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  1. Out of Ammo

    Faster reloading?

    ^^^This is what I do.
  2. Out of Ammo

    Sweeping with PCC when moving to weak side.

    Thank you MemphisMechanic for the information. I hope PCC shooters take note of how this is done.
  3. Out of Ammo

    Sweeping with PCC when moving to weak side.

    Thank you for your input. Those are my thoughts as well (DQ).
  4. I've observed many PCC shooters having a tendency to sweep the muzzle up range as they run to their weak side to a different shooting position on a stage. Is this rule addressed? I personally think is is a DQ under 10.5.2. Is that a correct interpretation?
  5. Out of Ammo

    Changing the rear blade on a XDM 5.25

    I think the rear sight on the XDM 5.25 is from Dawson.
  6. Out of Ammo

    Plate rack plates popping back up

    Hadn't thought about using magnets. Good idea!
  7. In shooting a plate rack you'll sometimes see the plates pop back up. Is that a REF? Does it count as a hit since the plate did fall? Do you have to hit the plate again until it stays down? Sorry for asking, just too lazy to look it up.
  8. Out of Ammo

    Chrono distance

    !0'-15" is where I put mine.
  9. Out of Ammo

    Hello from South part of Illinois

    Hello, from SE Mo. I shoot at Sparta and Bootheel, maybe I've shot with you.
  10. Out of Ammo

    Greetings from MO

    Good deal, I hope to meet you at a match soon.
  11. Out of Ammo

    Greetings from MO

    Hello, from SE Mo. Welcome to the forum! A lot of good information can be found here. What club are you shooting out of? I usually shoot at Missouri Bootheel Pistol Club.
  12. Out of Ammo

    9mm "double" case walls

    Conditionone I've used this method for sorting my brass for a few years now, except I sort mine before cleaning. Very fast and I never get .380 mixed with my 9mm. Very nice video.
  13. I started with the Dillon 550 and have never considered changing. You just can't go wrong with Dillon.
  14. Out of Ammo

    Recoil spring weight

    I use the 16# Wolff spring. I had used the 14#, but was told that it could lead to light primer strikes.
  15. Out of Ammo

    AlphaCharis' PewPew Life

    Congratulations on the new classification!