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  1. Thanks for the pictures; I will give that a try.
  2. I am having this issue, not a huge problem but an annoyance. Question; if I understand correctly, install the magazine pouch with one of the screw brackets directly over the hinge, with the other being on the link?
  3. I went ahead and purchased the Hundo and flip tray from the Ben Stoeger Pro Shop, since Shockbottle was the original.
  4. I like the looks of this setup. Think I will go ahead and order the kit.
  5. One thins to note; the padded sleeves use 3/4” straps not 1”. Made that mistake once.
  6. That is correct.probably will use some blue loctite an the screws now that I have set as I like.
  7. I used a 1/4 x 20 tee nut set into the back of the end links. Then attached the ratchet assembly with a screws. I used this https://m2inc.biz/product/single-ratcheting-padded-click-strap-rps/#padded-strap. I used a 7 inch flexible strap on the other side. I made the belt smaller so this attaches in the front with no overlap. I also attached some Velcro to the back of the padded sleeve. Seems to work well so far. Time will tell.
  8. I see there are quite a few 100 round checkers on the market. I load to SAAMI length specifications, so I need one that will do that. The other requirement is one that can easily transfer the rounds to an ammunition box. So which checker/ammunition box combo is preferable and why? Thanks all for the help.
  9. I will let everyone know if any of these type of problems crop up.
  10. The Velcro is super sticky, it is molded into the each individual link. Great system. Very stable and no sag. I just finished putting mine together using a ratchet strap instead of the buckle. Not because the buckle is not up to the task but just because I like the ratchet and am used to it.
  11. Anyone try the Aimpoint Acro C2?
  12. i ordered one, just to fiddle with. I might try to attach a ratchet buckle system to it; really like the ratchet system I have on my DAA premium belt.
  13. I use the Dawson Precision extended drilled and tapped 4-40 with a similar magazine release button. I once tried tapping my own; no way! Spent way more on broken drill bits and taps than buying the tapped magazine release. Never did get it tapped.
  14. I like this idea better; saves drilling etc. Thanks for all the help.
  15. Thanks for the links; now I have a much better idea of how to proceed.
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