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  1. Peter the Power Meter was a ballistic pendulum that was used to determine the power factor of a load. It had a steel plate that was shot and swung, with a scale to see how far it swung. . The amount of swing determined whether or not a load made the power factor. It was calibrated using 230gr FMJ from a Commander to establish Major power. While they also established a Minor power factor using 9mm Luger FMJ ammunition, most shot Major using 45's. It did not take a long time, but Charlie Funk and a buddie cast some pewter bullets in a nominal 200gr SWC mold that weighed, as I rec
  2. Just to throw it out there when thinking of shooting steel - remember what "killed" Peter the Power Meter"!
  3. Most tilt thjeir head to bring the dominant eye behind the gun. You could try placing a piece of tape over the right eye glasses lens to blur the vision to allow using the left eye.
  4. But how do you really feel about it ...?
  5. Sure. Buy stock in Vista Outdoors, Olin Corp., SIG and others making ammunition. Assuming politics doesn't go bad and eliminate ammunition.
  6. No option of shooting Major with the 38S in SS.
  7. So you were leaving a target on the right to sweep across all the poppers to engage them left to right. Why? Since you were coming from the right, why not engage them right to left instead of by-passing two to get to the third? But once you were on a target - popper shoot it rather than waste time moving to another and then back to it.
  8. You should not do anything about starting a business until after the coming election. If the wrong people are elected, there may be no chance for a new gun related business. You may also think about the route some other gunsmiths have taken. It will take more time but has some advantages. Some have taken jobs with well-known gunsmiths for a year or two with each, learning their methods. It's likely you would learn something about running such a business as well as the skills of working on and building guns. The skills will be of great benefit when you do set out on your own.
  9. Is there a required power factor? If so, that would be a factor when considering the load. USPSA Multigun rules, if I'm reading them right, states a 150 power factor for rifle. With a 34gr bullet, that needs something over 4400 fps.
  10. Quite commonly the first firing pin strike on a high primer looks like a light hit. If any fired on a second firing pin hit, it is high primers.
  11. If you have remaining loaded ammunition, check the primers. You may be able to feel a high primer by running your finger over it, or set them on a flat surface and see if they wobble (indicating a high primer). Alternately, place a straight edge across the base of the cartridge and look for light coming under it and the case as it's held up by the primer. If you have high primers, you will need to press even more firmly to completely seat the primers. A fully seated primer is normally 0.003" - 0.005" below flush with the case.
  12. STI, for a while, had a grip modified for single stack magazines.
  13. 40 and 10mm have identical breech face. 40 magazines, if different at all, would have an internal spacer for the shorter cartridge length.
  14. I have thought an M1 Carbine in 9mm Win Mag would be interesting. Dead cartridge though, so not going to happen.
  15. If the bullet is moving into the case when feeding into the chamber, the bullet tension is not adequate. Bullet tension is a combination of several factors, including bullet diameter, case wall thickness, expander ball diameter and sizing die diameter. I've not heard of it recently, but many years ago Remington 45 Auto cases had thinner walls than others and made it hard to get good bullet tension. If it is not happening with other makes of brass, it may be related to the cases.
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