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  1. While I have not used a Magnetospped, I expect the velocity will be a bit higher due to the measurement being closer top the muzzle. Chronograph measurement is ten yards or so from the muzzle. Not a lot, but a difference.
  2. Back when I ran matches, especially when I was starting a new club, I tried having matches on Saturdays some, and Sundays some. There was more attendance on Sunday, so we settled on Sundays usually, trying to offer the opportunity to the most people. I regretted we could not get everyone that wanted to shoot there on match day. But it will vary. Sundays can present some people problems as well. I would not try to interfere with anyone's church attendance, and we had several shoote5s that had church services on Sunday (as is common). We settled that if they could make it to the range by 1 o'clock, they could shoot the match. I think some of them wore their leather (long time ago) to church (maybe guns too) to save time once they got to the range. Good luck.
  3. Are you saying his splits are fast - or not fast? What are your splits?
  4. Have you tried having a dummy round somewhere in the magazine while shooting to see what happens when you reach the dummy? Best to have the magazine loaded by someone else so that you don't know when you will encounter the dummy. It also crosses my mind that you might try setting a target at ten yards (or maybe seven) and fire five shots at the "B" zone - first as you normally would. Then after evaluating the hits, fire five where, afte4r each shot, you lower the gun and count to ten before firing the next shot. See how the hits compare to the first. Perhaps repeat the above, but with a dummy round somewhere in the magazine. Maybe you could film the exercise.
  5. Why are you dismissing trigger control? No trigger control will result in no groups. When using the laser, are you watching the dot, or your sights? The laser (and you) will never be perfectly still. Can you dry fire and drop the hammer without disturbing the sight picture (try this without the laser)? What do you see when the hammer drops? Aim at a light switch or such across the room (be absolutely certain the gun is unloaded). How much dry fire are you doing?
  6. Some years later I got serious about dry fire practice - meaning I was working on trigger control. That improved my shooting greatly - and reinforced my belief that trigger control is critical.
  7. Too old? No! If you are interested - go for it. You will learn and become a better shooter. And have fun!
  8. Either take the rear sight down to lower the impact point, or build up the front sight.
  9. That appears to make it 0.082" for zero at ten yards.
  10. Do you want it zero at ten yards? Assuming a 7" sight radius, and moving it 4" at ten yards, you need to remove 0.076" by the calculator I have.
  11. Update – 5-24-19 Loren completed the third series of the new chemo earlier this week. She is doing quite well, at least so far. They removed the drain they had placed in her left lung as nothing was draining. She is up and about much more than she was a couple of months ago – even to the point of driving once again. She has not been on oxygen for the last month or so. They have not yet done a scan to look at things, but one is coming up in June as I recall. While they will never cure her, hopefully the new meds will hold things at the present level. Fingers crossed she continues to do well. Many thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Guy
  12. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy - no, wait, that's a different story. A long time ago I spent a weekend with Ross Seyfried. One of the exercises he had us do was to shoot an offhand group at 25 yards focusing very carefully on the sight picture. Once that was done, he had us do another group, but putting all our concentration on the trigger. For me, focusing on the trigger had far better results than the careful sight picture. So I will say trigger is vital to accuracy - again -- at least for me. Guy
  13. One thing is to never (ever) force things if something jams up. A smooth rhythm - no jerky starts and stops, such as trying to go really fast. Anything that applies more than usual force to the primer(s) needs to be avoided.
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