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  1. 30 WCF is an older name for the 30-30 Winchester cartridge I am not aware of any manufacture offering low power ammunition such as you describe Such low powered ammunition would need to be loaded by you. There used to be adapters that would allow using another cartridge, such as a 30 Carbine in larger cartridge chambered rifles. I do not know if they are still available, or is the 30-30 was included. Cowboy Action mostly used pistol caliber lever actions. I believe they do have some matches at longer ranges using rifles, but the ammunition would not be as low powered as you describe. There could, of course, be exceptions that I'm not aware of, but the above is as I understand things.
  2. If you feel there will never be anything that will bump the hammer off the sear, or slip when moving the hammer to cock, or uncock, it, then the half cock is likely not needed. On the other hand, if something does bump the hammer off the sear, or you slip manipulating the hammer, then the half cock may save an unwanted (and potentially dangerous) hole in something. In load development, I have had low powered loads that left the hammer on half cock. Without the half cock, would the gun have gone full auto? I don't know, but there is that potential if circumstances line up the right way. I have not had problems with the hammer or half cock, but I have no intention of eliminating the half cock. It's a safety we never want to need - like insurance.
  3. Not altogether true. On the four reloading manuals I've worked on, all had top loads as close to SAAMI MAP as possible without going over for the top loads. Different bullets will build pressure differently, so different reloading manuals will show different data. Best, as always, is to start low and work up. The best data to begin with is that developed with the bullet you are using, if available.
  4. At one time STI had their polymer grips modified to use single stack magazines. Single stack rules banned them, as I recall, so that market segment was closed. Very likely the cost of a new mold to make dedicated single stack grips is more than the expect market demand justifies, particularly with the profusion of all metal single stack 1911's. Now, with polymer frame single stack 1911's, I would expect the market demand is even smaller. Machining them from metal, as we see with several double stack grips would be do-able, but, again, how much market with all the all metal single stacks already available? While all this seem very negative, I would not be against it, but I simply don't think anyone can do it and recover costs.
  5. If it's classed as a pistol, the pistol section seems appropriate.
  6. Many, many years ago while touring RCBS, they showed an area where tumblers were tested - to the extreme. They did not show me the cases, but said that they were destroyed. Since it is an abrasive process, I expect there was wear through the case wall, along with rounding or elimination of the rim. I don't recall the exact time they said, but I think it was months rather than a couple of weeks.
  7. yes but it takes a while and will vary with the media and the tumbler (rotary vs vibratory) and such.
  8. google "rollover" prone to, perhaps, gain some ideas. Essentially as I believe Brian described, but maybe the videos will help.
  9. Is this with factory ammunition, or reloads?
  10. Just guessing, but if the slide stop is not through the link, there would be nothing to pull the barrel down whenretracting the slide. Perhaps you can apply pressure to the barrel hood while trying to retract the slide to push the barrel down and clear the locking lugs.
  11. It would be interesting to see a video of a primer only cycling the gun. My experience is with the stock 45 1911. It will not cycle the gun (1911) when stock. Guy
  12. If the base of the bullet was blackened, it was a primer only BIB squib. If there were any powder, the base of the bullet would have been clean. A primer alone will not cycle the slide. Guy.
  13. Loren's obituary, for those that may be interested. https://lmtribune.com/obituaries/loren-b-neill/article_ddb797f2-8b5c-5933-b795-0f25af2794e3.html
  14. I posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago - thought I'd list it here as well for those that may find it of interest. We are planning a memorial, details when we know them. Once again, many thanks for all the support. Guy Loren was five weeks shy of her 62nd birthday. We have been married just over 41 years. It shows just how special she was, to put up with me for that long. She treasured her friends – all of you. Your good wished, prayers and support have been great. I do not know how to adequately say thanks, but thanks. I love her. I miss her. Guy
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