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  1. Hi jack, found out that I need to ream my barrel to accommodate the blue bullets and for now I’m not eager to do that at the moment. With blue bullets 125 RN I found that I need to be 1.145 oal to pass the plunk test on my full size bedell open. So I’m just going to order some more mg 124gr RN cmj to test wac vs 3n38 and see if it is worth the switch for me. i can see the logic for having the coated for minor and jacketed for major makes sense to me too... was hoping to make the coated bullets work just because of the price... well, at least this keeps me back in line and not straying away from my main objectives lol yes I do plan to chrono when I get a chance to shoot the reloads.
  2. Will do, thanks for the tips very much appreciated
  3. My original plan was to use MG 124gr with 3n38 vs wac then I saw a fellow open shooter and he showed me he was using blue bullets 147 RN 3n38 7.9gr oal 1.220 i had some 147 and 124 and figured I’d load them up and test them out as well lol thinking also about a case of blue bullets and mg with a price difference of $120ish sounds tempting too if it works... and its a plus too if I can make the blue bullets work in my open since I use them for carry optics thanks for warning me about the 147gr powder charge I’ll just pull them all off
  4. Hi atlas, would you know what starting load I can use for MG 124gr RN cmj, OAL 1.165 using vv 3n38? Thanks in advance
  5. Worked up a batch of blue bullets 125 RN with 3n38, mixed brass, win spp, 8.0, 8.2, 8.4 with OAL 1.170 147 RN with 3n38, mixed brass, win spp, 7.6, 7.8, 8.0 with OAL 1.220 both fail the barrel test They stick in there and don’t come out for the 125gr and for the 147gr it’s too long and it won’t go fully inside the chamber... on the 125gr I went as low as OAL 1.150 and still it gets stuck in there and won’t spin and fall out I had to pull it out. Now, what to do?? i can load PD 124gr hp at OAL 1.165 & 1.175 using wac MG 124gr RN cmj OAL 1.165 & 1.175 using wac Should I just stick with MG 124gr RN CMJs???
  6. Gviz

    Stock II 147gr N320?

    Just zeroed my stock 2 this weekend at 25 yards using blue bullets 147gr RN, N320 3.4gr, mixed brass, win spp, chrono average of 136pf at 45deg weather running a bit hot might might drop the charge to 3.3gr of n320
  7. Ok I’m sold on low cost, not temp sensitive. I live in Las Vegas and we have crazy weather form shooting 40deg to 115deg so building my selection of powders that are not temp sensitive is going to be at the top of my priorities. Thanks for the info (i see some post that Las Vegas temp ranging at 20-120 but I don’t shoot with those extreme conditions lol so 40-115 it is for me. )
  8. By the way I’m shooting it 9 major schuemann barrel no holes and a bedell max Ti comp
  9. No worries going off topic lol suggestions are always welcome I hope if you can see the title I started looking for help for 3n38 hoping I could switch out from WAC and the whole thing shifted to WAC and now it’s really going back to the original topic of 3n38 LoL
  10. I keep on reading HS6 and CFE many say it’s dirty but most open shooters I know use HS6 and CFE I’m tempted again o test those out as well.
  11. Thanks I’ll start at 8grs and work up
  12. Hey jack, I read in another thread that you got info from atlas on how to load 3n38 with 125gr. Or how to make it work and that is it about wac that is overloaded? Pls share thanks . I ordered some blue bullets 125gr in hopes of loading with less possibilities of spilling powder. Would you happen to know what starting load I should do? Thanks in advance
  13. Gviz

    P320 X5 Thread

    You won’t be disappointed with the weighted grips! Paired with the tungsten grip plug and a tungsten guide rod from springer it’s a totally different animal. I love shooting my xfive after putting all these mods. It’s amazing! Hahahaha!
  14. Gviz

    Red Dot Slide Milling

    Im hoping with the henning base pads with grams spring and follower it will still make weight... sent my slide to PD as well.
  15. Gviz

    P320 X5 Thread

    Nice! and may I ask what was the bottom line cost for this grip mod sir? Thanks in advance.