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  1. Should, but all do not have ramped barrels.
  2. Which one of the 9mm HC come with ramped barrels. I don't want to buy one and then have to have a ramped barrel cut in.
  3. I had the Pro series 40 back when it was hard to figure out what mags would work and what would not. The pistol was the most accurate 40 that I have ever had. That includes some that cost 3 times the money. I would get another one. I wish they would make the same pistol in 9mm.
  4. A good smith can make you one on what you already have as well
  5. As mentioned, polish the plunger and the safety before cutting coils
  6. I have a White Oak Armament that I ran suppressed for a while, now it is not suppressed. Very accurate and works great.
  7. SLR here also. I used both SLR gas block and hand guard. When I back off 3 gun in competition, I used a normal gas block and the Matrix hand guards. Very inexpensive, but not the same as a tuned gas system and LMBC group for competition.
  8. Thanks for the reply back on this matter. I think even the Zenith is more money than a MPX, not that it matters. I can't do either now.
  9. How soft is the MP-5 over the AR and MPX. It has been a very long time since I shot a MP-5 and back then, PCC was never thought of.
  10. I think the C/F offerings going for the MPX is over priced. I know C/F is expensive but they don't even look good. I would shave/machine the one you have, or do you know a good welder ? It could not be any worse than what is on the market at this time.
  11. True. The MPX is a little tough on reloads, but nothing practice can't overcome. Good luck.
  12. Be careful. Most folks that get into the MPX and start calling them junk and wont run is because of the mouse fart loads. The gun will run with good ammo and give you the soft shooter that it is. The gun shoots so soft that sometimes the extra light loads don't pay off in a rifle that doesn't cycle 100%. I shot factory Federal in mine and it never missed a beat. Wish I had it back.
  13. If you are not shooting very long yardages, try 35 gr bullets. Amazing on hoser stages.
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