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  1. I got some good advice from the A1/A2 winner, which was that it's better to do a planned standing reload than to do a stupid stage plan trying to avoid one. Do you know if the stages got changed much between the manly division match and the sissy division (prod and L10) match, in ways that would affect the major/minor shakeout?
  2. this is a good point, one way or another you need to provide lunch for the staff. when shooting, I am ambivalent about lunch. If it's a half-day format, I don't eat at the range. If it's all day and lunch is provided I eat lightly. If it's all day and buy your own lunch, I bring my own eats. Clearly some people like lunch being included/available/whatever. Doesn't bother me either way.
  3. last year the only GM in SS also won. Perhaps most of the serious SS heat doesn't really shoot SS much at area matches. The A2 ss field actually looks a little deeper in 2019 than 2018.
  4. I'm pretending that had no effect on my placement in Lim at A2. fwiw, I definitely prefer shooting major in general just because I like my 45, but it often seems to have a significant disadvantage at local matches.
  5. Didn't see one yet, much to my surprise. I saw that the A1 and A2 winner (and also 2nd place at A1), and also A4 and A6 winners shot minor, but at nationals you have to go down to 7th, 10th and 11th to find minor shooters. Did the stages favor major, or are the top shooters just used to shooting major?
  6. not necessarily better than them, but several steps above a b/c level shooter. Luke Getsy (green bay) set numerous passing records for the university of akron and helped them win their first conference championship (you can watch akron play on tues/wed nights, but they suck this year).
  7. ? I raced mountain bikes all through the 90's and I saw a crap-ton of raffle prizes, including some pretty high dollar items. My shop also provided some of those items at local races. Maybe things have changed recently.
  8. Sounds like a procedural. You need more than a foot down in the next box, you need your other foot to not be down outside the box. It takes almost no time to get your finger in the trigger guard. You can already be aiming, and then when your foot is in the air on its way to the box you can get on the trigger and be ready to shoot as soon as your other foot is off the ground.
  9. It is true that we can't prove that .05 seconds before the pic his finger wasn't out, and .05 seconds after the pic his finger wasn't out , but it's still a pretty silly suggestion.
  10. we just had a thread on this in the steel challenge forum. That is absolutely a dq in steel challenge (but not in USPSA because he is aiming).
  11. our MD usually shows up about 90 mins before the match starts, and rarely staples, paints or preps much, unless he's bored. We have other people for that stuff. We have the meeting and start shooting as soon as setup is done. Usually that's a few minutes earlier than it was when we scheduled a time for it. Match announcements just say when setup starts.
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