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  1. Update: I've since gotten both the EGW undersizing die and the Redding sizing die. In testing both: Out of the group of 30-35 cases that failed prior, they worked well. Only about 3-5 cases now failed the case gauge, and of those they just barely failed with ~1mm from being flush. Not bad. Thanks again for everyone's help!
  2. Yes, I've seen this post before. I've marked my cases and they are all diagnosed "Poor sizing". I'm waiting for my EGW u sizing die then I will try to size the cases again. Thanks for everyone's help so far!
  3. Thanks for all the input! I'll try your suggestions and report back!
  4. Hello! So I've reloaded around 1000 rounds on my new Dillon 550C with all Dillon Carbide dies. About 30 of them did not pass the plunk test so I set them aside. While I was testing some of the rounds I had a round get stuck and did not go into battery. I actually had to disassemble the gun, take it home and push the round out from the barrel end. After this I figured I never, ever wanted this to happen again. I since got a couple of case guages (a hundo and a single) and went through ALL my loaded rounds again. I ended up taking out another 15-20 of them that didn't pass the case gauges (probably got careless doing the plunk test). So I went through each one, pulling all the bullets and attempting to resize the brass and reload. I made sure to use One Shot to lube them. This time I was checking the cases in the case gauge after re-sizing and found out that some of the brass just wouldn't resize correctly. I would resize, then check in the gauge and it still would stop anywhere in between 0.5mm-1.5mm from flush. I thought it was a brass brand issue so I started looking at the headstamps. I had a mixture of F.C, R.P, WIN, CBC, Blazer.. Trying to re-size them multiple times didn't help. The most confusing thing about all this is... I had some of the same headstamps resize CORRECTLY and fit the case gauges no problem. That means... I had some F.C. , R.P, Win etc. pass case gauge without problem! I've narrowed my problem down to my resizer -- do the dillon carbde dies suck at resizing consistently? Or did I get a lemon? Is there any recommendations for a more consistent or better performing resize die that will produce rounds that case pass gauging? (I've heard of redding dies being good?) It makes me wonder if the Dillon dies are really worth. Any other dies that are recommended? I hear the redding competition seating die is a good one to get. Thank you for your time and help, Chewy
  5. Hello! Thanks to the many helpful people on this forum I loaded my first 500 or so rounds with my new 550c. Varying bullet weights and powder charges, ready to chrono. There was a couple things that I observed. Nothing crazy bad, just annoying sometimes. Was wondering if there was anyone else who ran into these issues and how they fixed it. 1) When de-priming, the old primer / dust isn't all collected by the metal "claw" underneath. Sometimes I see them shoot out the spaces on the sides onto the table, right next to the piston, under the strong mount, on the floor, everywhere really. Seems like 1 out of every 50 or so decide to go rogue and find those spaces. Anyone know how to fix this? As long as they go into the metal "claw" then the rest is taken care of from my extended spent primer tube I got (one of the best accessories, great recommendation!). 2) In station 2, if the case is not completely upright when I pull the handle, sometimes it will crush / fold a small portion of the casing (approx 3mm) while its belling the case. I realize that sometimes it doesn't line up quite right to the power drop. As long as I'm watching it and making sure its lined up it has no problem. I've had to toss a couple of primed bent cases like that when I focused on other stuff (like powder drop before I place a bullet in station 3).... The only thing I can think of that may be causing this is perhaps when setting up the shell plate I didn't go far enough down. My concern is that I didn't want the turning mechanism to bind when rotating. 3) after crimping and turning the shell plate, the finished round sometimes hits the guide and falls "in between" the ejection ramp and the shell plate. There is a gap there that is just big enough for the cartridge to lay almost on its side. Usually when i pull the handle the next round it lifts up the plate a bit, and that round then falls down the ramp. Minor annoyance. Other than that, my reloading experience so far has been great and its quite fun. I got the Dillon Carbide dies, and they were decently easy to set up. Was a little worried after the crimp die made a slight hourglass figure of the cartridges, but I read multiple places that this is normal and by design. Another minor annoyance is when adjusting COL, you have to un-tighten the lock ring and tighten every time after small adjustments. I saw a video where someone adjusted his COL with just small knob at the top of the die (forgot the brand, but it looked like that was much easier to make adjustments to COL). Thanks for everyone's help so far. Hopefully i'm not crazy and the problems above are easily fixable. Cheers.
  6. Hello! So since my last post I've been busy getting what I needed to start, ended up getting a Dillon 550C. Part of that was getting a BUNCH of federal primers since they had a rebate with free hazmat at midway. I started to mention to some of my shooting friends that I got into reloading, then got connected with some of their friends that load as well... but they don't load for uspsa. they just load for hunting and general usage. They all told me I made a mistake getting federal primers because they heard so many stories of primers detonating on presses. They told me that I should just skip priming with press and hand de-prime/ prime everything myself to prep. Don't know if this matters but I'm exclusively going to be loading 9mm. I did read that federal primers are "soft" so it kind of made sense. I did a google search on "primer detonation federal primers" and there are some concerning posts, some as recent as last year. Most of them that mention Dillon mention the 650. Should I be concerned at all? I'd rather not find out the hard way. I also read a post saying "its not if you ever get a primer detonation, its *when* you get one" using a press. Since I'm admittedly pretty ignorant with reloading brass at this time, was wondering if you guys could give me insight as to how / why this could happen and what I should watch out for if I'm going to use the press for de-prime / priming. If hand priming is really the way to go, which one should I get? Thanks!
  7. Ah ok, that does make sense. Thank you for the info. I read a bunch of different opinions on Lee vs Dillion dies. I guess staying consistent with the brand is ok too.
  8. Thanks for the info and help! Man, to be honest I have no idea about PF and where to start with bullets and primers. So thanks for the suggestion on where to start! Any preferred stores to buy from? Right now, I was naive and have a bunch of factory 115gr ammo that I need to shoot and save the brass. I have mostly Blazer brass, Fiocchi, and S&B ammo. Is there anything special I need to know about the different brand brass? Also, how many times can you expect to reload a casing before they go bad? I'm in Rancho Cucamonga. I'm super newbie, but I'm trying to set myself up well before I start so once I get situated I can just go and go and get more addicted! Cheers, and I'm super appreciative of all the welcoming / helpful replies!
  9. OK, I just want to make sure I'm ordering everything I need. I've tried to do my own homework but here goes: RL 550C Die set (Lee has a 4 set, while Dillon has a 3 set. is there an additional one I have to get if I get the dillon set?) Bullet Tray Case bin and bracket Strong mount Aluminum Roller Handle (Already have a powder scale) Digital Caliper (any brands recommended? best functional for price?) CV-750 + CM-500 Case tumbler/separator Case lube (One shot?) ---------------- Should I get? list ---------------- 1" wrench Primer Flip Tray Extra Primer Pickup Tubes I'd like to make a one-time order and not start... then realize i need to order something else if you know what I mean. Any further advice / recommendations very much appreciated!
  10. I would probably reload 300-500 in a sitting. When I reloaded my shotshells I did 200 at a time, but I can imagine doing 3x that in a sitting comfortably for 9mm. It was relaxing to me. Is buying prepped cases still economical? I got a brass catcher and I have like 3k factory 115gr ammo that I have yet to shoot (I thought that was a lot for stocking up for ammogeddon, but I guess that's a small amount!) I know that reloading is not going to save me money (you shoot more) but my price per round going way down sounds good (and not being logged in CA DOJ system for every round I buy after July 1) Forgive my ignorance.. but why would I need a chrono? I didn't use one for my shotshells (hmm, maybe I shoud've?) Also I'm running a sp-01, is there any *known* good recipes or recipes you could point me to that cz's like? or are they individually different as to what they like? I wish I could move out! but family and my business (health care profession) keep me here.
  11. Thanks! Um... what options on the 550 do you guys recommend I add. any die recommendations as well or go with the carbide pistol dies from dillon?
  12. I don't know how much volume I'll be shooting to be honest. That's why I feel the 550 will be just good enough for me as I still sink quite a bit of time into my business to fund my hobbies Thanks guys! Edited by GrumpyOne...to save the poster some trouble.
  13. Thanks Grumpy, 550 it is then! This sport bug has bitten me. Where would you suggest that I look for a complete setup for a 550 ? ebay? or are there other better places? Thanks!
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