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  1. I ordered mine smaller, but have cut some for for my shooting buddy and sealed covered ends with shrink tubing. I definitely think it works better without any over lap. Just one man’s opinion.
  2. I did; works well. For now I just prefer my original belt, although I might go back to Lynx at some time.
  3. If anyone is interested, pictures of my finished rig with thigh pad.
  4. To update my progress; the Safariland mount did not fit the holster hole pattern, however, I could adapt the Boss hanger piece to work. The CR BAS mount would seem to work, however, I am not a fan of the belt mount. Therefore I stayed with the DAA PDR2 mount. Finishing my thigh pad today. All and all, I am satisfied with the end result. I have been doing some dry fire draw practice; the holster is not the limiting factor with my draw speed.
  5. My Lyman Micrometer seating die produced inconsistent OAL, put a ring on the bullet. I suspect the cause was the seating stem just did not fit the bullet profile. I could have probably modified it by using some epoxy to form the seating stem to the bullet profile, but the Redding works well producing consistent OAL. The Lyman may work better on a different profile than the Redding, so I put it on the bench for now.
  6. I ended going back to my DAA Pro Competition belt. Nothing really wrong with the Lynx system, I just prefer the ratchet system I installed on the DAA belt. I do miss not being able to put the rig inside my shooting bag, but will have to live with that. Still keeping my Lynx belt; not ruling out I may go back to it at some point.
  7. “terry doc,” that is exactly what I did. I did order both the Safariland and CR Speed Mount to adapt, however, while rummaging around I found a DAA Pro Holster, so I took it apart and found it fit the holes exactly, even the third vertical hole. Seems to work great. The only other thing Imam going to add is a thigh pad which looks like will attach perfectly at the bottom of the hanger attachment. This mount allowed me to adjust the holster to fit me. Just to add, there was nothing wrong with my DAA Xi Speed Holster, I just wanted to try the kydex more gun protecting holster. I think I will feel a bit more comfortable with it. However, only time will tell.
  8. Attached are pictures of my rig. I purchased a shorter DAA outer belt so to avoid the belt “overlap” condition. However, I made a few belts for my buddy by shortening his belt and capping the cut end with some shrink tube. Worked great. The ratchet components came from M2inc. I used some tee nuts to fasten the components to the belt. Very secure. I find the ratcheting belt allows me to tighten the outer belt in a more secure manner than just overlapping the Velcro outer belt with belt keeper. Never felt the outer belt was tight.
  9. I purchased the Lyman Pro Micrometer Seating die. It did not work well with my Zero JHP 40 S&W bullets. Went back to my Redding Micrometer Seating die. However, the Lyman die adjustment and markings were superior and the die seemed to bolt extreme well. I could have probably modified the seating stem to work with the Zero bullets, however just lazy. I still might fiddle with it in the future. I would not hesitate recommending the Lyman dies.
  10. I have a GX Holster for my 2011 which I like. However, while both the Boss and Nevermiss hangers have a “cant” adjustment, neither a method to adjust the “outward tilt.” Anyone know of some type of ball hanger which can be used/adapted? I know all the race type holsters have this function, however, I feel more comfortable with the GX kydex holster. Thanks for the help.
  11. I just think that the low mass detent ball seems a bit “squishy” if that makes any sense?
  12. I haven’t run into that problem, however I have my FFB shell plate cranked down pretty tight to the machine base.
  13. I ordered both for my RL1050 in 40 S&W. I believe I ended up using the FFB one because I liked the finish more, however, you can’t go wrong with either. An improvement over the stock shell plate for sure. I did use a Reloading Innovations bearing kit which I believe helped smooth out things a bit. I used the low mass detent ball, but if I had to do it again, I would stick with the stock metal ball bearing. I think it will hold up longer. I have tried about every “upgrade” out there; some worked/were an improvement, others were not. I always have fun tinkering around with reloading press stuff. Currently waiting on an Armonov round counter. Should be trick.
  14. I have a DAA Range Pro Cart and would like to know what people who have them use for a shade umbrella? Thanks.
  15. I should have looked at their website more closely; they have a solution for the powder check. As has been said, excellent engineering.
  16. Looking at them a bit more, one potential issue is interference with the powder check rod, however, I think that can be finessed. I think I will give them a try.
  17. I second the quality of Level 10 Innovations products; have a bunch of them on my RL1050. I have never used these particular spill stops; I am using the Reloading Innovations spill stops. Work good, however, I may give these a try. I like the adjustability.
  18. Where is the best place to purchase used pistol brass. Interested in 40 S&W and 45 ACP. Thanks.
  19. That iss mgreat news; I plan on practicing with mine all week and see if everything works and is stable.
  20. I am using the Dillon ammo boxes for 40 S&W. Does anyone know of a neat carrier for the ammo boxes? Looking for something that fits nicely. Thanks.
  21. Moving the brackets to the hinge seems to work. I don’t notice any more wiggling. I sure do like being able to fold it up to put it inside the range bag; much more convenient. I will continue to try it out and see what happens.
  22. I heard back from SVI; they do not make their grips in stainless steel.
  23. A question; how easy is it to remove the holster when transporting? Can you do it without tools and does it easily return to the exact position? Thanks.
  24. That is excellent information; may make my decision a lot more clear. I did send SVI an email to see if they do indeed make their grips in stainless. However, Cheely does so that may be my route. I haven’t seen any negative reviews of any Cheely products; good sign.
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