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  1. One bad apple does not mean the entire crate is bad.
  2. PowderValley, but chances are, you won't find any supplies, powder, primers, or bullets, anywhere right now.
  3. Whether or not you think the OP posted a legitimate question, keep it civil in your responses.
  4. I agree. I had the first TSO in my area, and after letting friends shoot mine, there are now 7 in the area, all are factory, some in 40, some in 9. None of them have ever had an issue lighting off any primer, and we have used Winchester, Federal, S&B, CCI, and Wolf.
  5. On my 9mm Dillon dies, no matter how hard I push it on the bench, I can't get it setback...
  6. I can't speak for the 357 Dillon dies, but, their other dies do size smaller than others. I use Lee dies for 357 on a 550 and have never had an issue.
  7. A double charge of Alliant Power Pistol in 9mm will overfill the case, pretty much the same in 40 and 380, almost impossible not to notice...I don't know about 45 ACP though...
  8. Alliant Power Pistol is what you seek. Relatively cheap and available, fills a case nicely, and will load all those calibers and more. The downside is that it is loud and can be flashy. Not a great powder for competition loads, but for plinking...it's hard to beat. When it's in stock, Powder Valley has it for $78 for 4lbs.
  9. I haven't heard that. Breach face erosion should only be an issue if you are piercing primers (and blowing the pressurized gas back onto the breach face) Not true. Breech face erosion with rifle primers happens because the primer cup is harder and doesn't swell to fit the primer pocket completely when fired.
  10. My guess is that it is caused by the primer not sealing the primer pocket upon ignition. With the off center firing pin strike, it could be deforming the primer enough to let gas get by the primer and cut the breech face. Do a search here on the forum about Winchester ammo and breech face erosion, you might be surprised.
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