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  1. Unfortunately my club is populated by national top 25 open shooters, but if other CO shooters can run with open shooters times, I guess I better stop making excuses and speed the hell up!
  2. can't speak on the class, although I have had classes from ben stoeger, tim herron and charlie perez that were all EXTREMELY valuable in my learning curve. I think steve's books are good (his 3rd one is *really* good), but I think for me personally his focus on always trying to be faster faster faster led to some sloppiness and unrealistic practice for me. I made a big step up in match performance when I stopped doing his drills by rote and started using my own brain to adapt them to my situation. That probably just means I was doing his drills wrong, lol. IMHO, if you are just getting started, you could probably get a big jump by seeing if there's an M or GM near you that shoots the same division, and offering to pay that gay for a couple 2-hr range sessions. All the more better if it's someone you occasionally squad with at local matches who may already have an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with the current system. beginners who are non-competitive aren't non-competitive because they didn't spend enough on their gun. SS, prod and CO at least allow you to be competitive at any level for under a grand (before optic).
  4. that would be wonderful for all 4 people that want to shoot unmodded guns. it is a pretty obvious fact that 99% of shooters like to tinker with their guns and make them fit their personal preferences better.
  5. we bough *all* of our ammo in the last 12 months, many different brands, and we have 4 pistols and a rifle that run 100%. I do see other people struggling sometimes, i think because they too much silly stuff to their race guns.
  6. I say we allow 22's, but give them subminor scoring. 4 pts for alpha, 2 for charlie, 0 for delta. come to think of it, we should apply that to rifles as well.
  7. Your argument is contrived. there are very very very few places where you have to run 25 yards between firing positions. Even 10 yards is an unusually long movement anywhere except A3. In the overwhelming majority of USPSA stages (and also outer limits) foot speed for non-crippled people is not an issue, even tho some lazy people like to use it as an excuse.
  8. ^^ this is also a good point, and one I have made before. 4 seconds seems excessive. i'm in favor of a 3-second penalty for shooting OL from one box for people that really can't safely do the movement. It takes me right around 2 seconds from shot to shot.
  9. Don't want this to get lost in all the other shenanigans, but to me, the above suggestion seems like a good idea, and I think you have made a reasonable case for it. Our range is fortunate enough to have 7 bays that we can put either of the two big stages in, but not everyone planned so well. On the one hand, one of the things that people (including me) like about steel is there is a set standard, so it's a continuing goal to beat my total time for either the whole 8-stage group, for for the 2 separate 4-stage groups the way our club always shoots them on mon-wed. On the other hand, one of the things that people (including me) *don't* like about steel is that it's always the same old stages. Kind of a conundrum. That's why I shoot more USPSA, lol.
  10. if by 'younger', you mean 'younger than 80', i guess I would agree. At only 60 I'm at no disadvantage whatsoever in the ability to move 6 feet. Just like USPSA, physical speed is not really a thing until you get to the point of being crippled. It's always about leaving earlier and shooting earlier and wasting less time.
  11. Damn, I hope we don't have to throw away our A1 championship trophies...
  12. sign up for the world speed shoot. All the folks from HQ should be there. We shared squads with both the former president and jake martens at the last two worlds, and had a lot of good conversations about both uspsa and steel challenge. Tell them you would like to be the Area director for steel for your area. I'd vote for you. From my personal observation, only a handful of the people who shoot steel seem to be willing to step up and organize matches and lead the direction of the sport, so I'm sure HQ would be elated to have someone volunteer to take on some of that role. Start sharing some of your ideas to grow and improve the sport here on enos, and with your AD. If other people agree, they will contact their AD's However, if you are expecting someone else to step up and do the work, and you just want HQ to create a position that you are not interested in filling, you may be disappointed.
  13. Probably. It's how I am too. I shoot steel as a fun and easy diversion, but my focus and passion is USPSA.
  14. springs vary, regardless of what is printed on the package. I don't know if the reach reduction kit affects how much the mainspring is compressed, but if so, that could make a difference. I don't stress too much about it. I just tweak it until it works, then I go shoot.
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