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  1. Yep. There have been a rash of spammers/scammers of late. Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.
  2. Welcome to the forum http://www.uspsamichigansection.org/home.html
  3. https://dgbullets.com/product/9mm-160gr-rn/ https://www.lg-outdoors.com/Search/Submit?CategoryID=9557&StartRow=1&endrow=1000&filtersselected={"Caliber":"9mm Bullets (.355 .356)","Weight (gr)":"160"} https://www.ipscstore.com/en/home/7338-ares-bullets-9mm-38super-160gr-rnbb-250-pcs.html
  4. Post something now and check
  5. I'm new to PCC, but I've been running my Production ammo in my Scorpion, and it runs like a sewing machine. 3.5 N320 with a PD 147 FMJ...I know it isn't optimal, and I should probably experiment to find something better, but, it just runs.
  6. If the bullet was just a bit undersized though...
  7. I'm gonna go with the round being too long. When it is too long, the bullet head gets jammed in the rifling, gun doesn't fully go into battery. Since it isn't fully into battery, the striker doesn't hit the primer enough to set it off. When he ejected the round, he pulled the slide back and the case came with it, leaving loose powder and more importantly, the bullet head stuck in the rifling (probably explains why you can't find the round - you guys were looking for a complete round, not an empty case - if possible, look at all the brass laying around and see if there is a piece with a just slightly dimpled primer). The next round probably compressed some (bullet setback) AND pushed the stuck bullet further into the barrel / chamber, with the gun going completely into battery, which it was able to fire from. The resulting pressure split the barrel and the excessive smoke was the un-contained powder being burnt off. I've seen several squibs shot out of barrels, with one barrel splitting and two others bulging. There was no bullet in any of those 3 barrels. Generally, a squib only stays in the barrel if another round is not fired behind it, from my experience.
  8. This will work for you. If you try to draw, and it is locked, you will give yourself an atomic wedgie. Absolutely secure with the lock on. https://gugaribas.com.br/en/produto/gr-universal-holster-for-pistol-2/
  9. You might try melting some solder into the primer pocket to make dummy rounds.
  10. That I don't know (never used either of those powders). But, compared to VV N105 & Power Pistol, it seems louder, and others (those standing nearby) said it was louder.
  11. All, Recently there has been an uptick in potential scammers here on the forum. We try to catch them early and remove them, but we can't catch them all. This is just a reminder to do your due diligence when making a classifieds deal. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you have a WTB ad up, and someone contacts you saying they have what you want for sale, and they have zero (0) posts on the forum, it is probably a scam. When in doubt of the authenticity of a forum member, contact a moderator. Do your research.
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