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  1. if you use clays (especially the original clays) and load short, you should be careful. I have not seen or heard of any problems with other fast powders such as e3, sport pistol, prima v, prima sv, etc... shooting buddy has been using sport pistol for 40 major for the last year or so, and I personally have loaded tens of thousands of rounds with the other 3 powders.
  2. i've only had delayed shipping when i order during the black friday sale. all other times (10-15 orders) the bullets ship within 24 hrs and are at my door in 3-4 days tops. One of the reasons I switched to them is my previous supplier was slow, and often wouldn't even accept orders.
  3. i pretty much always do it with my metal grip limited gun because I'm 58 and it's heavy. generally there is a safe table nearby tho, and i bag and unbag there so as not to mess with my make ready and ULSC routines.
  4. the rule allowing you to carry your gun in a holster, bag or case makes it pretty clear to me that they are essentially interchangeable.
  5. I'm not too worried. I know what you will hear from Troy. I'm pretty sure I have given him the command to bag his pistol before. I know I have done so for Carl and Jodi.
  6. You think? I disagree. 5.2.1 Carry and Storage – Except when within the boundaries of a safety area, or when under the supervision and direct command of a Range Officer, competitors must carry their handguns unloaded in a gun case, gun bag or in a holster securely attached to a belt on their person (see Rule 10.5.1). while doesn't specifically mention bags or cases, 5.2.1 makes it clear that bagging/casing/holstering are all the same thing. I don't think we really need to have everything spelled out exactly, especially for such a common and longstanding process.
  7. we've been doing this for years. if the shooter wants to bag the gun, I say 'if clear, hammer down and bag'. This is not unusual on windy dusty days. frequently the RM has a bagged gun for calibration instead of wearing one on his hip all day.
  8. absolutely not. I can't call the range clear if the pcc doesn't have a flag. When pcc's first came out, we were advised to have a zip-tie or two handy for just that situation.
  9. I can see where someone might think it said that. To me it clearly does NOT say the flag is not required if the pcc is in a sleeve or case, but if it's possible for someone to misinterpret it, it should probably be reworded. fwiw, I worked the pcc nationals, and we did not and would not allow someone to put their gun in a case unflagged. We did not call range is clear until the flag was inserted.
  10. this is only really important if you are expecting to win, as opposed to simply improving your own shooting. Obviously you don't want to shoot limited minor for the long-term unless there is some physical disability that prevents you from shooting major, but a beginner is not going to be shooting fast enough to win anyway. Shooting more and practicing and getting better will have a much larger effect on one's score than shooting major for the first year or so. fwiw, I have seen people shoot minor in open, and win the overall at local matches, just sayin'....
  11. Unless we start shooting bottom-feeders at redocats..... so the bans won't be successful.
  12. If the only legal guns were revolvers, and the only division offered was revolver, I would probably stop shooting and play more hockey and ride more dirtbikes.
  13. i think everything cycles at pretty much every length. feeding is probably the last issue i would worry about. i just discovered today that the threaded barrel on my OSP doesn't like my 115 gr blue /e3 loads. they tumble like crazy and the groups are measured in feet. OTOH, the same load runs fine and groups tightly with the standard barrel. OTOOH the threaded barrel groups fine with the same bullet using n340 instead of e3. I guess this is why we test stuff before showing up to a match.
  14. the good news is if you actually practice D/A, it will become a non-issue in a week or so. I did alot of draws to partials and mini-poppers in and shooting DA groups when i was first getting going. Also learned a useful dryfire drill from stoeger where you start aimed at a target, finger on trigger with hammer down. at the beep, you pull the trigger without disturbing the sights, and try to finish the pull before the beep ends. That taught me alot about the grip and hand pressure needed to keep the gun still while moving the trigger briskly.
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