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Hello! Not too old to start?


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Hi all, 


I've lurked for a while.  Collected a couple of nice firearms and was basically a range monkey.   Have a desire to start competition but worried that I started the game too late a year from 40.  


Hope I can get some good advice here!


I have 2 competition ready guns, both Cajunized SP-01's (best we can do in CA without playing the private marketplace lottery)... but one with a optic and one without.   Is this a bad setup?  I figured I would be able to compete in production and or CO if  I wanted. 


After reading quite a bit of posts it seems like the smart thing to do is have identical backups.. and perhaps one for dry firing only.

Don't quite understand yet.  But I'm all about learning more !



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Too old!? I was 50 when I started shooting USPSA. That was 4 years ago. I love to compete and I’m having loads of fun. I wish I would have started earlier.

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I started shooting USPSA in 1999 at the ripe old age of 44 so no, you're not too old by any stretch.  I made it to master in open, limited, L10 and production by the time i was 50.  Don't let your fear of looking bad or not competing well stop you from having fun and learning how to shoot and handle firearms  better.

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