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  1. I've used WST and really like how it fills the case. It's easily seen as you continue your reloading process.
  2. I had surgery because I had torn my rotator cuff and my long bicep. The surgery was shortly after my post. The doctor reattached the rotator cuff, but not the long head bicep. I quickly returned to shooting in less than 2 months and have continued ever since. Shot Area 4 and would have shot Illinois Sectional if it hadn't been cancelled. So, yes you can definitely continue shooting with a torn long head bicep tear.
  3. They have a nice match at Henry County. Sparta, Illinois and Newman's Gun Club have some nice matches.
  4. Welcome to the forum. What part of western Kentucky?
  5. I agree with the suggestion to check out Chad Reilly on Steve Anderson or go to his website at Spinal Flo Yoga. I'm currently following his routine for tennis elbow. It's been amazing the results I've felt. Definitely a great treatment plan.
  6. Loved his music, espically some of his gospel songs.
  7. Rowdy, Your explanations were very helpful. Thank you.
  8. I have over 60K rounds through my XDM and it's still a very accurate pistol. I did have a crack at the slide stop and Springfield replaced it.
  9. It helped me when I put my finger on the cap as I screw it in. Seemed to help with not getting it cross threaded.
  10. I don't think the shooter is intitled to a reshoot. The RO can determine that the shooter scored 2 Alphas.
  11. I've shot WST for years with SNS coated bullets. Very nice powder.
  12. Hello, Lendro. Welcome to the forum. I also reload (9mm). I hope you enjoy looking at the topics. Mucho gusto!
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