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  1. Take a look at this list. http://www.k8nd.com/ipscload.htm
  2. Welcome Zack! Please read the forum guidelines before posting! 

  3. Posting GuidelinesAttitudePlease be polite. Or if not polite, at least respectful.No bickering. Regardless of the subject matter.Antagonistic, offensive, or quarrelsome tones are not acceptable.No trolling. No alternate accounts. i see any more like the above, and several people will get forum timeouts. Play nice, or don't play at all.
  4. He can run 9mm major in USPSA Single Stack....he'll still be scored minor though.
  5. 80% in FL would be AWESOME!
  6. What would be the average humidity out there for that time of year?
  7. No I'm not. That project was completed last week.
  8. Good luck to all in the path (if anyone knows what the path is!).
  9. The reason this was locked.... IntentThis Forum is for firearm, technique, and conceptual discussions pertaining to training and competition. (And various unrelated topics.) While the occasional defensive shooting post is not prohibited, in general, defensive shooting discussions or debates are discouraged. And please, no hunting or "killing animals" (of any kind) threads.
  10. Jack, have you ever had any other Dillon press besides the SDB? I've seen several (local to me) SDB's have to go back to Dillon...cracked frames, cracked arms, etc. The 550 is an absolute tank compared to the SDB.
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