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  1. I have a bad case of leading. This post is really helpful! I'm also using the Dillon crimp die. I pulled some of my 0.356 dia reloads and they are 0.354. I will adjust my crimp and make sure the size is correct. Hopefully that will stop the leading. I adjusted and rechecked. Even without any crimping, the rounds come off the press at .380 mouth OD. I added a touch of crimp to keep it in spec and rechecked my bullets. They are still 0.356 dia now! Just need to load and shoot to see if the leading is gone.
  2. I only briefly looked through the SRO. It did seem narrower (due to its round shape compared to the DPP). The SRO might be a tad bit taller. The DPP battery contact is held in place by tape (solder would just break) and has a tenancy to slide off the circuit board contact pads. I think the upgrade has a new board and has more adhesive area. I have the upgrade but I also added a thin plastic support between the battery contact and the rear of the housing to prevent the contact from sliding rearward off the circuit board pads over time. I'm at about 3K rnds and so far no problem.
  3. There is an upgrade from leupold for the battery issue. I run the DPP On my Sig and I like the size of the glass. I run the 2.5 MOA and for the most part it’s bright enough. A little brighter would be nice. I don’t like the controls but the price was right.
  4. For #1, see the notes on the right and left side of the diagram you reference.
  5. Broadside - why do you say the RO interfered? Either its a penalty or not. No reshoot.
  6. Sig X-Series weighted grip, Gray Gun competition trigger, and Gray Ghost Precision slide with a DeltaPoint Pro. Good setup. The GGP slide is light. That's something to consider if you are use to a heavier gun.
  7. In general, everyone should show up at setup time and help setup at least one stage. After that you can do a early walk through.
  8. These guys know what they are doing. Don’t know why they didn’t respond. Could try calling. If you have a chrono you could order some and check it.
  9. I agree with echo, the locking lug edges look like they are rolled. This should not be happening if the barrel is fitted properly. Contract the maker and they should correct it.
  10. Good point. When everything lines up, the dot just magically appears on the target. I will continue to run without irons. Thanks
  11. Charlie - I’ll double check my movement during gripping as you stated. I think it’s optimized but I will look closely. Thanks
  12. Thanks Charlie! Thanks SGT! That's what I thought. I just wanted to confirm. I've been dry fire practicing for a couple weeks now. I'm getting more consistent. The hardest part for me is getting the correct grip every time on the draw. The slightest grip variation shifts the location of the dot from the center and I still loose my dot completely sometime. And I'm finding it very difficult to get a consistent grip every time from the hands-above-shoulder position. Looks like I have another thousand or more reps to do to get my grip consistent.
  13. I found a few opinions posted but would like to hear more about the pros/cons of running cowitness sights in carry optics. I recently started in CO and I don't have any fixed sights installed. Do they help you acquire the dot faster? Anyone try with a front sight only? How often has your red dot failed during a match? Other considerations? I suspect they wont help and I should focus on perfecting my indexing. Thoughts?
  14. This was a focus during my class. We even held a mock arbitration.
  15. I suspect when more production ready CO 2011 guns are offered they will eventually be accepted.
  16. Handy work on my 1911. Grip was not aggressive enough so I shaped and masked, applied JB Weld and added 60/90 grit. Support hand doesn't move at all now. Real easy to do and I think it looks good.
  17. I'm trying some of the 4 prong springs in a couple competition guns. No preference yet. It does take a little more patience to get the 4 prong spring tuned.
  18. I call the timer the great mind eraser. But as a couple people pointed out, after you plan your stage, you have to burn it into your memory. Can’t stress that enough! Walk it over and over and visualize everything. You need to be able to close your eyes and visualize shooting the stage, knowing exactly where the targets are, what type of target, and what array is next. Do one final mental run through after make ready.
  19. D7 21.4 applies here. "Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the trigger guard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding stippling, grip tape, or checkering are specifically allowed." I think "but not limited to" in this case, would cover what you are asking about. Will see what more experienced folks say.
  20. The Sig P320 will cover Prod and CO (9mm) or, you can configure it for limited (40cal). Red dot is about $300, about the same cost for top end to convert to 40 cal for limited then add mags. Cant go wrong. I'm shooting CO this season with a p320 and an X series weighted grip($70). Love it. The only must have is really the GGI trigger. The x series grip is really comfortable.
  21. I've used CCI primers in my 2011s for years. No problem until last season. Wonder if CCI changed something. Anyway, short answer is yes. But you can install an extended firing pin. That may clear the issue even with the lightened hammer spring.
  22. Next time it happens, examine the brass carefully. Is the rim damaged? Is it happening with other headstamp brass that got mixed in? Any signs of over pressure?
  23. I can never find a valid coupon. And it's easier to get $70 past the boss rather than $200
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