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  1. Aren't serious steel shooters shooting minor (or sub-minor) in open too? For sure minor is an advantage when everything is scored the same, the way it is for steel.
  2. 10.5.9 Failure to keep the finger outside the trigger guard during loading, reloading, or unloading. Exception: while complying with the “Make Ready” command to lower the hammer of a gun without a decocking lever, or while initially loading a revolver with a spurless hammer. What the above rule is saying is that if your gun has a decocking lever, you don't get the benefit of this exception, so if you manually decock (by putting your finger inside the trigger guard and pulling the trigger during loading), it is pretty clearly a DQ.
  3. What's messed up is that the process described for decocking does not prohibit this method i sort of agree. I started in the sport shooting production, and I had 2 safety-equipped cz's and one decocker-gun. I was in the habit of manually decocking them all, and it's hard to argue that it's unsafe for one but not the other.
  4. correct. manually lowering the hammer with a decocker equipped gun is a DQ. I'm surprised sarge didn't know of this particular way to DQ someone.
  5. This is probably the best advice in this thread. The difference at most is a couple percent, and you can easily lose a couple percent just by second-guessing yourself, practicing with multiple guns, and thinking about stuff other than shooting. I have showed up with only my 45 to a section match that imho very much favored minor, and I still won...
  6. OMG, you're right. I actually fell down once while running even, causing an inadvertent unsafe action. We must prevent running through stage design..... for the childrunz....
  7. breaking 180 and unsafe action are not necessarily the same thing. but whatever. I encourage you to build your stages however you see fit. I know I'm going to continue to see targets available past the 180 at Area matches and Nationals, so I'm not going to sweat every little thing. We just build stages that don't tempt you to do dumb stuff. If the shooter is really determined, dumb stuff can still be done.
  8. That rule is wide open for overzealous interpretation. Should we only allow stage designs where a shooter is not tempted to step over a fault line (a tripping hazard)? Or should we use grown up judgement instead trying address every possible situation with a specific rule.... As mentioned before, breaking the 180 is not inherently unsafe, and it is easy to be unsafe without breaking the 180. I think these are two separate issues.
  9. yes, if 1/3 of the stages are hard classifiers (6 reload 6) with strong and weak hand and tight partials, then for sure, major is better. OTOH, with a more traditional mix of field stages.... maybe, maybe not.
  10. unsafe gun handling per the rules is not the same as unsafe angles of fire per the rules.
  11. you could probably score even better-er if you took the extra couple hundredths of a second to put your sights in the A-zone.
  12. umm. that's not how we decide what is genuinely unsafe. that's how we decide what is against the rules.
  13. breaching the 180 is not always unsafe, but it is always against the rules. I think wacokid has the right idea. It's lot more important to make sure that (for example) shooting up through a a low port doesn't cause rounds to go over the berm, than it is to make sure that no targets are ever visible once the shooter has moved downrange of them. In real life national matches (where troy has been the RM), there are always some targets that can be seen once you are past the 180, and no one really seems to care. OTOH, people care very much if a target placement might cause round to leave the bay, and sometimes stages get modifications part way through a match (tires, hay-bales, etc...) to try to deal with unanticipated skipping of rounds off the bay floor and out of the bay.
  14. you can't force it, but many times it is highly advantageous to shoot more than 8 shots from a single position, and many times 2 'positions' are a step away from each other. And then of course, there is always that retarded stage designer that decides on an unloaded start followed by 8 shots in every position (including mini-poppers) ... (I've seen 3 of these in the last couple months.)
  15. nope, you can do other stuff, just don't the gun at yourself or anyone else while doing so. picking up a magazine is fine. Pointing a gun at yourself while doing so is not fine.
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