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  1. troupe

    Aluminum carriers

    Just keep them lubed well and you will not believe the benefits from the very first shot if you have never shot one. When you are driving the gun hard on double taps, you will be amazed.
  2. troupe

    New White Oak 3-Gun Barrels

    I have used WOA barrels for years on my rifles and you will not regret a purchase from WOA. John knows accuracy with AR barrels. I have even shot 50gr factory loads that shoot .5 in my rifles.
  3. troupe

    66 round mag for Colt PCC shooters

    I have a friend that is a retired aerospace welder that made mine and it is 100 percent.
  4. troupe

    Production scope

    Tract 4x20 toric HD European world class glass and great tracking. You save a pile of money by leaving out the middleman.
  5. troupe

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    Merry Christmas mstamper.
  6. troupe

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    mstamper, I am not throwing anyone under a bus !! I don't need to do that. I have been in this sport way to long to have to resort to that. I don't know Robin, never shot with him, no reason to throw him under a bus. He is making money from shooters by producing a product that works most of the time, great for him. When a product is being made for shooters and a lot of money is being charged and it has to be altered to work, that speaks for itself. In all fairness to TF, tolerances have to be dealt with and allowed for. One mag will be different then the other. Got it ! Throwing someone under a bus, really . I am glad for you that you are a happy TF customer. I purchased one basepad and it did not work. I am speaking from other comments that theirs did not work either with out be altered. I also had a product for shooters that had started a standard for shooters today, textured grips. My grips had won World, National, Area, and State titles in the day. Now, everyone has textured grips and most do the grips themselves. You now see grips coming from the factory with higher trigger guard cuts as well as more aggressive texturing. When others started doing grips and making money at it, did I throw then under a bus. NO ! I was happy for them. The "under the bus" comment was un-called for.
  7. troupe

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    I have used both. TF was nothing but trouble. I have commented on multiple times and never heard a thing from TF. I would go with the TTI. Never had a issue with them.
  8. troupe

    How the hell did this happen??!!

    Not if it was in a bag
  9. troupe

    New Sig MPX ?

    Sounds familiar.
  10. troupe

    How the hell did this happen??!!

    If I had to guess, it has been bent by other forces, like you said, something dropped on it or could it have been dropped. If it has been dropped, there would sure be mark on the muzzle someplace. Is the bend at the end of the barrel nut, if so the bend came form something heavy being dropped on it. The barrel nut end would be a leverage point. It is not a manufacture defect that caused that. Keep us informed as to what you find out. Is there video cameras at the range ? Video goes along way.
  11. troupe

    WOA lightweight 3 gun barrel

    I have shot WOA barrels for years and still do. They are very good shooting barrels.
  12. troupe

    Skeletonized Upper and Lower

    I have witnessed in a match, a skeletonized upper and lower catch a round that did not eject well and then tried to feed another round. The empty actually caught in one of the cutouts in the upper. It was a jam from hell. Cost the shooter major time. They look cool, but don't save that much weight.
  13. troupe

    SLR Sentry Gas Block

    22's are very dirty.
  14. This was designed for the average shooter who would like to economically shoot 9mm in the lower with only a 9mm upper. It was not designed for the PCC shooter, because the PCC market is small. I think in time that they may build a 40 rnd for the P-Mag. It does not affect me, but I would like to see it catch on and hold up to PCC usage.
  15. A friend just picked one up. I hope it works. The idea is great, my only concern is the plastic ejector. I don't know how long it will last in matches. Time will tell.