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  1. Thanks "Les Snyder." He is currently shooting 115 grain Winchester White Box ammunition. We have not yet chronographed the load but I was reading a prior thread and most were using 124 grain bullets at a 130 - 135 power factor. Seems the suggestion when using a 115 grain bullet was to drop down a half pound on the spring weight. We will check your buffer/ spring combinations oot.
  2. Never could get my Dillon RF100 to work right. Just gave up and went to hand filling. I have a PAL filler but definitely be up for the DAA.
  3. Me too. Gave up fiddling around with my Dillon RF100.
  4. We will try that “Les Synder.” We are wondering; what buffer spring combination are being using.
  5. The ejector looks straight and tight.
  6. My friend has a Stag Arms lower receiver with a Rock River Arms 9mm upper. The fit is tight. He is having FTE with 115 Winchester White Box. We checked the extractor, seemed good tension. What should we be checking? Perhaps buffer/spring combination? Thanks for the help.
  7. Good point. It is an STI Limited 40 S&W with a front green fiber optic sight. My current rear sight is an old DR Middlebrooks "V" notch. It has served me well but I want to clean up the rear of the gun which has a Bomar cut. I think a "U" notch would work well. Both the 10-8 Performance and the Harrison seem to fit the bill. Thanks for any help.
  8. I am looking to replace my rear sight. The cut is of the Bomar hidden leaf type. I have narrowed it down to two choices; the Harrison U notch or the 10-8 U notch. Which one would be preferable and why. Thanks
  9. I sent them an email a while back asking the same thing. I thought their captured pin system ambi safety with a integral thumb shield would be a huge hit. They said they had no plans to produce such a part. Too bad because the captured pin system would be a big plus. I am surprised someone else has not produced such a part. Maybe someday.
  10. I would to find a gunsmith who could I install shields on say the EGW ambi safety. Any suggestions?
  11. I recently installed the GoGun *thumb rest [generic]* thumb rest on my STI Limited 40, however now it will no longer fit in my Liberty magnetic locking soft pistol case. Any suggestions for a locking pistol case/sleeve? I am putting inside my range bag but being in the great state f Maryland, I would like to have it in a locking gun sleeve/rug/case that I can also take to the safe area. This is definitely one of those unattended consequences cases. Thanks for the help.
  12. I had no idea that there was a dealer close by. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. A question Siverscooby27; what colors did they recommend for what conditions? I see where they make two different sets so wondering which of those lens choices might cover the most conditions. Thanks again for the help.
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