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  1. Mine is set up pretty much like the SVI pictured. After milling dovetail we installed racker and milled it flat with the tri top.
  2. Be happy it comes with mags at all. Most builders either supply one mag or none
  3. I am thinking of picking up a stainless pro cut slide but dont want to run the sig or DPP optic. I want to run a FTP Alpha3. Same footprint as the RTS2. Anyone know of an adapter plate that will work with this slide?
  4. Agreed 100%. Would make everything WAY more simple to know if you are ok for your chosen division. As far as magwells I would have thought they would have made them legal with this last rule change. Their stated reason for doing those changes was to allow people to run their carry setup and not be bumped to open automatically. Most people I know run some type of magwell on their carry gun. I know I do on my G19 and P320 x carry.
  5. I've watched videos on YouTube of old majors and saw a few cross draw holsters. Mayne the old Colt matches? Either way its definitely not used these days. As for appendix draw, I can see it being really close to the 180 coming out of the holster. Considering that you are usually facing down range and the holstered gun will be pointing straight to the side berm as it is drawn or if you have is slightly to one side it may be breaking the 180 already.
  6. Yeah..... probably should have done that. didnt even think about it just tapped it in.
  7. Regular x5 plate and x5 non legion slide.
  8. If you want to see and here what one shooter thinks of it check out pops quest on you tube. He has done it for a few matches and has commentary of his thoughts. He seems to notice it helps with target focus a LOT.
  9. Yeah. I ordered a different plate. The one on my girlfriend's legion works awesome. This one.... not a fan. Using the dovetail in the rear and mounting screws in the rear of the plate seems kind of odd when the slide has a cut out at the front for a tab.... The plate I am going to try next is by outer impact. Pairing that with a FTP Alpha 3 red dot should work quite well I hope.
  10. Yeah I really dont like the fact they decided this was the best option for direct mounting an optic. It's about as terrible an idea as one could use.
  11. Talked with Robeet Burke and found out I have one of the older pre tension barrels in it. He talked me though getting rid of the pre tension part, basicly refit the lower locking lug taking about .005" off. I cut it about .003" and it's a lot better. This barrel and slide have about 15k rounds on them from the previous owner already so I know they should function just fine. But it's just super tight on lock up. I'm used to that will a 1911 but not on a pistol designed basicly for combat or tactical use.
  12. Mmmm I'll have to keep an eye on this.
  13. I here ya on too many projects... I'm not sure what Sean's wait times are currently but I'd say send him an email to see.
  14. Very possible. Prasky Gunworks does them that way sometimes. Just depends on the gun or Sean's mood. I think he also does the AK shotguns like that but not 100% sure.
  15. Glad you got it figured out. Also I've found that the extended FP sometimes are slightly too tight for the hole. I've had to check many of them in a drill and run some fine grit sand paper on the tip area to get them to go in/out smooth.
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