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  1. Yes, along with a long sleeve white shirt/tie......too darn hot Texas for that during the summer....
  2. I'm very happy with my Deadair Sandman S on my 300BLK. Though, I don't bother with subs any more. Body armor is too common these days, so I only run 110 grain Hornady ammo in mine.
  3. I've got a SIlencerCo Octane 9 on my 9mm AR/SBR and I love it. Never used it on a pistol though....It's rated for 9mm and subsonic 300BLK.
  4. The most important thing I found, back when I was dry firing frequently is if you do it inside, made sure to have A LOT of light to help you focus on your front sight. Otherwise, you are training yourself to accept a less that perfect front sight picture.
  5. Looks used to me. They do put a couple mags through them before they ship, but that looks like more than that.
  6. RangerTrace

    Ben Stoeger

    Just a couple, but he's still learning the gig...
  7. I've been running the DPP 2.5 MOA dots on my CO and duty gun since January with no issues, other than I'm still slower with the dot. I just switched to a 5 MOA SRO for my match gun this week and actually won a couple stages yesterday. I think the larger dot and window on the SRO may help me start to see some actual improvement.
  8. Based on advice from BJ Norris, I recently bought an SRO with the 5MOA dot to replace a DPP with the 2.5 MOA dot. Only because it appears Leupold has discontinued the 7.5 MOA triangle. I honestly can't tell the difference between the two optics other than the DPP does have clearer glass. My eyes cannot discern the difference between the 2.5 and 5.0 MOA dots.
  9. Agreed. Squeeze ahead, but wear glasses and body armor.....
  10. OP, you shot a pretty solid match as I see it. #30 something out of hundreds. Good for you. Seriously. Now get on to the realization that no match will ever satisfy every contestant/shooter. You have great ideas and those match directors will gladly welcome your help next year.
  11. Great idea and I can't wait to do the same thing with my kiddo!!
  12. I've got some things to figure out and buy, before I put myself in the stress of a match...….
  13. My very first center fire rifle was a Universal M1 Carbine. I wanted one after watching The Eagle Has Landed. There were a ton of them in that movie and they sounded really quiet. As a young boy, who had been teased by an uncle with fireworks, quieter seemed better....... Now look at me.
  14. Mine have been 2011 style pistols
  15. Lots of agencies in Texas allow a 1911 style duty gun. Most of your 100+ man Departments issue guns and the majority of those won't be 1911. It's the smaller, rural agencies that let cops buy and carry what they want, within reason. Rangers, Tarrant County SO, Parker County SO, Palo Pinto SO, Hurst PD and Bedford PD are some of the agencies around here that allow a 1911. Bedford and Hurst issue Kimbers.
  16. It seems some of you cannot read, it's not about contracts, it's about individual sales and they are selling/shipping 80 guns a day according to Tony. As far as the name change goes, who cares. SVI changed their name 10 years ago to Infinity firearms, but 99% of shooters still refer to them as SV or SVI. I like the name STI, but can certainly see why they want to change it. It's their company and their call to make. This is an easy call to make. If you don't like what they are selling don't buy it. I've had much more expensive guns not run as good as these pistols have so far. While I'm not into the 10's of thousands yet, I'm working on it and have been very pleased so far.
  17. I wish they would, because IDPA CO is what I shoot with my Stacatto P DUO.
  18. No doubt. I work on the border with those guys pretty frequently and they are ready to get the new Glocks!!
  19. There are only a few agency contracts that I know of. Most of their LE sales are to individual officers like us. They are building/shipping over 60 pistols a day, so somebody is buying them and the dealers around DFW can't keep them on the shelf. As far as reliability goes, whether it's the new mags or better QC, I'm not sure, but I've got 4 in my safe and they all run, period. And I'm getting the same reviews from all of my co-workers who bought them as well. Believe me, I put the group purchase together, and they'd be burning my phone up if they were having issues. I was at STI a couple weeks ago, getting some grip/trigger work done and based on what I heard, I think we'll see them offer more competition based pistols in the future. ANd I hope so. I'm enjoying IDPA Carry Optics enough, they I would think hard about a 9mm major open gun.
  20. Welcome!! Read, search and read some more.
  21. Alamo Precision Rifles 20" 6.5 Creedmoor, MullerWorks barrel, Trigger Tech trigger, McMillan stock and trued Remington 700 left handed action with bottom metal of some kind that I can't remember. It's kind of a PRS/Hunting hybrid. Putting a Athlon Ares 4.5-27 on it. Not a top shelf optic, but won't hold me back.
  22. I'm very happy with mine and it's a must if you have an RF-100...unfortunately.
  23. The SAME jacket material * The SAME nose shape. *The SAME diameter. *The SAME weight. *The SAME cartridge OAL *The SAME propellant charge weight *The SAME brass case headstamp *The SAME primer *Fired from the SAME barrel/firearm with the barrel rifling chemically cleaned BETWEEN shots. Well, pardon me, but wouldn't that make it an identical round of ammunition? I think people do it to give the reader/reloader a place to start or stay away from.
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