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  1. I'm in Clarkston, so I shoot mostly with the Lewiston Club (range near Moscow). I have, in the past, shot with the Tri-Cities group and at Spokane (as well as many other places over the years).
  2. I'm not up on all the clubs, but there are clubs in Spokane and the Tri-cities along with Lewiston (range near Moscow). There may be a group at Moses Lake, but I'm not certain. You should try to make it to some matches. It will allow quicker progress than shooting alone as it is likely to show the areas you need to work on better than shooting alone, plus you will be able to see the way other shooters approach the problem along with different equipment. I hope to see you on the range some day. What gun and gear do you have?
  3. Hi - welcome aboard What part of Eastern Washington? Guy
  4. Have tried sizing any in a single stage for comparison? What does the case look like after the partial sizing? If the cases are fired, it my be that the chamber was fairly large, so it is requiring more resizing effort to fully size the case. It also may be that the sizing die amounts to a small base die, which would size more than standard dies. Small base are not uncommon for lever gun cartridges and semi-autos.
  5. Not maybe the easiest gun to conceal, but check the IDPA rulebook to see what it says, and what gear requirements there are.
  6. In the most technical sense, you could likely do that. You most likely do not want to however. There would be a gap between the case mouth and the bullet making loading the cartridges into the chambers more difficult. You also will not be able top crimp the bullet, though youo could crimp the case. The bullet running into the crimped case mouth will not likely enhance accuracy. Best top seat the bullets with relation to the crimping groove and case mouth. So, longer OAL for the 357 Magnum cases,. If you do not have a chronograph, you may want to consider one. Working up loads is better done with one. The longer 357 Magnum cases will give some amount lower pressure with a given load than the same load in a 38 Special case. The chronograph will allow adjusting the load to match the 38 Special velocity. Accuracy is still to be found by working through the load range.
  7. Wilson Combat lists this: https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Thumb-Safety-Low-Lever-Bullet-Proof-Blue/productinfo/6BLLBP/
  8. I do not presently shoot Carry Optics, but think it may be interesting, so I have casually been looking at some of the guns. I do feel actual carry guns will see more and more use of optics as well. Wandering around the SHOT Show a couple of weeks ago, I noticed two philosophies in mounting the optics on the pistols. There were those that had the sights set up so that you could use the iron sights through the optics - I suppose in case the red dot died. Then there were those that the optic sight blocked the iron sights, so that the iron sights could only be used when the optic sight was removed. Personally, being able to use the iron sights whiteout the need to remove the optics seems the better way. Am I missing something here? Is there any advantage to having the optic sigh block the iron sights? Just wondering about people's thoughts on it. Thanks.
  9. Good logic. Of course we are dealing with reaction times. In any order, the 2nd, 3rd or 4rth people, with good reactions, could interfere. My worry is the potential for binding the gun in the holster with the draw to the side rather than straight ahead.
  10. To add to that, the regular spring is linear in force versus deflection. Thus, a 5lb spring will yield five pounds of force for one inch of deflection (compression) and then 10 pounds for 2 inches and 14 pounds for 3 inches. ' A variable is non-linear, perhaps giving 2 pounds at 1 inch, 5 pounds at 2 inches and 10 pounds at three inches - or such.
  11. Why is it that the two of you are not shooting together?
  12. What does distance of 1.00 mean? Distance to the start screen? Distance between screens? Or something else? That BP looks way out of whack! When/if possible, you may want to try the loads at a warmer temperature as well. Thanks. Guy
  13. Defibnitely try the other bullet(s). Everyone has their own preference for what "feels" best to them. Lighter bullets tend to give a "snappier" recoil than heavy bullets for a given power factor.
  14. Except it's not likely a gun with a disabled slide stop will be run dry every stage whereas unload and show clear happens each time. Still, it's up to the shooter.
  15. I have always understood that dropping the slide on an empty chamber was bad for the sear (at least on a 1911), so it has seemed to me that most (if not all) instances of a flip and catch are, effectively, dropping the slide on an empty chamber.
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