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  1. cbrussell

    Portable Steel Targets

    Pistol for USPSA and general plinking. Calibers would be 9 MM, 40 S&W and 45 ACP.
  2. cbrussell

    Portable Steel Targets

    I am looking to purchase some portable steel targets. Looking for ease of use portable stands and targets. Any suggestions as to which brands pull be best? A whole lot of manufacturers out there so need some advice to narrow down the choices. Thanks for the help.
  3. I would add clear feeder tubes on all of them. Good for inspection.
  4. cbrussell

    Dillon reloading room setup

    I believe California Air Tools compressors have the lowest DB in the industry.
  5. cbrussell

    Ammo Vision

    Thanks "tanks." I think I can make that work. Much appreciate the guidance.
  6. cbrussell

    Ammo Vision

    I would like to install the Ammo Vision Camera System on my Dillon 1050 to confirm powder drop while using the Mr. Bullet Feeder. However, the manufacturer’s web page says “Out of Stock” and the stores in Canada that sell it do not ship to the US. I know that others have “fabricated” their own system, but I am not that handy. Does anyone know where I can purchase the system? Thanks.
  7. cbrussell

    RL1050 Shell Plate Upgrade

    Will the shell plate work on th older RL1050?
  8. I am upgrading my RL1050. While I have it apart I was wondering which aftermarket shell plate is preferred? Are,there any other upgrades worth considering? Which manufacturers? Thank you.
  9. cbrussell

    Electronic Ear Protection

    I am interested in insurance as well. Do any brands/vendors work better with insurance than others?
  10. cbrussell

    Electronic Ear Protection

    I had ear plug mounds by a local Audiologist; now where to send them? Sound Gear, Pro Ear, ESP, Nitro Ear; so many choices. I only want to buy once so I am desperately in need of help/direction. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  11. cbrussell

    Shielded Thumb Safety

    I wish that someone would make a shielded ambi safety that used a hammer/sear dovetail type fastening method similar to the new EGW ambi safety system. Any ideas on how to get such a thing produce?
  12. cbrussell

    In Ear Electronic Hearing Protection

    I was looking at custom moulded electronic ear plugs. The problem is which ones; ESP, Nitro Ear, Sound Gear, ProEar, Earinc and a bunch of others. How to decide? I would love,to hear from owner/users, pros/cons. How did they get the right fit etc.
  13. I am looking into electronic in ear hearing protection in place of my ProEar Gold muffs. There are so many options and costs I don’t know where to begin. My normal hearing is fine, so I am just talking about noise reduction but I want to be able to hear range instructions. Spending $3,000.00 plus seems a bit high but maybe the differences are worth it. Thanks for the help.
  14. Does anyone have any experience with Nitro Ear in Ear hearing protection? Are there better options/manufacturers? Thank you.
  15. cbrussell

    CNC Toolhead S1050

    Will this die head only fit the SUper 1050? I would like to try it on the RL 1050. Thanks