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  1. if anyone gets caught it will be because they were selling drugs or committed a violent crime. just like the other 11 people that got caught. but if you are concerned, stay home. the entire shooting community gave the collective finger to all the scamdemic bs for the last 18 months too, and no one went to jail.
  2. depends. if you never ran 5 full pouches plus a start mag, then you're probably fine getting rid of one. My ss rig has always had 6 pouches. I still sometimes bring a 7th mag to the line in my pocket to start with. In general I prefer to have at least 1 more magazine than I can imagine actually using. If you had 5 discreet positions of minimum 6 rounds each, would you still have an emergency spare?
  3. what's to clarify? It's the same as every other major match in colorado has been for years. Run wut ya brung. For the overwhelming majority of USPSA shooters, this is not a can of worms at all. I squadded with 10+ out of state folks at the bighorn there in june. The match was full, and the number of people who were concerned about this issue was zero.
  4. lol. not if I'm on the arb committee, but I urge you arb it anyway.
  5. everyone commits a crime everyday, even B-class lawyers. That's simply the nature of our excessive law-writing ability. I tend to be worried only about the laws I might get in trouble for. This doesn't seem to be one of those.
  6. meh. whatever. this doesn't seem anything like pot use. It seems more like changing the carburetion settings on your motorcycle. Yes, it's illegal, and especially illegal in some states, but nobody cares, and people still travel to those states to race. And fwiw, my agency cites and prosecutes people for small amounts of marijuana pretty regularly.
  7. I travel frequently to california, and see no reason to worry about it there either. OTOH, jersey has actually put people in jail for silly stuff like this, and I wouldn't shoot a match there for any reason in any division.
  8. nothing bad will happen if you go below the starting load in the book. But what are you practicing for? you might not make major pf with 4.0. If you don't care about that, that's fine with me. i personally ignore the book OAL, and just load the longest that will fit in the chamber and run in the magazines, or 1.25" for most plated bullets.
  9. l10 also does not have a box. In single stack or production the gun still must fit in the box with the light
  10. true story. I am reasonably well known within a couple hours of where I live I as being an experienced ro. I don’t know if it would go over well at a match where no one knew me to offer up my own calibration ammo. otoh, i shoot accurately and run well over minor pf, so i never seem to have a problem in 200 or so local matches and 50 ish majors
  11. that seems like the most constructive way to approach the situation, Other than perhaps having your own calibration ammo like I have. but honestly if the range officers (or shooters, if the match doesn’t have static ROs) are doing their job it won’t make a difference. there is a lot of weeping and wailing over a calibration procedure but if you keep an eye on your poppers and adjust them it is a complete non-issue. sadly, there is still some old-school sentiment that you shouldn’t adjust the poppers until someone has a problem. I would put the people who think that in hot boxes in the ground until they come to their senses. Just do your job and everyone will have a fair match.
  12. lol, or a high hit (automatic reshoot), or a low enough hit to not knock the popper down. and that's why people who get edge hits call for calibration and waste everyone's time. They are hoping for a poor shot from the RM and an unearned reshoot, and some luck instead of skill against their competitors. Personally, I aim for the bottom of the calibration zone when I calibrate, because I know the ground softens and poppers gradually go out of adjustment, and even tho I tell everyone to check the poppers *every squad* someone will get busy and forget. But I aim high in the calibration zone and use 130+ pf ammo when competing, so as to not have to worry about it.
  13. again, it doesn't say that specifically, but it also doesn't say that a hit anywhere *should* drop a popper. The rules simply spell out the options if your ammo does NOT drop the popper. Regardless of anyone's opinion, that procedure clearly and consistently rewards accuracy and power. I'm not 'interpreting' anything, just explaining the effect of the rules. The effect is that if you have marginal ammo and get marginal hits, you are more likely to get a penalty than if you have good ammo and make good hits (in which case you almost certainly will NOT get a penalty).
  14. perhaps it got lost in the thread shenanigans, but it seems to me that I am the one defending the current rules, and saying they work well, and as intended. i.e., if you show up with marginal ammo, and get marginal hits, you might get a penalty, but if you show up with good ammo and get good hits, you will almost certainly not get a penalty.
  15. you are right. I missed that. thank you for reposting it. so...... since almost every level 1 match (except the ones here where a couple of us always have calibration ammo) does things the field expedient way, what are you going to do about it?
  16. you seem to entirely misunderstand the old procedure, and perhaps the new one as well. first, under the old procedure, not touching it before the shot entirely *prevented* recreating what the competitor did, because the popper may not be in the same state after being hit once. second, now we're still doing the first shot, exactly as before, but we're adding in the second step of resetting the popper so that we *can* recreate what the competitor did.
  17. USPSA appears to agree with my opinion, based on reading the rules, discussion with troy and other RMI's and reading troy's article on the topic.
  18. that question was already answered. your reshoot was imho properly denied. it is unfortunate that the RO didnt have subminor ammo, and it's also unfortunate that the match didn't have chrono so we would know your average pf, but it appears to be the way things normally happen. I don't recall if your hit was a full-diameter hit, or if it was in the calibration zone, but at least with the new calibration procedures, the popper gets reset and shot again, so if there really is something wrong with the popper (as opposed to your power or accuracy) there is a good chance of getting a reshoot. OTOH, if your hit was marginal, or your ammo marginal..... bummer.
  19. why not? The old procedure was pretty good, but the new one is clearly an improvement over the older procedure in that it will help reduce the already very small number of 'popper-f****ings' caused be mechanically defective poppers.
  20. sounds like you are making a complaint about the way some club runs things some where. That is interesting, but not really that relevant to the discussion.
  21. sounds like you are trolling. the rules don't literally state that, but they also don't state that a hit in the calibration zone with match legal ammunition *should* drop a popper. They simply state what the procedure is when the popper doesn't fall. If you do some math, or observe some matches, you find that the unsurprising effect of the current rules is that the lighter you go with your ammo, and the worse you aim, the better your chances are of hitting a popper and still being scored a mike. IMHO, that's how it was designed, and that's how it should be. Power matters. Accuracy matters.
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