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  1. You have a great way of twisting others words to suit your agenda and try to score a point. Not gonna waste time on this
  2. Calibrated eyeballs.....LOL now I've heard it all. I'm sure shooter skill had nothing to do in your example.
  3. My 19 round CZ mags are $35 each. 140 extensions are $30 - $40. No extra springs needed, just shave the follower legs. Glock 17 rounders are $25 - $30. Strike Industries extension are $18 including a new longer spring. Anyone who pays a hundo for CO mags does it because they want to. There is no need to buy aftermarket base pads or new springs just to fill OEM magazines all the way. Where do you come up with this stuff?
  4. You mean like 99% of modern handguns do? In any event, vague terms like "carbon steel" and "billet steel" don't mean a whole lot. Gotta love marketing hyperbole. An empty phrase if there ever was one. I'm sure it's a very nice pistol tho.
  5. I say that so that reality is kept in consideration. I have no desire to see practical pistol shooting be non-competitive. Everyone has their opinion about where the line is.
  6. In the greater context, none of the shooting sports will ever be anything other than participation sports. At least in this country.
  7. @Llando88 glad the grip tape worked. Now you should rip it off and apply silicon carbide grit. Plenty of videos about it on YT. That stuff you're trying to run on demands turf cleats of some sort. Forget the tactical footwear. Soccer or baseball cleats with plastic nubs would be my bet.
  8. Impossible to make GM unless you have fine tuned your recoil spring for the flattest recoil recovery
  9. That's what I saw a year ago in western OH and it doesn't show any signs of weakening CO was by far the most popular division at A5 this year.
  10. Shot 100 rounds yesterday with flawless ignition. If you've never used European primers, just know you will have to squeeze the s#!t out of priming tool to get them seated.
  11. Can you point out any evidence of that beyond your own hubris? Are there any published papers about this in sports psychology? Anything besides your opinion? Anything?
  12. What is gained by him registering in open? Divisions are just bits of data. It takes zero effort to manage all of them. I'm still trying to get to the real reason why some of you are against divisions with low participation.
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