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  1. Welcome to the forums. How old are the kids? Where do you shoot?
  2. I get that 100%. I'm not on a battlefield where I will be shooting 1000s of rounds. Heck, I've made it 27 years without having to shoot without ear pro yet. But, if I do have to use my rifle, I want it to perform at it's highest level. If that means I give up a little hearing......I'm ok with that.
  3. Ran this little rig today and a local IDPA match. I'm very happy with the CCG/RHT combination. Managed to pick up 1st ESP on their first outing.
  4. I've got a Lantac Dragon on my issued M4. Sure it's a little loud, but it runs like a 3gun rifle now and it takes my suppressor if I want/need it to. If the S##t goes down, you aren't gonna hear it anyway........
  5. THIS^^^^^^^^CCI SPP is the only primers I use. Those with the power adjustment on the lower side work 99.99 percent of the time.
  6. Keep an eye on your slide. Remove the slide and barrel and look and the underside of the slide for wear marks. A co-worker of mine sheared off barrels lugs on his OZ9 twice. In less than 3000 rounds. My unqualified opinion is the two front corners of the barrel hood are striking the underneath of the slide during recoil, causing too much force when the barrel lug hits the locking block. On a polymer Glock frame, the frame can flex a bit. ZEV engineered the flex out of the OZ9. I don't own one any more. It's a great concept, but I think there is more work to be done.
  7. Matt doesn't build very many guns these days, so I consider myself fortunate to have him build me another one.....Hard Chrome slide/frame, aluminum E2 grip with a modified texture for carry. Just reached 1000 rounds this weekend without a single failure of any kind.
  8. Danny Wisner (former owner of Atlanta Arms and Ammo) once told me that a lot of Steel Challenge shooters use 115 grain bullets because they factor in flight time in SC. Before I converted my press to 9mm, I shot thousands of rounds of Blaser Brass 115 grain ammo. It was great. I'm sure RMR is pretty similar to it.
  9. Unless something has changed, you have the option of a non-pivoting billet grip safety, which took the place of the old way of pinning a grip safety. Or you can request a functioning grip safety for IDPA, Carry use, etc.
  10. My experience has been longer is better for .40, even with the several INfinity pistols I've had in the past. For 9mm, factory has been just fine for some reason.
  11. Good information, thank you!!
  12. Great question and I feel your pain. About a year ago, my local eye doc got my contact prescription dialed in to 20/15. It was amazing for distance. But, it completely wiped out my near vision. I couldn't even see the odometer in my truck. Thankfully, Enos Moderator Youngeyes in a really good eye doc and shooter. He hooked me up with a multivision contact for my dominant eye. For me, the +1.0 works best. It lets me see the serrations on my front sight without giving me a weird sensation while driving. Anything higher that +1.0 feels weird.
  13. Like anything LWRC it's expensive. Retail is $2995. Mags are $60 from LWRC but UMP mags appear to be available elsewhere for around $45. It is multicaliber and I'm told there will be a 9mm conversion in the future. It uses a delayed blowback recoil system and has very light recoil compared to your typical 9mm AR. I can't wait to see how the 9mm version shoots! It is a pistol, so no stamp required.
  14. I sold my GMR-15 to help pay for this badass little thing. I'm rarely "overly" impressed with new guns.....but this thing is awesome. I'm not talking USPSA/IDPA awesome. I'm talking home defense/truck gun.
  15. https://store.otdefense.com/pages/safariland-7ts-holster-review-and-torture-test I love this guy's nub mod for the ALS button. This test is kinda long, but somewhat entertaining......
  16. I think you will agree, once you fondle one.
  17. The Stacatto serrations are far more functional than the old standard STI style serrations. They're deep enough that they probably do give a bit of slide lightening as well.
  18. I don't think they've made it back into business, but my favorite armor is Dragon Skin by Pinnacle. I bought my own back in 2007 or so when two of my Henderson County Deputies where murdered. While it's out of date, it's still the armor I carry in the back seat and wear when the need arises. I'm not really a fan of ceramic plates because of their multiple hit performance. We are issued some really light weight plates from Point Blank. If I had some decent/current soft armor to wear under it, I might wear it instead of the Dragon Skin.
  19. ^^^^^^this is a good solution to the grip safety issue. My Cheely IDPA/Duty gun arrives today!!
  20. I think we have the best of both worlds. We have a Department issued pistol/rifles, but my Division allows us to qualify with 2 in-lieu-of pistols and 2 in-addition-to pistols.
  21. Guns blowing up are generally an ammo issue, not a gun issue. I'm pretty certain those LAPD guys are paying for those STIs just like we are. But who knows....
  22. It is good to know. Digging a little deeper into my memory, I do recall some training with various positions on the ground, but they were all prior to this model Safariland holster.
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