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  1. Fords hard chrome is done in house. I had them chrome guns that I prepared for plating. Dropped them off on the first of the week and got them back before the weekend.
  2. FYI. Watch for pitting on the breech face. Had that happen on my gun after 400 rounds with Federal SPP. I think they were to soft for that gun - bullet- powder combination
  3. I believe the case is not well supported in the factory barrel. FYI. Try this with your legion. Push the slide Back about 1/4 hold it there and then try the trigger. Then Let it move about 1/16 forward hold there are try the trigger again. See if the striker falls. Mine does. At that point the barrel is up and the slide is touching the hood. So they will fire when the slide is not fully forward and would this condition be the issue for bulges and case separation? Just an observation. Mine blew a case, extractor gone and grip module is now missing a big piece. Pic shows ( in my op
  4. That’s what I though was discussed. Found some CCI. Off the LGS I go. thanks
  5. I did a search but had no luck finding info on this. Anyone use small rifle primers for open? Any issues? I know it has been discussed before
  6. 1 1/2 inch light angle 2@22” 2@18” 2@25” 2@6” 3/8 x 1 flat stock 5@18” 1 x 2 inch tubing 2@6” 1 inch OD pipe 2@18”. Can weld nut inside pipe and use bolt for pivot point thru upright 3/8 inch nuts and bolts and a weight around 20-25 pounds should be able to figure out from picture where to drill holes and if any questions can email or post here
  7. They have these at club in Florida. It depends how high u set the steel in front of the target to increase or decrease the amount of the target that shows when bobing and how much of the head shows when at rest. Then add distance and it can be a easy or difficult depending on skill level of the shooter. The steel will ring so you know if you miss low and can make up shots
  8. Made up this Bobber target. Can give material list and dimensions of anyone is interested. Requires addition wood or metal stand to hold piece of plate steel to block off part of the target. If you have some weights laying around cost of the steel around 30 dollars
  9. I emailed Max last night, got reply this morning. Max recommend using Coaches Eye, it is in the App Store. Shot Coach no longer available
  10. Mine works also but looks like it is not available now
  11. Told a friend about it and he tried to find it on the App Store or a google search. He could not find it and neither could I. Anyone know if it is still available.
  12. Does not say or show. Guessing 2 ft based on length of lines compared to other listed measurements. But only a guess.
  13. I ordered both. Make good Christmas present. Thanks all for input
  14. My son started shooting this year. Which Ben Stoeger Training Book would be the most beneficial for improving skills. His accuracy is good not classified yet but would be a c level according to some we have set up and ran.
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