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  1. I emailed Max last night, got reply this morning. Max recommend using Coaches Eye, it is in the App Store. Shot Coach no longer available
  2. Mine works also but looks like it is not available now
  3. Told a friend about it and he tried to find it on the App Store or a google search. He could not find it and neither could I. Anyone know if it is still available.
  4. Does not say or show. Guessing 2 ft based on length of lines compared to other listed measurements. But only a guess.
  5. I ordered both. Make good Christmas present. Thanks all for input
  6. My son started shooting this year. Which Ben Stoeger Training Book would be the most beneficial for improving skills. His accuracy is good not classified yet but would be a c level according to some we have set up and ran.
  7. I don’t think they are better, just cheaper and compared to cast lubed lead bullet a lot less smoke and no lead build up. A way to make the cast bullet more acceptable to shooters and a up sell for the manufacture.
  8. If the gun is functioning fine just remove FPS and file down the area that is causing the problem.
  9. Been there done that, Gun, (right gun type wrong caliber in gun bag,) mags, (40’s and 9 look a lot alike) Ammo, (wrong power factor) but luckily not all at the same time
  10. Just finished this gun, test firing, cloudy day never saw any flame, yellow-orange while shooting it, neither did the person using the camera. This is from the video which was done in slow-mo and the loaded into ShotCoach and the ran at 1/10 speed. Was only able to then catch it in one frame of the 1/10 speed of shot coach. Don’t think there would be a problem unless it was almost dark.
  11. Get a slide that needs to be fitted to the frame. Will probably have to remove material from the bottom of the slide to get it to go on the frame. You might get lucky on the frame rail width compared to where the rail fits in the slide but pretty doubtful. Will probably need to have the frame rails tig welded to add material to make them wider them mill them back to fit the slide. I have had it done and if the person is a excellent welder when it is finished you cannot tell it was ever done. If you have to pay someone to do all that work would probably cost the same as having it railed, but once it is railed it will always have to be sent out to have a replacement slide fitted if it is ever needed
  12. Medium flat rate box from usps around 16 dollars plus what FFL charges for transfer fee
  13. I just had mine tig welded and the machined back to original flat on top of battle. No more gas one lense
  14. I am left handed so I cut one oil of the mag catch spring and use my middle fingertips release, trigger finger along frame and right hand going for new mag. Works great for me
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