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  1. What other powders do you have on hand? N320 comes to mind, if you have any.
  2. Thank you for clearing that up, Troy. Now, everyone can go back to their regularly scheduled programming.
  3. What bullets and powder are you using? The likely culprit (had the same thing happen to a S&W 610 of mine) is powder residue buildup on the cylinder between the cylinder and forcing cone. Take a soft brass bristle brush and, after every stage, go to the safe table and brush the front of the cylinder and lightly brush the forcing cone. See if the drag goes away.
  4. GrumpyOne

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    Yes, this is getting old. Very old.
  5. https://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2021/03/to-the-governor-arizona-passes-bill-to-end-state-enforcement-of-federal-gun-control/
  6. My guess is the lead in the comp is causing issues. I have an old 40S&W comp gun i shot lead out of a lot. Accuracy went to crap, clean the lead out good, Accuracy came back.
  7. I would say no, the barrel is good. What were his loads?
  8. https://www.amazon.com/GMW-Magnetic-Accessories-Buckler-Concealed/dp/B08PT56J4Q
  9. It won't be very long term at all. Stretching the spring is only a temporary fix. Get new springs ( +10%, if they have them.)
  10. This paragraph may also be of use to you. "Anyone found to be post-count bumping (lots of posts that don't advance the discussion, such as, but not limited to, "+1" or "emoticon" only posts) or making an end run around the classifieds rules by posting something for sale somewhere else on the forum, will have their classified privileges suspended, and their post count reset to zero (0). Following the contribution of 100 meaningful posts, such members may appeal for restoration of their classifieds privileges by sending a PM to any Moderator or Administrator."
  11. Would you ask a State Trooper that question if he were giving you a warning instead of a ticket?
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