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  1. Is there any advantage to installing the upgraded bullet dropper assembly on a standard Mr. Bulletfeeder? Does it solve any problems? I don't need the whole Pro model since my press is not automated, however if the revised dropper assembly is better I would add that to my purchase. Can it be readily adapted to the standard bullet feeder? Any issues on doing so? Thanks
  2. Did not hear that about SVI grips. I am sure liking the LSI grip.
  3. Got it; anodizing is out. What other finishes would be good? How about difference between LSI and Infinity grips? Any preferences and why? Thanks.
  4. Looks like I misspoke. Infinity only makes a steel grip. I guess if it gets a finish on it it would be good to go. How would anodizing the stainless steel grip hold up over time? Maybe DLC would be way to go?
  5. I am torn between going the LSI stainless grip and the SVI stainless grip. Any opinions? Another question; what finishes would be recommended for the stainless steel grip?
  6. What are the options for a magwell for a Spikes Tactical lower? Any recommendations and why? Thanks for the help
  7. 78Staff, that is a great idea! I have talked to Dan on a few occasions; always good advice. Only problem, he has cost me a lot of money purchasing his stuff. LOL He simply makes quality products. Thanks for the advice.
  8. I have my RL1050 mounted to an In-line Fabrication quick mount which I love. What I would like to do is fabricate some kind of Mr. Bulletfeeder mounting system which would attach to the quick mount or base of 1050 so it becomes part of the whole quick mount system. That way it can be removed as an assembly without a separate bench mount. I would like to mount it indecently of the Case feeder. Any ideas?
  9. Believe it or not, there is a 2.5 mm wrench. I forget what I needed it for, but had to purchase one separately. I think I bought it at Wiha Tools.
  10. Double tap sports on my Limited gun.
  11. So how does one get the components etc. to effect the elegant solution provided by 340Weatherby? I do not process the brain power to figure the process out on my own. Most certainly not the programming of logic controller. I truly believe there is a great business plan in this solution. Thanks fo any help.
  12. cbrussell

    Racker ?

    Does anyone have pictures of a slide racker installed on a Limited gun? Thinking of installing one so curious as to location, type and means that others have used. Thank you.
  13. Thanks "Les Snyder." He is currently shooting 115 grain Winchester White Box ammunition. We have not yet chronographed the load but I was reading a prior thread and most were using 124 grain bullets at a 130 - 135 power factor. Seems the suggestion when using a 115 grain bullet was to drop down a half pound on the spring weight. We will check your buffer/ spring combinations oot.
  14. Never could get my Dillon RF100 to work right. Just gave up and went to hand filling. I have a PAL filler but definitely be up for the DAA.
  15. Me too. Gave up fiddling around with my Dillon RF100.
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