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  1. DAA Racemasters work very well but will loosen up over time. Keep the hex wrench in your range bag.
  2. I have the plastic semi rimless insert. It works fine. Recently had the lenses changed in it, which turned out okay. It stays put, but is difficult to remove and reinsert without getting finger smudges on the lenses. Have never tried the metal framed inserts so cannot help you there.
  3. Suddenly I have begun having stovepipe jams with my STI DVC similar to those which have plagued others as described in the entries above. They have gone from intermittent to at least once with every mag. Attached is a photo from one today which is baffling: a live round in the chamber with the ejected empty casing trapped behind it in the ejection port facing backwards. It did this frequently during a match yesterday, i.e. put a live round in the chamber and trap the casing behind it in the port. How did that happen?? A local gunsmith has since tuned the ejector so that it throws the cases on a flatter trajectory, changed to a 8 lb recoil spring, tuned extractor, and test fired. Hopefully it will run in the match tomorrow. However, there are marks on the bottom of the SlideRide sight and mount so it appears the rounds are hitting them. I have ordered an RTS2. Hopefully that will resolve the issue once and for all.
  4. Another vote for Pro Grip.
  5. Don’t wait. Start now and you’ll have 30-40 years of pure enjoyment. Much more fun to be in the game than on the outside looking in.
  6. USPSA should clean this up with a little editing: change “and” to “then,” and add “Targets within a string may be shot in any order.” That is the way this classifier has been run over the years.
  7. The Everglades 9mm major runs fine in my STI DVC. Makes 172 PF too. No problems.
  8. The written stage briefing for Classifier 06-03, “Can You Count,” appears to require the targets to be shot in numerical order: ”String 1: Engage T1 with 5 rounds only, perform a mandatory reload and engage T2 with 5 rounds only. String 2: Engage T3 with 5 rounds only, perform a mandatory reload and engage T4 with 5 rounds only.” There is nothing in that briefing about being free to engage the targets in those strings in any order, as there is in briefings for other classifiers. So if a shooter engages T2 first, then T1, is that a procedural for shooting the targets out of order?
  9. Agree that both are worth reading and using.
  10. Building a solid, consistent shooting grip on the draw is very important. Dry fire is the key. The dry fire books by Steve Anderson (“Refinement and Repetition” and “Get To Work”) and by Ben Stoeger are very helpful in beginning, maintaining, and enjoying a dry fire program. You should quickly see improvement in consistent grip and draw speed.
  11. I ended up with an extra pair of Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX shoes. These are Gore-Tex, new in the box, never been worn. The only problem is that the left shoe is size 12.5 but the right shoe is size 13. If they will work for somebody, you can have them. Just pay shipping. PM me if interested.
  12. Recently I heard that Eric Grauffel says a shooter should strive to shoot 90% As. That’s not 90% of available points, but 90% of all shots should be Alphas. And he certainly isn’t slowing down to get his hits. 90% As while shooting as fast as possible is certainly a lofty goal, albeit out of reach for most shooters.
  13. Ditto on the Ben Stoeger and Steve Anderson books. They have much valuable information.
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