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  1. so you would cheat to enforce your particular views? that is good to know.
  2. i made gm in steel (rfpi) at 57 or so, and inching closer in rfpo. I turn 60 next week and I think that while GM in uspsa LIM or SS is out of reach after the HHF's got screwed up a couple years ago, it's still perfectly achievable in CO. Or in PCC if I actually wanted to shoot PCC, lol.
  3. tti springs can be easily modified to fit the mbx followers and suck less.. We found the mbx springs to be pretty short-lived. maybe we just got a bad batch but they weakened after a couple weeks and mbx declined to do anything about it. other things that may help: toss your springs into your brass tumbler overnight and get them polished up, clean the mags more carefully (i use a dry rag followed by a very lightly oiled rag), and change the springs twice a year.
  4. this makes some sense to me. fwiw I have 2 sti trojans with ramped barrels that fed flawlessly for years, but the barrel ramp was nicely matched to the frame ramp. I recently replaced the barrel on one of them (due to a double-charge, doh!) and the gunsmith didn't really pay any attention to matching the frame and barrel ramps, so now hollow-points nose-dive and stick at the bottom of the barrel ramp (first round from a full mag). the same rounds from the same mags feed flawlessly in the other sti and in my ruger and sig 1911's with unramped barrels.
  5. every red dot I have owned has had a period of 'settling in' and needing to be re-zeroed. One of them took a couple hundred rounds, but most stop moving in 50 or so. I advise re-zero-ing it at 18-20 yards and see what happens.
  6. most people shooting CO seem to be elderly (failing eyesight) or young girls (weak hands).
  7. Limited would be better if we had Limited-8, Limited-10, Limited-12, Limited 14, and Limited 20. This will keep the many people who buy 12 and 14 round 40cal guns from being unfairly disadvantaged by not being able to easily win matches (except in the 61 year old category, if that other 61 year old doesn't show up).
  8. I think we need a separate category for every year of age, so people can win 59 year old category at matches, and not be sad.
  9. I think we need a separate division for every brand and model of gun. That's the only way for competition to be fair, and to avoid hurting the feelings of the people who S&W SD guns.
  10. I thought we were talking about limited.... What does CO (or any of the other minor divisions) have to do with this discussion?
  11. seems more likely that Jeff = Bill Wilson. He's probably feeling sad that even the fudds don't take ESP seriously.
  12. this is wrong, and doesn't even make sense. You're allowed to use 3" barrels in limited too. That doesn't mean they were 'put there', and we need to suddenly change the rules so 3" barrels have less of a disadvantage.
  13. News flash! No one ever wanted to make them comparable. The whole concept of DVC is NOT to make wimpy rounds comparable to more powerful ones, but to reward more powerful ammunition for people that are willing to train enough to be able to shoot it well. The current system does that.
  14. the fact that high cap 9mms are about 90% of new handguns sold (which is probably false) has no bearing on the viability of limited major, just like the bikes sold at walmart have no bearing on what is legal or sensible for bicycle competition in the olympics.
  15. you falsely claimed that no one except serious limited shooters is interested in 40. I corrected your false statement and provided an example. There are many more.
  16. that's just bad math. I know many agencies have gone to guns that are easier for noobs to shoot to help with their 'diversity', and they use claims of 'effectiveness' to justify their dumbing down, but any meaningful measure of power is going to include velocity and bullet weight. 40 is simply a more powerful cartridge. You can argue that you don't actually *need* all that power, especially if you want to recruit people who aren't interested in learning to shoot more powerful guns, but you can't be taken seriously if you try to argue that power difference doesn't exist.
  17. all 300 officers at my federal agency carry .40. At least one county sheriff in my area uses 40 (i pick up their once-fired brass). Most modern guns are offered in 40, and people buy them when they want more power than 9mm provides.
  18. not in USPSA. and that is intentional.
  19. i think we need to change the rules to create an open without optic division. people are showing up to matches with ported barrels on small guns. It's too big of a disadvantage for them to be in open, so we need a new division to further fragment the sport.
  20. limited minor and single stack for limited are equally stupid ideas. There are many different ways to be wrong.
  21. personally I hate ambi safeties. single-sided works better for me and mrs moto. Sometimes I can get by with the ambi if I grind down the right side so that my grip is less likely to activate it, but at first chance I swap them out for single sided.
  22. 3 gunners and other people who just want to plink rather than compete seriously. It certainly isn't good, competitive pistol shooters.
  23. everyone serious walks the stages the day before. It's really only a significant advantage on stupid memory stages, or on circus activator stages.
  24. nope. sure, lots of noobs sign up for limited minor when just learning the sport because that's what they have. that's not the same as 'wanting' limited minor.
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