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  1. What do you mean by covering up? Have the ports welded closed?
  2. Maybe it was cut to accept a custom ramp attachment? Kinda like the breachface inserts?
  3. I’ve built two using CK Arms 2011 frames. To keep cost down, found a Para Tomasie slide on eBay. Used a caspian slide on the other. Don’t know what’s available these days. Looks like Shooters Connection has a good selection of Cheely frames and caspian slides. You might be able to buy a fitted kit but it will cost more. Brazos is another good option. Jem Guns is another option but I don’t know much about them. I have a 1911 frame on order so I will find out.
  4. Welcome back! Your timing is good. Note that the removal of App E equipment placement limitations is in the March21 change log not the rule book yet. But it was effective in March21.
  5. Well if that's true then maybe.
  6. No the breach face cuts are different sizes. Someone might make a conversion barrel (40S&W outside dimensions but shoots 9mm bullets)? Not sure.
  7. No matter what division you shoot, I'm learning that its really important to identify and prioritize what skills you really need to focus on. That can be difficult to self assess. Are you able to take a training class or do a focused session with a M or GM that is a good instructor? I'm finding that has been helpful for me.
  8. Ah, that makes sense! Now I understand. I'm still shooting dot focused but have tried target focused through the dot. Hard to do. I'll try this technique. Thanks
  9. Hi Guy! I understand. I'm wondering if the geometry of the ramp is different between 45ACP and 38 Super?
  10. Hi all. I did a search but didn't find anything useful. I have a alloy non-ramped 1911 frame for 45ACP and want to run a 38 Super upper. One option I like is to run a non-ramped 38Super barrel on the frame to minimize frame work. I'm hoping the shape of the 45 ACP ramp area will reliably feed 38Super ammo without modification. Anyone have any experience with this? If the 45 ACP ramp area won't work, what reshaping is required to reliably feed the 38 Super rounds in a non-ramped 38 Super 1911? Thanks
  11. No. That rule did not change in the latest update.
  12. A pic of the underside of the replacement slide might provide some clues.
  13. Why? You think it will get too heated? My original question hasn't been answered yet.
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