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  1. I see a slight coke bottle effect.
  2. The taller one is a 115 @ 1.157, no powder, no primer, no crimp. I did get set back when I pushed it very hard on my bench, down to 1.146, on a second push, it went to 1.106. Again, no powder, primer, or crimp. Mixed brass (didn't even look at the headstamp).
  3. I don't have any 124's laying around, but I do have some 115's. I'll try and seat a 115 at 1.155 and get a pic of it.
  4. Those are loaded to 1.150. When I loaded MG 124', I thought the coke bottle effect was even more pronounced.
  5. While you are at it, take a pic of your press, of the sizing die, handle all the way down please. It is kissing the shellplate, right?
  6. Those are PD 147 FMJ's, mixed range brass, Dillon resize die,
  7. If you have anyone nearby that has a 9mm sizing die that you can borrow, try that. My 9mm minor rounds sized with a Dillon die are almost an extreme coke bottle effect...maybe the die is worn out or out of spec?
  8. I have a CZ Shadow 1...using Precision Delta 147 FMJ's, I can load to 1.150. Using MG 124JHP's, I had to load to 1.085. The ogive of the bullet can make a HUGE difference in what OAL you can shoot out your particular gun. I'd like to point out that Titegroup is a fast, hot burning powder. Many have used it very successfully to load 9mm, and still do...I have never used it. I haven't witnessed it, but I have heard stories that after an extended session of shooting rounds made with Titegroup, that the fiber optic melted and/or turned black. Just something to think about. Don't limit yourself to one powder because of cost or because that is what someone told you to load with. The cost of the powder is minimal in this game, no matter what powder you choose.
  9. The light primer strikes were most likely the result of primers not completely seated. Hit them again, I bet they will go bang. As for Winchester primers, I've probably used upwards of 75k of them...and not once can I remember one not going off...it's not the primers. As for the squib, there is no substitute for looking into each and EVERY case after you drop the powder, powder cop or not. Rig up a mirror and a light, or whatever you need, to be able to look into each and every case as you reload.
  10. Stop pushing so hard? Sorry, Bro....don't know what else to suggest.
  11. Doesn't sound like you are missing anything. Could be the brass. I use Dillon dies, 9mm...for minor in Production...there is no way you can push my bullets into the case deeper by hand. Are you absolutely sure you have 9mm dies and not 38super dies?
  12. Why, can someone tell, does Federal package their primers in such an awful way, using 3-4 times the plastic and cardboard that other primer companies use? And then to package them on their side instead of on the flat side?
  13. I absolutely trust my powder measure, but I trust my eyes more. In probably close to 100k rounds reloaded, I have never once cycled the handle of my press and not had a powder drop into the case (as long as the hopper was full). That being said, I have a light and a mirror set up so that I can glance into each and every case before I seat the bullet. It does not take any more time to look into the case than not looking, and it is extra insurance. I have actually dropped bullets onto the expanded case, and then removed them, because I couldn't verify that I looked into the case. I will not seat a bullet without looking into that case. Another thing about the light and mirror setup. I've noticed that it is much easier to spot cases that have split in the powder drop station using the light and mirror.
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