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  1. Quite honestly Im gonna echo the advice to stop caring about your classification and to worry even less about winning production c class. It's like taking your sister to the prom. You can compare yourself to any subset of production shooters from the big match on a spreadsheet or in PS itself after the match.
  2. That's just a pre-match warmup You can do quite a bit more.
  3. When PS calculates the overall rankings, the math is the same as it is for division rankings but it lumps ALL shooters together for each stage. So, for example take "stage 1"....for overall, PS ranks all shooters, regardless of division, from highest hit factor to lowest. The stage points are assigned in the normal manner. Highest hit factor for that stage gets all the possible stage points. All the other shooters get their % of max stage points based on their hit factor percentage. That gets repeated for every stage. Once all the stage points are awarded, all shooters are ranked from highest total number of stage points to lowest. Switching divisions will likely not make you rank higher if you're fairly new or inexperienced. Personally, IDGAF about overall rankings. I shoot Carry Optics and that's the only ranking I concern myself with.
  4. In SW Ohio, Production is almost dead with CO posting numbers equal to Limited and greater (usually) that Open. And that change happened almost overnight through 2019
  5. For the life of me I don't see why 15 rounds in prod is so controversial. The people stuck in ban states can use grandfathered mags or run their matches with everyone at 10 round (like Canada) or a combination of both. The problems of the few should not drive the train.
  6. When shooting with a reflex sight the focus is on the target. So long as your corrective lenses correct your distant vision, you'll be fine. You definitely do NOT need nor want special correction for close in vision in your main field of view. The absolute worst mistake noobs to shooting with dots do is trying to focus on it as if it were the front sight. Don't. Just Don't. I have myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia and wear progressives to correct all three. I have absolutely no trouble using those glasses to shoot rifles and pistols with both magnifying and non-magnifying optical sights. People overthink this to an extreme degree.
  7. OP, the polish plate rack on stage 6 was dope. Nicely done. You've been given tons of good advice here. Your target to target transitions seemed to get faster as the match went along.
  8. This I'm starting to see that phenomenon in my development.
  9. After a long stint as a service rifle and long range rifle competitor, I tried USPSA in Production in late 2014 (shot 3 or 4 matches before the season ended). Went back to NRA rifle for 2015 then shot another 3 - 4 USPSA matches in the fall of 2015. Spent the next 3.5 years shooting sporting clays competitively but the expense just got to be too much to stay competitive. So at the end of the 2018 season I thought about trying handgun competition again and shot the last few matches of that season in Production. I liked it enough that I decided to get back up to reasonable pistol shooting shape over the winter and jump headfirst back into Production (first with a CZ 75 then with a tuned P-09) for 2019. In Nov 2019 I bought a CZ P-10 thinking to try carry optics in 2020. About a month later I slapped an RMR on it and shot a bunch of practice and few indoor matches with it over the winter. Decided that 2020 was the year to shift to CO. After struggling through the first 3 or 4 matches with the P-10 I sent my P-09's slide to get milled. Shot a couple of matches with the P-09/RMR and ended up settling with it. After one season in Production and one in CO, I'm staying with CO but I like neither the artificially low production magazine capacity limit nor the artificially high CO capacity. I think we should split the difference and match IPSC's production and production optics 15 round limit and just be done with it. 15 rounds gives you a little more flexibility than 10 but doesn't force you to spend more money on magazine stuff to be on an even footing with everyone else (the way US rules are). I can't grasp the aversion some people have to reloading a pistol more than once per stage. I just can't.
  10. I don't think you grasp the difference between an open gun and a production gun with a slide mounted dot.
  11. The old wives tale that one should never modify defensive handguns in any way needs to die. Anyway, the first modification I do is to significantly increase the roughness of the grip on every single surface that my hands might touch, which includes significant portions of the frame where almost no manufacturer adds any texture at all.
  12. I use this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y5P9SYN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I put a dab of it on the heel of my support hand and rub it around with the back side of my strong hand. This also puts lotion on the side of the strong hand where the support hand fingers overlap and keeps it off the palm of my strong hand. My strong hand is more than strong enough to not need this stuff and additional friction slows me down when I shift my grip to release the magazine. It doesn't have to be a pistol-specific lotion. This stuff has been around forever for other sports where hand grip is essential (golf, tennis, etc) Even pole dancers leave reviews about this stuff
  13. What is your interpretation of IDPA's ESP rules, as well as the general pistol rules that apply to all divisions, when you compared them to the features of the gun you're interested in?
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