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  1. I’m very frustrated with my priming of small pistol primers! FA vibra prime = gets it done 100% no flipped primers but still needs 2 hands fiddling around until all 100 primers get in. Then I have to transfer it to 8 tubes before starting my reloading session. dillon RF100 = faster than the vibra prime and finally after months tinkering I got it to work with small pistol primers 99%! but, I still have to deal with upside down primers about 8/1000! Can’t take my eyes off of it! I have to baby sit coz it jams and it needs a little tap here and there to continue to fill the tube. When full just dump and load 100 primers while reloading. No need for extra tubes. I’m hoping this new DAA primer pro works without you watching it and that will be a winner!
  2. So many failed hacks and diy tuning I finally called Dillon and ordered everything that I modified in some shape or form. Now I’m back to OEM stock configuration. This was the last chance I’ll be fooling around with this rf100 before I put it Back in the box. 1. i put this thing on a concrete floor made sure that it was leveled. Checked! 2. Turned the rheostat to the lowest setting. Checked! 3. Tuned the clear plastic so that no upside down primers made it pass this gate. Checked! 4. Tightened the screw on the blue tab underneath the dish and loosened it 1/8 at a time until the primers did not spin and just sank in smoothly. Checked! 5. Polished the blue tab with rubbing compound and dremel. Checked! 6. Used federal small pistol primers! Checked! now I get 99/100 I think I can live with that. Problem is I just ordered a vibra prime and tuned it hahaha it works 100% but the question is it’s more fiddling with the tray and tubes vs the rf100 just dump it and watch it go...
  3. Wow what coating did you use on the pistol? Looks clean and not too shiny
  4. I reloaded 700 rounds and have 40 upside down primers using federal small pistol. Oh my gosh what is happening I need to slow this thing down. It performed better without the mouse pad and that was shocking since I always thought that the neoprene pad soften the vibrations. Weird?
  5. I have rheostat setting at the lowest. My problem is once it gets over the hole it spins and spins then it’s a toss up if it went upside down or not. but, if you guys have another way to lower the setting a little bit more (less vibration I’m pretty sure there might be a big possibility of solving this issue I’m having) I feel the vibration is too strong even on the lowest setting
  6. I give up federal small pistol still gets 2-3 per upside down primers per 100pcs where can I buy a pal primer filler small ??? cant find any on sale... pls advice thanks in advance
  7. Finally had the time to test WAC vs 3n38 side by side with mix brass, MG 124 round cmj. Did a load ladder and picked the loads that made 170-173 power factor for both powders. Then loaded 200 rounds of 3n38 and WAC Ended up with: WAC 7gr For 172PF 3n38 8.5gr for 171PF accuracy was almost the same supported and free hand 15-20 bill drills at 7 and 2 shot drills at 10. I had 3n38 faster on the timer and has a smaller group over WAC so the question is will I switch... yes, but I’m setting up an ammobot at the moment and I’m not sure it will manage to load 3n38 without making a mess. So I’ll start loading WAC and finish my 8lbs then try to tune the ammobot to load 3n38 if not I’m stuck with WAC
  8. Hi GregJ, how do you setup the vacuum on station 2 thanks in advance
  9. Tried brass juice on my 9mm once fired brass put them in the FA wet tumbler and set it to run for 1 hour. The timer stoped dumped it all into a strainer and wow amazing shiny brass looks like jewelry! I’m not kidding I was so excited starting my next batch! Dumped the shiny brass divided Half to dry on a towel and the other half on the FA dryer just to see if there was a difference when it dried. Both maintained the shiny new brass look! Im really amazed! Used the same mixture for 2nd batch after an hour dumped the brass onto a strainer and wow clean and dull brass!!! What?! I couldn’t believe it I was so heartbroken washed it and mixed a new batch of solution and I’m still waiting I hope this gets it as shiny as the first batch... update: after an hour dumped the 2nd batch in the strainer and yahoo shiny brass again! Oh oh I was reading the instructions Use distilled water. I used tap water maybe that’s why it might have had a dulling effect on the 2nd wash. Who knows... all I know is fresh water and brass juice equals shiny brass! No pins!
  10. I was thinking about that as well hahaha. So many u dies...
  11. Thanks GregJ, i asked about the judge die if it would work with swaging and they say it won’t. Are you using a sensor in line with the judge? Having one 1050 means if I can’t use the swage with the judge I’ll be swapping out the swage with the primer pocket prob everytime I reload or process. That’s a lot of setting up to do so I was hoping just swapping out toolheads would be the way to go. What’s your take on that to make it work, so it won’t be such a PITA to go back and forth with the swager and sensor? Thanks in advance
  12. I buy once fired brass. I use a shell sorter in 9mm it takes out the 40s&w I get 1 or 2 of those every 3000rounds. then sort it again with the 380 plate I get 5-6 every 3000 rounds from a company I order my brass. Once I’m done i pass a big speaker magnet to pick up the metal cases rarely get those. Then I rollsize them this is where I catch maybe 1 38sc. When I fill up a gallon container I wet tumble with brass juice then dry and lube. on my current reloading tool head EGW U die redding expander EG primer hold down dillon powder funnel redding comp seating redding comp crimp Planning to build a processing toolhead I already have the dies but still holding off with the toolhead. Planning to do this if it makes sense? 2 lee universal decapping with squirrel daddy pin and AB berdan sensor 3 dillon hold down 4 none 5 none 6 lee standard sizing die no pin 7 none 8 EGW U die no pin pls advice and thanks in advance
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