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  1. One friend of mine and another shooter took the risk and ordered 2 chinese chronos. Tested their new tools with a Chrony Alpha, 3 chronos in line, results were in the 1% tolerance. So I ask again, Has anyone bought and used one of the many Chinese ballistic chronographs sold on Ebay?
  2. Well done! 5" is enough in semiauto, in revo 4" or something more get the same performances. Plus, 4" is OK for IDPA
  3. I got one of the first Chrony back in mid '80, I killed it ,about 20 years ago, putting the wrong rear sight on my Tanfoglio. Then I got a ProChrono which was just "wounded" by its new owner. I tried the CED M2 a friend of mine had on sale, but it didn't work. Looking around I found those chinese stuff, Nolan do you tried it?
  4. Has anyone bought and used one of the many Chinese ballistic chronographs sold on Ebay?
  5. one on Ebay for just 45$!! Too bad he doesn't ship to Italy
  6. Is it possible to close a 929 cylinder loaded with 8 38 SC rimmed cases? Does it rotate?
  7. Fiocchi makes ammo in 38 SC, but does not sell brass alone
  8. Actually a forum member had 2 to sell, one sold, I asked for the other but price was too high for me
  9. MWP , that is exactly what I'd like to do: import it as chambered in 9mm x 21mm or import only the cylinder
  10. I know the barrel and the box are marked "9mm", but owners of that revo found that 9x19 shoot ONLY if moonclipped. 9x21 rounds worked both with or without moonclips. Would like to hear from other owners of that revo
  11. Looking at another forum it seems the S&W 929 is chambered in 9x21 not 9x19 (Luger) Anyone could check and confirm this? Here guns in 9x19 are forbidden while 9x21 is allowed, making possible to import such a beautiful revo
  12. http://www.armiusate.it/cerca/CSRFName,CSRF148767932_1444870735/CSRFToken,6a21daa560a17fb80a6314df347f0a64a2fb8a01a8630c70f7e1cbb5c6f6357a110de1b8dd88d0d84482071ffbdbb4827911c1c38a007794cb387d3f3d01a080/cookie-action,done/sShowAs,list/schema,primer+filler/categoria,101 here you can find one like new PAL filler, use translategoogle to read the italian text. The ad and the item are not mine.
  13. A friend of mine has just got a Derya mk12 SG. It seems a very good tool for IPSC shooting; he put a red dot on it and would like to add also a magwell, a comp and every other gadget available on the market. Unfortunately here in Italy he could get only spare magazines. Any advice from around the world?
  14. Here in Italy, we use also Russian Murom match primers; also new Fiocchi primers ( not chromed ) are soft like Federal
  15. I have a 627-PC and a 627-5 , supposed to be a Performance Center too, both 8 times on the barrell The first has a non fluted cylinder and the firing pin retaining pin under the rear sight, bought in 1998/99, black plastic case with a Golden PC sticker the second has fluted cylinder, regular side mounted firing pin retaining pin and ball yoke lock, imported in 2008/10, aluminium case with PC
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