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  1. meh, i just shoot with a cinder block duct-taped to my ass. I love the challenge and being able to beat elderly and crippled people who haven't chosen to handicap themselves.
  2. Ok, a very limited basis. I think in general it's best to clarify before throwing people or organizations under the bus. I believe I even saw that same wording in a matchbook a couple years ago, and it also turned out to be a mistake, so I'm not at all surprised about this one. Thanks to Troy for setting everyone's mind at rest. Looking forward to a fun and challenging match.
  3. I noticed the same thing and made a mental note to ask troy about it. Not that it matters much to me this time since I am shooting the staff match, but generally when I am not working a match, I try to show up in time to see a whole day of staff shooting. Didn't have any issues with that at race gun nats in the fall.
  4. crotch holsters and lights are actually used by people for practical purposes. I know zero people that carry a gun with the extra weight and bulk of a magwell, but maybe there are some folks in bad neighborhoods. I'm pretty sure if 14 rounds isn't enough, a reload isn't going to help much, so I don't carry an extra mag on my person.
  5. I agree with you here. I know anymore everyone wants everything for free, but it's a pretty well-understood principle that people value what they pay for more than what they get for free, whether that's college or an RO class.
  6. the link you provided shows that very few of the ADI loads claim to be at max pressure. At any rate, my point still stands. The max pressure specs have to have a significant safety margin or crappy metallurgy, unsupported chambers, etc.......
  7. what explanation is needed? the max loads have to be safe even in crappy unsupported barrels in plastic guns, and they have to have a safety margins built in everywhere there could be a tolerance. case thickness/volume, powder-measure accuracy, scale accuracy, bullet weight, etc.... fwiw, when working up a self-defense load a few years ago (using n340 and 124gr xtp), i found that shortening the OAL from 1.12 to 1.08 resulted in a 30fps increase in velocity. Significant, but not enough to go from safe to dangerous imho.
  8. don't overthink this. max book load is unbelievably conservative. I have shortened 100's of bullets for the same reason, and I don't give it a second thought. going from 1.13 to 1.11 will give you a few extra pf, similar to an extra tenth of a grain of powder. You may be able to feel it if you pay close attention, but it's not going to be dramatic.
  9. this is incorrect. the rule states the light 'must be functional'. That is a bit of a fuzzy word with different contexts, and may well be interpreted differently from 'working' by the people who matter (major match officials). If you take the guts out of the flashlight and fill it with lead, it is definitely no longer 'functional'. If the bulb burns out in the middle of the match, I think you could make an argument that it was still functionally a flashlight, even if it wasn't 'working' anymore.
  10. i totally recommend that people I compete against change the balance of their gun between stages. That is high-speed lo-drag....
  11. that would only be true if the screws for the optic go all the way through the plate and into the slide. On both our guns the optic mounts indirectly. screws mount the plate to the slide, and different screws mount the optic to the plate. You seem to be very choosy about when clear-cut things are actually clear-cut.
  12. I already explained why I disagree. Sure, in general terms, you can make an argument that it seems clear-cut, but since the rules don't *specifically mention* the optic falling off, it is perfectly reasonable for an arb committee (or an RM) to overturn a stupid and unintended application of the rule. The rules also say that the holster must cover the slide up to 1/2" below the ejection port. What if your holster breaks when you go prone so that it no longers covers enough of the slide? Black and white? bump to open? what if your flashlight stops being 'functional' durin
  13. that's not how the english language works. A direct flight doesn't have a layover or plane change. Similarly, 'directly mounted' means without an intermediary adaptor plate. black and white bump to open. No one cares about the 'intent'. there is no intent, only words (and lawyers, lol).
  14. that is black and white, by the standards of some in this thread. I see a bump to open for anyone not using a a direct slide mount.
  15. whichever one has more heat in your neighborhood..... which is probably production since almost no one shoots L10, esp L10 minor.
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