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  1. 2.15.2019 Well, I'm bummed. Sparta match for tomorrow is canceled and rightfully so. The weather is terrible and with all the rain/snow I imagine the bays are a mess. So I dry fired tonight. I set up 06-03 Can You Count. This particular classifier has always been a tough one for me. Plus it's easy to set up in my basement. I ran this classifier for a solid 25 minutes. Cold my time was 8.46 seconds. My average time for 5 runs was 8.29 seconds. I had trouble with my reloads when I was pushing my speed. First, I was dropping my gun down instead of keeping it high in the center of my chest during the reload. Second, I caught myself taking my eyes off the magwell to soon causing a poor reload. Third, I had several instances of trigger freeze. The positive; my draws were spot on. 2.16.2019 I replaced the springs in my Carry Optics CZ P09. Although I don't have too many rounds through the gun because of my unplanned break from shooting in 2018. I wanted to start this season with fresh springs. After I replaced the springs I began my dry fire practice. I took the easy path and started with 06-03 classifier I had set up. My goal was the same as Friday night. Push myself and work on reloading under pressure. I did better tonight. I managed to break below 8 seconds for a total time. Admittedly it felt really good when everything went smoothly giving a boost of confidence. Next I worked on entry/exit and reloading while moving. I Used the same mini stage I had set up with the goal of pushing myself hard. Tonight I paid very close attention to "calling my shots". I found myself at times pulling the trigger when my dot was on brown. I had force myself to wait until the dot was in the A zone before pulling the trigger. I believe in order for me to make A class and shoot like an A class shooter I need to reduce the number of Charlies I have. When I looked back at the few matches I shot in 2018 I was average 35% Charlies. This is unacceptable and I am determined to correct this. 2.17.2019 This practice mirrored last night; minus the re-springing of my CZ. I started off working on entry/exit and reloading while moving drills. I ran this drill for solid 20 minutes. I did vary my start position to change it up some. I also changed how I started. Hands relaxed at sides or hands above shoulders, etc. I felt like my explosiveness in and out of positions was pretty solid: calling shots, not so much. Not sure if there is specific drills to work on shot calling. I need to do some research on this subject. In the meantime I need to be consistent with my dry fire practice getting as many in each week that my work schedule allows with a sprinkle of live fire practice as often as work schedule and weather permits.
  2. I have had mono vision for years. It's never affected my depth perception. I have no problem running around a stage. I have hicked in the mountains many times and never did I feel my depth perception was compromising my safety. Come to think of it; I have never thought I had or noticed any problem with my depth perception. I certainly agree mono vision is not for everyone. My wife could not adjust to it. However, if you can get used to it your brain will adjust and your eyes will focus on what you are looking at. For example if your focus is on the target it will be in focus and the dot will appear slightly blurry (for me it does). If I am focusing on group shooting I can focus on the dot and it's clear. It's the same when shooting iron sights. I can have a very crisp front sight with a slightly blurry target or have a crisp target and slightly blurry front sight. For me, I'm glad I tried mono vision. It's not going to be perfect and it's certainly not for everyone. But, it's been the best compromise I have seen to date for me.
  3. So far it’s working very well for me. I just had my annual eye exam last month and we made no changes in my prescription from the previous year. I’m in my early 50’s and I am thankful my eyes have stabilized not getting worse. You touched on a big challenge I had when I switched to CO. Learning to focus on the target not the dot. This alone made a big difference in my shooting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I wanted to know what affect mono vision would have. When setting the prescription for the left eye (near vision) I could choose what distance the focus would be sharpest. Examples would be focus for left could be set where I hold a book to read or how far my computers monitors are, and in my case how far the dot is from my eye. For me the best all around distance for my near vision eye was the distance to my dot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Blurry front sight is why I switched to Carry Optics. I wear contacts and I have them set up as mono vision. Right eye is for distance and my left eye is set up for reading. For iron sights the front sight is still blurry (although not as bad) but my dot is pretty sharp. I shoot with both eyes open and that helps me. Will your Optometrist let you bring your dot in to hold up and try? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Here is my load data for VV N320. Created: 05/26/17 03:10 PM Description: 9mm CZ P09 Notes 1: 125 grain MO coated bullet Notes 2: 3.8 grains VVN320 CCI SPP Distance to Chrono(FT): 10.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.135 Bullet Weight(gr): 125.00 Temp: 64 °F BP: 30.00 inHg Altitude: 0.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 7 1071 318.42 133.88 6 1092 331.03 136.50 5 1084 326.20 135.50 4 1095 332.85 136.88 3 1086 327.40 135.75 2 1079 323.20 134.88 1 1074 320.21 134.25 Average: 1083.0 FPS SD: 8.9 FPS Min: 1071 FPS Max: 1095 FPS Spread: 24 FPS Shot/sec: 0.5 True MV: 1089 FPS Group Size (in): 0.00 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I ran one on my Pro 2000. To me it was well worth it. I was able increase my output by 37%. Pro 2000 has 5 stages so I was able to seat and crimp separately. All I needed to do was manually advance the shell plate and put a fresh piece of brass in. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. My load for 124/125 grain coated Bullets is 3.8 grains of Alliant Sport Pistol, Win or Fiocchi SPP 1.120 OAL. This makes 133 PF out of my CZ P09. Do you have certain powder(s) you’ll be using? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. 2.3.2019 Weather was decent and I was able to get some needed live fire. I worked on 4 Aces drill, Plate Rack and I set up 09-04 Pucker Factor to work on transitions near to far and far to near. 4 Aces I managed an average of 2.9 seconds with Alphas. My reloads were sloppy and hurt me. I also found myself rushing my shots causing C's and D's. When I settled down I was able to hit my reloads smoothly and get Alphas. Next I worked on the plate rack. I like to practice the plate rack any chance I get. To many times in the past the plate rack would get in my head and cause loads of grief. I believe this was a direct results of very little live fire practice in the past. Lastly I set up 09-04. Admittedly this is a fun classifier to shoot. It's one of my favorites because us the challenge of having close head shot to an open target at distance. My first run was a 7.8 HF; a solid B. I didn't beat myself up and was kind of relieved I didn't blow it and proceeded to practice this starting near to far and then far to near runs. Surprisingly my times were very close regardless of which target I started with. A weakness identified is transition from target to target. I need to work on this. My accuracy suffered and I believe this is a direct result of little live and dry fire practice. I need to get back to somewhat consistent practice. 2.11.2019 Tonight my dry fire practice focused on entry/exit and reloading while moving. I set up a mini stage that contained 3 firing positions. I ran this mini stage several ways keeping a focus on my primary goals. My reloads were smooth and certainly didn't slow me down. I made sure I exploded out of position and entered into a position ready to shoot as soon as possible. This was a very fun dry fire practice and with a match on 2/16/2019 at Sparta I felt this was a good drill to help prepare for the match.
  10. Personally I like my own cast and HI TEK Coates. But when I don’t have time to cast and coat or I don’t make enough I like ACME and Missouri Bullets. Both have good quality coating and very consistent bullet weights. Most importantly they are accurate. I typically use ACME more often because I can get a discount when I order. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Along with a few cortisone shots. My foot doctor had me try Superfeet inserts, first and if they didn’t work the next step for me was custom inserts. I have high arches and need support from my shoe inserts to keep the tendon stretched. Admittedly I was skeptical at first but they worked and a lot cheaper then custom inserts. Doc said surgery is a last resort and for some that’s what they need. For me all I ended up needing is Superfeet inserts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 1.26.2019 I started tonights practice the same as last practice. Draw with emphasis on grip and indexing. Today I worked on 4 Aces and Triple Reload. When I did 4 Aces drill I wanted to really push my reload speeds. It still feels a little weird pushing speed; but I need to remember what going fast feels like again. So I ned to keep this in mind as I am doing these drills. Triple Reloads went better, but my trigger freezes were still happening. This drill really works my trigger finger. I worked on turn and draw. I did hands in surrender and relaxed at sides. I want to also incorporate as many different start positions in my dry fire. My turn and draw average time was 1.3 seconds. 1.27.2019 Today the weather was ok and I went to the range to get some live fire practice in. Because it was cold (33 degrees) I kept the drills simple. I started off doing simple draw and fire at 7 yard metric target. I was surprised I was able to get my first shot under 1 second. I averaged .94 with solid A zone hits. Next I moved to the plate rack. I made a decision a while back to practice the plate rack every chance I get. So I ran the plate rack at 12 yards for a half a dozen times. My best time for a clean run was 3.69. Next I did 4 Aces drill. This was very challenging today. My hands were getting very cold and grabbing and manipulating a magazine with very cold hands was difficult as best. My best time for 4 Aces was 2.99 seconds. I think I could have done better but my hands were getting very cold. Although the live fire practice was short, about 175 rounds. It felt great to put some lead down range. 1.28.2019 Tonight dry fire practice was very simple and focused. I started off with draws working on grip and indexing. Next I went to what I think is a modified Burkett drill. I set a PAR time of 1.2 seconds. I would start with gun pointed at target like a Burkett drill. Upon signal I would perform a reload including pressing the trigger. 1.2 seconds to reload and fire at the target was very challenging. I was able to do it maybe 25% of the time. But I am making progress with my reloads.
  13. Welcome! I live in the St Louis area as well. I mostly shoot USPSA matches with the occasional steel match. What ranges do you typically shoot at? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I agree. Sounds like Plantar Fasciitis. I dealt with this condition for years. I would run for 3-5 miles and my left foot would just be in severe pain. I saw a foot doctor 3 years ago and I haven’t had an issue since. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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