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  1. Masterpiece Arms bought out CK. But I belive Bobby still builds all the 2011 style guns and will still warranty them.
  2. Another powder I totally forgot I have is this Maxim CSB 1m. Got it from a local shooter who has used it a lot with 180gn 40.
  3. Sweet. Win231 it shall be. I happen to have a good ammount of it as well.
  4. Right on MBX website. As for proper break in ita right on the pamphlet in the bag the mag comes in. It has nothing to do with the issue you are having. It's to get the follower to sit slightly lower in the mag so the slide doesnt hit it when you have one or no rounds in the mag. The issue you are having probably a combination of two things. The stock MBX followers usually have rough edges, sand them down and that will probably fix the issue. If not either get new MBX springs or go with grams guts. Personally I just change the MBX springs twice a year. I havent messed with the non competition MBX mags at all so I'm not sure how tight they are but for the non competition ones I can get 19 reloadable the first 4 or 5 times I load them and then 20 after that. I never did run them when I had a RIA 40 pro as I cut the frame to fit normal 2011 mags and just used gen 2 STI mags with grams guts and TTI 4g base pads. Some of the RIA double stack guns I've seen co.e through the shop didnt need anything and ran 2011 mags just fine. Mine was good with most mahs but every so often the feed lips would be slightly to wide.
  5. Considering the pain it is to find and get powder right now I am looking to use one of the powders I have currently to load 40 for limited major. Bullets are SNS 200GN, OAL is 1.180. Powder I have Win231/HP38 Win 572 Hodgdon HS6 Win Autocomp Titegroup (rather not use but if it's the best of the given ones I will) Thanks, Josh Baker
  6. Thanks I actually emailed SNS and they said I would be good to go. After A5 I'll be working up a 40 cal load using the SNS 200gn bullets. Now I just need to figure out what powder to use. I have titegroup (not my first choice), win231, HS6, A #5 currently. So hopefully I can get a softer shooting load with one of those.
  7. Dan uses EGW HD. Personally I'd stay away from the aftec. Never had great luck with one.
  8. I am looking around for an alternative to blue bullets and just about everyone else's 200gn 40 cal bullets have a lube ring. I seat to 1.180 and am wondering if the lube Ring is going to be an issue? I usually order from SNS these day as their shipping has been extremely fast. Or DG Bullets but DG is having an issue with their latest batch of coating, sad because theirs also do not have the lube Ring. Thanks, Josh
  9. Ahh s#!t yeah. Either way I've seen them fail more then a standard quality extractor.
  10. 100% agree. This year I've taken to getting to majors a day early and walking stages/watching that days shooters shoot. It has helped a LOT. I have found recently that since I am usually an RO at locals and we seem to have a bit of new/inexperienced shooters at one of the locals here that I've been doing poorly at that specific match all season. I'm a solid B SS shooter but cant seem to do anything but fail hard at this match every month. This past weekend I was running shooters, then scoring and putting it in the tablet. At one point I had to put my own scores in the tablet..... needles to say match mindset was not even close to being a thing. In fact by the end of the match I was wondering if shooting locals is even worth the time and ammo. I dont really care if I place well at them as I use them to see if what I've practiced is improving but still.
  11. If your FPS isn't super tight it's fine. Put a single spring in the front and use fpr a while. When it stops working take old spring and move to rear hole and put new spring in front hole. Repeat as often as needed. IMO they are not the best thing since sliced bread.
  12. Make sure set acrew is backed out as well.
  13. These days.... depends on who builds them and what parts they use.
  14. Ordered 3300 SNS 135gn 9mm last night, well 230am this morning and got shipping confirmation today at 830am. That is outstanding IMO. I would have gone with DG again but they got a bad batch of coating.
  15. Figured I'd update as I'm now on the last 500 of my second 3400 rounds case. I like them a lot. Seem to shoot very accurate in both my BUL SAW Trophy 1911s and the ladys P320 Legion. These along with 3.3gn of TG and I'm at 132pf in the 1911s and 128pf in the P320. So far the lowest gn bullet has been 133.5gn. And of course it was the one weighed for chrono at Ryan Rocks. Lol. Still made minor PF though. I was just about to make another order tonight and noticed they have gotten a bad batch of the coating so bullets may be out of stock fpr a little while. But still will continue to use them.
  16. FM is not stepped anymore. They changed a while ago.
  17. Yep. Although I still save them. Not really sure why though.
  18. I am wanting to try out the brass Monkey bullets 135gn bullets but they have a grease ring near the base of the bullet. My normal DG Bullets 135s dont. Would the grease ring be an issue?
  19. These days I go just to see what the actual stages, start positions, ect are because the last few match books have been a waste of time to even look at. I usually go around the time that days shooters are getting done. Start with what ever stage I start on and go through each one. And as @OPENB stated, if left handed this is about the only time you will get a good walk through. And I'm left handed. Although I have found that most RO's if asked and you are the first shooter up will give you a little extra time and clear the stage. I only ever ask if it's a tricky stage plan or I happen to get on a squad that I dont know most the people on. My normal squad buddies are pretty aware that I'll be walking the stage at the same time as them but in a different direction. And honestly I'd say 90% of the people are cool about it.
  20. Tossing around the idea of a commander length open gun using an extra Cheely commander frame I have sitting around. Will be minor PF only. I have heard of using a full size 5" slide and cutting it down to commander length. Wondering if anyone has insight on this setup? Or just use a commander slide. Also what guide rod set up is better.
  21. I stick with MBX. I have a a bunch of gen 2 STI 40 cal mags that have been good but I find the real issues are with mainly 9mm mags. Every single MBX mag I've bought has worked 100%. You do have to do the recommended break in as per the note on the paper inside the package when you get the mag but they are reliable.
  22. I keep going back and forth on that or a shorty open minor setup. Decision's decision's.
  23. So anyone that knows me knows unless the loving girlfriend is going to the match with me I'll probably be dang near late. This is why I work 2nd shift, I have an inability to wake up early in the morning. So last weekend we had two matches. One saturday and one sunday. Saturdays match I made it to on time because I got off work, relaxed at the house for a few hours then went to the match. Sunday however I had set up so I'd drive over to ky buds house and take the 1.5 hour ride with him. Yep, didnt make it to his house. Then showed up at the match as the first shooters were going. Misses the walk through for first stage. Did a couple quick runs in between shooters and loaded mags got my gear on. Shoot stage, thought dang that was a good solid run....... look to my far right and there is a mini popper sticking up. Next stage, quick walk through while still getting mags loaded and myself in the mindset.... shoot stage and here "iiiffff you are finished.... look around the wall and bam. Another target. Reload the gun and pop two shots off at it. Moral of the story.... show up on time, AWAKE, and mentally ready.
  24. For some reason I read this as "I have a thumb rest on a P320...." the first time. Oopps. But given i now have correctly read it no I dont k ow of any kydex holster that will work with a thumb rest.
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