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Who could hard chrome a Shadow 2?

Jeff O

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12 hours ago, troupe said:

Jeff Abernathy at Tommy Guns does hard chrome as well.


1 hour ago, PrimaryBruce said:

Also Fords does hard chrome and other platings. 

Do they actually do the hard chrome in house? I thought most gun builders sent guns out for that type of work

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  • 9 months later...

i will probably get in the doghouse for this but..... you might want to check out precision custom plating and engraving. ... platingandengraving.com 

yes, its my company. So, to give a brief history; i started doing refinishing back in 1990 with APW. also have worked with checkmate gun refinishing ( for all you people that can remember that far back). they have been Fords refinishing for like 20years now. 

Anyways, my wife and decided it was time to open our own place . For those who are familiar with me and my work , looking foward to doing your next project or just catching up

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Ron Mahovsky rocks, my a01 took about 2 weeks Polished slide flats, the rest matte NiB. Looks a little gold in some light, I like the color much more than hard chrome. 

To show color, he did the s2 grips and controls in normal hard chrome.



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