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  1. motosapiens

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    if you're a famous capri-pants wearing sponsored shooter.... then the score stands after you tell DNROI you don't have to reshoot the stage, even tho the honorable shooters realized their time was wrong and volunteered to reshoot. .... Just sayin.....
  2. motosapiens

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    johnny cochran range lawyers.... If the glove fits not, you must score as shot!
  3. motosapiens

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    you would argue incorrectly, at least by the literal rule. the timer is fine, the RO was just not able to safely be in position for the shot to count. Not at all unusual. and from a competitive equity standpoint, how do we justify penalizing everyone else in the match over a technicality because the shooter gets a zero but argues that he should have a zero but with a different time? Why screw over everyone else by giving out freebies?
  4. motosapiens

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    9.10.1 says "if a timing device is faulty, a competitor whose attempt cannot be credited with an accurate time will be required to reshoot the stage." That does not appear to apply to a case where the timing device is not faulty, but simply didn't pick up a shot. right below that 9.10.3 A competitor who reacts to a start signal but for any reason does not fire a shot or continue the attempt at the course of fire and fails to have an official time recorded on the timing device operated by the Range Officer will be given a zero time and zero score for that course of fire. Is it plausible to suggest that a competitor who does not continue the attempt (because of broken gun or whatever) would fall under 9.10.3? It seems reasonable to me that you might be able to get away with one if you have a breakage and the last shots were not recorded but there were only a few targets left, so the time would actually have an effect on the score. But if the score is only going to be zero anyway, I see no reason to lose sleep over a few seconds of time that has no effect whatsoever on the score.
  5. motosapiens

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    Well sure, but that's because you didn['t get the last shot.... it's the last shot fired that matters, not the last target in the stage. I would also make the case that if you miss the last shot, but the competitor has to quit while leaving enough targets that the mikes and FTSA's would cause a score of zero, then it doesn't really matter whether the time is accurate, the score will be accurate regardless. I can see some rifle shooter trying to argue that one tho.
  6. motosapiens

    Help for Dry Fire Safety

    Yeah, if you don't trust yourself to unload a gun reliably, modifying a firing pin is a reasonable thought. I personally use a little rubber washer under the hammer, not because I don't know how to unload my gun, but because the noise of the hammer striking annoys me. (my race gun is never loaded at home, but I check every time anyway). I accidentally tested it by forgetting to remove it before a practice session, and it definitely prevents even a loaded gun from firing. But step 1 is to just unload your gun, and double-check your practice mag to make sure it still has dummy rounds. I use a rackbuddy http://www.rackbuddy.biz/ in my dryfire mag which makes it obvious that no live rounds are going into my gun.
  7. motosapiens

    Recoil spring for .45 SS gun?

    After using a 14lb spring for years in my 45, I found my gun shot a little better with a 13lb spring for 170 pf loads. I shot primarily SS for a few years and made M with that gun. You might want to go a lb or 2 higher for factory rounds, but I don't really have a clue what pf WWB is, since I've never shot factory ammo in my gun.
  8. don't do *any* spray and pray unless you want to stay average. do some practice. particularly, some multi-shot drills where you learn how to grip the gun so the dot comes back where you want it. note that this stuff can help your limited shooting too, btw.
  9. motosapiens

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    well heck, i'll just skim an ounce off the top of the bottle then, and run 46:1 instead of 45:1 in the bike. I noticed the color similarity.
  10. motosapiens

    Single stack weight

    I prefer 42.8 or less, for a little margin of safety when someone else's scale is jacked up. fwiw, i invested some time and discussion with a whole group of RMI's a year or so ago and concluded that if you have more than 1 brand/type of mag, the gun needs to make weight with the heavier one. You might get away with giving chrono a plastic basepad mag instead of the dawson aluminum basepads, but you will be cheating.
  11. motosapiens

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    at 10 F, count me out for any uspsa matches. My advice to the OP.... it makes no difference what you use in a glock or m&p or all the CZ's I have owned. OTOH, it may make a difference in a tightly fit 1911 or 2011 that has much more rail contact and much less space between parts. I personally use a 50-50 mix of mobil 1 and synthetic atf because i have it laying around. If i were buying lube, I would probably buy Lucas because their 2-stroke oil is the bomb diggety shiznit in my ktm dirtbikes. 200 hrs of hard use between top ends, and zero build-up on powervalves. that tells me they have some smart lube science guys there.
  12. motosapiens

    New 10.2.1 and Non-Existence

    touching is not the same as using for support. I would say touching or standing on a flat wall foot that is basically flush with the ground would not consitute support. OTOH, if the wall foot is raised several inches, and standing on it gives you a better/different view, or is somehow different from the plain old ground, then I would call that support.
  13. we have really old people at our matches too. The ones under 60 just use the search feature and find the rule on their phone/tablet in 1/4 the time.
  14. motosapiens

    Council after the COF

    even at my age, I can't tell the difference between 179 and 180, and I'm willing to bet you can't either. If it's at 180 exactly, I personally am unable to make the call with certainty. Regarding the original questions, I personally let people know at local matches if they were particularly close, especially if they were obviously not aware of it. At a major, I generally figure most people are big boys, but I have been known to say something, especially if it was one of those calls where I think the 180 got broken, but I'm not certain of it. I appreciate it if someone else does the same for me. Sure, it might throw some weaker folks off their mental game later in the day, bummer for them. Getting dq'd will probably throw them even further off their game.
  15. motosapiens

    Standing Definition

    seems dumb to me to try to define 'standing'. how much knee bend is allowed in fully erect? are knees required to be locked? i can see certain control freaks being potentially being douchey about this. Look at major sports.... do any of them define what standing means? if not, there is probably a good reason. We need to take the subjectivity out of this stuff.