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For Sale: M&P Pro and Expert Advice


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I posted a for sale ad to my local facebook gun trader group. Typical M&P, comes with a 9mm barrel, shouldn't be a problem. Then this guy comes along and dragged me down to his level and beat me with his experiences as an IPSC Intergalactic Champion.

Guy Everything about your gun except the storm Lake barrel is awesome. Even though that's what makes the gun a competition model. I have been through 3 of the storm Lake barrels with less than 500 rounds. My suggestion is to slap the original barrel into it so you can get the most bang for your buck and get more money out of it

Terry Yu

The gun comes with both the stock 40 S&W barrel and the 9mm Storm Lake barrel. I haven't had any problems with the 9mm barrel, it shoots the same as the stock barrel but with less recoil.

Guy That's awesome... great deal...

Guy Is the slide heavy on the 9mm

Guy What I ment is have you had the slide lightened for the 9 millimeter load for running competition and also has the ejector been modified for the 9 millimeter load as well or is this just a standard barrel conversion?

Terry Yu The M&Ps run the same recoil spring and ejector/extractor for 9mm and 40. No mods necessary smile emoticon

Guy I know that's what they say but I actually shoot competition and mods are actually necessary for the slide and for the ejector port to make it function properly as a nine millimeter it will function as a nine millimeter in standard operation but 4 speed and competition shooting it simply has too many FTFs

Guy If you talk to any competition guys on here they will tell you the same thing it's like trying to get A standard 45 ACP to run 357 sig you have to do a ton of work a lot more than just simply swapping out a barrel

Guy When you said it was a competition model I had assumed you had already done all the extensive gun smithing.

Guy It will operate yes but it needs to operate perfectly smoothly and 100% of the time so you can win the big money. To pay for the big guns to win more money

Guy do you have a certificate of compliance for the barrel ratio to slide weight?

Guy Some competitions require that not all.

Terry Yu I have no idea what you are talking about. I shoot USPSA and IDPA and have never heard of this "certificate of compliance"


It basically states that your weapon is safe to Fire in the competition in it has to comply with the safety certification of slide ratio to barrel configuration. It is not a super irritating thing but sometimes safety range officers will actually do weight measurements on the ratios in if your weapon doesn't comply you forfeit.

Usually and national competitions not going to your local Range shootout

Terry Yu

As far as the reliability of this particular gun, I have not had any FTE or FTF running my 9mm load of 115g LRN loaded to 1150fps or my 40 load 175gr LSWC loaded to 1000fps.

If someone buys this gun to take to nationals I would be honored, but they would be shooting it as a 40 S&W instead of a 9mm.

Guy If you have a certificate you don't have to worry about getting harassed basically

Guy Well as I said earlier I like to shoot 40 preferably but in some speed competitions unfortunately the 40 just cannot hold up mostly due to volume to powder and disbursement

Guy Basically the 9 millimeter burns up the competition barrels faster than the stock barrels and then you lose accuracy

Guy That's why I said it was better for you to have your stock barrel in there.

Guy Basically the barrels burn out because they cannot disperse the heat fast enough when firing 9 millimeter because the housing of the barrel is thicker and holds the heat more so instead of dispersing the heat through the slide and the air it holds more and ends up heating up the Lans n grooves and strips them out. Especially if the rifling is positive meaning raised in the barrels such as S&W and Glock

Guy Shoot this comp iron only....

Terry Yu You may need to check your facts. S&W barrels are traditional land and groove rifling. Glocks are polygonal. Also have never shot any handgun fast enough to worry about barrel melting. That's a full auto rifle problem.

Hats off to you if you can shoot out a pistol barrel though. I have never seen it done before. I have put 10s of thousands of rounds downrange with my 9mm CZ and the rifling is the same as when I bought it.

Like · Reply · 7 hrs

Guy The aftermarket ones are not traditional that's the problem

Guy If you check the stats a person that Fire in competition usually out fires a full auto

Terry Yu From Storm Lake's website:

Machined from certified 416R stainless steel for superior strength, durability, and accuracy.

Barrels are match grade, hardened to 40-42 HRC and cut broach rifled to shoot jacketed or lead bullets.


Unless they are lying about their metallurgy, it's the same grade steel as other barrels.

Also if you check the stats the fastest open class shooters shoot perhaps a .10 to .15 split. That is only 400-600 RPM and they do not do it sustained. Longest stages are about 30-40 rounds with hours between stages for guns to cool down.

Guy I shoot a lot of sigs in competition and some Glocks I have to S&W I shoot as well. Have had no problems with the stock barrels only the aftermarket so-called competition ones.

Guy Had two complete strippings with Storm Lake and will never use them again. Your pistol is a excellent weapon the only curiosities I had was with the barrel and slide and extractor.

Guy You have a hell of a piece and it could make nationals with just maybe some slight adjustments. Even in 40 Cal if we could figure out a way to decrease slide weight and increase spring tension without getting failure to feeds

Guy The only problem is is that is really difficult to do with the 40 cal. It's hard with the 9 millimeter but not impossible. And extremely easy with the 38 super

Guy I'm sorry I apologize I just now read the stats on their website. The problem is not with what type of stainless Steely is the problem is with the thickness of it it does not disperse the heat fast enough so it tends to strip the barrel out before it's capable of dispersing the heat

Terry Yu

This gun does not compete with the 38 super guns. It is a SSP/Production (9mm) or a ESP/Limited (9mm/40S&W) gun. There is no direct competition with a 38 super race gun aside from another 38 super or 9mm major race gun.

You made me curious so I miked some barrels I have laying around.

40 barrel - 0.10"

9mm conversion - 0.13"

CZ 75 9mm - 0.11"

357 Magnum - 0.15"

I don't buy the heat argument based on barrel thickness. Makes more sense that it was a bad run of barrels. It's also 2am....

Guy It can with the right mods....

Guy You use a mil gauge and you won't get a proper reading you really need a specialized micrometer. And you do the correct research online and you will see that lots of different results come out of the aftermarket barrels positive and negative because of steel tolerance and thicknesses Exedra

Guy The difference between 38 super and competition nine mil guns is who are using them that is the only difference you can get specialized factory loads for the 9 millimeter that makes them function just as fast as the supers

Guy Actually I am mistaken there are a lot of differences but if you put a 38 super in my hands and a specialized 9 millimeter I will have times within milliseconds of each other

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Or a shady car dealer:

"Sir we can't give you any more for your trade than this. Your car has 50k miles, which is extremely high for today's cars. Not only that but you haven't had the ECU rekeyed to the ECM, updated your fuel injector software, or regular headlight fluid flushes. We're basically paying for something that's going straight to the junkyard!"

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Jeez Terry, you would KNOW about the certificate thing if you went to the big matches and not just your "local club shootouts". I shoot my iron-sighted, plastic framed, striker gun against the big boys in open with their .38supers ALL THE TIME. And I am ALWAYS within milliseconds of their scores. Just don't ask how MANY milliseconds :roflol:

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I have to replace all my certificates of compliance. They got ruined when i set my gun down on them after my barrel melted because I shot faster than full auto. Too bad 'cause those certificates could have made it to Nationals with a few adjustments.

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This is a glaring reminder that sadly there are no requirements of intelligence before making babies. I'm hoping he 1. Doesn't have kids yet, 2. Has some sort of accident that makes him sterile

Excuse me while I go convert my 45 to 357 dig and get it certified for the Lunar Galacticals


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