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  1. Welcome to the forum and hope you find all the resources you need
  2. Where in KC are you .. I am interested and in KCK

    Lester Stone

    913 401-6355

  3. Welcome to the den of knowledge with a touch of Sarcasm tossed in. USPSA can be addictive and a excuse to part with a little change.
  4. Welcome to the forum. You might consider adding your location to your profile. enjoy the knowledge you can find here
  5. SNS Casting has a discount for USPSA members. I believe it is USPSA 10 in that quantity
  6. Welcome to the forum.. It helps if you put your location in your profile and people can help you with match locations too. I live in the Kansas City area and can help you locate local matches too.
  7. Welcome to the forum. You will find many threads on safety and on Beretta guns. If you think you might want to venture into competition with your Beretta look into IDPA information here. If you put your location in your profile people in your area can help you in a direction
  8. If you plan on using the Specialist understand that you might have to lighten it up some to make weight. It is right at a ounce over on the weight limit. At least mine is.
  9. If you go to the link from the post above at Ben Stoegers shop you can not go wrong. I too have 3 different belts and found the stiffer belts to be a shade better like the DAA belt. Ghost mag pouches are very popular and will do you a good job. Holsters are a personal choice with Red Hill Tactical and Blade Tech are very good again personal preference.
  10. I have drifted Shadow2 sights with a brass punch and a small hammer with zero issues.
  11. I am using the Tripp mags in my 40S&W Single Stack. They are very reliable.
  12. I had a load for coated and read for plated.. my bad
  13. Welcome to the addiction. Does it ever end? nope just a bigger safe!
  14. I have been recently had a pair of glasses make with my dominate eye set for front sight focus with left eye set for minimal distance and I wear them about 10 minutes before eyes adjust to the un normal vision correction. previous to that I used a 1.50 full lens safety glasses. It does make front sight focus much better.
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