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  1. It would be interesting to see a video of a primer only cycling the gun. My experience is with the stock 45 1911. It will not cycle the gun (1911) when stock. Guy
  2. If the base of the bullet was blackened, it was a primer only BIB squib. If there were any powder, the base of the bullet would have been clean. A primer alone will not cycle the slide. Guy.
  3. Loren's obituary, for those that may be interested. https://lmtribune.com/obituaries/loren-b-neill/article_ddb797f2-8b5c-5933-b795-0f25af2794e3.html
  4. I posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago - thought I'd list it here as well for those that may find it of interest. We are planning a memorial, details when we know them. Once again, many thanks for all the support. Guy Loren was five weeks shy of her 62nd birthday. We have been married just over 41 years. It shows just how special she was, to put up with me for that long. She treasured her friends – all of you. Your good wished, prayers and support have been great. I do not know how to adequately say thanks, but thanks. I love her. I miss her. Guy
  5. They won't be any lower cost later. In the early SWPL days, shooters commonly had three guns. The one they were shooting, a backup and one at the smith, and they rotated through them.
  6. Update 8-25-19 While the new chemo started out doing well, it has now run it's course. The tumors are again growing. The doctors have taken her off chemo and are offering no further treatment. They are recommending hospice and making her comfortable. Her breathing is becoming more and more difficult. In the last six weeks they have drained about 4½ liters of fluid from her right lung. The left lung can no longer be drained as the fluid there has thickened. Her birthday is in about six weeks. I do not know if she will see it. A walk down the hall is an ordeal for her. I very much wish I had better news. It is very difficult writing this.
  7. I expect there are numerous good courses, but the one I attended was by Cylinder & Slide. I don't know the price these days, but you will end up with the tools for future use. Guy
  8. New mag springs, perhaps? What OAL are you using with the HP?
  9. Heat is the primary enemy. Room temperature or a bit cooler generally works best. World War II powders mostly depend on how well they were washed at the end of production. Wartime rush sometimes resulted in a poor wash (rinse used to remove residual solvents), and can result in deterioration (acrid odor, red powder are bad).
  10. I'm not directly knowledgeable of the 38/45 JWH, but there have been other versions of the 45 Auto necked down to 38. The 38/45 Clerke (also given as the 45/38 Clerke) and the 38 Casull come to mind. The Clerke cartridge was intended for Bullseye shooting while the Casull was for hunting (higher velocities). The Clerke dates back to the 1950's, while the Casull something like the 1990's, as I recall.
  11. Is the last round moving forward? This may indicate a weak magazine spring. You might try a new mag spring in one of the mags and see if that helps.
  12. Guy Neill


    Bullets designated as "FMJ" generally do not have enclosed bases. If the base is enclosed, it usually has some different terminology. Usually, but maybe not always.
  13. While it seems familiar, nothing "clicks". Do you have more information? How old? I expect you are saying it is a reload.
  14. Seems a major difference between the two is that the Load Target has an ambidextrous safety while the RO does not.
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