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  1. Building a solid, consistent shooting grip on the draw is very important. Dry fire is the key. The dry fire books by Steve Anderson (“Refinement and Repetition” and “Get To Work”) and by Ben Stoeger are very helpful in beginning, maintaining, and enjoying a dry fire program. You should quickly see improvement in consistent grip and draw speed.
  2. I ended up with an extra pair of Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX shoes. These are Gore-Tex, new in the box, never been worn. The only problem is that the left shoe is size 12.5 but the right shoe is size 13. If they will work for somebody, you can have them. Just pay shipping. PM me if interested.
  3. Recently I heard that Eric Grauffel says a shooter should strive to shoot 90% As. That’s not 90% of available points, but 90% of all shots should be Alphas. And he certainly isn’t slowing down to get his hits. 90% As while shooting as fast as possible is certainly a lofty goal, albeit out of reach for most shooters.
  4. Ditto on the Ben Stoeger and Steve Anderson books. They have much valuable information.
  5. In a stage where all mags must come from a barrel or table, the shooter grabs 1 or 2 extra mags and holds them in his weak hand while shooting (two handed), reloading as necessary as he moves through the stage. i had been told that a shooter cannot carry mags in the hands while shooting a stage, but cannot find it in the rulebook. No one seemed to mind when this happened today. What is the rule?
  6. An Edge will run with any of them. Go for it.
  7. I have both Dawson and Techwell magwells on my 1911s. Both work fine and look good. I would recommend either, but if I had to choose just one, I would go with the Techwell.
  8. I was able to listen to several of the interviews when they were free streaming and found them to be quite interesting. Each GM was asked to provide a video of a drill they use, and that was a helpful feature. So yes, I would recommend purchasing a subscription to the summit for anyone interested in learning what these GMs have done to get where they are.
  9. Agree. Recently tried 20 minutes of dry fire before leaving for the match and it seemed to help. Felt more comfortable with the gun I was trying out. But early morning starts make that tough to do.
  10. My first attempt to ship ammunition. FedEx surprised me. Took my ammo to the main office in Des Moines and was told that they do not ship ammunition. I mentioned that this not what their website says. Desk guy replied that in order to ship ammunition one has to have special authorization and call for a truck to pick it up, and if I didn’t believe him he could show me “where it is written in a book.” He said he thought UPS had the same policy. I figured there was no sense arguing with him, especially since this is “written in a book,” so I scooted across town to the UPS main location. No problem there — declared my ammo, they helped me with the ORM-D labels, and off it went. Since I thought the FedEx counter guy was wrong (and I was getting a definite anti gun vibe from him), I called the FedEx customer service 800 number to see if they could connect me to the local manager. They could not but did advise that I should be able to ship ammunition from that facility. i stopped back into the FedEx office and talked to the manager. He was very nice but said he did not work the front counter and did not know the policy, but he would check and get back to me. True to his word, he called me the the next day. He said he had talked to someone at a regional office who had explained the policy to him. He said that in order to ship ammunition he was told that the shipper “has to fill out special paperwork under 49 CFR,” and that his FedEx facility does not have that paperwork and thus does not ship ammunition. Funny thing is, another local guy going to Nationals said he just labeled his box of ammo and FedEx picked it up no problem.
  11. Just received the matchbook. Unlike typical matchbooks with preliminary stage descriptions, there do not appear to be any descriptions of start positions, whether weak or strong hand is involved, shots per target, etc. Am I missing something?
  12. Just finished reading it. Bought it on iBooks. Very interesting and helpful. Am having difficulty reconciling an apparent inconsistency, though. The author emphasizes focusing on the process, not the results. But he also says that one must set goals, such as, for a USPSA shooter, “making GM.” Isn’t the goal setting, and tracking one’s progress toward reaching the goal, putting one’s focus back on results? i do not disagree with what he says - his points are cogent indeed - just having a little difficulty reconciling a couple concepts.
  13. What happened to the “persistent login” feature? I have to re-enter member number and password every time, and neither will auto fill. Is there something I have to do to improve ease of accessibility?
  14. I too have been young and working hard. Now I’m older and still working hard, but not for much longer. Retirement will be sweet. Looking forward to it. ?
  15. Nicely done. This looks like it could be very helpful for dry fire.
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