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  1. dthomas1003

    2011 turned into a single shot

    Dawson Tool-less guide rod broke during my 2nd stage of Area 2 yesterday. It locked the recoil spring into the compressed position so of course, the slide would not return. Thankfully it happened on the very last target and I only needed to get off two shots. It took a second to figure out what was going on and my HF took a serious beating. The only silver lining is that another shooter had a spare guide rod and my gun was up and running for the next stage. My first time ever to have a gun go down during a match and of course it would have to happen during an Area match..lol Guess what will be in my spare parts kit from now on?
  2. dthomas1003

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    I have about 1,000 rounds through it which encompasses a couple of training sessions at work, a couple of Tuesday Night Steel matches, and firing it just to get the feel for it. It has been a mix of Speer Lawman 124gr and Speer GoldDot 124gr +p. Hands down the best shooting gun I have fired. With the Lawman ammo, the sights do not move and they only slightly move with the +p. This thing just shoots flat. Those that have watched me shoot it, that is always their first observation, how flat shooting it looks. It does have some weight to it but that helps getting the sights back on target. I do not notice it during the course of my shift anymore than I did the G17. The grip is awesome. Ergonomically, it fits my hand much better than the Glock and is much more comfortable. The rubberized grip tape is grippy and I do not have to worry about it tearing up my uniform. It's a very comfortable grip and it stays put in my hand. The slide moves like it is on ball bearings. Every thing else about the gun is just as good. My required 4 lb trigger breaks clean and crisp and you would think it was much lower. If you're looking to purchase some thing like it, you can buy with confidence. This is an excellent firearm and I am still blown away by it every time I shoot it. So much so that I have even considered shooting Limited Minor at the upcoming Area 2 Match just so I can shoot it, it shoots that well.
  3. dthomas1003

    40 ss?!?!

    Tripp Research has their Navigator in .40. I have seen and handled a couple of them and they are very nice guns.
  4. dthomas1003

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Here's my idiot moment with the new gun and this info might help someone else. One of my main motivators to purchase an Atlas Titan Operator was to carry it on duty. After ordering it, I spoke with other 1911/2011 carriers and the consensus was that the Safariland holster made for a Springfield TRP Operator was the one to get. I ordered it and had it waiting when my Atlas arrived. I had an old Streamlight TLR-1 that I had removed from a rifle and put it on the pistol and checked the holster fit. It was a no go. No way was that going into the holster. Talk some more and try a Surefire X300 as it's not as wide as the Streamlight. I can't even get the light to attach to the pistol. Upon closer inspection, the rail adapter on both lights is way too wide for the accessory rail on the gun. Both adapters are 1913 adapters. The Streamlight was able to grip the sides of the rail just enough to give the impression of proper mounting. After much head scratching, I have the ah ha moment and remove the Streamlight from my current duty gun, a Glcok 17 and it fits like a glove. Test the gun in the holster and it goes right in and locks. Moral of the story, make sure your light is mounted properly to ensure a correct fit in the holster and not all accessory rails on handguns are 1913..lol
  5. This will be my first level 3 match. I am very much looking forward to it and I am one of the Limited shooters..lol
  6. dthomas1003

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Thanks ET.
  7. dthomas1003

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    It's flat black. Looks gray in the pic but it's all black.
  8. dthomas1003

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    It arrived this afternoon and I took it straight away to Tuesday Night Steel. All I can say is, it shot beautifully. I have never shot a gun that shot so flat. I now understand what everyone is talking about when they talk about flat shooting guns..lol Every thing about the gun is beautiful. This will serve me well on duty on the street and in 3gun.
  9. dthomas1003

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    UPS has my Titan in it's possession. It should be here tomorrow in time for me to take it to Tuesday Night Steel and see how she shoots.
  10. dthomas1003

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    At my range, we pick up brass after every shooter during our monthly matches. A couple people pick brass while the others reset. The brass is given to the shooter right away. It works very well and there is not a bunch of brass left to pick up during tear down.
  11. dthomas1003

    Hat cam with built-in stabilization?

    I have a Garmin VirbX that I wear with the head band. It has built in IS and there is no shaking. It works very well. Just a bit bigger than the Session but I do not notice it at all while shooting. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/164723
  12. dthomas1003

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    At a week and a half past the 3 month mark now. Chomping at the bit to receive it. Spoke to Cat the day after 3 months and she said it was on Adam's desk for bench testing and test firing. Hoping to get the call real soon. This part of the wait is seeming to take the longest..lol
  13. dthomas1003

    Tripp Cobra 1911 mags

    Just call or email them. Their info is on their website. I received a response from Aaron within a couple of hours when I had a question.
  14. dthomas1003

    Most realiable 2011 mags

    I have 4 gen 2 STI .40 mags with TTI base pads and grams guts. After following the Atlas Gunworks tuning videos, including the one adjusting the mag body width, they have been 100% reliable.
  15. dthomas1003

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    That's why I went with Adam. This gun will be much more important than just a competition gun.