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  1. If you have not invested a lot of money, sell it all and buy a Sig MPX. The recoil is so much lighter with the Sig. You will have to pay for the lighter recoil because they are not cheap. It is night and day in the recoil. Shoot someones Sig side by side to a AR. If you stay with the AR platform, don't make it to lite, remember weight is on your side sometimes. You will be shocked. All of this being said, I had 2 Sigs, they were flawless, I loved them, but expensive. I still shoot my AR. I am lucky that I have not had the medical issues and I am a fairly good sized fellow.
  2. You won't be disappointed with Glenn, he is a master with a mill. I have had Glenn do some work and his work is world class.
  3. Not trying to side track your post on the hole in the frame, but it appears your grip might be cracked according to your pic. Just mentioning it.
  4. My father in law has some.. He has been selling some off. His cell is 252-531-8962. Tell him if you call that I (son-in-law Tom Roupe) told you to call.  His name is Bill, he is a HK Expert.

  5. Simple physics. Weight will help a light pistol. Ask Travis Tomasie about the weight of a pistol and transitions. I agree that Travis is not your average shooter, but he can articulate the light vs heavy pistol , plus it is different for each shooter. Weight is a good thing in a too light of a pistol.
  6. Yes, it would work on all platforms. Your RIA is not a bad pistol.
  7. EGW makes a mag catch that raises the mag a little. I am guessing that your barrel is not ramped either. Small tweaks. I have built 4 of those RIA's and they all turned out great and work well.
  8. Nate, welcome. Rich has just given very solid advise. He has the years and skills to back it up. You wont be rich working on guns, but if it is your passion, that will get old also dealing with the public, (Sorry Public). The only advise that I can give is to never forget, that is your name on that work. If you have the pride in your work, and you will have to stand behind your work, again because it is your name. You will run into those folks that know more than you do, and there will be nothing you do that you could satisfy them. Guess what they will work on smearing , your name. There has been a lot of folks that had the talent that started in the gunsmith business and produced good work , until the greed hit, meaning they tried to do it cheaper for higher profit. My first grip that I ever done was the same as the last grip that I done when I quit doing them. You will learn to work faster and more efficient, but don't scrimp on your quality. Only you will be the first person that will destroy your good name. Keep the pride, enjoy what you do, and you will make it. Good luck.
  9. RP9 Mags work, the only issue may be the base pads , if I Remember correctly
  10. I had one that I noticed the same thing. I did like the reticle better than the Razor, but I am back with the Razor.
  11. I have a White Oak Armament in 12.5 and it shoots very well with PMC Bronze 55's. It shoots well enough that I have never shot match ammo in it. WOA cut it to 12.5 for me. I also have never done mag dumps on it or any of my barrels. The barrel is a Wilson blank.
  12. Slide Glide light and Advanced Weapons Technologies oil. The best going.
  13. Ruger makes a alum frame commander in 9mm I think.
  14. Caspian produces great alum. frames. Accurails is a good option, give Doug a call, he would know best. I have a Kimber that I built for my children, but it is of coarse all alum.
  15. Back when I was shooting more, I had a green 206 and I used it all of the time. I know that this will be subjective, but I had my set up to where the green dot was just under my red dot on my optic. It seemed to draw my eye quicker to the aiming point. Maybe just me, but it worked out very well for me. I noticed mine even in bright day light.
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