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  1. He's been using it since the Civil War, but he has been wishing he had it since the Revolutionary War.
  2. As a side note, WD-40 is (in my opinion) one of the worst things you can put on a gun. Over time, the WD-40 will dry and turn to varnish, gumming up the action. I personally have seen this happen. I bought a pistol from someone who had sprayed it down, inside and out, with WD-40 and put it in the safe for several years. When I bought it, the action was so gunked up, i had to strip it down to the frame and soak and scrub all the parts with acetone to even get it to cycle and fire. It has been flawless since I scrubbed it.
  3. Jack, are you trying to start trouble again? From the classifieds forum rules... You cannot sell anything you make or build. Sure, you can buy a gun, modify it a bit, and then sell it at some point. If you do that more than once or twice, or you're a gunsmith, that’s not acceptable. In the same vein, if you appear to have an endless supply of specific items, such as magazines, brass, bullets, etc., selling those items in the Classifieds Forum is not acceptable. If that sounds like you, please be fair to our dealers and contact me for Forum Dealer info.
  4. GrumpyOne

    The wrestlers.

    I don't want to know how you know that.
  5. GrumpyOne

    Any deals on SPPs?

    Powder Valley has Winchester SPP for $28 +hazmat
  6. GrumpyOne

    Rules Question

    If the WSB didn't say that you had to shoot the activator first, then no penalty. Freestyle. Shoot them as you see them. He just saw them differently.
  7. GrumpyOne

    For 9mm MAJOR Topics

    You have a 9 major topic/thread here. No need for another one.
  8. GrumpyOne

    The Canoe

    An Air Force Sergeant, a Marine Sergeant, and an Army Ranger Sergeant crash landed in the jungle. Shortly after crashing, they were captured by the local indigenous tribe. The chief of the tribe told them that since they were trespassing on sacred land, all three were going to be killed and their skins were to be used as covers for a ceremonial canoe. ...But, they could choose the manner of their death. The Air Force Sergeant decided that he would rather die by poison, so the chief supplied him with the local plant based toxin, which he took and fell over dead. The Marine Sergeant decided that the poison took too long, so he asked for his trusty 45 and one round...Seeing all this take place the Army Ranger Sergeant asked for a fork..."A fork?" asked the chief..."Yes, a fork"...bewildered, the chief hands the Ranger a fork, and the Ranger immediately starts stabbing himself viciously all over with it, then looking at the chief said "Screw your damn canoe!"
  9. GrumpyOne

    Fraud charges

    Sarge, I'm going to leave this up (for now), but lock it. It is news worthy, but we do not need a discussion about it.
  10. GrumpyOne

    Case head separation/stuck case

    Put the barrel in the freezer overnight.
  11. GrumpyOne

    Primer hole

    Yeah....and sell it to Steve...
  12. GrumpyOne

    Self stopping

    For counting as a reaction, I would say no more than 1 second, maybe 2. If they haven't moved (reacted) in 2 seconds, they obviously did not hear the beep.
  13. GrumpyOne


  14. GrumpyOne

    Factory load power factor

    For off the shelf ammo from Walmart (or any other place that carries it), Federal American Eagle 147 FMJ is going to be about as close as you can get to a soft shooting factory, readily available, not having to order, load.