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  1. If it’s a bigger match or I can’t park close to the bays for quick access to my vehicle, I bring my cart with fully loaded shooting bag. It helps to have one or two large plastic garbage bags in which to place your shooting bag in case it rains. And an extra hand towel or two is often useful. Being tall I like a higher folding stool. Walmart has one for $16 which works well.
  2. Carry a few pasters. If a target gets overlooked it’s quicker to just paste it rather than yelling at the squad to have someone come back and do it. At unload and show clear move the timer away from the shooter and hold it behind you. This (1) allows the scorer to read the time and (2) prevents the ejected round from striking the timer which would register as an additional shot on the timer.
  3. I’ve had good luck with Go2Socks GO2 compression socks, 20-30 mmHg (high) from Amazon. Lots of color choices.
  4. I feel like I have less leg fatigue, especially later in the day, if I wear knee high compression socks. They work well for all day matches. Try ‘em, you may like ‘em. Doesn’t hurt to try a pair.
  5. Good tip on the shoulder tension. That does make a difference.
  6. Techwear makes long sleeve shooting jerseys which allegedly have sun block protection. I bought one with a USPSA logo. It is fine for warmer weather but it was pricey ($95) and has not held up very well through multiple washings. Lot of pilling.Doubt if I will purchase another one.
  7. I tried using gloves at a Pro-Am steel match last winter. It didn’t work out so well. I knew it was going to be cold at the match so I experimented with different thin gloves beforehand. Did some dry firing, then live firing, then more dry firing. Settled on a pair I thought would be okay. On match day it was cold and I was glad I had the gloves. But on the first stage, after the draw, the first shot went off a little early as I was extending the gun to engage the target. And each time after a reload or moving to a new shooting position the same thing happened. Very disconcerting. It seems that when I was on the clock muscle memory kicked in and, despite all my practice before the match, whenever I inserted my gloved finger into the trigger guard there was just enough extra pressure to touch off the 2 lb. trigger on my 1911 before I wanted it. After that first stage I removed the gloves while shooting, kept my hands warm between stages, and all was well.
  8. The cancellation was announced on the WSSSC Facebook page last night, but I don't see it on there now.
  9. Wonder why the 2020 Western States Single Stack and Revolver Championship for next February was cancelled? Are there any other Single Stack matches coming up?
  10. For snacks I put trail mix, nuts, etc. in old pill bottles. Then at the range I can “drink” them by pouring directly into my mouth without my hands touching any of the food. This works well.
  11. I agree. It is much more fun to shoot matches with friends, but doubt whether it causes one to perform better.
  12. Calling one’s shots is a necessary but difficult skill to master. Requires work, repetition, and concentration. But calling the shot is only part of the equation. Besides recognizing where the shot went by seeing the sight lift, one must be able to simultaneously determine if the shot was acceptable and if it wasn’t, immediately fire a makeup shot. This second part has been as difficult for me as the first.
  13. Good point. No wonder my times are so slow. . . . .
  14. This has worked well for our son. It was a rough start, though, when he was little and we started him with a right handed shotgun not knowing he is left eye dominant. Once he switched over to shooting shotgun left handed (with on over/under), it was easy. He’s had no problems shooting handguns right handed — just moves the gun over a little.
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