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  1. Yes, I would contact STI. That is not normal. I've never seen that in that location. They should correct it no matter where you currently reside. Was the gun purchased new or was the frame bought and used for a 2011 build?
  2. I have the analog one. Works great.
  3. Oh the trigger guard. No such thing as a frame lug. Yes, I had an aluminum frame that cracked at the trigger guard. Just kept getting worse. Switched to a polymer grip.
  4. I had a lug break clearly due to improper fitting. Upon close inspection you could see where lug contact occurred as the frame was not properly relieved. Manufacture replaced the barrel under warranty. Worth trying. A reputable company should fix it.
  5. It depends what you need. Having a competent smith do the work will cost around $150 to $200 just for the labor but it's worth it. A good quality ignition kit such as EGW runs around $140. Add shipping if not local. Most smiths will only do 3-5 lb trigger jobs. Below 3 lbs is only recommended for completion shooting.
  6. Finally! Some who understands. This is EXACTLY how my process is supposed to be used!!!
  7. So you replaced the link? And followed Vma606 test? As mentioned, it's important to make sure you maintain the pressure on the barrel. And just to clarify, the slide stop pin should rotate (swing) around the pin axis with no side to side motion. Even if it doesn't rotate (swing) completely freely but you can easily rotate it with a gentle nudge that's okay too (the link increments are not that fine). If this checks out then I would agree, it was probably a bad link pin.
  8. I agree, you should have the barrel fitting checked by a competent smith and let them install a new link pin.
  9. Just curious about your experience with J-Ames Bullets. I want to give them a try but not sure about their customer service. Thanks.
  10. I heard back from Chuck at Shooters Connection. The retainer clips are in the spare parts kit they just may not be listed or shown in the picture for some reason. He also sells them separately for $5. Ordered and shipped within an hour! Thanks Chuck.
  11. There are two bars that come with the holster. That bar doesn't work for the 2011. Too bad that's the only one Aarredondo lists. I reached out to rescomp and one of the distributors. Waiting to hear. Thanks for your post.
  12. This is the replaceable plastic bar that the trigger guard slides in and out of to hold the gun in place. It comes in a couple sizes. The spacer kits for the WSM2 do not come with the trigger guard clips as far as I can tell. Its a 50 cent part, don't know why its not readily available. Anyone know where to get them? I need one for a 2011. Here is a pic. Thanks.
  13. Remove your grip safety and thumb safety so you can visually see what's happening during the reset. I had a similar problem and it turned out the trigger bow was loose vertically and shifting positions during reset.
  14. I will add that for 1911/2011s there must be some small space to allow the barrel to move up and down into battery. I assume the same is true for the M&P. If the hood is too long it will cause reliability issues. Sounds like you are not having any problems so I wouldn't worry about it.
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