix my Jam

    What mags are you using? I have the new style sti mags and have the same issue using HP’s. If I use Montana Gold CMJ’s they run 100%. Mags have been tuned and have done it since day 1.
  5. kitestir

    Should I clean my TSO?

    Sooner or later it will catch up to you. I have a TSO and and original IPSC Standard. I have also had multiple TS's...... When I let my TS get really dirty and neglected it, started to get jams because there was so much junk in the extractor channel.
  6. I would say 75% or more of jams like this would be mag related. I would suggest borrowing a known good mag from a friend and see if the issue goes away! I have shot factory length all the way to 1.175+ and not had an issue in my Atlas Chaos.
  7. Shot for the first time today. I would say it is as bright as my Romeo 3 is and looked close to the slide ride in 6moa I was shooting on my last open gun.... Window is big! But does get dirty quick with now shield.....
  8. Don’t need to get used to the dot circle combo. Can turn on just the dot, just the circle or both at once. Your choice....
  9. Mags are cheap here. https://www.gregcotellc.com/cart/index.php
  10. There are 2 different order numbers/option. The one from opticsplanet is about $100 less, but comes in a Sig bag with 1 highrise mount. The boxed version comes with both the high and low mount. My Atlas came with the boxed version and I have purchased the bagged version also. Bagged version is the way to go for this application because you don’t need the other mount......
  11. 2k+ Downrange with my Romeo 3 and love it so far!
  12. Did you put these on the PT Evo grip? If so was there any fitting required? Also what magwell did you have on before? I have the Atlas large hands stainless and it feels great, but I have had the mag get bound on reloads. How does the magwell compare to the large hand or regular magwell?
  13. kitestir

    New Czechmate

    115 mg cmj’s make major without a problem. 7.3 grains autocomp at 1.135 oal. Got me around 170. Cases were fine......
  14. I had 2 czechmates and shot them for about 3 years. They were very reliable. Had a few issues with the big sticks, but were fixed by grams springs/followers. I never had an issue with them. But that being said, I sold both to purchase a Chaos. The Chaos fits my hands much better and I like the weight balance better. The dot returns to point of aim almost instantly. Love it so far. Have about 1500 rounds down range.
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