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  1. So I ran Single Stack for two years and yes became competent with reloads. Shot a borrowed PCC once, now I have 3 of them, 2 with LARGE magwells and a c-more 64 years old and finally went to a dot and no reloads
  2. A Cornucopia of information here..Welcome to the forum
  3. I have TF on my Glock 31 round mags and run flawless in my PSA and Spikes Tactical lower. I also have the ETS 41 round mags and will not drop freely out of the Spikes lower.
  4. I bought three of these: First thing I noticed was one of them had the follower pushed downward. If I loaded them with 40- 41 rounds they would not drop free. I down load 3 rounds and they drop free. I ran them at a steel challenge match and they were very inconsistent with double feeds in at least one string per stage. I was very disappointed.. I do run BBI so maybe I need to try plated bullets..
  5. I am here in the Kansas City area and would be happy to talk with you about setting up what is needed to run a match. Scott Hatrup is the Kansas Section coordinator.
  6. Another idea might be to ask your local gun store to set up at the store next to the indoor range. H ave some video and a couple of shooters with gear. Tell them about your Introduction to competition shooting.
  7. lstone

    SP-01 Carry Optics

    CGW quoted me a 2 week turnaround and they hit the date exactly. CO has surged upward and almost all the shops are busy milling slides. And to the original OP Springer Precision offers plates for dovetail mount for the SP-01 but it will not fit the SP-01 Shadow dovetail.
  8. If you have no bites on the 1400 CZC mags I might be interested. Are they stock followers or grams internals and price please


    1. blueorison


      Grams, they are completely from CZ Custom so it's the full kit and very reliable on holding 23rds. I've only used them for 2 matches. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

    2. lstone


      I just saw this . Yes Iam interested  Price shipped please and quatity




    3. blueorison


      Sent you an email, thanks!

  9. Welcome to the forum. The reloading forum has many wonderful threads!
  10. Bayou Bullets is having a 10% off for the next 2days http://www.bayoubullets.net/?mc_cid=e1e808cf98&mc_eid=f0dd35f528
  11. CASA is a very nice facility
  12. Welcome to the forum. What part of Arkansas are you in? Lots of good places to compete there
  13. I wish I would have thought of that
  14. I shoot Single Stack and as you know we do many reloads. Last weekend in one of the RO's commented after a stage I shot he said you never looked at your reload... I never realized that I didn't look.
  15. I thank you as a Range Officer I had always wondered what and how to go about treating someone had they needed blood control treatment. I thank you for shining a light on this.
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