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  1. would you want to trade anything for the kit?

  2. I voted for banner ads, but if that option doesn’t work I would pay a yearly membership. Would think $5 yearly would keep most people that are interested and under $25 would keep most of the hardcore people active....
  3. kitestir

    P365 For CCW

    I use an iwb made by JT holsters on Facebook. Love it! Coyote tan is their holster. Other is a cheapy. His is much thinner and has a great clip..
  4. I had mag issues with the Limcat magwell also. Mbx mags would go into my chaos with the limcat no problem. But new STI 2nd gens would get stuck. The mbx had a more rounded nose in the front then the Sti. When measuring them the Sti was slightly longer front to back at the base of the top opening. I gently massaged them(whacked them with a hammer) at the front curve and “rolled the front” in about .003 or 4 and now they go in no problem even if I start them at a 90 degree angle.
  5. Yes I use the original Romeo 3 mount on an XL. Works great.
  6. Atlas actually has a bunch of parts already on sale! I just bought one of their Ambi high ride shielded safety for 50% off... have some great stuff marked down. Monday is their demo/used and other handgun sale!
  7. I have both. The xl and max will defiantly fit on a mount for the Romeo 3 with room to spare!
  8. i have shot poly frame limited and open guns, CZ limited and open guns, and now shoot an Atlas Chaos with a PT EVO.... The PT grip is by far my favorite. Feels natural in my hand and I like the added weight with a stainless magwell!
  9. I would see if anyone has used one with the max or xl before ordering. They both are much longer in the front ther the RTS2. If the the mount works with the original Romeo 3 it will work with both of the new ones. The Original Romeo 3 is the longest in the front......
  10. i have the atlas mount for the Romeo 3. Works great and blast shield does a good job.....
  11. Not much of a difference top to bottom and left to right. You loose some in the corners. I much prefer the XL. Bigger and brighter dot and much lighter.
  12. Mine snapped right on my original Romeo 3 Atlas mount......
  13. Built into safety https://atlasgunworks.com/product/atlas-gunworks-high-grip-shielded-ambi-thumb-safety/
  14. The XL will fit on a Atlas Romeo 3 mount. It actually has room to spare. Adam put one on for me Sunday! It will not fit on their RTS2 mount. They will have a mount for the max/xl in stock soon from coating. I started with the original Romeo 3, then went to the Holosun and now have the XL installed. Window size is close except the rounded corners.
  15. I am in the same boat. I ran a Romeo 3 and now have a 510c. Both are a bit hard for me to track in certain light conditions. I just took the 2032 battery out of both of them and put in two 2016’s. Much brighter. Haven’t tested yet. If it doesn’t help I will probably try one of the new dots(SRO or Max).....
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