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  1. nothing to call there. I'm a little more confrontational than you are with bad RO's, so I might have set him straight. While it's definitely good practice to face directly downrange to ULSC and reholster, it's not required.
  2. motosapiens

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    Unless the OP is really silly, he is wanting to know if one can shoot stages faster with slower heavier bullets (less perceived recoil), or with faster lighter bullets (snappier, possibly quicker cycling and return of sights, but more perceived recoil). the answer of course, is 'it depends'. It depends on the gun, springs, shooter's skill, preferences and practice. I spent a fair amount of time and energy testing 124 vs 147 in 2 different SS minor guns, doing 10 yard headshots, 15 yard partials, dot drills, etc... One of them (tri-topped slide) was provably faster to return the sights with 147's. The other one (full-weight slide) was pretty much a wash, but *slightly* better with 124's. In general, it appears to me that the more experienced and skilled the shooter is, the less likely he will prefer heavier bullets. I didn't understand this when I started shooting, but around the time I made master, I started really noticing that with some combinations, I was waiting for the sights to stop flopping around so I could shoot again. So if you do some testing, and come to a result, don't consider it etched in stone. It may change a year or two down the road as your skills evolve.
  3. motosapiens

    New format for Steel Challenge idea

    If I wanted to make steel challenge have more variety, I would put 1 or 2 non-standard stages into a match. Maybe set up one of the asymetrical stages backwards, for example, or switch the plates around.
  4. motosapiens

    PCC laser on target at start

    As an occasional pcc shooter, i feel compelled to mock the people who took up pcc in hopes of not having to practice anymore. Those seem to be the people whining about any start position that might require practice to get good at. Y'all are why people make fun of pcc in the first place. We try to put challenges in for all divisions. If you don't want to be challenged, watch TV instead.
  5. motosapiens


    this may sound obvious, but I would practice running with a gun if I were you. make it normal. Set up dryfire positions 5-8 yards apart and run between them.
  6. motosapiens

    Sloppy Stage Set Up?

    correct, you are not an RO, otherwise you would make the correct call of delta-no-shoot. The non-scoring border outside the perf of the front target essentially doesn't exist. The part of the hole that is inside the perf of the front target doesn't score on the back target, but the part of the hole that is outside the perf does score on the back target.
  7. motosapiens

    Sloppy Stage Set Up?

    there's no law that says perfs have to be lined up. you earned a no-shoot. Your option in the future is to not hit no-shoots. The only way you could argue this is if the targets were replaced at some point, and they were in a different position than when other people shot them.
  8. motosapiens

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    Not exactly the deepest L10 field in history. 37 shooters and most of the top 10 weren't even classified in L10. The results look a little different when people don't have to choose between L10 and Limited.
  9. motosapiens

    weight of ambi safety?

    Alot of smart people have found that putting any pressure on the safety when shooting causes problems. Others have not found that, so your mileage may vary. I'm only an M in limited and SS, but I'm better than average at SHO/WHO shooting, and when shooting single-handed I put my thumb underneath the safety after clicking it off. It gives me more consistent recoil control and less movement of the gun as i press the trigger. At any rate, good luck sorting all this out.
  10. motosapiens

    weight of ambi safety?

    I don't remember how much the difference was, but it was significant, probably enough to put you close to going over limit. Personally, I hate ambi safeties because they break if you take them apart too often, and they make disassembly more complicated. What benefit are you hoping to gain from a wider safety? I personally find that less obtrusive is good for me (and less likely to get accidentally nudged on when reloading), but everyone is different.
  11. motosapiens

    Improving reloads...

    They count towards my score, and I care about my score. Any speed-shoots with standing reloads also count towards my score, and pretty much every major match has a couple.
  12. motosapiens

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Perhaps it goes back to someone (Pinto?) calling JJ 'the real champ' when beat him by a few points at prod nats a couple years ago. I expect trolling and tomfoolery out of some people, but I'm a little surprised JJ went there tho. He has been a consummate professional and great guy every time I've RO'd him or spoken to him. Congrats to him on an amazing performance.
  13. motosapiens

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    I don't think anyone really knew. Everyone does know that SS matches at PASA give a huge advantage to major. Outside of that it seems to go stage by stage, shooter by shooter. The fact that Nils and Ben were so close indicates to me that it was pretty much a wash. For sure tho, the more you can guarantee going 1-1 on steel when you need to, the better major is going to work.
  14. motosapiens

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    do you think it's a real advantage? or a perceived one? I think you're probably correct that most people would shoot 1911's, but only because they are more fun to shoot and customize and play with. My own experience and my observations suggest there is no advantage whatsoever. At any rate, that's probably a good reason to keep the prod guns separate but equal, so someone will still buy them.