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  1. Thanks for the info boom I’ll clean it and use the v2 and set it up exactly as you did to see what improvements I get. Cheers!
  2. So what’s the latest fix for CCI and federal small pistol primers with this thing? I’ve given up on Winchester’s. I still get 4-7 upside down primers. What combination of mods would work? I’ve been switching V1 and V2 plates and still have flipped primers. Trying to loosen and tighten the screws looking for that sweet spot. I also have a bunch of primers Left in the cup (About 15 primers) and the primers are not making it out of the collator. this was with federal primers. On every tube it jams a couple of times before going into the shoot I have to power it down and rotate the drum
  3. I believe they are over weight. North of 43oz I was in the market for one a few months ago. Went with a CK arms SS from cz custom website Weight 43.7 ounces with empty magazine
  4. I have it on my open gun as well my problem is with the dot brightness it gets washed out a bit on sunny days. Do you experience the same thing when the sun is behind you? im hoping they would come out with a bigger moa so the dot will be easier to find
  5. Jcgatus, very interested what loads you use for your tron and if you use the same loads for your pistols. Thanks in advance
  6. I got sold on the idea of pressing the button and look away. And for almost $400 for a kit that didn’t perform 100% and picked primers I was dissatisfied. I tried everything coz for that big of an investment it had to work. Hahaha! I’m still holding on to it since using CCI primers now and the amount of flipped primers is tolerable compared to wsp which was a nightmare for me. So once the DDA primer system comes out and beats the consistency of the rf100 then I have no choice but to put it on sale. As of now this is the best option for me so I’m still keeping it around.
  7. Moved on to open division and now using CCI primers. Loaded 5000 rounds of 9 major automated. Then checked all ammo on a hondo case guage. Still have flipped primers but managed to get less than 30 rounds over 5000 rounds loaded. im keeping the rf100 it seems its less work vs the vibra prime more fiddling and transferring it to 10 dillon tubes.
  8. I’m very frustrated with my priming of small pistol primers! FA vibra prime = gets it done 100% no flipped primers but still needs 2 hands fiddling around until all 100 primers get in. Then I have to transfer it to 8 tubes before starting my reloading session. dillon RF100 = faster than the vibra prime and finally after months tinkering I got it to work with small pistol primers 99%! but, I still have to deal with upside down primers about 8/1000! Can’t take my eyes off of it! I have to baby sit coz it jams and it needs a little tap here and there to continue to fill
  9. So many failed hacks and diy tuning I finally called Dillon and ordered everything that I modified in some shape or form. Now I’m back to OEM stock configuration. This was the last chance I’ll be fooling around with this rf100 before I put it Back in the box. 1. i put this thing on a concrete floor made sure that it was leveled. Checked! 2. Turned the rheostat to the lowest setting. Checked! 3. Tuned the clear plastic so that no upside down primers made it pass this gate. Checked! 4. Tightened the screw on the blue tab underneath the dish and loosened it 1/8 at a tim
  10. Wow what coating did you use on the pistol? Looks clean and not too shiny
  11. I reloaded 700 rounds and have 40 upside down primers using federal small pistol. Oh my gosh what is happening I need to slow this thing down. It performed better without the mouse pad and that was shocking since I always thought that the neoprene pad soften the vibrations. Weird?
  12. I have rheostat setting at the lowest. My problem is once it gets over the hole it spins and spins then it’s a toss up if it went upside down or not. but, if you guys have another way to lower the setting a little bit more (less vibration I’m pretty sure there might be a big possibility of solving this issue I’m having) I feel the vibration is too strong even on the lowest setting
  13. I give up federal small pistol still gets 2-3 per upside down primers per 100pcs where can I buy a pal primer filler small ??? cant find any on sale... pls advice thanks in advance
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