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  1. Only problem with Inline, spent a bunch of money on their stuff. Seriously, great products, fair price and super quick shipping. Has really neatened my whole reloading room up. Love their shelf system as well. Great person to speak with.
  2. This is a Timmy drop in trigger assembly, so I think no way to check those springs?
  3. My friend has a new PCC 9mm rifle with the following specifications. Spikes Tactical lower Unkown manufacture 16 inch barrel/bolt/ upper Arma Spec. one piece captured buffer rated at equivalent weight of 5.4oz. (Note - the installation of this part required the removal of the bolt weight) Timmy PCC trigger left as is from the factory - approximately 3.2 lbs pull weight ETS and Glock magazines - both had same issue Anti walk pins 124 grain Top Gun ammunition rated at 1050 FPS out of a 5 inch barrel The gun seemed to work for a few rounds, then the trigger seemed not reset, with some manually ejected unfired rounds having a very slight firing pin strike mark, hardly enough to see. Then the gun began going full auto. Any ideas on where to start to solve this issue? Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I am going to look at the CWA Conversion since I want an accurate gun but most importantly, it needs to run.
  5. I never heard of these two manufacturers. I will definitely check them out. Thanks.
  6. I am thinking of putting together a dedicated 1911 with a 22LR conversion kit. I have narrowed the choice down to the Marvel #1 or Nelson units. Which one and why? Which is most accurate? Reliable?
  7. Thanks for the information. I will be on the look out for when they do a production run.
  8. Thanks. Found it. Man, that is some machine. They are sure proud of it.
  9. Having a hard time finding the web page. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks
  10. Which Limcat magazine pouches is everyone referencing? I can’t seem to find them anywhere online except the “transformer” model which looks a bit odd. The style that fit the 2011 magazines seems to be unavailable.
  11. Had to wait a while for my mags bit have worked perfectly for many seasons. Begin simply does superb work.
  12. With my Limcat mag well I too hat to switch out my Dawson’s. Went with 4mm Taran Tactical pads on 40 S&W magazines. Had to figure out how to get them back on without the spring hanging up. Uses a thin 1/2 inch putty knife to compress spring while pushing pad back on. Works like a champ. Had mine engraved with numbers to keep track of magazines.
  13. I believe I used the 4mm with SVI 40 S&W magazines. Fit the gauge no problem.
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