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  1. GrumpyOne

    FNG here, would like some pistol advice

    I don't have a Tanfo, but from the threads on the forum, yeah, they need some work. I do have several CZ's though. A custom shop Shadow, a TSO, and a P07. Cz does have Stainless guns... https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-75-b-9mm-high-polished-stainless-16-rd-mags/ https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-75-b-9mm-matte-stainless-16-rd-mags/ Although these are not custom shop guns, they would require very little work (if any) to be great shooters.
  2. "Hey Honey, what's the temperature outside?"....."There isn't one".
  3. GrumpyOne

    Trigger Job Question

    Guys, get those old primers out. Go buy some solder and fill the primer space in with it. Solder is soft enough to deform so as to not hurt the firing pin and you have absolutely no way for it to go off.
  4. GrumpyOne

    FNG here, would like some pistol advice

    Welcome to the forums! The Tanfo's are nice, but most of them will take a bit of work to get them "really nice". For "really nice" pretty much right out of the box, look at the CZ's...a Shadow SP01, a P09, P10, or a Tactical Sport Orange. They are not gonna need the polishing and parts that the Tanfo would. And, after all, the Tanfo is basically a copy of the CZ. Good luck in your quest!
  5. GrumpyOne

    Not Bad

    Funny, just found this pic in my inbox. Does this look familiar Gary?
  6. You realize that the message you posted to Brian is on a public feed, right? You did not send him a private message.

  7. Jack, it isn't a tactical light, it's not terribly small, but it does have two different brightness levels (500 and 250 lumens), and will last a solid 8 hours on max on one charge. I have one. Docum3ntation says 22 hours on lower lumens https://www.dewalt.com/products/gear-and-equipment/jobsite-lighting-and-flashlights/20v-max-led-hand-held-area-light/dcl050
  8. GrumpyOne

    Don't be prideful about glasses

    Had my eyes checked this week. If you want to know the results, pm me.
  9. GrumpyOne

    Real RNDs / Hour Reloading

    Jack, get a plastic shell holder.for 45acp from the garbage can next time you shoot. The kind that comes with like Blazer brass. Place it in a tub with your 9mm brass, then just pick up handfuls of brass and kind of drop it onto the shell holder. Most of the 9mm brass will fall primer down into the shell holder. Then it's simple to spot cases that are too long (9x21, 9x23, 38 super) and cases that are too short (380, 9x18, etc.). You can do 50 cases in a few seconds. Or, get a 100 round 45acp ammo storage container, take the top off, and do 100 instead of 50.
  10. GrumpyOne

    Why does USPSA have its own rulebook?

    Enough. If somebody has something worthwhile to add to this thread, PM me and we'll discuss it. Until then...
  11. GrumpyOne

    Why does USPSA have its own rulebook?

    I thought this thread was about why there are separate rule books, not about the inner workings of who got what and why. Get back on topic.
  12. GrumpyOne

    Primer choices. Rifle,pistol,magnum...?

    That may be true, but many manufacturers use the same cups in their small pistol and small pistol magnum primers. Winchester is one of those
  13. GrumpyOne

    Trail Help

    This thread was closed because the content/topic was judged not to be in line with the rules of the Hate Forum. (mostly likely politics or shooting related..which are out of bounds)Please review what you are..ahhh...allowed to hate. :)Hate Forum Rules:https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/8097-hate-forum-guidelines/[note: this is a generic reply]