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  1. What is everyone’s input on the Sprinco and DPM recoil reduction systems? Do they any impact on accuracy or ease of racking slide? What are the pros and cons of each? Thanks
  2. I do not shoot CO, but was wondering about the Aimpoint Acro Sight. I always like their dot on other sights. However, they may not make a 6 mom or larger dot.
  3. I have finally decided on a Cheely E2 Grip for my Limited 40 S&W. Now the decision; which texture? I want it to grippy but don’t want to tear my hands up. I am presently using an Polymer grip which I stippled with the most aggressive OTDefense tip. I use a 20 lip checkered mainspring housing. I embedded a 20 lip EGW 20 lip checkered insert in the front strap. What texture should I go with? Thanks.
  4. How do you check for the correct headspace in a PCC? Do check the barrel chamber off the gun with a go/no-go gauge? How do you check the headspace with the barrel in the gun? I am familiar with the 1911 platform and how to check for correct chamber headspace but am confused when it comes to a PCC. Thanks for the help.
  5. Would like to purchase the XL model but can’t find it for sale anywhere. Any Suggestions?
  6. Have these launched yet and where can I purchase? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the link. Really nice looking stuff. Do you know if the additional charging handle is reciprocating?
  8. Unfamiliar with Davinci. Could you provide a link? Thanks.
  9. I have been looking at the JEM website. Stuff looks amazing!
  10. Wow, interesting to know. I know they show short blocks with barrel fit on their website. I guess business is good; hard to understand how slides alone could be a business plan, but maybe they make them for a bunch of other companies. I am going to go over and check out Brazos. However, I was looking for a single stack.
  11. I have heard good things about Warwick Tactical. Checked them out at the NRA Great American Outdoor Show last year. Very well done.
  12. I don’t know if this will help, but here is link that might help. https://www.mcmaster.com/screws/system-of-measurement~metric/thread-size~m7/
  13. Man, I have been waiting to try my Alpha-X pouches but have been delayed due to the whole COVID-19 deal. Now new ones coming out? Hopefully any improvements can be retrofitted, but I doubt it. Planned obsolescence and all that.
  14. I agree with nso123; simply the best all the way around. While their frames are more of a industrial safety type, the ranges around me are requiring side shields which are integrated in their industrial type frames. So it worked for me. (Using their RX custom type lenses. Dominant eye focused front sights and the non dominant eye focused on distance with small bifocal on the bottom of each lens.) I understand now they will fit their lenses to almost any user provided frame. The purchasing experience is second to none; best in the business. Unfortunately, due to the whole COVID-19 is
  15. I like the idea. Hopefully you can retro-fit the whole assembly to an SVI slide.
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