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  1. Out of Ammo

    Area 4 Championship Target presentation

    "But, from previous experiences, once on the timer, I don't even see stuff like long target sticks" Yes!
  2. Out of Ammo

    Shell Case Lubing for Pistols

    I have used One Shot for years and love it. Never had a problem.
  3. Out of Ammo

    9mm Loading data for 145 RN Acme coated bullets.

    I shoot a XDM 5.25 and have used H&S 147gr bullets. On my chrono, using 3.4gr of WST it was 136 PF.
  4. Out of Ammo

    Alliant Sport Pistol Load Data

    Here's my data on for the Alliant Sport Pistol powder: SA XDM 5.25 9mm 125 gr SNS coated RNLG 3.9 gr Sport Pistol 1.135" COAL Avg. Velocity 1051.9 fps PF: 131.49
  5. Out of Ammo

    Barrel life of XDM 5.25 9mm match barrel?

    I had the slide crack near the slide release and SA replaced it free of charge.
  6. Out of Ammo

    Barrel life of XDM 5.25 9mm match barrel?

    I think there have been higher round counts than that. I currently have over 50K on one of mine and haven't noticed any accuracy issues yet.
  7. Out of Ammo

    Fully seated

    Thanks, ChuckS.
  8. Out of Ammo

    Fully seated

    The classifier is CM 09-13, Table Stakes. I've watched a video on Youtube and the shooter doesn't have his back on the back of the seat. The Glossary doesn't define fully seated. I'm assuming it means that both cheeks of the butt on the seat, but I could also see it requiring having your back on the back of the seat.
  9. Out of Ammo

    Fully seated

    Shooting a classifier this weekend and noticed that the WSB stated that the shooter is to be "fully seated". Can someone define what exactly that means? Can I be sitting on the edge of the seat or do I have to have my back against the back of the chair?
  10. Out of Ammo

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    Well, bless you heart. You have a good day.
  11. Out of Ammo

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    Right, but I was commenting for those who are finding that VV320 is expensive in the US. I was offering an option for them.
  12. Out of Ammo

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    I've been reading that the Alliant Sport Pistol is supposed to be a replacement for the VV320. I've gotten some and my initial impressions are that it meters well, fills the case so that you don't have to worry about a double charge like TG, a lot less expensive than VV320 and is soft to shoot. I'm currently working on a batch that I will take to the range and chrono, but my impression is that it's a very nice powder that works well with coated bullets.
  13. Out of Ammo

    Footwear options for 2018

    ++Boombah Hellcats.