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  1. Really just luck of the draw. We've got a LOT of customers with 25k+ on single Deltapoint Pros.
  2. Never heard of a pistol barrel not going at least 30-50k rounds, even on a poor quality barrel made from sub par material (which I don't believe the M&P 2.0 falls under).
  3. Well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time I've been proven wrong.
  4. Very curious to see how your guy manages to mill the optic in front the rear dovetail. It's literally a physical impossibility to fit a FF III in front of the rear dovetail without over hanging the breach face. As I previously said - it's only possible on C.O.R.E. models to have optic in front of rear sight because S&W moved the dovetail location all the way to the rear of the slide.
  5. I've got  Smith and Wesson 9C Version 1 that I've been thinking about milling for an optic. 

    I know you guys mill specifically for "A" dot and that's all fine but do you send back a plate that you can put back on if you decide to shoot without the Optic, or do I need a separate slide to do that?

    I'm torn between the Shield Mini sight or an RMR at the moment but Ithink I will be leaning towards the RMR



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    2. PrimaryBruce


      Order through website. We refinish all slides. Not optional. 

    3. kmanick


      oh I know I'll just stick with the cerakote (that's what I meant), what's the website I punched in primaryarms but it doesn't look right?

    4. kmanick


      ahh primary machine ... found it


  6. Not really an option at this point. Now that the threads are now drilled/tapped on a certain angle with the angle of the optic cut itself, trying to change the angle wouldn't be a good idea.
  7. Not sure I'm following you. There are no set screws anywhere an an M&P slide that I'm aware of. lol Regardless, the rear dovetail must be milled out on an M&P. An optic will not physically fit in front of the OEM dovetail. The only reason why they can do so on a C.O.R.E. is because they scoot the dovetail all the way to the rear of the slide.
  8. Thanks! Always trying to keep pushing for the next best thing!
  9. We're happy to finally let the cat out of the bag and announce our Shadow 2 RMR/SRO/507 optic cut that we've been testing and developing since April! Utilizing custom screws that we machine here, in house, from solid bar stock, we are confident that we not only have the most aesthetically pleasing mounting option on the market - but the strongest as well! Our custom screws are machined from heat treated 4140 bar stock and finished in black nitride for strength far superior to anything that can be bought as an OEM screw. We are accepting orders NOW for this new package as a stand alone milling option, as well as with our Carry Optics package and spare slide Carry Optics packages!
  10. Here's a tiny portion of some of our work:
  11. We're offering forum members with at least 50 posts 10% off on our website. 50 post minimum requirement is to deter people from making accounts here on the forums with nothing to add to the community, purely in an effort to take advantage of coupon codes and other ongoing promotions we may offer to Enos forum members in the future. Email me for coupon code and include your Enos user name. bruce.primarymachine@gmail.com
  12. Primary Machine is the perfect storm of experienced staff. We were not a gun shop that decided to buy CNC’s and start milling slides without knowing anything about machining and we were not a CNC shop that decided to start hacking slides up without knowing anything about firearms. Under our roof is a combined 15+ years of real, hands on gunsmithing experience and 20+ years combined CNC experience. Before being solely in the firearms industry, we manufactured parts for just about every industry out there. Aerospace, performance motor sports, oil & gas, RoV, and the list goes on. Coming from industries with some of the strictest tolerances and part finishes in the world made the firearm industry a very pleasant jump for us. Turning out work with no tool marks and poor finishes was never something that was new for us. The machine quality had to be finish ready as it came out the machine. Having to hand sand, file, etc meant scrapping a part worth thousands of dollars. Being a part of a vast array of industries enabled us to know a great deal about proper tooling, proper speeds, feeds, and how to be the most efficient we can possibly be for our customers. So what does all this mean for our customers? We are able to offer quality that is second to absolutely NO ONE in the industry at a price point that the average person can afford. With all that said, we are extremely happy to be a part of the Enos Forum and we look forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have and interacting with you all in the time to come!
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