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  1. motosapiens

    Pregame squib

    easy. set squib rod on edge of table or windowsill, put barrell around it, place against hard object, smack hard. All while pointing barrel downrange.
  2. motosapiens

    Reload from pocket

    Yes, absolutely, in any division.
  3. motosapiens

    Oh crap! To the hospital

    unlike shooting, dirtbiking can be dangerous. I have ridden out of the woods with a compound femur fracture (splinted up, stood on one foot on a borrowed bike since mine was trashed), ridden out of the desert with a broken collarbone (opening and closing numerous cattle gates), and ridden the last 40 miles of an enduro after tearing my acl. Some dirtbike accidents can be avoided by using your head.... for example if you don't ride/race motocross, you don't usually have to worry about someone squirrely hitting you while you're in the air. Some shooting accidents can also be avoided. For example if you make a point of leaving the safety on and finger out of trigger guard until the gun is not pointed at you anymore, you shouldn't have to worry about shooting yourself. It's easy to get lax when chasing a speed gain, but it's also easy to stop and think about it and un-lax yourself. Broncman's thoughtful post should serve as a helpful reminder for us to stop and think about it.
  4. motosapiens

    Oh crap! To the hospital

    glad the op turned out ok. I busted a toe earlier this summer and split the underside of my foot open riding a dirtbike alone in the mountains. The most pain of the whole event was the shots they gave me to numb up the toe so they could stitch it closed. My safety tip for practice is don't shoot yourself. One of the nice things about shooting is it's SOOOO much safer than racing dirtbikes, or even just trailriding dirtbikes for fun.
  5. or at least a human being who was good at math...
  6. motosapiens

    Getting DQed. A lot.

    Listen to steve anderson. Buy Lanny Bassham's book if you need to. Don't 'dial it back', just stop trying to dial it forward for major matches. If you train fast so that fast is normal, you will *be* fast when all you do is watch the gun and call your shots. Trying and rushing will only make you slower, less accurate, and more likely to DQ. I have seen it many times working major matches, including nationals. Seems like the first stage is a pretty common place to DQ because people are freaking out instead of trusting their training and calling their shots. And get some more help for your local matches. Many people will pitch in given the opportunity and a little encouragement and training.
  7. motosapiens

    Getting DQed. A lot.

    my suggestions: 1. physical activity to warm up. 2. Actually believe that you don't have to rush, try or hurry in order to be competitive. Trust your subconscious to execute reloads without you freaking the f** out and trying to do them balls fast. When you consciously try to go fast, you are short-circuiting all the training you did and myelin you built to learn to execute fast reloads while keeping your finger out of the trigger guard. 3. Treat every match the same. Prepare the same, take it just as seriously, execute the same.
  8. motosapiens

    PCC Flag

    It's NOT a dq, and someone would know that if they knew the rules....... just sayin'.....;)
  9. motosapiens

    Shooting First in squad....

    I guess I've never been to a match where I was unprepared enough for this to even be a thing. In general, I always defer to the first shooter, but I don't expect other people to make special arrangements just because I didn't prepare.
  10. meh. just ask them. LEO's know whether they can arrest someone or not. If someone is willing to lie in order to 'win' the high LE plaque, then whatever.... let the real LEO's deal with it.
  11. motosapiens

    Pros/Cons Limited Minor

    I am ahead of the curve then. I have been dry-firing all week with my cheap used CO gun in preparation for shooting CO for a month or so before I get my new limited gat.
  12. motosapiens

    Pros/Cons Limited Minor

    I'm only 57, but probably in another 15 years I'll be weak and feeble enough to see the attraction of having a separate division for limited minor. Maybe I could even win a plaque for high super senior in limited minor. My mom would be so proud. lol.
  13. motosapiens

    Should Rule be Updated?

    they have more retention than an unlocked race holster.... and the same retention as my kydex holster.
  14. motosapiens

    Dry Firing During Make Ready - DQ?

    yes, exactly. i think anyone can easily tell when you are trying to reload and put your finger in the trigger guard, vs when you pause the loading process to do something else. If you take a sight picture and dryfire with the mag inserted, i'm cool with it. What i'm not cool with is if you have your finger in the trigger guard while inserting the mag, or while racking the slide. in between those two things, you can pause, and everyone will understand that you are no longer 'loading'. I understand the desire to have rules that cover every possible situation in clear and plain english, but it seems to me it just overcomplicates things. we're always going to have some level of interpretation (just like we do in courts of law) to apply our clear rules to particular situations that may not have been foreseen when the rules were written, or to cover points of confusion for some people that were crystal clear in the minds of the people who wrote the rules in the first place.
  15. motosapiens

    Dry Firing During Make Ready - DQ?

    In general, if there are RO's on the stage but no shooters, pretty much every experienced shooter asks permission to walk the stage. If there are no RO's on the stage, then the stages are generally considered open for walking.