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  1. SWoody, absolutely! The guys there are great to shoot with.
  2. Hello, SWoody. Welcome to the forum and USPSA shooting. I'm from the bootheel of MIssouri and also shoot matches at Sparta in Illinois.
  3. Shot a couple last year without a classifier. Personally, I'd rather shoot the field courses.
  4. I'm using a Springer Precision mount. Great service and works well on the CZ SP01.
  5. Does anyone know if you can continue shooting with a long bicep tear? My wife will kill me.
  6. I have two xdms and this is common. I see it on every piece of brass I shoot.
  7. I worked your match in 2018 and enjoyed it. I could work it again if you need someone.
  8. 1.08 sounds short enough for the XDM. Did you put black dry erase on the ojive during the plunk test to see if it might be rubbing?
  9. Out of Ammo

    P365 For CCW

    I've used the Bianchi Professional model ever since I bought the gun. Right after I bought it, I carried it every day for two weeks on a trip to Utah. Still carry it it. Very comfortable.
  10. Wow, AlphaCharis, I think you're doing great with all the training. Keep up the good work!
  11. I have used WST for years in 9mm without ever having a problem.
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