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  1. I did pm/am/pm two years ago for L10. Worked out awesome. Got done shooting and had enough time to go shower and change then head to the banquet. If I'd had more time I would have probably taken a nap and missed the banquet. But with the covid stuff who knows really.
  2. Going to depend on what guide rod setup you want.
  3. Thanks man! Just ordered one.
  4. I feel like the left of us are forgotten with the 22/45. No awesome right side thumb rest, or right side ambi thumb safety thumb ledge. I have a black mamba and would love to find a way to at least have the thumb rest. It has a rail under the barrel so I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a idea for one before I go to the 3d printer.
  5. Limcat has a SS magwell? Interesting. Off to finding one.
  6. Shooters connection has both KKM and Scueman (sp). Can order from both directly as well. You can also order from SV Infinity.
  7. Oh nice! I usually trim the back side of the paddle.
  8. I've seen/used a few of their frames from back when L10 was around and they were very good. Does the Rouge tactical safetys have the double indent for on/off? And while I really like the EGW HD ambi set the paddle is much lower on them then others and makes it a big pain to fit them on a 2011. Although they are what I use currently.
  9. Ahh I see you removed the rear sight. Awesome. Thanks!
  10. I've seen the atlas ones. They look really nice.
  11. Ohh. I also like the captured pin set up. I'll have to look into this one. Thanks!
  12. Plenty of other builders/shooters think they are the cats.... my gunsmith will not use them. I've tried them on a couple guns and ne er noticed a difference so I dont use them.
  13. Well shot a SC match a couple weeks ago planning to just have fun and test out my new CO pistol..... and now I have this pure race 22. I have a spare c more slide ride sitting in the man cave and am wondering how to mount it. The Black Mamba has a removable front sight, a rail and a bomar style rear sight. Anyone mount the c more and can let me know what I need to do? Thanks, Josh Baker
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