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  1. So many shooters use generic earplugs for shooting. The generic earplugs block the loud noise totally to enter the ear and so that we don't listen to others what they say. But the electronic earplugs give a limited loud to the ear so that we can hear to others what they said at the time of the shooting. To know something more about it, please visit here https://www.bigearinc.com/products/best-ear-protection-for-shooting.
  2. Welcome to this forum Lajs. Nice to see you here.
  3. Hey guys, I think Ear Inc provides best product because listen to the name of it before. Many of mine friends are use Ear Inc products. Thanks it's really so helpful I think.
  4. Thanks to all for their great response and giving their valuable time.
  5. Hey guys I think it fully depends on the weather but not a bad idea. Thanks
  6. Nice to see you sir Ultra ear plugs is really good. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your great idea and time.
  8. I am a newbie here and also confused that what should I ask?
  9. The sound of the gun at the time of shooting is harmful for us. Anyone has any noise canceling idea? Thoughts?
  10. Nice to see you here. You are most welcome.
  11. I agree with you, but I think the skill of hand need also. Thanks
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