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  1. what about putting 4 classifier stages together and calling it International Postal Match 2020, giving also the hopportunity to classify if someone wants it?
  2. sorry to hear IRC 2020 will not take place. What about Postal Match 2020? A big match but staying safe and far would be the answer!
  3. Hope to see you all in sunny Lousiana next year!
  4. As an international customer of Dillon, I expected an answer like "talk with the Italian importer", but my question about 2 parts of the powder check system that I've lost ( not damaged or broken) got this reply : the package with your 2 parts is leaving USA for Italy, free of charge!! Over the years I've got several Dillon products, everything was of high quality, but theyr customer care service is really TOP!!
  5. thank you Alec, hope to see all you revo fans next november in sunny florida
  6. Hi to everyone from Italy, I'd like to return to Frostproof after the lot of fun I had in 2016, any news on the match? will it take place?
  7. Just curious: is it possible to put the new XL 750 priming system in a old XL650 press?
  8. I can't understand why in the long awaited RL 1100 priming was not put between the first and the second station making it a true 6 station press, allowing powder check and bulletfeed
  9. 20 years ago I used a 1050 to load for my 38Super Open Infinity. Now I've got a Super 1050, not a big improvement over the old one. Looking at RL1100 video it seems to me not much is improved over a Super 1050, am I wrong?
  10. One friend of mine and another shooter took the risk and ordered 2 chinese chronos. Tested their new tools with a Chrony Alpha, 3 chronos in line, results were in the 1% tolerance. So I ask again, Has anyone bought and used one of the many Chinese ballistic chronographs sold on Ebay?
  11. Well done! 5" is enough in semiauto, in revo 4" or something more get the same performances. Plus, 4" is OK for IDPA
  12. I got one of the first Chrony back in mid '80, I killed it ,about 20 years ago, putting the wrong rear sight on my Tanfoglio. Then I got a ProChrono which was just "wounded" by its new owner. I tried the CED M2 a friend of mine had on sale, but it didn't work. Looking around I found those chinese stuff, Nolan do you tried it?
  13. Has anyone bought and used one of the many Chinese ballistic chronographs sold on Ebay?
  14. one on Ebay for just 45$!! Too bad he doesn't ship to Italy
  15. Is it possible to close a 929 cylinder loaded with 8 38 SC rimmed cases? Does it rotate?
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