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  1. Yep, not as easy as it seemed.
  2. Let me ask the obvious question. Why do you want (or think you need) to spend money on basepads that do not increase magazine capacity? I shot Production and SSP for several years with bone stock CZ mags and never once saw the need for aftermarket basepads. Is this something you're doing because you think it's the thing to do, or is there a performance gain (a real one, not an imagined one) that I haven't seen?
  3. Doesn't the Hogue grip that comes with the M9A3 fit? That puts a hump on the back of the Vetrtex grip and makes it hold just like a regular 92
  4. Can't disagree with anything you've said
  5. Nothing douchier than looking for affirmation for a pre-made decision
  6. Well you know what they say: money talks and bulls#!t walks.
  7. There's no "persuaded to see the light" because there is no light. An e-mail, no matter who it is from, is not a published NROI interpretation. Those are here: https://uspsa.org/nroi/rulings
  8. Is this considered an official, published NROI interpretation?
  9. The WSB exists precisely because intent doesn't matter. If you don't spell out what you want done or not done, and the rules don't already cover it, your intent will be ignored with impunity. And there will be nothing you can do except try again with more specific WSB
  10. Nope The heel of the grip is what needs to be above the top of the belt. The heel is literally the bottom of the backstrap. The back of a magwell isn't the heel.
  11. That's every single IDPA rules thread here. Every. Single. One. Which is not surprising because the few times I go play that i hope I get a competent SO, and every time I'm disappointed.
  12. What could possibly be unique about steel challenge that would make the prohibit concealment and IWB? No problems with either in IDPA and USPSA. Sounds like bulls#!t to me.
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