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  1. Just fitted one on a cheely E2 grip. Nothing special about it really that we could see. Seems to he good quality. Thinking about drilling some holes in it and cutting the front to match the Caspian TRIK flat triggers I use in my single stack guns.
  2. I'll be going with JEM for frame and slide on my next build.
  3. I went with the Cheely E2 SS grip kit. Ive checked out almost all the others and the Cheely fit my hands the best. Side note, he also has the best deal for the grip, magwell, mag release, MSH and beavertail.
  4. Honcho is gonna be the best bang for buck unless you want something actually custom. Custom being you design the slide cuts, you pick how the trigger is shaped, stuff like that. Other then that stuff ALL the 2011s are the same gun with different builders doing certain "extra" fitting, polishing, and marketing gimmicks.
  5. By the PT Honcho. You cam now build exactly what you want for now, then down the road add extra other caliber barrels.
  6. I took girlfriend to a IDPA match the day before Ryan Rocks Charity match in 2018. The next day she shot ryan rocks. Now she has her own pistol, gear, and basicly shoots 90% of the matches I shoot.
  7. I dont know what mechanics you are around but I work on cranes for a living. I have ome pair of gloves. A pair of the mechanics wear all leather fabricators gloves. Just about the only time I wear them is welding, heavy grinding, torching, and using cables. That's it. The rest of the time i dont even think about them. Oh and I guess when its winter in MI and I'm working outside. But that's a different beast. As for shooting with them, only time I wore them was durring a CQB class while in the Navy (security forces on a aircraft carrier). We were forced to wear them.
  8. I hadnt heard of that P5 till just now. I dig it. Not really as a limited gun but just as a fun gun to shoot. Looks pretty cool.
  9. Mine is a rock island double stack, weighs 45.08oz without mag.
  10. For sure the PM 9. I have a PM45 and love it. Spencer Race Guns built me a very nice Springfield loaded 9mm and I like it a lot but the fit of the Dan Wesson is far beyond a Springfield.
  11. Ok I have a good bit of experience with paras and what's happened in the last 2 years. First, for magwell Cheely still makes them. I do believe he even has them in stock right now. You want the one with the delrin insert. Mags, the Taylor Freelance setup DOES NOT work on para mags. It will get you 19 reloadable on the mags from rock island. Dawson no longer makes ANYTHING that is para specific. Stopped about a year ago and I bought the last 5 mag extensions they had. But the good news. I ran 2 different para 16-40 guns for 2 years and ran para and STI mags with no issues. The guy I sold one of my guns to now runs the same STI mags fpr his 2011 and para. My mags were setup with STI tube, grams guts and TTI base pads. If you buy that setup its 110 at ben stoeger pro shop. Nobody makes and extended mag release for the para or a aftermarket trigger for them either anymore. To be honest I sold both mine and all the mags to buy a used STI Edge because the aftermarket is GONE. I had thought it would come back because of rock island and remington but it hasnt.
  12. I've been all over the place with guns and divisions. Started with a glock 19 with a bunch of mods I had done to it before learning about USPSA. So limited minor. Used that for about 3 months and then found by chance a old Para 16-40. Bought that and had a gunsmith get it running great. Actually never had any issues with that gun or the back up I bought to match it. Ran around 2 seasons on that gun. Then this season decided I want to shoot SS. Bought a Springfield loaded 9mm, had Ryan Spencer do some awesome work on it. Been using that till last week, so about 15 or so matches. Got a Dan Wesson SS and now shoot SS major. Hopefully my L10 gun will he done this week and I can get to using it in prep for LoCap Nationals this year. Also sold all the Paras and bought a STI Edge.
  13. Had one where the night before I was messing with the slide stop on my limited gun. Got the idea I didnt want it to go to slide lock so i took the trusty dremel to it. First 4 or 5 stages went great. Halfway through the next stage I step on an activator and go to shoot the swinger, nothing happens. Go to rack the gun and look down and see the mag.... me and the RO kind of stood there for a few seconds in shock. The other time I was about to quit after sliding on my face about 3ft in rocks. Looked at the RO and he said I was good. Got up and finished the stage.
  14. Well I have a spot for either Limited 10 or Production division. I can choose either match. I'll probably go with L10 because I'm more comfortable with my Limoted gun then I am my production gun. Anyway I'm wondering what to expect. Should I bring a bunch of money for gun raffles, swag, gear? Do we shoot all in one day? Looking for insight as what to expect. I've shot around 8-10 major matches from Ryan Rocks to Area 5. And shoot local matches just about every weekend durring the season in Michigan.
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