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  1. This is what I found. I also did the 50yrd zero and found I was having difficulty at the 200-250yrd range. I finally got out to refine my zero at 200 yrds and found it was 2.5MOA high. Once i got a true 200yrd zero, everything else fell into place. I had very little trouble with the long range stuff at last weeks SMM3G match and this was shooting 55gr FMJ American Eagle ammo.
  2. I am in the Odin Works barrel camp. I currently run their 18" 3gun rifle barrel. I get subMOA at 100yrds with 55gr American Eagle ammo. I have been greatly impressed with the accuracy of this barrel. Yes it's a heavy barrel but I honestly do not notice the weight when the time starts.
  3. You guys did great Mark, it was an awesome match.
  4. I currently run aluminum cased Blazer 180's in my Atlas Nemesis. 166.5 PF at this last Area 2. Very soft shooting and ran without issues.
  5. Check out the mag tuning videos from Atlas Gunworks. Pay particular attention to the one tuning the transition from double stack to single stack. This area being too wide can induce the issues with the rounds being to loose.
  6. I carry an Atlas Titan Operator on duty. 126mm in the gun and 3 140's as spares. I have had no issues with any of them other than only the 126 locks back reliably. Feeding they have been flawless. New Gen STI followers, Atlas xtra power mag springs, and TTI base pads.
  7. Yes, that is the one I have unless they released a new one in the last month. I was mistaken about the LRBHO for the bolt, it says that for the SS SCS. I have the Quentin Defense ARQ 9mm receiver set that I am running it in. I'm not really concerned with LRBHO. I am more concerned that they advertise the SS Bolt and SS SCS buffer as working together and they do not for me. A 31 round Glock mag with a TTI +10 extension will absolutely not feed until 10 rds are gone. I put in the X buffer and it runs like a sewing machine. The biggest heartburn I have over the whole situation is that
  8. I run the JP short stroke bolt and LRBHO does not work and JP states this on their website. It will manually lock back though, so no problem there. To answer your other question, I tried pairing it with JP's SCS short stroke buffer and it was a no go. It would not reset my trigger and would not feed. I currently have an X buffer at 7.5oz and a regular carbine spring and it just runs and runs.
  9. No and no. As long as you have two hits in a scoring area, the hits in hard cover no longer matter. They are only counted as misses if you do not make up the shots. Same goes for steel. You can take as many shots as needed to knock them over. The extra shots do not count as misses.
  10. Check out Atlas Gunworks' mag tuning videos, specifically the one tuning the mag body dimension.
  11. Yes, it is image. Those of us that carry 1911/2011s still once in awhile get the random citizen pointing out that the hammer is back on our gun. My usual response is "It wouldn't work if it wasn't."
  12. Why not? SA guns are useless unless cocked. That is the proper way to carry a SA pistol and is no more dangerous than any other. You do realize a Glock is also carried "cocked?" You just can't see because it is an internal striker versus an external hammer.
  13. I actually was able to get to the range and play with that today. The factory setting on the Elf trigger is the adjustment screw sitting flush. I did not weigh it so no idea what the weight is. I turned it one-half turn to higher weight, so now it is just a little below flush. The rifle now functions with the heavier X bolt. Trying the SCS short stroke buffer and it just will not feed with that buffer/bolt combo. It just appears to be stroked way too short with both as the rearward travel is very noticeably short.
  14. It looks like a Hornady HAP projectile.
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