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  1. My girlfriend shoots a sig 320 legion and loves it. I am having patriot defense do a trigger job and open up the optic cut on a Tanfo stock 2 OR so I can direct mount a RTS2 on it. Tried a shadow 2 a while ago and just didnt like it. And dont personally like the sig trigger. I think it's a personal preference thing as with any gun.
  2. Yes I seen that. Waiting on the actual pistols to come in.
  3. When I look up the henning mag extension it says the 10mm and 40cal are different. And the 10mm one only goes to 19 rounds from 14 while the 40 cal goes from 15 to 20 rounds. What's the difference? I would think they just use a spacer or something for the 40 cal mags?
  4. Have a couple questions before I decide to buy one. I am coming from a rock island I built up as a nice limited gun and thinking of going to a tanfo. I have a ton of long loaded 40 ammo I'd like to use. 200gn blue bullets. Can you run long loaded ammo in the tanfo?
  5. Nope. And other then the normal stuff for a stock 2 nothing is offered as of yet. The only reason I even went for the stock 2 was i thought a RTS2 was direct fit. I'd have went with a shadow 2 if i knew I'd have to mill the slide anyways.
  6. The Stock 2 OR will not accept the RTS2. the optic is to long. Mine will be on it's way to PD shorty to have this fixed.
  7. Bought a shadow 2 a while ago, shot it a couple times at the range and hated how it felt in my hands. Sold it and now just got my stock 2 OR. Its gonna take a trip to PD and then be the carry optics pistol. I like it a lot better.
  8. I watch the stats on PS for the matches I participate in and at least in area 5 it seems CO is booming, production is dwindling, limited and open are usually pretty even with open usually having more, PCC is also popular.
  9. Happened to my girlfriend at Ryan Rocks Charity Blast last year. She was using two different ammo brands. Both were shot across the Chrono, both had a bullet pulled and weighed. No big deal.
  10. I've been going back and forth on this in my head for a months now. For me I'll be going from major to minor in limited for a while. There are a few reasons for this. I have a lot of nerve damage in my hands/elbows and major with about as soft as you can get it and still make PF hurts about half way through a match, about stage 4 or 5. By the end of the day I'm done. Can barely hold steering wheel to drive home. Second reason is I havent put the practice in to have a big enough difference in scoring to matter, sure I get a lot of alphas but I need to work on stage planning, transitions, speed,
  11. I wear one because I want to. It has my name and the local gunsmith who builds my pistols.
  12. Short term goal, less then 30 days. - dry fire 6 days a week consistently. Just ordered Ben's dry fire reloaded book and mini target kit. Medium term goal, 3 months. - continue dry fire practice 6 days a week, but get times down to expert level. Long term goal, 6 months. - shoot a match with no forgotten targets. - less then 5 Mike's for a match. I'm not going to stress myself on making a certian class yet. For 3 years I've shot and while I though I was getting better my last 3 months (a years worth of matches crammed into it) I have foun
  13. Thanks guys! What is the perfect sight thing?
  14. Meh, I'm not one to argue a call like that. But either way I wouldnt yeet a gun down range lol. The way i see it is they are doing their best. I watched a video of me shooting the stage and while it was close and maybe I did or didnt but no need to go off and act like a fool. And sadly I was honestly kind of relieved. I wasnt into the match at all. I was tired of shooting single stack and didnt have any excitement that day, and withdrew for SS nats while still at the match. Now I'm back to Limited and loving USPSA again.
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