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  1. MSRP on the website says $559
  2. Dremel's commercials should be "Keeping real gunsmiths in business ever since we invented the Dremel!"
  3. Don't sugar coat it, Rowdy...Tell us how you really feel!
  4. Welcome to the forums, QualityGuru. Might I suggest that you carefully read the forum guidelines? They can be found by following this link. https://forums.brianenos.com/guidelines/ Specifically, Posting GuidelinesAttitudePlease be polite. Or if not polite, at least respectful.No bickering. Regardless of the subject matter.Antagonistic, offensive, or quarrelsome tones are not acceptable.No trolling. No alternate accounts. And this, Brian's Forums is not the place to resolve customer service issues or disputes you may have with a manufacturer, dealer, gunsmith, or individual.
  5. No, it isn't absolutely necessary, but it does help some people. I have a mirror and light on my 550, but I also load from the seated position. The light and mirror make it quite easy to see inside the case without having to be above the press.
  6. Do this mod. It is very easy and will most likely solve your issues. https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=22862.0
  7. If you can find one...although, they have re-introduced them.
  8. Three tool heads, yes. The powder hoppers change pretty easily, but you would need to adjust/change the powder die everytime you changed calibers. It would be best to have dedicated tool heads and powder hoppers for every caliber you plan on reloading. Having a tool head and powder hopper for each, it only takes 1-2 minutes to change between small primer rounds, and probably no more than 5 minutes to change between large primer rounds.
  9. I agree. Set and forget.
  10. Finally got around to working on this one. The stock is cracked pretty badly, but I'm gonna glue and clamp it and try to get it back into a decent shape (this gun will never be fired by me, just trying to get it back in a cleaner state). Everything else is pretty good order, considering that it is 134 years old...but, I am missing a part...I'm missing the first barrel band (closest to the bolt). Any place I should look? Some of the screw/pins holding the barrel bands on were also broken, but I may be able to make those. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. And, every once in a while, a 45 hole hits the perf line of a no shoot where a 40 or 9 hole will not.
  12. The case capacity between a 9x23 and about any 38super variant is negligible, at best. With the right bullet and powder combination, 38super can have the velocity of the 357 Sig easily. Go with a Super (or variant). http://www.k8nd.com/ipscload.htm
  13. Very true, but you can have 10 rounds of 40s&w minor in a mag...if it fits the box.
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