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  1. Great option. Lose the rear site and top rail, put a dot in the rear site dovetail, TandemKross bushing and Volquartsen sear and you'll be good to go as far as the pistol is concerned.
  2. That's the exact load (except for using a 147 PD FMJ) that I have been using for years.
  3. Same here. Then from the blue Dillon bin to the tumbler with some corn cob for about 15 minutes, then into a hundo, and then into a storage box.
  4. Exactly. Taking a case off the press and weighing the charge is a pretty simple way to end up loading a squib or a double charge. Trust your press.
  5. When I set up a new load, I throw 10 charges and weigh all 10 together and then divide by 10. That gives you the average charge weight. So, if I throw 10 charges and I'm looking for a load of 3.2 per charge, I end up with 32 grains in the pan. Since most scales may only read .00, this will give you a more accurate reading (if your charge is a little over 3.2, your 10 charge weight will reflect this....32.8 EG.)
  6. This. Cycle the powder bar a couple of times, check the weight, load, don't check again till the next session.
  7. You are not alone....saw this at a hotel in Fort Collins this morning.
  8. Can't you guys just get along and agree to disagree?
  9. That extra $7k would go far for a supercharger...just sayin'....
  10. We have a guy at our local that has a TSO Orange 9mm, with a CMore. Shooting 9 minor, he is very fast and accurate, and competitive against the full blown open guns...with no comp.
  11. I measured my garage...6'11"
  12. My truck doesn't sit up that high, but I worry everytime I go under one of those damn things. Years ago, in a company van, I was told it would fit through the car wash...said it had been done numerous times before...and it had...in the other, identical company van...without the roof rack. So, in the middle of the automatic car wash, the guy that swore it would fit and myself, had to take the roof rack off the van...couldn't go forward, couldn't go back.
  13. This is but one side of the story, and it will be the end of this thread. If and when an official statement is made by Mike Foley and the organization, the link will be posted here. I apologize for posting the incorrect link, it was sent to me by others as the most recent statement (I do not Facebook).
  14. First, describing the gun in detail leads me to believe that the owner pretty much already knows that it's not worth much, and is trying to part it out. While I don't know the OP, I have to take his word in that he is just asking for what it's worth and is not trying to sell it on this forum. Second, other members assuming something nefarious is going on and jumping in (and on) the OP is not cool. If you have doubts about a post, the correct thing to do is to notify a moderator about those doubts via pm, not openly express them and wish ill upon another member. This thread started south almost immediately, and the questions asked have been answered. Thread closed.
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