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  1. I was thinking breech face insert like Infinity. But I don’t think anyone offers a service to replace or modify the breech face of a slide.
  2. I completely understand. Whatever ammo you are able to get, I recommend checking accuracy so you know how it performs. Best of luck with the house and Happy New Year!
  3. To add more about the accuracy question. I had a similar experience as Rowdy. I also shoot CO and I realized my trigger control was terrible at speed and have had success in correcting that and improving my at-speed accuracy. But I had also noticed an inherent accuracy issue. After bench testing my reloads (i.e., using a bench-supported grip) at 20 yrds, I learned that there was a HUGE difference in accuracy among my competition loads. I have two main competition reloads (because of the supply shortage). Of course this is possible with any gun and is not specific to the X5.
  4. The rule book states - "Modular frames in the 1911 style". If a so called modular "2011" frame, which operates with single or double stack feeding device, isn't a modular 1911 style, then I don't know what is. Sure would be nice if the definitions were clear.
  5. Correct. That language is in the March 2020 V2 rule book. Again I ask, what is an example of a " Modular frames in the 1911 style" if a so called "2011 frame" is not allowed. We are talking about the frame, not the grip.
  6. Very confusing. So what is an example of a " Modular frames in the 1911 style" ? All the modular frames I can think of are called "2011 frames" even though that has nothing to do with the size of the feeding device.
  7. After re-reading the rules, a 2011 frame is of modular "1911 style" and is allowed. The restrictions are on the magazines not the grip. So it looks like any grip that will accept a 1911 magazine that you can attach to a 2011 frame is allowed. Is that your understanding?
  8. I interpret "Modular frames in the 1911 style, which use traditional single stack 1911 magazines" would rule out a widebody grip, period. If you look at the specs for the Staccato C, the grip is of Single Stack design.
  9. Here it is. D5 Special Conditions Frames must be metal. Modular frames in the 1911 style, which use traditional single stack 1911 magazines, are allowed. No wide body magazines, including those adapted to feed in a single column, may be used.
  10. This may be moot anyway. I think for single stack the frame has to be metal. Checking now.
  11. The outside grip width is 1" (consistent with single stacks). So I think it was designed for a single stack mag. Its not a double stack grip modified to accept a single stack mag.
  12. No. You also cant use SS mags made to fit a double stack frame. There is language about that in the rules. Don't know where off the top of my head.
  13. The Staccato C is a single stack. Their other models are double stacks. It depends on the size of the magazines the gun accepts. Wide body frames are not SS legal. See D5 Special notes. And because of the ports in the slide of the S&W it is not SS legal. See D5-22.
  14. Update - I smoothed the hood corner and the slide cutout edge and it seems to be working now. Will see if it happens again. Hopefully that's all it needed.
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