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  1. Gviz

    P320 X5 Thread

    I was hoping for a metal frame if they wanted to add the weight in there. It was a shock they modded the plastic frame. Shooting sports innovation has the tungsten slug, tungsten infused grip module for sale months ago. Springer has the tungsten guide rod and baseplates . All that with a sig Romeo 1 came up to 44oz and change.
  2. Any updates sir? As this is also where I’m headed. Would like to know if it helped make a shorty shoot softer? Less violent? Thanks in advance
  3. Sent an email to Troy McManus he said any type of thumbrest is not production and carry optics legal. No matter what you call it. Slide stop or in this case take down lever. I have an xfive with a thumbrest and a tanfo stock 2 with the same part. Both are not legal so I’m taking it off.
  4. FYI I send Troy McManus an email asking about the legality of the parts for the takedown lever for sig xfive and the slide stop for the tanfoglio. He said that they are not legal. “Anything that is a thumbrest for production and carry optics are not legal” I guess that’s that.
  5. Sir are you familiar with a tanfoglio? This is not a part of the grip of the pistol. It is a slide stop and it located above the trigger. I think you you are talking about the gogun grips that extend forward to create a thumbrest.
  6. Uspsa updated 2019 for carry optics. I talked to an RO and he said it’s sounds like we can use the aftermarket slide stop “thumbrest” but to be sure have to shoot an email to the director of our NROI.
  7. So is this part really CO legal now? I’m really hoping it is lol
  8. With the new ruling is it carry optics legal now?
  9. My bad eyes + big window + bright dot = longevity its a win win for me
  10. Hi jack, found out that I need to ream my barrel to accommodate the blue bullets and for now I’m not eager to do that at the moment. With blue bullets 125 RN I found that I need to be 1.145 oal to pass the plunk test on my full size bedell open. So I’m just going to order some more mg 124gr RN cmj to test wac vs 3n38 and see if it is worth the switch for me. i can see the logic for having the coated for minor and jacketed for major makes sense to me too... was hoping to make the coated bullets work just because of the price... well, at least this keeps me back in line and not straying away from my main objectives lol yes I do plan to chrono when I get a chance to shoot the reloads.
  11. Will do, thanks for the tips very much appreciated
  12. My original plan was to use MG 124gr with 3n38 vs wac then I saw a fellow open shooter and he showed me he was using blue bullets 147 RN 3n38 7.9gr oal 1.220 i had some 147 and 124 and figured I’d load them up and test them out as well lol thinking also about a case of blue bullets and mg with a price difference of $120ish sounds tempting too if it works... and its a plus too if I can make the blue bullets work in my open since I use them for carry optics thanks for warning me about the 147gr powder charge I’ll just pull them all off
  13. Hi atlas, would you know what starting load I can use for MG 124gr RN cmj, OAL 1.165 using vv 3n38? Thanks in advance
  14. Worked up a batch of blue bullets 125 RN with 3n38, mixed brass, win spp, 8.0, 8.2, 8.4 with OAL 1.170 147 RN with 3n38, mixed brass, win spp, 7.6, 7.8, 8.0 with OAL 1.220 both fail the barrel test They stick in there and don’t come out for the 125gr and for the 147gr it’s too long and it won’t go fully inside the chamber... on the 125gr I went as low as OAL 1.150 and still it gets stuck in there and won’t spin and fall out I had to pull it out. Now, what to do?? i can load PD 124gr hp at OAL 1.165 & 1.175 using wac MG 124gr RN cmj OAL 1.165 & 1.175 using wac Should I just stick with MG 124gr RN CMJs???
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