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  1. It seems to me an expensive Taurus' copy, which was a cheap alternative at S&W leaf spring.. I had on my S&W revo a little disc between spring and screw when shooting training with cheap primer, without the disc when shooting Federal or Murom S primers.
  2. Italian IDPA rules are exactly the IDPA rules just written in Italian! In IPSC Revo only 357 Mag can qualify for Major, or larger diameter, so no way for Major 9! Also we have a reduced IPSC shooting in old school ISSC ranges named Fast Sporting Shooting where revos are limited to shooting 6 shots between reloads.
  3. I am a handgun IPSC shooter, in the last 35 years Open, Limited , Revo and This year Classic. But I shot also Open Shotgun and would like to try PCC. Long guns matches are more fun oriented and will end with a eat and drink big "stage" , so I'll get a PCC just to stay with friends!
  4. I'm thinking at IPSC shooting, but just for fun. I don't want to enter in a endless buying race.
  5. Thinking about getting a PCC, a cheap one; the KelTec sub 2000 . But they are not arriving in Italy since 2 years ago. Is KelTec still in business?
  6. It is much smoother, the shellplate is not pushed, it is pulled. On the other end I prefer the 650's priming system
  7. Here in Italy last year arrived this timer, at 100€ it is the cheapest on the market
  8. Several case and bullet feeder are available on ebay, many are made by individuals and sold at reasonable prices. I have got a RVB 9mm bullet feeder at 200€, Mr Bullet feeder costs about 430€. After using both, I am happy I saved 230€
  9. I have a second sizer die, without decapping pin, after the powder measure
  10. what about putting 4 classifier stages together and calling it International Postal Match 2020, giving also the hopportunity to classify if someone wants it?
  11. sorry to hear IRC 2020 will not take place. What about Postal Match 2020? A big match but staying safe and far would be the answer!
  12. Hope to see you all in sunny Lousiana next year!
  13. As an international customer of Dillon, I expected an answer like "talk with the Italian importer", but my question about 2 parts of the powder check system that I've lost ( not damaged or broken) got this reply : the package with your 2 parts is leaving USA for Italy, free of charge!! Over the years I've got several Dillon products, everything was of high quality, but theyr customer care service is really TOP!!
  14. thank you Alec, hope to see all you revo fans next november in sunny florida
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