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  1. Has anyone tried using the Mark 7 case feeder on a Dillon 1050? I am tired of the “case waterfall” in the Dillon funnel. My Dillon Case Feeder is rock solid, I have switched the funnel from square to round but still have the issue. What could be some of the problems to adapt the Mark 7 case feeder to the Dillon press? Thanks for any help or advice.
  2. For those who installed a slide racker on their Limited Guns, where did you locate it? How far beyond the Bomar Sight? Any specific dimensions which are preferred? Thanks.
  3. Looking forward to it. As an aside, I was looking at 3D printers and wondering about the printing plate size. Quickly realized that large printing plate size is no the norm for consumer grade printers.
  4. I would like to hear the pros and cons of each? Trying to decide myself.
  5. Turns out I was correct to begin with. One needs a donor gun to use the Kraken frame. Some parts are not sold by Ruger.
  6. It looks like I may have been wrong. It seems the bolt stop pin can be purchased through aftermarket retailers. We are new to this platform so I would be interested to hear if anyone has a parts list and suppliers which is needed to make the Kraken lower operational. Thanks again.
  7. Unfortunately, it looks like there may be a bit of a hang up using the Kraken lower. My friend purchased one but it seems that all the parts necessary to function cannot be purchased a-la-carte because Ruger does not sell some parts and they are not currently produced by aftermarket suppliers. It appears the only way to utilize the Kraken lower is to already have in hand a complete 22/45 lower and transfer the parts into the Kraken and upgrade some of the parts which are produced by aftermarket suppliers. At this time it appears the the bolt stop pin is one of the parts, there may be others.
  8. “IPSCLUVERRR” could you please send me the contact information for Pace Setting design? I would like to call them and discuss purchasing one of their conversions. Thanks.
  9. I tried going on their website but it is no longer up and running. Are they still in business? How do you contact them? Thanks.
  10. Can’t seem where to buy it or any English language videos.
  11. Has anyone seen or know about the bullet feeder made by Guga Ribas? Their case feeder is interesting as well. Link: https://www.gugaribas.com.br/en/produto/gr-bullet-feeder/
  12. I don’t know if it would need some kind of slot to fit around the metal piece on the casefeeder? Some way to keep it falling off? I would be really interested on what you come up with “muncie21.” It could be then covered with Dynamat Superlite. Combine that with covering the outside of the bowl with Dynamat Superlite, I be that would quite things down a bunch!
  13. That would work; was looking for a 3D printed elegant solution. Saw some took a pot pane lid and used that. Might look into that.
  14. Yeah, I said the same thing when I first saw it. However, that can be remedied in a number of ways. Personally, after handling my friend’s aluminum framed Ruger, I much prefer it to the polymer frame. Hope production is on track for this upcoming quarter. Still surprised Volquartsen has not come out with a metal grip, but maybe now they will. I would prefer purchasing the whole complete pistol from them. One thing I do wonder about; the Volquartsen Black Mamba has the magazine catch moved up to promote better feeding. I wonder if the Tandemkross frame will do the same?
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