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  1. If you can get your hands on some VV N105 powder, load 10.5 of it using a 115JHP. 10.5 of N105 will fill the case up to about 1/8" from spilling. Shot thousands of these. Longshot will also work...try about 8.5 of it. https://www.winchesteraustralia.com.au/products/LONGSHOT
  2. Precision Delta 147 FMJ, 3.5 VV N320, 1.150 OAL. Sure, the PD's cost a little more, but they absolutely work great. Probably can't go wrong with any good coated bullet (I shoot Missouri Bullet 180 TCN for Limited).
  3. Jimmie Norton had a stroke in May, and was hospitalized for about twomonths. He has been in hospice since leaving the hospital; he passedaway on Saturday, July 4th.Jimmie was the last of the original group of shooters at the pistolcompetition in Micanopy, having started with them in 1987. He workedas the Biological Sciences lab manager at UF for over 30 years, andwas the steady father figure of the group from the time I startedshooting with them in 2005 until his health started to fail in 2017.We will all miss his cheerful Santa-like presence and the brightHawaiian shirts he was known for throughout his professional career. Jimmie had a thing for his AMT Hardballer Longslides...he shot them so much, that he was often looking for parts. The ejectors on those models were built into the frame and couldn't be replaced, and he had several that were so worn down, they wouldn't eject. He said at one time, he had almost 300k rounds on one of them. He was one of the main reasons I wanted to get better at shooting, and was a wealth of knowledge about reloading. He will be missed. https://obituaries.valdostadailytimes.com/obituary/jimmie-ray-norton-1079472319
  4. I've used a silicone spray with good success. Spray some in a ziploc, add brass, close and shake. Never had any issues using it.
  5. You don't need to do a survey. There are several reasons they are not doing USPSA. 1. They aren't interested in it. They want to shoot when they want to shoot, and not stand around or paste targets. 2. They think they need to reload to compete, and they are not set up to reload. 3. They have fragile egos. They think if they show up to a match it will show everyone that they can't shoot well. 4. They don't want to spend the money on all the other equipment, only to shoot for 6 minutes on a given day. 5. Most don't want to get better at shooting, they just want to shoot. Face it, this "sport" is not for everyone, nor should it be.
  6. It all depends on the ogive of the bullet. I shoot Precision Delta 147FMJ's in my Shadow...loaded to 1.150, no issues at all. I tried some MG 124 JHP's, had to load them at 1.085. Polish the feed ramp?
  7. Where did you come up with the 2.9 of Titegroup from? Did that recipe have the same OAL as what you are loading? Was it the same Blue Bullet?
  8. 1.080 is pretty short for a 147. If your barrel will accommodate, I'd load those a bit longer. I use Win primers, Precision Delta 147 FMJ's, and N320. The rounds for my Shadow are 1.150 OAL.
  9. I believe the Czechmate and TSO can use the same barrel.
  10. You might change the balance of the gun, might change the recoil impulse.
  11. Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun! Give Childhoods End a listen to (also by Pink Floyd). Pay attention to the lyrics.
  12. I've had both done. One in 1996, the other in 2015. The one from 96 took a long time before I had full motion without pain, the one from 15 only took about 6-8 weeks.
  13. That depends on what division you are shooting. For Production, most keep at least 5 (I keep 6), for Limited at least 3, Limited 10 5-6, Open at least 3, CO at least 3, SS at least 6....Unless you were talking about just how many to have on hand just because...then, it's however many you feel comfortable with.
  14. I take this one out every once in a while and pop a few off.
  15. Nice! Have they made improvements from the older ones (not that much could be improved upon!)?
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