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  1. I'm sure this is a cool pistol design, but y'all need to get on the same sheet of music. There are like 4+ threads going about this same pistol.......
  2. Just be ready to be frustrated with the primer feeding until you get everything set up perfectly.
  3. The STI Stacatto retails for 1999.
  4. I attempted to save some more pennies a round by buying from RMR. But their website wouldn't work for either of my cards. Kept getting strange error messages even when I called them. I'll stick with Roze until I can't get them. When and if that happens, I may try MG. But I didn't see a 147 grain JHP on their site.
  5. New? Not hardly. While I'm no longer (not currently) a high volume shooter, I haven't had an issues getting 147 grain JHPs since I started loading 9mm a couple years ago. Prior to that I got 180 grain 40S&W projectiles from Roze or Danny at AAA. But y'all stay miffed at them, so I can buy my measly 1K a month from them. LOL
  6. There weren't any restrictions. You just had to be laying on the ground. I've only had to shoot prone in a match 2-3 times in the last 10 years, which is why I haven't taken the time to see what works for me. I need to change that.
  7. I've been very happy with the KKM barrels in my CK and Cheely pistols. Thankfully, I've had pretty good luck getting ZERO bullets lately and since they are .02 cents cheaper than MG, I hope my luck continues.
  8. I only load 9mm myself. Loaded on a 650 w/o a BF for nearly 10 years. Upgraded to a 1050 a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. Hope to get a BF for Christmas. I know the partial "up" stroke to seat a primer on the 650 doesn't seem like much, but once you no longer have to do it, it seems like half the work. The other thing that is saving me a lot of time, is that I (more or less) have to leave the powder hopper full now because it's not nearly as easy to empty as the 650 was. It worries me a little bit because my press is in the garage. But I'll get over it.
  9. No prescription glasses, I remember a part of Brian's book where he describes laying the arm out on the ground with your cheek on your arms. Whatever, couldn't make anything work!
  10. I need them. We had a prone stage at a recent IDPA State match. While I didn't do great, I didn't have any mikes either. I had to put together our qualifications and training for the west side of Company "B", and I decided to set up a drill that required going prone to hit a "C" zone steel target at about 40 yards. While I can easily destroy my co-workers on pistol shooting in the standing position, virtually all of them toasted me on the drill that required us to shoot the pistol prone. I tried another 3 mags of ammo, once we were done and I still couldn't find the sweet spot for my sights. I'd done this before and remember leaning to the side worked pretty well. Nothing worked for me today. I hope I never have to shoot from underneath a car, but just in case I do, I hope someone here has the magic potion answer to shooting prone with a pistol. (iron sights)
  11. It's an amazing product and how can one argue that the lubricant staying where you put it, is a bad thing. I only shoot 9mm minor now, so I use Slide Glide Lite year round. But when it gets really cold, I use the tub blended with Weapon Shield.
  12. I add Weaponshield to the slide glide for cold weather shooting.
  13. Most of my experience comes from SV. The prefer internal slide lightening and sight tracker cut because they believe lightening cuts/holes weaken the slide.
  14. Agreed. I've got a 10.5" A-6 thats been perfect. I was pretty disappointed. But the LANTAC pistol will work better on body armor anyway.....
  15. I don't know if all of them do this, but this one turns into a jam o matic if you touch the magazine while shooting. I sold it already to fund a LANTAC .300BLK pistol.
  16. I run an EGW U-die and haven't had a single case fail the case gauge since I started using it. Highly recommend it.
  17. Josh, mind posting a couple of pics of your setup?
  18. So, Lee Neel came over a couple weeks ago to make sure I had the 1050 set up properly because was having some primer issues and had never really loading on a 1050 before. The primer block/slide was already slick enough, so we just added the brass tipped 650 primer tube and ditched the ratchet system. He also installed the swager for me. The Lee micro adjustable bullet seater was a PITA as it requires the bullet to be nearly perfectly straight, so I swapped it out with a Dillon seating die. It really is amazing how much faster/easier it is to load on a 1050 vs. 650. If you only load one caliber and you are thinking about making the switch, do it. So here is a question for you guys. Lee advised I should get an expander die to run over the swager. I've read up on them, and it seems my powder die is taking care of the belling for me. Do any of you run an expander die? If it matters, I plan on getting a bullet feeder as my Christmas/birthday gift in a couple months.
  19. I got my Dillon seating die installed this week and man it makes a huge difference on speed/ease of loading.
  20. I had one for a while. It was very reliable with decent accuracy. But at the end of the day, I prefer a 2011 style pistol, so I ditched it.
  21. Something to remember, only change one thing at a time or you won't know exactly what solved the issue.
  22. By the way, after reading more of the posts here, this thread is close to being closed. Be polite or don't post.
  23. Only if SWAT operators take over the shooting sports. With a 1.5 pound trigger, the last thing I would want is a glove on my hand. Sure, it would help grip the pistol with sweaty hands, but thats about it.
  24. I get it. Brand new STI springs suck. Grams are made for capacity. Try the 11 coil ISMI, they are at least 3" longer than stock STI 11 coil springs.
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