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  1. If more weight is desired, stuff a 180gr 40cal bullet into the 45acp case before you place it on the primer push rod.
  2. I started shooting USPSA in 1999 at the ripe old age of 44 so no, you're not too old by any stretch. I made it to master in open, limited, L10 and production by the time i was 50. Don't let your fear of looking bad or not competing well stop you from having fun and learning how to shoot and handle firearms better.
  3. We shot this one last month also. Mine was 3.15 sec, down 2, HF 8.8889 for 92.74% for Limited Friend shot it in SS and it scored 100% with a HF 9.6552 28 pts, 2.90 sec....pretty speedy for a skinny gun
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