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  1. Hi Guy! I understand. I'm wondering if the geometry of the ramp is different between 45ACP and 38 Super?
  2. Hi all. I did a search but didn't find anything useful. I have a alloy non-ramped 1911 frame for 45ACP and want to run a 38 Super upper. One option I like is to run a non-ramped 38Super barrel on the frame to minimize frame work. I'm hoping the shape of the 45 ACP ramp area will reliably feed 38Super ammo without modification. Anyone have any experience with this? If the 45 ACP ramp area won't work, what reshaping is required to reliably feed the 38 Super rounds in a non-ramped 38 Super 1911? Thanks
  3. No. That rule did not change in the latest update.
  4. A pic of the underside of the replacement slide might provide some clues.
  5. Why? You think it will get too heated? My original question hasn't been answered yet.
  6. The USPSA newsletter just announced rule changes. "In the February 2021 USPSA Board of Directors Meeting, a few rules were updated..." My question is when do these go into effect? Immediately? Or not until the rule book is updated and re-released? Here are the specific changes to the rules: o App. D2-D7, Item 14 – Changed to ‘Yes, must be functional’o App. D4, D5, D7, Item 12 – Removed reference to App. E3o App. D4, D5, D7, Item 20, 4th bullet point – Removed ‘Magazines may not be retained through magnetic means.’o App. E3 – Deleted bottom diagram showing equipment pos
  7. I run mine with a Springco recoil management Guide rod and 10 LB spring.
  8. jwhittin


    As best I can measure: I measure the lid inside diameter as 0.680" (looks like my caliper tip is all the way in the grove). Measuring the O-ring directly is difficult because its so flexible. Laying on a flat surface I get: O-ring ID = 0.525" O-ring thickness (dia) = 0.025" O-ring OD = 0.680" I hope this helps. Sig will probably send you some new ones.
  9. Absolutely agree. Plus they are so easy to use with very simple controls. I also have the Shooting Chrony. It works well but I hate the cryptic controls ( push Fu 3 time, stand on head, release, what for flash, push twice, ...). PITA.
  10. To answer your question, you stop and tell the range officer. They will assist you in making sure the gun is safe. As Kraj said, its a DQ if the competitor tries to clear the squib during the course of fire.
  11. I heard back from GGP. Al said they saw a few problems with some of the original slides but not much after that. He fixed me up with a new V1 or V2 of my choice.
  12. Anyone have any, or heard of any, issues with the P320 GGP version 1 slide cracking(splitting)? I bought one and used it last season. Put about 5k rounds on it. I noticed it was split starting from the rear of one of the side lightening cuts going straight back for about an inch. I can see a faint split on the inside as well. I contacted GGP and sent pictures. I’m waiting to hear back from them. I did a web search but didn’t find any hits. Just checking to see if it’s a know issue or just a fluke.
  13. I was thinking breech face insert like Infinity. But I don’t think anyone offers a service to replace or modify the breech face of a slide.
  14. I completely understand. Whatever ammo you are able to get, I recommend checking accuracy so you know how it performs. Best of luck with the house and Happy New Year!
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