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  1. Get it cleaned and coated, H&M nitride if it is stainless or cerakote. 00000 steel wool and Kroil should clean it.
  2. I had a fellow shooter do that very thing. Another fellow shooter that does pistol work and is a retired aerospace welder drilled, tapped the ports, then tig welded the plugs. Finished up nice and the bore was fine.
  3. I just realized something, even though I don't shoot matches anymore, and I really have enjoyed PCC. I am thankful for all of the engineering that has been done in the PCC market to get a softer, flatter, and less dot moving blowback. About like trying to turn a Glock trigger into a 1911 trigger. I remember back when I started in this sport, everyone shot a single stack 45. Then someone shot a High Power and cut the reloads that was required to shoot some stages. And when I shot my first single stack comped 38 super. I was shocked. And when Todd Jarrett and the late John Benton showed up with their Para's and a dot's. I could have paid for a house, the money I have spent in this sport, it has been fun. Keep up the great job and when ammo free's back up or primers come back, I may get back into it, but by then, my PCC with be like the SS 45.
  4. As mentioned earlier somewhere. Keep it clean and have plenty of oil. The slide is aluminum against steel if it is on a steel frame. My full custom Kimber is aluminum all of the way, slide and frame. It has to be wet. I keep my Kimber wet and it has shot everything in it. I got it for my children to learn the 1911 platform, and I have had so many offers to buy it. Clark Custom even done the front strap checkering on it when I was doing grips for them. Great set up and enjoy yours, we have enjoyed ours. Tommy Roupe
  5. When you get the right combo, it will shock you. You will think you switched to a 22LR.
  6. I have seen it done with the bushing type that pivots in a ring like a Briley. The bushing screwed into the fixed comp and the ring inside of screwed in bushing let the barrel pivot. If that makes any sense. my brain understands what I am trying to type. Very expensive, but very cool.
  7. I really like this idea. I would love to have a 5" gun with a Officer slide. Maybe a 2 port full profile comp on the short slide. Would make a great package.
  8. Jeff Abernathy at Tommy Guns has done mine. Industrial hard chrome and DLC
  9. Leupold makes a nice 1x scope with a small dot. I looked at one the other day at Chris Tilley's shop.
  10. Jeff Abernathy from TommyGuns. He build great 2011's and just a great guy to work with.
  11. Jeff Abernathy at Tommy Guns. Jeff was at Para when they were in NC
  12. Jeff Abernathy at Tommy Guns Does a great job and has done some for me. Very reasonable and quick turn around. Jeff was at Para when they were in NC
  13. It was designed for it. So many of the reliability issues are self induced, looking for the edge.
  14. 3 stage. I have one in my suppressed SBR and decided to go back to the simplicity. I will be selling the JP short stroke system that I picked up. Going to stay with Taccom.
  15. I have to give a shout out to Tim at Taccom. I had bought a Taccom used bolt for my 9mm here on the forum. I needed the weight and roll pin that was missing. A call to Tim and the next thing I know, I had the weight and roll pin in the mail. Arrived today, so I turned around and ordered the buffer system that Tim sells. It is hard to find good folks in the industry with the passion like Tim. Great guy and thanks from Tommy Roupe goes out to Tim and his crew at Taccom. Thanks, Tommy
  16. Do realize that in a MPX, when you try and run as low as possible in your loads, that is when the reliability issues can kick in. That is why so many give the MPX the reliability issue complaints. The MPX is the best going for the game, can't get much softer shooting. Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the stages and you could buy factory Federal 115's in a case for under $200, that is what I shot in my MPX.
  17. I ran the hyperfire in two different MPX's and really liked it. Never a problem in mine.
  18. I have been out of the shooting for some time due to the shortage, gouging, etc. Are these coated bullets like the rest with crimping and accuracy. I may have to try them if I get back to PCC, as well as my pistol.
  19. Thanks for the reply back. Will have to look into it. Vortex is very good at rebranding, that is just how it is done in the industry. The key is to rebrand a quality product that would not ruin a good name.
  20. I have to agree with robertg5322 on the Glock, they are a work horse, but that is how they were designed. I have used them as my work gun for many ,many years. Parts are cheap, easy to work on. Folks have tried to make the trigger better since they came out. A lot of companies has made a good living on the parts. I personally have to really focus on my trigger control to shoot it accurate . Now I need to get some mags to hold more bullets. I just keep getting drawn back to a Glock for it simply working time after time. I wish I had all of the money back that I have spent on my 1911's, the house would be paid for. Still have thousands tied up in the 1911's that I currently have, but I am now trying to find a top end for a Glock. The trigger will never be a 1911, but that is the striker fired design. It is what it is, the Glock is tough to beat.
  21. Agree with everything posted. I do know that on my 18" AR-10 in 308, when shooting it from the bench without the brake, it is a 2" rifle at 100. Add the brake, of coarse the blast is worse, but the same ammo goes to 3/4" at 100. All in the harmonics in that barrel for sure.
  22. If you don't mind me asking, what is the price ball park on the Vortex. Hopefully less than the RRS. It is a great looking setup. Congrats. Thanks in advance, Tommy Roupe
  23. I do not know the reason, but what is the sales pitch, or good reason to change the stock block. Is it suppose to be a tighter lock up ?
  24. Weight is your friend, but not to sure in a Glock. It can get tricky on reliability when to much weight is added. The frame was designed to have some flex in it. That being said, I even tried the steel frame years ago, but it was a waist of money, because it would not run at all. May have been just a bad design. We have ran the whole circle over the years in our competition guns. Weight is good and it is simple physics to minimize the movement. I have the brass magwell and a heavy guide rod. Wish there were better options.
  25. Taccom is the way to go, Tim supports the game more than anyone.
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