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  1. I don't know how we've missed this for so long, but, you need to grow a thicker skin....and read the forum guidelines.
  2. Try some American Eagle 147 FMJ's. IMO, they seemed to be the lightest recoiling factory loads that I could find.
  3. In the land of the blind, the one eyed sighted man is king.
  4. Gary, do you mean 11 on an unloaded start? You can have 10 in your mag on an unloaded start... And more than 11 (in your first mag, unless you are using a Barney mag) ?
  5. This Hate rant has turned into a discussion, which is beyond the bounds of the rules for the Hate Forum. Thus, it must be closed.Please review the Hate Forum Rules:http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8097[note: this is a generic response]
  6. Customer service issues are not permitted on the forums.
  7. Exactly. Mechanical parts can break, go out of spec, etc., and you might not know it. You will know pretty quickly if your eye breaks or goes out of spec.
  8. My Trubor (actually an older model Competitor) has been flawless.
  9. This is not a gun forum...it is a shooting forum. IntentThis Forum is for firearm, technique, and conceptual discussions pertaining to training and competition. Political discussions, whether you feel that your cause is just or unjust, detracts from the actual forum intent. As a privately owned forum, the owner (Brian), sets the rules.
  10. Yellow Jackets are the Devil's scourge. Those bastards are just mean.
  11. They don't sound like domestic honeybees. They are pretty docile and settle back down pretty quickly once disturbed. If you are gonna shoot at that range a lot, I would call a bee keeper and have them removed or destroyed (if they are Africanized honeybees). Africanized honeybees have been known to kill people from swarming them and stinging.
  12. Perhaps you should read the forum guidelines about political content. Restricted ContentPolitics Policy and political discussions or debates of any kind - even if you consider your opinions to be "facts" - are not welcome anywhere in the forum.Specifically including (but not limited to):• USPSA vs IPSC• IPSC vs IDPA• STI vs SVI• Limited 10 vs Limited Division• This Division vs That Division• This Government vs That Government• Gun Control Issues
  13. I have a Guga Ribas. The only way it will come out of the holster is if the lock is opened. You will probably rip the belt off of your waste trying to draw and it won't come out if it's locked.
  14. Look at the Safiriland holsters.
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