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  1. Let it pass. I've been down that road and it was a mistake.
  2. After attending level 2 matches for the first time this season, I no longer see level 1 matches as competition to see where I stack and more like places where I can put to the test things I've been working in in practice or learned in training. So I would base my decision on which one has better, more technical stages.
  3. You're a relatively new shooter. If you're serious about getting better you should do these: Stop jumping from gun to gun. IIRC you already have a Glock 34. Send the slide out to get machined for the optic of your choice. Some places will do it right for as little as $75 without refinishing. All you need to do is mask the slide with tape and hit the bare steel with rustoleum, or even easier apply some DIY bluing. Spend the difference between the optic cut and a new gun on ammo and training.
  4. I disagree. To me it just means your index needs work and you're still focusing on the dot. Once one learns how to use a pistol mounted RDS, it's literally like riding a bicycle.
  5. The op hasn't said a word in his own thread since a week ago. If he cared he would have. Looks like something that starts with ask and ends with hole.
  6. The P-10 fits the hand very, very differently than the P-09. The grip shapes and dimensions are not even close to similar. I have both and after giving the P-10 a 12000 round shakedown still can't shoot it at speed like I can my 09. I traded my P-10C for an SRO and my P-10F now serves as a backup only. I have a Glock 17 on the way to see if I stay with CZ or not. Not interested in anything made by SIG.
  7. Same here To add to the comparison between open and CO, The OH state match had 76 CO, 72 Open, and 47 Limited, with everyone else way behind. Area 5 (in September) so far has 78 CO, 61 Open, and 66 Limited shooters. CO dominates in numbers locally here (SW OH)
  8. The only thing my P-10F needed was a flat faced trigger and that's just personal preference. The trigger is fine. Just use it. Instead of spending money on parts it doesn't need, just buy some stippling tips from OT Defense and a 25 watt soldering iron from the hardware store. Or some 36 grit silicon carbide and any 2 part epoxy. The grip texture, despite appearances, leaves a lot to be desired. When it comes to optics, SRO is the only thing I put on my competition pistols and RMR is the only one I put on my carry guns.
  9. Aluminum frame + no replaceable grip panels = fail Replaceable grip panels are a major advantage of metal frames over plastic ones.
  10. I'm curious too. What did you change? Hopefully you didn't get glasses that give you a crisp, sharp dot and blurry targets...............
  11. Confirmation that IDPA is a complete joke
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