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  1. 4.20.2019 Shot a match at Sparta, IL. As we all come to expect Sparta put on an awesome match with challenging stages. Overall I was happy with my performance. Especially considering I was shooting a new gun. I had bought a Canik TP9sfx as a back up gun. When I started shooting it to gain familiarity I quickly realized I like shooting it more than my CZ. The ergonomics and accuracy is better for me than my CZ. This surprised me a lot. So I decided to give it a real workout at the Sparta match. It's now my primary and the CZ is the back up. Overall I came in second place in carry optics. However, I was 12 seconds slower than the shooter who was first. This did not surprise me as I had 4 stages that I lost significant time from mistakes. Stage 6, Our first stage. Time 21.46 seconds, 17 A's, 6 C's and 4 D's. This stage was nothing more than mental melt down with poor execution. I literally hesitated when the buzzer went off. Then I tried shooting faster then I could to make up time and as we all know; that don't work. Stage 1: Time 24.47 27 A's and 3 C's. I was able to put stage 6 behind me and focused on Stage 1. I'm happy with my performance but definitely need to be more explosive coming out of positions. I believe I lost a good second by lack of foot work. The bays were very muddy and one needed to be cautious, but I was simply to tepid coming out of the positions. Stage 2: Classifier 18-03 We Play Games. Time 20,06 - 20 A's, 3 C's and 1 D. HF 5.4835. Not bad, the lucky miss (D hit) and a bobbled reload didn't help me out. But overall my strong and weak hand shooting paid off. Very happy with hits. Need to continue to work on reloads, especially while moving. Stage 3: Time 27.20 - 28 A's, 2 C's. This stage was very challenging. It required you shoot from a 4" beam. This turned out to be very challenging. I lost balance twice stepping off to regain balance and step back on to shoot the target arrays. I knew I lost several seconds, probably 3-4 seconds maybe more. But I had good solid hits. Stage 4: Time 22.26 10 A's and 10 C's. This stage start position was seated. On start signal you would run to the door activating a drop turner, bust through a door engage a target to your right, move up to window engage targets, =move to your right engage a close single target, bust through another door activating a swinger with a no-shoot and engage a static target. Well, I lost time busting through the first door over shooting the target to the right. Having to back up to engage it. Hindsight maybe I should have engaged the 3 targets from the window then the single close target and as I moved to the second door I could have arched up to engage the target I blew by. I believe this would have saved time and I could have engaged that target without breaking the 180. Stage 5: Time 19.22 - 21 A's, 5 C's, 1 D and my 1 and only Mike. This stage could have been my best stage. But, I messed that up in the last position on the plate rack and the 1 paper target I had the Mike on. I was the RO for most shooters on this stage as I was the last shooter. I knew 2 plated needed a solid hit to fall. When it was my turn I struggled to get a solid hit and ended up costing me time. The person who was RO'ing me said I lost several seconds on the plates. What I did I come away with from this match? I need to continue working on entry and exits, reloads while moving. Things I can help refine in dry and live fire practice. I also need to do some research for entry and exit drills.
  2. I shoot Carry Optics and here is my load. I have been shooting 147’s for a couple years now. I have a buddy that likes shooting 124/125 grain Bullets. They’re a little snappier but still soft. He feels like the dot tracks better. His PF runs in the 130 range. Created: 08/04/18 09:12 AM Description: CZ P09 Notes 1: 147 Cast HITEK Coated Notes 2: 3.2 Sport Pistol Win SPP Distance to Chrono(FT): 12.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.165 Bullet Weight(gr): 147.00 Temp: 59 °F BP: 28.14 inHg Altitude: 800.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 8 903 266.20 132.74 7 916 273.92 134.65 6 911 270.94 133.92 5 897 262.67 131.86 4 887 256.85 130.39 3 908 269.16 133.48 2 910 270.34 133.77 1 906 267.97 133.18 Average: 904.8 FPS SD: 9.1 FPS Min: 887 FPS Max: 916 FPS Spread: 29 FPS Shot/sec: 0.4 True MV: 910 FPS Group Size (in): 0.00 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. April 6th, 2019 Today I was able to get sometime at the range for live fire practice. I wanted to focus on footwork while engaging targets on the move, transitions, Rob Leatham's drill with a Par time of 3 seconds and weak and strong hand shooting. I set up 4 targets. 2 were concealed by barrels about 3 yards apart. The barrels prevented engaging until I advanced forward enough to see them individually. I also had 1 target (T3) set up the opposite (to the left) of T2 about 6 yards and T4 was between T3 and T4 10 yards further down range. I started off simple engaging T1-T3. I focused on my footwork and getting low while moving. I found myself getting low unconsciously, good. But my footwork and timing really sucked. So I practiced without firing a shot to get my timing. It's much harder to engaging targets on uneven rocky ground compared to smooth concrete in my basement. Next I added T4. I continued with the same drill, except while engaging T3 I needed to set up to engage T4 from the final position. I also engaged the targets in reverse. T4, T3, T2 all while moving backwards. I finished up the afternoon performing Rob Leatham's drill and working on strong and weak hand shooting. April 7th, 2019 I wasn't planning on going to the range today. But the weather was so nice I decided to take advantage. I wanted to keep it very simple. Practice Leatham's drill, strong and weak hand shooting and work on seated start positions. The practice started off very well. Pushing myself with Leatham's drill trying to get 7 shots in the group in 3 seconds. I managed this twice and 10 attempts. Next I worked on strong and weak hand group shooting. Wow, I am really struggling and need to keep working on this. Lastly I wanted to do something different; work on starting from a seated position. I set up 18-04 Didn't You Send The Mailman.Very simple set up and easy to measure progress. Well, this is where things went south. After a couple runs my dot would shutdown and not come back to life. I use a Leupold Delta Point Pro and haven't had any problems. Now the only way I could get the dot to comeback on is either hit the on/off button or open and close the battery compartment. So, my procrastination caught up with me. I don't have a backup dot. Well, I will now, like tomorrow! I will get another Leupold. This one has somewhere between 17,000 - 18,000 rounds and I will send it back for repair and use it as a back up going forward.
  4. This is exactly what I did. I wanted to shoot Limited when I first started. I had a RIA in 9mm already so I shot Limited minor my first season until I could afford to have my 2011 built. Shooting Limited minor allowed me to focus on safety, learning the rules, learning the game, stage planning, etc, etc. It also allowed me to save money by not worrying about buying mag extensions. Plus, the same belt, mag pouches worked for both so I saved a little there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. 4.2.2019 Tonight I practiced for 35 minutes. Kept it simple practicing strong and weak hand, shooting around barriers and worked on my reloading technique. For the strong and weak hand I simulated the Sunday live fire. Going to my strong and weak hand after a reload. I wanted to keep my technique solid, but I need more live fire. Managing recoil in strong and weak hand shooting is something you just can't do in dry fire. For shooting around barriers I used my return air duct setting up targets at 5 yards that required a hard lean with the target partially obscured. I wanted to work on the technique of quickly acquiring and engage the target and move to the other side repeating the process. For my reload practice I broke it down into micro drills. First I started by grabbing the mag from the mag pouch. I wanted to focus on consistency in proper grabbing of the magazine. Something I've gotten sloppy with. Next I did the Burkett drill. Again I've gotten sloppy and started dropping my gun to much causing me to miss the mag well. Lastly I worked on re-establishing my grip and sight after getting the magazine fully inserted. I am hoping I can get in some additional live fire this week before my match. I want to continue honing my strong and weak hand shooting, moving into and out of tight leans.
  6. Sunday, March 31, 2019 I was able to spend the afternoon at the range. Weather was nice and decently warm. Made the 4 hours go by very fast. I needed some range time to really focus on live fire practice with movement. My last 2 matches were terrible and showed several areas I need to shore up. I started the afternoon with Rob Leatham's drill. The more I do Leatham's drill the more I'm liking it. With a PAR time of 3 seconds I can get 6 shots into a "group" before it starts opening up. This drill is helping me with my grip and focusing on seeing my dot. This showed up later in my practice and it was very motivating! Next I set up a wall and did wall drills. Moving from one end to the other with hard leans. Purpose was to aggressively move into and out of positions and practice getting my body into uncomfortable tight leans. I set up 2 targets 1 zebra and 1 open. The Zebra simulated the partial targets I encountered at Arnold with some of those leans. Next I set up 6 targets and practiced engaging targets while moving forward, rearward, left to right and right to left. I have been doing this in my basement during dry fire. But, engaging targets while moving on a smooth concrete floor is not the same on uneven large gravel covered ground. More practice is needed to smooth this movement out. I finished up the afternoon practicing weak hand and strong hand shooting. However, I decided to set up one of the newer classifiers 18-06 For That Day. It was simple to set up. 1st target was a Zebra, 2nd was open and 3rd was partial with no shoot. All set at 15 yards. Simple enough? Not exactly, it kicked my butt. First try started off good. Buzzer went off and I drew fired 6 rounds into the Zebra target free style, performed reload and fired 6 rounds into the middle open target strong hand only. Time for that string 10.65 seconds. 2nd string buzzer goes off I draw fire 3 shots into the A zone free style perform mandatory reload and fire 3 more shots weak hand only. Time for second string 9.43 seconds. I walk down to target 1 and see 6 shots in the A zone in about a 4" group, thank you Rob Leatham! Look at the second target, wow all 6 shots were low and 4 C's and 2 D's. That sucked! 3rd and final target I had 3 Alphas, 1 C, 1 Mike and 1 no shoot. Ugh, weak hand got me. I shot this classifier several more times to work on strong and weak hand shooting which did improve. But, it wasn't a complete disaster. The dry fire practice of strong and weak hand did pay dividends. My transitioning the gun from strong to weak hand after the reload was smooth and my grip on strong hand shooting was solid. The lack of live fire practice of strong and weak hand was my biggest problem; managing the recoil and trigger pull on weak hand needs work. While at the range I wanted to test some 124 grain bullet loads. They were very accurate and I could track my dot better than with my 147 grain loads. However, my chronograph decided to be cantankerous and so I am not 100% sure what my power factor is. My load was 3.8 grains Sport Pistol, Win SPP, and 124 grain coated bullet. This load should make PF easily, but I won't shoot it in a match unless I am 100% sure. So next trip to the range I will try again Overall I am happy with this practice. I shot 85% Alphas and only had 3 mikes. Out of 400 plus rounds I consider this practice a success. Now I need to turn this into match performance. I will shoot a match Sunday, April 7. We'll see what happens.
  7. I find Sport Pistol to be as accurate as N320. It meters as better than N320. (I load on an RCBS press.) N320 has the edge in cleanliness. I think Sport Pistol smokes less with coated Bullets. I can find it locally where N320 has been hit and miss finding it. And the bonus; it’s half the price.
  8. Cool, thanks. When I get a chance I want to do a small test to see if it makes a difference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. This is great news! Did you use the seating with or without the spring? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 3.26.2019 Monday night I practiced for 35 minutes. My focus was on engaging targets while moving while emphasizing keeping the dot in the A zone. I set up targets that would allow me to engage while on the move from left to right and forward/backwards. I also performed Ben Stoegers drill skip rope. 3.27.2019 Tonight I started off with Ben Stoegers drill skip rope. I wanted to focus pushing off really hard and not pull the trigger until the dot was in the A zone. Next I worked on engaging targets while moving. Again left/right and forwards/backwards. I wanted to pay close attention to my foot work and not engage targets with a bouncing dot. I also did one of Ben Stoegers drills Widening Transitions. I want to figure a set up to dry fire practice hard leans. I may end up having to wait until I can do this in live fire.
  11. Ya,it funny how life will slap you into reality. After missing almost all last year Because of surgery it really hit me how much my skills have degraded. But, I know what needs to done and I’ll do it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Not a Dillon press but I have loaded some very accurate loads on my Pro2000 progressive press. As long as your dies are adjusted properly. Below is an example of accuracy I was able to easily attain with my .308. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Last weekend I decided to shoot two matches. Saturday, March 23 I shoot at Green Valley in Hallsville, MO. I started the match doing well. Won stage 2 and came is 10th overall. But it went down hill from there. This match afforded the opportunity to shoot while moving to save time. Unfortunately this plan didn't work out so well. One thing I have not practiced is shooting while moving. And this resulted in the majority of my D zone hits. I didn't have any mikes because of shooting while moving but a D hit in minor is really a lucky miss. They had set up one of the new classifiers 18-07 Someone is always willing to pay. I was the 3 shooter and when I stepped up and the RO said make ready; I shoved a magazine in took a sight picture to verify my dot was on and got ready to shoot the classifier. Upon the start signal I drew and click click! I couldn't believe it! I forgot to chamber a round. So after I shot the classifier with 7 Alphas and 1 Charlie in a blazing 7.89 seconds. My friend and I looked at the timer and my time for the first shot was a smoking 3.57 seconds. Chuck looked at the time and well that cost you over 2 seconds. Yep, that pretty much sums up my day. I was hit and miss at this match. Struggled with mentally keeping my self focused. However, my movement into and out of positions was quick. Stage planning was much improved from my last match. Well, sadly if Saturday's match was less than stellar. Sunday, March 24 was just a disaster. I shot at Arnold with my friend Keith. I really struggled seeing my sights, movements felt like a first generation robot, jerky and I just couldn't focus. Frustration was a big part of that. I had 5 mikes and hit one no shoot. And all of them were results of hitting barrels and this frustrated me. This match had some real hard leans. Again, something I haven't practiced. Admittedly It was very tough to do some of the leans and this resulted in rushing my shots. I never thought how tough a lean could be. Well, now I know! And I know what to practice and work on with exercises to develop better flexibility and strengthening my right leg/knee to easily handle this. My no shoot/Mike was a clear from the barrel as other shooters saw my graze the barrel and their was a side ways bullet hole right in the middle of the no shot. My other 3 Mikes were from the hard leans and hitting the barrels. I still had fun and I know what I need to do as far as practice is concerned. I'm not losing sight of my goal of making A class this year. I know for me I need more live fire practice and with the weather warming up I will have more opportunities to do that.
  14. I went through the joyful frustration of concentricity problems the OP is going through. I tried different diameter Bullets (.401 vs .400). Bought the Lee FCD adjusting the crimp until I was completely frustrated ready to give up. Then in a last ditch effort I tried the Redding competition die and Redding taper crimp die. My 8% - 10% gage failure rate dropped to less then 2%. And most of those would still pass chamber check with the barrel. Every once in awhile I would get a few pieces of brass that no matter what they weren’t going to work. Those pieces of brass went into the trash. When I started shooting 9mm in Carry Optics I bought a Redding competition die and taper crimp die to use from the start. No sense in reinventing the wheel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Well, it's been awhile since I last posted in my range diary. I need to get back to consistent posting and tracking my progress. However, I have been busy with dry and live fire practice. Since my last post in February I have continued focus dry fire practice on reloads, transitions and entry exit drills. My live fire practice has for the most part focused on honing the same skills I have been working on in dry fire. The exception is I've added a Rob Leatham drill to help me with recoil control. Leatham's drill consist of Par time of 3 seconds; draw fire 1 round. Next string same par time, draw fire 2 shots and repeat until you fire 10 shots or you can no longer put your shots in a group. For me I can get off 6 shots before my group starts to open up. Since I started doing this drill I am seeing my sights and calling my shots much better. So now start every live fire practice with this drill. On 3/16/2019 I shot my first USPSA match this year at WSRC Sparta, IL. They put on a really good challenging match and this one was no disappointment. My big weakness was movement. I wasn't fluid or remotely smooth. My entry and exits was full of hesitations. I really need to continue pushing hard to improve in these areas. I know its costing me time. My transitions were better but lacked consistency. I think this was a direct result of "rusty" stage planning and mental game. But, not all was lost. I shot my first Master Class classifier 13-02 Down the Middle. I had a HF of 12.1019 = 93.90%. This absolutely surprised me considering my not so stellar performance from the rest of the match. The one thing it did do was give me a big boost of confidence and motivation to continue my dry and live fire practice. Today I managed to get in a short live fire practice of 1 1/2 hours. I started with Rob Leatham's drill and then moved to wide transitions drill, entry/exit, shooting while moving and 4 Aces. I didn't have the time available to spend a lot of time on each drill but I felt each drill was effective. I have 2 matches I am shooting this weekend; Saturday at Green Valley, Hallsville, MO and Arnold Gun Club, Arnold, MO on Sunday. Looking forward too both matches as I will be shooting my good friends.
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