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  1. Springfield and have some tuning done, or call Jeff Abernathy at Tommy Guns.
  2. Hyperfire and JP as a second choice
  3. Derek built some very nice pistols. Hope you did not spend a fortune. Nice pistol. Enjoy and welcome.
  4. I don't know why they never brought it out. I was on board/
  5. I have had two of them. Both were very accurate and ran fine. If you get one for a decent price, the gun won't hold you back.
  6. Same here. Works well. I did add a small base pads that did not change capacity on a couple of mags. Cheely is some of the best going and Matt is a great guy.
  7. One other thing that I did not notice anyone mention was lube or how clean the pistol is. The springs will help and should get you where you need to be spring wise. Get some Brian Enos slide glide and don't be afraid to use it. Rails, barrel lugs, bushing, as well as a good liquid lube. Don't run it to dry. I use the B/E light and Advanced Weapons and Technologies lube. Do the springs and lube and you will be running fine. If that does not help, you may have another small issue.
  8. Rich is no longer doing work the last time I talked to him.
  9. Pistol mounted is the way to go. As you found out the laser helps a lot as well.
  10. Satern rifle barrels make top notch barrels. They will do 7-08 Had one and it shot great
  11. Hello troupe, did you get the frame I sold you put together? Would love to see it when its finished.

    1. troupe


      I have not done a thing with it yet,  sorry for the late response. I have been very busy at work.  Merry Christmas.

  12. Heavier spring should fix the problem
  13. In conjunction with the red dot. Red dot with the green dot directly under the red dot. Two dots on target really grabs your eye.
  14. I use the green 206 as well, but in a different way than anyone mentioned. I have mine mounted just in front off my Holosun and I use mine in conjunction with my red dot. I have my red dot sighted at approx 18 to 20 yds. The red dot is on top and just below is the green dot. To me, it seems to draw my eye quicker on the target and I feel that it lets me be more accurate on hard targets with hard cover. Also you may pick up the green dot coming up on a close target before the rifle is even mounted, if you get used to it, that may be quicker as well for you. Just me but you also have the ben
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