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  1. Thank you for explaining that. Still makes no sense as to why IDPA considered them different. Yeah the sequence is slightly different but they both achieve the same end.
  2. LOL you're right. It's the absolute opposite of dilution.
  3. What is even the difference between the two?
  4. In my local area (western OH) I've run into exactly one who knows the rules like he should.
  5. I suggest you wait until tomorrow and call CZ Custom then.
  6. That's good to know. I shoot mostly the P series which take a different magazine and the one thing that's kept me from getting Grams springs and followers is the negative feedback from a local guy (M) who also shoots a P-10F. He fought inconsistent nose dives and just gave up on it.
  7. I had to run 4.2 grains of TG in a 627 to get that same velocity.
  8. Thanks. I'm leaning towards a slower burning powder as well. Trouble is s#!t's tough to find right now. Only thing I could find last night online was IMR Blue. I held off buying until I get a chance to chrono my latest batch of loads with Vectan Ba9. That batch went right to the very top of the load range as my first run with Ba9 starting low was another disappointment.
  9. Grams followers need screwing around with to get them to work reliably. You might get lucky right off the bat, or you might not. Henning basepads with the OEM follower and spring have worked with 100% reliability from the very beginning in the several P series CZs that I have.
  10. Then the answer is no. That cut is for direct mounting of optics so the plates will not fit. You'll need to do something else if you want a rear sight.
  11. Most coated lead 147 RNFP bullets seem to come from the same mold and don't seem to run well in any CZ that I've had (seven of them) The only 147 RNFP I could make run reliably are those made by Rocky Mountain Reloaders. In my experience, CZs will feed anything round nose as long as the OAL fits in the chamber. Truncated cone bullets with steep cones and small meplats work very well too. These will work: These might not
  12. I still can't wrap my head around the cavalier use of nitriding in this industry. There is absolutely NO WAY IN HELL I would let anyone send any gun part of mine to be nitrided after it left the factory. Mask around the cut, put screws in the threaded holes, degrease everything exposed with acetone, then hit it with any quality rust-resistant paint from your local hardware store. Do it in 3-4 very thin coats, waiting until the previous coat is no longer shiny before hitting it with the next.
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