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  1. Robert’s got my x5 Legion right now. I was the one that originally made the comment based on my conversation with him. In the end, we wasn’t comfortable that his Tig skills were at a capable level to handle it. I did post a correction/ retraction.
  2. I think it’s personal choice. When I was deciding on a back up comp gun, I took a look at a used x-5 with the thought of adding the TXG grip, versus a second x5 Legion. With regard to the original x5, what you don’t get versus an x5 Legion is the new trigger group/ FCU. Comparing apples to apples, if you hand Bruce an x5 and an x5 Legion, by virtue of design, Bruce (or in my case, Robert at SA) can produce a better feeling trigger for the Legion. My decision was that I wanted the best comp trigger I could get my hands on for this platform. So I am willing to tolerate the gas residue at least for now. If you’re satisfied with the x5 trigger work you have now, by all means grab the module and rock. If otoh, you want an even better trigger, grab an x5 Legion and retain your current x5 as a back up. Its really all personal choice.
  3. Great response! Yes, I’m dry firing too. Is this like a sickness?
  4. I’m a new guy. I went to my home range to do some basic stuff ie Bill Drills etc. They had all the stages set up for an IDPA match scheduled for today. I didn’t want to alter any of the stages so I just picked part of stage to run, mostly because I’m an old guy trying to learn to move my carcass. Between the port being intentionally set to cause hate and discontent, coupled with the small pins at the end, it gave me absolute fits. To make it worse, I was shooting my backup gun since my x5 Legion is off being massaged. It was a fun but humbling day. The more I try to improve the more I realize just how much work it will take to try and learn to be competent in this sport.
  5. Thankfully this wasn’t a match but running drills yesterday. I managed to whittle 3 full seconds off the drill. And I was sure I was going to best my time again. Wait.....no wait. I think I need that. (Sorry for the potty mouth)
  6. The slide cut is a non-issue for me as I run DPP’s on everything. The LCI definitely has to be dealt with (at least to me) as I can’t imagine with as many rounds as we shoot in this sport that it won’t accelerate deterioration of optic clarity. Since youve dealt with the horrific stock stock trigger on the original x5 (reminded me of the double action pull on my dads Smith and Wesson model 29 ), then adding the txg grip module should have you dialed. You may come in just slightly over legal weight with the tungsten guide rod if you’re running tti +5’s. It will be close but you may sneak by. And that should give you a pretty sweet ride.
  7. Oustanding! I’ll be all over Scott like hair on a gorilla!
  8. Earlier in a post I mentioned that Robert (SA) thought he could resolve the LCI issue. He called me yesterday and said he just doesn't feel his skillset is at a level to Tig the barrel and get it perfect. I respect any man that knows his limitations and thanked him for the honest assessment. So, we are back to Barsto barrel and fitting if I want this smoke wagon to calm down!
  9. I suspect that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Ill post up the second I have it back.
  10. Excellent point. I failed to take standardized interchangeability in to account.
  11. I sent my x5 Legion out to Robert (SA) yesterday. He stated that he can kill the problem associated with the LCI. Since I’m getting trigger work done, I told him to have at it after he assured me it doesn’t alter chamber pressure nor gun timing. Should have it back end of next week. I’ll let everyone know how he resolved the issue once I’ve had a chance to test it. I really wish Sig would come clean with the reasons they added this to the design. Is it a lawsuit prevention issue by calling it a safety feature? An LCI is absolutely useless on a comp gun and only adds to manufacturing costs. It’s not like I can unload and show clear by pointing to the LCI and telling the RO, “ See? The LCI shows the gun is not loaded so there is no need for me to rack the slide.” It just makes no sense to me and my pea brain.
  12. No. I’ve caught an occasional piece of brass to the shroud edge but it is rare. Have never had one hit the glass. My true concern is that gasses will cause lens degradation over time. And DPP’s are 400 a pop. Wouldnt be a big deal if I was a casual range shooter. But anyone in this sport and trying to improve is mowing through ammo at a brisk pace.
  13. I can’t say I blame you but I suspect you’ll be holding your breath for an awful long time. They are deflecting the issue by saying it’s the DPP’s weakness for having glass too close. And that their new wiz bang Optics (Whenever it releases) will not be an issue. Im holding for now on having a barrel fitted because it’s more of an irritant than a real problem, at least for a match.
  14. I handed my stock x5 Legion to a single stack GM that shoots at terrifying speeds. Stone cold he took 2 slower shots and then promptly emptied the gun on multiple steels at 10 yards. The X5 Legion sounded like it had a full auto selector. It was humbling to say the least. I told him dont touch my stuff ! Seriously, His comments were that I may want to lighten recoil spring and a bit of trigger work would make it a very serious gun. Coming off my Glock 34/5 with a DK Customs Comp Elite trigger, I would appreciate less take up and all the crispness I can get. So I'll send it out to Don today and report back.
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