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  1. The CZ Optics Ready system is about a bombroof as it gets with a cruciform lug locating the plate in two axis and taking the shear forces away from the screws. It's as sturdy as direct milling.
  2. No, no one ever has to pull back the hammer for "all manner of misfires" You really shouldn't be giving advice until you learn to correctly operate a handgun. No one, I repeat, no one who is any good and shoots a DA/SA pistol does what you do. Trust me when I tell you that should be a big clue for you.
  3. CZ P-10F Optics Ready with the small backstrap
  4. it's not that hard if you have an IQ above room temp and are somewhat coordinated in your movement.
  5. Notice that I said "for all practical purposes". For all practical purposes there's no difference on shooter performance between a 4.5 lb DA trigger and a 7 lb DA trigger if your hands have reasonable strength and dexterity and your grip is fundamentally correct. For all practical purposes, one can rip sub .2 splits with a 3 lb SA just as you can with a sub 2 lb trigger, again assuming reasonable skill and dexterity.
  6. The decocker equipped 75s can easily be tuned to where their triggers are, for all practical purposes (meaning actually shooting and not "feeling" it in dry fire), just as good as any non-decocker or even any non-FPB CZ. I too prefer decockers for DA/SA and so long as there's a choice of them from CZ I won't shoot one where I have to manually lower the hammer.
  7. What have you tried to do to improve the restfulness of your sleep while away?
  8. You can buy 9 mm plated bullets from Rocky Mountain Reloaders for 8 cents per thou (or less if you buy in bulk) shipped. I see no point in dealing with coated bullets at that price. That doesn't include discount codes/sales/etc.
  9. Did he explain why? I typically need to hear someone's reasoning before I'll accept what they say.
  10. Or you can add a few drops of acetone to the epoxy as you mix it to reduce its viscosity to the point where it applies easily without running.
  11. Competitive equity means everyone has to solve the same problem, not that everyone will have their personal shortcomings catered to. I would have told her "shoot it as is or take a DNS"
  12. Mike, it's no use explaining facts to people who just are sure of what they know even without any personal experience. I just smile and wave...............
  13. The more worked up you get, the bigger the train wreck
  14. I'm not going to try to convince you. But you're wrong.
  15. I'd be careful with that. Small pistols usually have those guards to prevent inadvertent activation of certain controls. Once that fence is gone and it results in the meat of one of your hands constantly pushing up the slide lock, you're kinda screwed.
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