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  1. Maybe I'm confusing what you're saying. I drew these angles to the extreme so it's clear what I'm saying. The first terribly drawn slide basically shows what a 1911 or CZ 75 slide looks like if it's sitting on a perfectly flat surface or if someone just sits it in a vise perfectly flat.
  2. Milling the slide like that is 100% wrong and incorrect on ALL 1911's and CZ 75's. Doing it that way will lead to problems: - can't zero optic due to running out of elevation adjustment - ridiculous variances in hold overs/under and various distances since the optic and bore are no where near parallel to one another The slide needs to be indicated and milled parallel with the actual bore angle.
  3. I have had absolute no desire to own a 320. I've shot dozens and I simply don't understand the fuss. Trigger is mediocre at best and the gun overall feels cheap to say the least. .....but there's something about this that intrigues me and makes me want to give it a shot. Might actually be the first Sig I ever own. I do wish they just did an actual steel frame rather than the tungsten infused. That would have been pretty awesome.
  4. I'm not sure I'm following what you're asking? There's clearly a top cut in the slide in that pic. lol
  5. Dirty. I like it!
  6. Appreciate the recommendation, sir!
  7. Haven't shot one yet, but we've already had a few come through and milled some slides for it.
  8. Trijicon RMR /thread There simply has been nothing yet that can beat it in terms of dependability.
  9. Had a conversion yesterday with someone who's apparently friends with one of the main guys in the DP Pro engineering/design. (I know, I know.) ANYWAY, supposedly Leupold has figured out the source of the huge majority of the optic failures and once it's 100% tried and proven, they will begin rolling out DP Pro's with the new update. (I don't believe it will be a new generation or anything, just a silent update on the optics.) If I was following him correctly, it will be some updates that will massively reinforce the battery contact area/circuit board.
  10. We've got quite a few customers with 30k+ on single DPP's.
  11. PrimaryBruce

    ZEV OZ9

    Riiight. It's literally a Glock in a new shell being paraded as a new model of gun. "Finely tuned."
  12. They'll have to be awfully damn competitive to make someone not just buy...an actual Glock that is already only ~$500 and can be found in literally ever LGS in America (so not rare or hard to find). lol
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