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  1. Have always used the Koenig hammers on all my guns; best I have found.
  2. Probably not the most cost effective method, but I just ,ensured around my waist and got a shorter outer belt. I didn’t want any overlap. An added benefit is if I don’t like the ratchet system I can go back to the original belt. I bought a couple of different ratchet iterations from the same site, one with a pad installed. Still trying to find the time to assemble the whole system.
  3. I definitely want the thumb shield style. I will,check out the Double Tap. I think I have boiled it down to a choice between the Limcat, Phoniex, Double Alpha and now the Double Tap. Any other opinions?
  4. I too am interested in which frame to get. Shooting USPSA Limited. Any suggestions and why? Thanks.
  5. I am looking to install an ambi thumb safety on my Limited STI. I would like to use one with an integral thumb shield. I see ones made by Limcat, Phoenix, and others. Which manufacturer would you recommend and why? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the offer Hawk21, but I kind of figured that I would have to test for myself with both 3mm and 4mm as OPENB suggested. I appreciate the information from both of you and have placed both sizes in my TTI cart. I think I will go ahead and order the spring and follower system as well. Thanks again.
  7. Should I be using the 3mm or 4mm size pads?
  8. Mine currently fit the Limited division gauge with SNL base pads. I am running 140 mm SVI magazines tuned by Grams.
  9. I have the SNL Dawson base pads which may present a problem. I’m shoot Limited in USPSA and see the chart but it is confusing as to whether I should use the 3mm or 4 mm TT base pad. Can anyone shed some light on the situation? Thanks.
  10. I am thinking of switching to the Limcat brass steel inset magwell for my 2011. I presently use Dawson base pads, however, I understand they will not work with the Limcat magwell. What are the preferred base pads? With my Dawson base pad set up I get 21 round reloadable magazine capacity. Which alternate base pads would work and allow the same capacity? Thanks for the help.
  11. Armanov makes a case feeder stop, I think there are others as well.
  12. I reload with mixed 40 S&W brass on a RL 1050. I use the EGW undersized U die for sizing and decamping, Redding micrometer bullet seating die and Redding micrometer taper crimp die. My rejection rate is infinitesimal. Full disclosure; I Case Pro all my brass before starting the reloading process.
  13. Shooting Sig X5, 5 inch barrel in Carry Optics. Looking for a minor load with a 124 JHP Evergreen Bullet for a power factor of around 130 utilizing a Vihtavuori powder. Trying to decide between N320, N330 and N340. Any recommendations for an accurate load. Thanks for the help.
  14. Pistol for USPSA and general plinking. Calibers would be 9 MM, 40 S&W and 45 ACP.
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