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  1. depends on what you're doing. if you're a dude, it's easy to pee without taking off your belt. Most dudes do that. if you are a chick, or a dude who is not peeing, it gets more complicated. it is certainly possible to undo your belt and pull your pants down while leaving it attached to your pants and sit down and do your biz, but it makes more sense to me just stop by the safe table, bag the gun, and do my biz. I don't want to leave my gun unattended, and I don't want to drop my gun in a pool of blue poo goo, but maybe I am just being a pansy about the whole thing.
  2. thanks for the quick replies. I'll take out the FCU and make sure everything is kosher. It's plausible i messed something up when put the trigger in and left the lever with too little downward spring tension, so that only a tiny nudge would activate it. If that fails, I'll just dremel the activator off and call it good.
  3. ha, I wonder if they still have primers up there. Over the summer a buddy traveled to wyoming for work and sportsman's warehouse there had primers on the shelf.
  4. We pre-paid ours at our LGS (Hawktech arms in meridian, ID, a top-notch shop and big-time supporter of shooting sports). We waited 6-8 weeks but we got the next one that came in.
  5. Anyone ever experienced a premature slide lock in a p320 x5 legion? We've only had the gun 6 weeks or so, but It's happened to mrs moto twice now in practice. on inspection, the stock followers definitely contact the slide lock with 1 round left, but pretty lightly. Looking at her grip, it doesn't appear there is any way her hand could be contacting it on either side. We're using it for CO, so don't really GAF if it locks anyway. Just wondering if this is a thing before I take a dremel to the slide lock.
  6. I would suggest practicing shooting targets like that in live fire. make sure you are tracking the dot and shooting 2 aimed shots, not just one sight picture and pulling the trigger twice.
  7. makes sense. All the real badasses are shooting seniorstack..... (like me, btw..... ) I'm also guessing the people who have already registered are either darned good (earned slots from their area match), or are decrepit RO staff like myself that are shooting ss/revo.
  8. At A1 you could use the side berm, we just chose not to as shooters, since it's easier and simpler to unbag at the start. I *believe* it was the same at worlds, but don't quote me on that. I don't really recall seeing people unbag at a side berm there, but I wasn't really paying that much attention.
  9. easiest and safest is to simply have a table or 2 barrels next to the shooting box and bag any guns that need to be bagged right there. As an RO and club BOD member, I like that because we don't have people wandering around with uncased guns, even if it's a short wander from the shooting box to the side berm or uncasing area. As a shooter I like this because it's simple. The whole uncasing against the berm concept makes some sense in USPSA, where you can't always have a convenient table at the make ready position, and where you normally end in a completely different spot than where
  10. bad idea. most classifiers are dumb and boring, and some of them take 20-24 rounds anyway. how about just making real stages with slightly fewer rounds? As the new 2020 classifiers show, you can have a very interesting stage with just 12 rounds.
  11. or possible that people are saving their ammo for the big matches. or possible that people will just suck it up and pay 10 cents each for primers to shoot big matches. Primers are readily available if you want to pay 10 cents each. I don't (yet), but if I had to, it wouldn't really move the needle on the expense total for nationals or steel worlds.
  12. dang. If we know registration is light (like it was in the rain/snow/xmas the last 2 matches), we only put up 2 field stages and run them from 2 different start positions, plus 2 classifiers, so 30-40 paper targets at 70 cents or so each. we are too lazy to paint in the winter, but if we did paint it would be 1 can of paint at $4 for the good stuff. So I figure our fixed expenses are about $30. We had 13 people (and a mild blizzard during setup, but it stopped and was quite pleasant for the shooting) last weekend, and it was really fun. 7 out of the 13 are M or better in at least 1 division, s
  13. we have had a number of guns in 9 and 40 that just hate plated bullets for some reason, and have accuracy and tumbling problems. the same loads run great in other guns.
  14. a longer barrel will require less powder, and the muzzle will rise less to reach the same pf. That's why I used the threaded barrel when I was shooting the xdm. You are somewhat correct tho because the shorter slide should be slightly lighter, so it will impart less force to the gun when it slams forward. Honestly 'flatness' seems like a dumb way to talk bout non-compensated guns. the important thing is whether the sights (or dot) return to the spot they left from, as opposed to dipping down below. grip, powder charge, bullet weight, recoil spring and timing, etc.... all play a rol
  15. we have some of each. Mrs moto thinks DA first shots are stupid, so I got her an x5 legion. it is convenient that the dpp mounts directly to the slide with no adapter plate needed. With the simple addition of a gray guns trigger kit, it is entirely competitive, with a 2.5 lb trigger pull. Not quite as short a pull and reset as a custom 2011, but pretty darned good for a crappy plastic gun. We both found the grip to be very natural, and the gun pointed well for me immediately. it just feels very similar to my 2011 in that respect. you might need to spring for an extended mag realease and/or pad
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