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  1. that's not really what the rule says. within what the rule *does* say, there are lots of ways to screw over and annoy lo-cap shooters. I personally work hard to avoid such situations in my stages, but that's because I shoot SS for 2-3 months every year so I think about it.
  2. two different things going on. one, is you need to leave the reshoot scores in to upload to uspsa and calculate the activity fees. second is you need to take the reshoots out somehow to upload the scores to practiscore. I suspect someone is getting confused somewhere.
  3. they shouldn't count, but then classifier matches don't really count as matches either. how much cash did the guy get for the stage win?
  4. this is the way. If you are a hi-cap shooter, you have to do a little extra homework when designing/building a stage. I ask myself "how would I shoot this with 8 rounds in the gun?", and if the only stage plans are awkward and dumb, I try to fix that. I do shoot SS for a few months every year, and there some stages where the reloads are so awkward (or close together) that I can't really compare my scores to my buddies in Lim and CO. Yeah, I know we're shooting different divisions, but at a local with 40-50 people there might only be a few shooting SS, so looking at the overall is the only way to get a good idea of how I measured up. Those kind of stages are annoying. they don't bother me as much at a major match that has some heat in SS, and they *really* don't bother me at an ss-only match.
  5. we have used a dpp (direct mount) and romeo3 max with a plate on our legion. There is zero noticeable difference due to the extra couple mm of the plate. OTOH, the romeo3 max is VERY noticeably better in terms of brightness and crispness.
  6. I only have 1 experience with their custom shop guns (which are made in a different location, as I'm sure you know), and no experience with their normal production guns. Although I picked up a cert for an SR1911 off the prize table, so I do have one on the way.
  7. nose-diving rounds where the round sticks at the way bottom of the feed ramp because it came up low and slow.
  8. I would advise you to stop carrying about class awards. focus on learning to shoot more better gooder.
  9. i must be doing it wrong. I have literally never replaced springs in a 22 mag, and never done any tuning on the mags, and we have a ruger, 2 vq's and a buckmark that will happily run 500-1000 rounds without a hiccup with a variety of ammo. Up til this year tho, we only shot every week.
  10. wait, wut? that's your idea of good luck? I'm willing to accept a malfunction every 500-1000 rds. Any more than that is a problem that needs to be fixed. We had zero malfs at worlds out of 2 shooters and 9 guns (1800+ rounds), and none since then in practice or local matches either.
  11. i don't think they've been out that long. I saw 4-5 at SS nationals. Other than randy rogers in 19th and me in 35th I don't know how anyone else did shooting them.
  12. it's pretty much the assumption of *any* thread asking what gun I should buy. All I did was report my experience with the 2 guns in question.
  13. Are you finding weaker ammo causing problems? or something else? what kind of problems? we've had pretty good success with Tresa's 10-22 once we replaced the bolt (her stock ruger bolt was out of spec and the extractor sat too far from the breech face), and used a lighter recoil spring. It still doesn't like feeding hollowpoints due to the shorter OAL (they miss the barrel and slide up), but it's been 100% with blazer and aguila roundnose bullets.
  14. that's why I always choose a start position for pcc that prevents that. Muzzle touching mark, french start (held overhead with straigh arms), pick it from a table, something like that. Also helpful to put a banner or hardcover cardboard above ports and at corners so people cant aim through the mesh.
  15. Appears to be turning on the dot of a pcc (i.e. 'gun handling') when not in a safe area or under the direct supervision of RO. Kind of a silly rule imho, but still a rule.
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