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  1. The easiest way to not feel the bite (at least for me) of saving for an open gun is to have them take more out of you paycheck for taxes. If you have them take an s tra $40 per week, that's over $2000 for the year. 16 years ago, I changed jobs...got a buyout from the old company, went right to work for another company...long story short, the old company did not withhold enough from the buyout...I ended up owing and additional $15k. Swore I would never have to pay more in again. I changed my withholding to single zero, and had them take out an additional $40 a week. I get back about $7k every year now.
  2. GrumpyOne

    Shell Case Lubing for Pistols

    The lube can become a little bit sticky after it completely dries.
  3. GrumpyOne

    First Official Match, First DQ

    Most new shooters read the rule book before their first match (I would hope, anyway), but being new, they (the rules) are not burnt into their minds like with a seasoned shooter. Even seasoned shooters have brain farts now and again.
  4. GrumpyOne

    Mark7 Evolution

    I've just went through quite a few pages of this thread, hidden quite a few posts, and I have considered locking and closing it....and there very well may be suspensions from the forums for some of the posting done by members in this thread. This is the one and only warning I'm going to give in this thread. Follow the forum guidelines or this thread gets shut down.
  5. GrumpyOne

    USPSA production gun question

    If it is single action only, No, it is not Production legal.
  6. GrumpyOne

    Ruger AR556 MPR for entry level rifle?

    This might fit your budget. https://www.cabelas.com/product/DPMS-Oracle-Semiautomatic-Tactical-Rifles/1143595.uts
  7. GrumpyOne

    Square deal B price

    Oh, you'll hear about it....LOL
  8. GrumpyOne

    Die final tweaks

    Not all coated bullets are created equal. Some coatings are thinner than others, so I would suspect that on some, the coatings may get scraped. As for your "crimp", bullet diameter + case wall thickness x 2 = crimp. So, if your bullet is .355, and the case wall thickness is .013, .355 + .026 = .381....so you are right in the ballpark.
  9. Absolutely, the restriction is on ammo handling, not magazine handling.
  10. Here's the bad part. When we had that older forum software, we could change member titles....when it went to the new software, if we had changed your title, you were stuck with what we changed it to...until you got 3k posts.
  11. There was a time, not terribly long ago, when the forum used a different version of the software, when a moderator could change a member title of someone that had had under 3k posts...but that is no longer.
  12. There sure is a way to change your member title. Very simple, actually...get 3,000 posts, and you can change it to whatever you want.
  13. GrumpyOne

    PCC start position ?

    I bet it's a lot of fun to beat that Indy car with a go kart when the Indy car breaks down on every lap.
  14. GrumpyOne

    What holster for a 5" S&W 610?

    Wondering what people are using for competition. Just getting started in revolver...