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  1. Hopefully it will work as promised and at the attractive price pint they are currently touting. It would be great to have competition at prices we can afford.
  2. Check Hunter’s Gold. Great knowledgeable people.
  3. I hear you “quiller.” I just don’t like leaving my gun with the slide locked back. I took the NRA RSO course this past weekend and was impressed by the instructor’s emphasis on “being an ambassador” for the shooting sports not a dictatorial AO. We need to encourage people to shoot not drive them away. The other side of the coin is listening to people working at public ranges discuss the majority of new shooters who show up never having read the manual. Heck, some of them ask to be shown how to load their gun. Right from the gun shop to range. Unbelievable.
  4. “rishon,” thanks for the heads up. Found them on EBay.
  5. “quilled,” a range is requiring that when unceasing the gun for inspection prior to entering the range proper, the slide be locked back. I figured the slide forward on a chamber safety flag would be a better fit in my pistol bag. Should be no doubt then that the pistol is unloaded.
  6. Any suggestions for a dedicated pistol chamber safety flag? I know I can cut down a rifle chamber safety flag but was looking for on designed for pistols. Thanks
  7. I wish the Aimpoint Acro had a bigger dot option.
  8. Still very few with captured pin which I think is a vastly superior idea.
  9. Hello Bakerjd, The Rogue safeties do not have the double indent for on/off, just for off. However, I got it to “snick” off and on quite nicely.
  10. If it helps or makes a difference, I bought six different branded shielded ambi safeties and decided on the Rogue Tactical. Second would be the Limcat. I liked the plunger “indents” for both engaged and off positions. If it would utilize the captured pin system I would give it the nod. Asked EGW if they would consider making theirs with a integrated thumb shield; they have no immediate plans to do so. Wish they would reconsider; like their stuff. By the way, I am using Rogue Tactical’s slide stop as well. Very pleased with their parts.
  11. I prefer the ambi shielded safety from Rogue Tactical. It has the captured hammer pin design which keeps the right side from walking out.
  12. What is the advantage of the Nickel Boron finish over Hard Chrome? The Gun looks fantastic with the high polish.
  13. I meant to type “a whole lot less than we think.”
  14. I suspect a whole lot yes than we think.
  15. Thanks zzt for the clarification. I am going to stick with my CWA plan. Just waiting for Chet to get stock in.
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