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  1. After trying both as well as the LSI Outlaw they are all a little different in shape. For me I like the LSI the best. It's more aggressive and the undercut goes a little lower making it a lot more comfortable for the middle finger. My second choice is the Cheely
  2. I like them but not for USPSA. The last PM9 I got, 2020, didnt run right at all. Very sluggish and feeding issues right from the start. Ended up getting a set of BUL Armory 1911s and have loved them.
  3. Thanks everyone. Gonna do some adjustment and try it again.
  4. So for the guys running the ratcheting belts do you order it shorter then your normal outer belt? I've had an RHT one for like 2 years and tried it twice. The other belt overlaps at the ends like my normal one and when I sinch it down it makes the inner loop under itself. Am i missing something obvious?
  5. I have mine from them. Seem to load up and shoot just like anything else I've used so far. Being used in a p320 and 2011.
  6. Usually people get bumped to open from SS due to weight or the gun being to wide.
  7. @ltdmstr you sound like me. Always having new guns in the works. Lol. As for by division, CO is leaps and bounds above everything else here in MI. For me personally I just had a gun build with a limited and open upper. And am sending D2 Customs my limited gun to add a racker and thumb rest and a complete open upper. This way I have a solid back up for either setup. Ohh and a 40 cal SS build with Venom.
  8. So what yall are saying is this high of a variance is unacceptable.
  9. so true.... so true. Thanks guys. I'll keep loading and shooting.
  10. I'm using the Lyman Pro micrometer adjustable die set for 9mm and am having a very hard time dialing the seating die it to where its consistent. My OAL is 1.128", or well that's what I'm trying to get. When I check OAL I have anywhere from 1.126-1.130. Am I over analyzing it or should I be able to get better results? I've read a few threads about the Redding Micrometer adjustable seating die and people have said to remove the spring inside the die. I havent ever seen the Redding one in person to know how similar they are but the Lyman has a "floating" seating stem with a spring and I'm wondering if my results would improve if I remove the spring.
  11. Good info mate! Mine has a 5.4" KKM Barrel.
  12. Awesome news! I think I need a second one.
  13. Yes. Although I'd be interested in what 1911 and base pads you are using that require this.
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