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  1. I am up for a membership fee. I have gained some great info on this site over the years. I have sold some things over the years as well. I don't have Paypal so that is out for me. Lets get the membership going, this site needs to keep in operation.
  2. The slots cut in your slide looks like Matt Mclearns work. Matt learned from George and Behlerts. There is a lot of weight removed. The cuts George did were two long slots, same width and cut all of the way through like yours. George had similar slots cut through on each side of the back of the slides. Springfield Custom also offered the side cuts at one time for weight loss. I would like to see smith's offer these cuts , but not many folks do it anymore. Very low reciprocating weight mean less sight movement, simple physics. Thanks for sharing the pics, Matt does great work. I remember back when extraction was a issue when C-Mores were being mounted so low. I talked to Matt and he told me the number to cut my ejection port lower on my slide, I cut my slide and the ejection issue was gone. Many, many years ago.
  3. I like the idea and would love to see it. I think Sig holds the patent on the infusion. Not sure, but STI could sell some grips. Not sure if they would even be interested if possible. Yes, tungsten is expensive, but it would not raise the price that much, since the molds are already made. I am speculating on this though, since I only have experience in cutting up grips.
  4. Bunker Hill advertises a sight base or a complete sight that has to be milled for a Bo-Mar style sight if that is what you are looking for. It uses the Novak base cut. It opens up more options for the Novak cut. I plan on trying it myself down the road. For me, I don't like the looks of the Novak style adjustable sights. I prefer the looks of the true target sight (Bo-Mar) over the adjustable fixed look styles.
  5. I remember back in the day, George Smith of EGW had a aluminium framed steel challenge 9mm that was so light, that it felt like a toy. It had cuts in the slide that you could see the ejector and extractor through the sides, as well as see all the way through the slide and see the firing pin. That was back when we all had big tube sights as well. I can't imagine that set up today with the small dots today. I built a Kimber 22 for my son and daughter to shoot and it also so light weight with the frame and slide both being aluminium.
  6. I have a Citadel /Rock Island inexpensive little pistol that I picked up for my son to shoot. I bought a used Para ramped barrel from a member here, checkered the pistol and it runs like a top. 9 rounders, 10 rounders, flat points, round nose, anything I put in it. I am not a big name brand person, all though I have 2 Springfield's done by Rich at Canyon Creek that are also flawless. I grab the cheap pistol for the matches. The cheap Citadel/Rock Island turned out great, but I do have to say that the Canyon Creek pistols have the looks over the Citadel. But with a price tag of 2K difference, they should. I could sell the Canyon Creek pistols and buy multiple Citadel/Rock Islands, but since Rich is no longer building pistols, I think I will hang on to them. I enjoy the little 9mm in a single stacks as well as my 2011's.
  7. I would be in if they did not try to gouge the market. Could possibly bring the steel grip prices down some.
  8. As mentioned , your mount is either crooked on your rifle or it is the quality of the mount.
  9. Larue for the money . If the funds are not a issue , then Hyper Fire. Larue for $80 is tough to beat and a $12 JP spring kit makes it even better.
  10. Grab a gun has Rem/Para's . They are a little longer than the original . They hold 18 with the factory base pad. I had bought some for my Rock Island and they worked out great. Did not shoot the pistol very much so I sold them with the pistol.
  11. You can get either. They sell one cut for a reverse plug and one without. When I built mine, they were out of the reverse plug cut so I purchased the standard slide, since I could cut a reverse plug.
  12. I had a Limcat years ago. He is a artist for sure and builds awesome pistols. I remember that Johnny had a question for me , and he called me at 02:30 in the morning. Of coarse me being on the east coast , I was sleeping well. Johnny still working on the west coast back then. It was worth it. Great pistols.
  13. What type of ramp cut do you have ? Wilson/Nowlin or Clark/Para . Hooper Gun Works sells complete Rock Island slides with sights for less than $200 and TR Enabling sells barrels for around $120 in either ramp cut. The R/I slides are forged and as good as any. You would need a firing pin and a firing pin stop, as well as a extractor for the slide. Not a lot spent for a new topend. TR Enabling barrels are the barrels that are used in the CZ 1911's. Great shooting barrels. TR Enabling also sells complete topends, not sure of the ramp configurations. Don't know if that would put you into to much money spent, but it is another option. As shred mentioned, I don't know of any barrel conversions similar to the Glock conversions for a 1911 due to the difference in the breech face.
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