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  1. Thanks for the recommendations, guys. If I'm ever short in my emails, I apologize as I don't mean to come off that way. I simply want to answer you guys' questions as quickly and efficiently as possible as unfortunately, answering emails is only 1 of my other 40 job duties. lol Thanks!
  2. We'd love to take care of it for you, OP. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. Thanks!
  3. PrimaryBruce

    CJ Maven

    Honestly I'm amazed people are waiting 4,6,8,10+ weeks for smithing work on CZ's when CJ exists. He's doing as nice, if not nicer work than the big names are, his prices are more than fair, and he typically can turn your gun around in 2 weeks or less. He's a great dude.
  4. OP, we've milled literally hundreds of 1911 and 2011 slides. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.
  5. You can say all the cool guy insults you want. It is a FACT that the RMR is more durable than the SRO. Period. Trijicon themselves even say strait up that the SRO is not a duty/defense optic.
  6. I've shoot with RMR's during all times of the day. Never had any issues.
  7. There's sooo many 9mm chamber "specs" now. Almost everyone is using their own custom reamers custom ground/modified to what they want in one way or another.
  8. Fastfire III shouldn't be brought up in the same conversation as an RMR or SRO. It's not nearly on that level of dependability or durability, not by a long shot.
  9. We take apart Glocks pretty often that the liner comes right out with the striker. These are guns that have never had the liner removed before. Never heard of it causing any issues though. Glock "perfection".
  10. Window size is a non issue when you're shooting a dot the correct way. Period. Both eyes open, clear focus on target down range. Dot should simply be superimposed over target. You shouldn't be looking at anything down range "through" the glass as if you're using a scope on a rifle. The argument is always "Well why do so many competition users use optics with bigger glass than RMR? Simple. Almost all those options are: Cheaper Offer convenience of top or side load batteries The best competition shooters will shoot just fine with an SRO or an RMR. It's not going to matter to them one bit.
  11. This has solved two SP-01 jamming issues for me.
  12. By some of these. Bet your problem will be cured immediately. https://czcustom.com/cz-75-85-sp01-full-size-magazine-spring-10.html
  13. Definitely not. As stated, 507, 508, etc are all Trijicon RMR/SRO footprint. Nothing else is the same.
  14. I had issues with 18 round OEM mags giving me problems with nose diving. Put CZC +10% power springs in them and problem was 100% gone. Now when I buy 18rnd mags, I don't even test them first. CZC +10% springs go in immediately.
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