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  1. Win 231 works great, I run 4.8-4.9 1.85oal , 180gr coated bullets.. 10% less for 200gr bullets shoukd get you where you need to be, always chrono though..
  2. All I use are mbx mags. Check the dimensions of the feed lips make sure they are open according to specs.. Definitely go with grams springs and followers.. There is a great vid on YouTube on how to properly adjust the feedlips. Easy fix
  3. Get rid of your MA dies.. Lee U-Die will make your problems go away.
  4. Make sure there is nothing stuck in the powder drop and powder funnel..
  5. If I recall correctly it's around 260 us $$ shipped from Italy via FedEx, you will have it in a few days. Worth every Penney
  6. Reach out to Umberto he is the maker of the Pal filler, best primer filler I've ever used. umberto@promo.it
  7. I've 401 diameter bullets can be an issue and fact that they are coated.. BB coating tends to be more thicker then other coated bullets.. Check the oal of the bullets that drop in vs the ones that don't, is there an significant variance.. I beting its the 401 diameter bullet. GL
  8. Whats the diameter of the barrel in the interior? What's the diameter of the bullet?.. Some barrels are not set up to accept 401 diameter bullets..
  9. Email Everglades they will respond on a time line for the holster
  10. Anytime!, I personally think Dillion is at the bottom of this list. when I started Loading I used Dillion as well since I own several of there presses but i had nothing but issues with there dies. I.e. sizing issues, de-capping issues
  11. RCBS, LEE, REDDING.. just to name a few
  12. There are much better dies out there then dillion . Readly avilable
  13. Never been a Fan of Plated bullets !!!
  14. Order your press without dies and you will get it in a few weeks to a month.. The dies are the issue..
  15. Keep loading, not a problem.. This happens all the time, never been an issue..
  16. Have you tried chronying other rounds you made with the same press.. Process of elimination.??
  17. Any body who has an AMG in stock?
  18. I'm on discord and even then I can't get my order in fast enough before they are sold out, even though I have accounts set up with my CC on file..very frustrating!!
  19. Like others have mentioned, the Lee factory crip die is what I have used for over 50k rounds.. I use redding seating die, I think any reputable seating die will work..
  20. If I read your post correctly it Soudns that you are seating and crimping at the same time. I would separate the seating and crimping in 2 different stations. Seating and crimping on the same station can cause all sorts of issues..
  21. My Akai didn't like 115gr with a certain type of powder, switched powders now its money at 15 yards..
  22. Optical planet has 4 sets in stock in 9mm..for what it's worth we all know OP inventory issues.
  23. When you buy the gun directly from Atlas they come a load date sheet??
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