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  1. How many rounds do they hold that you can reload, and what type of pistol have they been used in ?


    Thanks in advance.


    1. Bwilmot


      They hold 20 reloadable and they were used in a RIA tac ultra .40.  I ran them for bout 6 months and they are in very good condition 

  2. I have had not had good luck with the TF. Would not work. I have a custom welded mag from a friend that is a retired Aero Space welder. Works flawless.
  3. Also, if you trim the base plate spring guide you can run 24 rounds.
  4. I grew up in the panhandle of Wva. Just south of Weirton Wva.
  5. The main thing with the stock is that which ever you choose, it needs to be solid and give you the same cheek weld every shot. Were at in Pa. I had family in the Waynesburg area, also spent a lot of time around Little Washington.
  6. Rich is still doing work, unless it is just recent. He is on this site RIIID. Are you running a Rock Island in 40 or 9mm. I picked up a used, newer Pro 40 and the Remington R1 mags work in 40. If you are running a 9mm Para or Rock you could make a 170 easily. I have a friend that is a Aero Space welder that has made me longer mags. The RP9 mags work and are cheap. Two of them welded together could make a great 170 mag. I remember when Todd J. had a 140 mag made for his Para that held 22 rnds.
  7. Rich at Canyon Creek Customs does great trigger guard work and he can move the trigger guard forward. Tell Rich, Tommy Roupe told you to call. Rich done all of my square trigger guards and it makes a big difference with large hands. I fall into the same category. Robbie Leatham has all of his trigger guards done that way. The pistol rest and points better for me with the square trigger guard. I wish Robbie could chime in on it.
  8. Thanks, I will check red hill out.
  9. I won a auction on a Pro 40. I think I may add a 9mm topend. Now I have to try and remember what Kydex holster will work with the huge dust cover.
  10. Well , I got another RIA 40. Looking forward to shooting it. Can remember what kydex holster will work since the dust cover is bigger than a Edge.
  11. Steve , when you see George, tell him Tommy Roupe (Grip Man) said hello. George gave me that name when I was doing grips.
  12. Benny Hill out your way has done some great work on the RIA and he set them up for STI mags.
  13. Smoking Hole made some like that many years ago, and some were done for the Speed Shooters International by Aaron Harris. Harris was a different kind of guy, but he was a artists with steel.
  14. Was there a actual difference detected in the Tacom Wave Spring when installed ?
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