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  1. I currently load 4.2 gr of WST for a 125 gr SNS bullet. Never had a problem and it easily met PF at an area match.
  2. I started at the age of 58. Never too old.
  3. WmKerle, good advice to clean this is regularly.
  4. I run 1.10 in my XDM and have never had an issue. I'm shooting SNS 125, but I've also used the Gallant bullets.
  5. I've used the PRP triggers in two XDMs. I've found them to be excellent triggers for the gun and would highly recommend them.
  6. I forgot to add, that the problem my be a weak mag spring.
  7. Mine does as well, especially when I slam a mag in during competition. I personally don't have a problem with it. Also, I've been known to ride my slide some as well.
  8. Thank you for the information.
  9. My question is relating to 10.2.1. I know you can't use supports outside the shooting area, but what about a barrel? Can a shooter use a barrel that's used in front of a shooting area as a support for shooting at targets?
  10. I agree with Sarge on this one. The RO was in a better position to tell if the 180 was broken.
  11. I would agree with Rnlinebacker. I don't think I would shoot that way, though.
  12. If I may, you might want to look at Alliant Sport Pistol. It's made for the coated bullets and recommended by SNS. I'm currently using the SNS 125 RNLG with WST and it is causing leading. I didn't have that with the RN.
  13. I did horrible in my first match. I had shot a pistol for a while but was looking for something that I thought would be fun and competitive. I found a local USPSA match and the folks there were very helpful. I tried to go as fast as I possibly could and shoot the targets. Needless to say, the results were horrible and I had a number of Deltas and Mikes, but I loved the shooting and competition.
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